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Serena walked into class limping from a badly scraped knee. Heero took note of this and stood from his seat to come to her aid. "Can you try not to be so clumsy, Serena?" he held his hand out to her. "Here, let me help you."

Serena winced and brushed his hand aside. "Dummy, I don't need your help." She mumbled, before stopping at her desk to dust off the dirt from the ends of her skirt. She sighed, looked up at Heero and shook her head. "All this fuss over a little blood?"

Heero didn't want to say it, but he'd seen her nearly bleed to death once before until Trowa came to nurse her to health.

"You'll get your blood everywhere." He grunted.

Nowadays, seeing a trickle of her blood would undeniably terrify him.


He lost bits of his heart in the dreadful war, but Serena had a big enough heart to fill in the missing gaps; Heero was most grateful that she chose him to give part of her heart to.


When Duo sees Serena, he notices the little things about her; how tiny, comma-shaped dimples appear at the lower corners of her mouth when she smiled—how the blues of her eyes changed into a brighter hue in the sunlight—how she would quietly giggle with her lips parted slightly before she let out the most beautiful gurgles of laughter he'd ever heard—how she'd stop to give the homeless man who lived at the bus stop near her school some of her lunch as she made her way to class every morning.

Duo can't help but think how blessed Heero is to have her.

Figure of speech

It is always important that the enemy must strike first. That's why he refuses to fall in love with Serena before she falls in love with him beforehand.


It troubled him day and night when he realized Serena's association with him caused all sorts of problems for her. She'd been taken from him a few times as a hostage. Twice, he had to call on his allies for assistance in rescuing her.

The image of her back burned into his memory when she surrendered her safety and willingly walked away with her captors after they threatened to kill Heero if she didn't comply.

The thought of not being able to see her again frightened him to his very soul.