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Blu smoothly laid Jewel's water coated body down onto the comfy spring-bed in Linda and Tulio's bedroom. The two had previously locked the door so that no one could even disturb their privacy. It was a passionate moment that they had gladly chosen where the intimate session would happen soon. In time, Blu moved to Jewel, locking their beaks in the process as they were enjoying the lust-filled moment of their lives. Blu licked his beak before he lowered his head and started to kiss her neck. Jewel moaned lightly feeling Blu's beak on her neck. All of those longest hours of her life losing his touch, now she finally had Blu with her, holding her closer than ever.

"Oh, Blu ... We haven't done anything like this for a while, right?" Jewel stated closing her eyes, the case with Blu was similar. He put his wings behind Jewel's head. "Mh- Yeah," he said while lovingly muzzling his beak with hers before kissing her again.

When a thought came up on Blu's head, he stopped and lifted his head casually, staring at Jewel for a moment. "Wait, are you pretty sure that the kids are asleep now? I mean- Tiago... Seriously, he could be anywhere at this moment," Blu said as his eyes suspiciously watching every single corners of the candle-lighted room, completely suspecting if someone was watching them.

Jewel smiled warmly to Blu on knowing the problems. She wrapped her wings around his neck, pleasingly nudging her beak on his elegant chest feathers. She whispered to him, "Don't worry, it's bedtime for them. Blu, let's make this moment to be the best night we ever have... Shall we?"

As if it had just flipped a switch, Blu's hazel brown eyes dreamily moved upward. His half-opened beak in a moment, exhaling softly on preparing for what could be coming next. The tension on his body surprisingly began increasing in a second as he almost lost a grip.

"Okay," Blu said in the last moment before he plunged his beak into hers, his wings swiftly caressed her in the most sensual way. His kissing slowly trailed down her body as one of his wingtips slid into her entrance. Jewel moaned loudly within the touch. A tremble ran up her back as a second wingtip slid in to join the first. She grabbed Blu's cheek with her wings while lustfully staring deep into his eyes, pulling him into another deep kiss. "Ahh, I love it you do that."

Blu smiled in response on hearing Jewel's compliment, and with that he decided to continue it to one of the important parts. Blu positioned his head in front of Jewel's sensitive area; he took both her legs and spread it opened so that he could see the perfect view of her dripping sex. He could smell the aroma of the lustful excitement that they were going to go through soon. The distant between his beak and Jewel's cloacal was just inches way to go, Blu closed his eyes before slowly digging the front side of his beak into her private spot, letting his tongue go first. He could hear Jewel's loud squirming and felt her wings grasping his head in a matter of second. Jewel moaned continuously while looking blissfully at her love hawk, feeling his warm tongue exploring her inner thigh. Furthermore, it was amazingly enjoyable. She kept grasping on Blu's head while letting out a louder breath from her beak. Her chest was rising up and down fast, almost completely breath taken. The case with Blu was similar. His hormones were almost to kick in as he was starting to get wet between his legs. And with a yell, Jewel eventually came in his beak. Her releases flowed over Blu's beak while some of it leaked onto the bed sheet. Her head fell back, heavily panting. Deep blushing was shined under her feathers after she reached her climax. Blu waited for a moment until she was ready for the main part of this session.

As the macaw crawled over her body, their beaks finally met again in another yet passionate kiss. Jewel could taste the last bit of her juices left inside his beak. Blu instantly broke the kiss, staring deeply into her eyes on knowing what they were about to do next. Just then, Jewel could feel a movement from Blu's wings grapping both of her legs and spreading them apart. She looked down and saw his private part was about to enter hers, and with that she quickly reacted before Blu did something further.

"Oh, no no no. No, you don't. Not this time, pet!" The female macaw harshly rolled over and pinned Blu's body onto the bed sheet. When Jewel was switching her position on top, she could see the super-bewildered look on his face, which she found to be funny. Blu struggled himself to sit up while she kept fiercely holding him down.

"B- But..." As the male macaw frantically refused to do so, he had his mouth to get shut abruptly by one of her wingtips. Jewel coldly stared at him with feisty eyes, whispering to him something.

"Like I said: ... This is a punishment," she reminded him with a seductive voice. Blu's face got heated up on hearing the statement as he let out a nervous chuckle.

In time, Jewel sat up on Blu's lower abdomen, preparing herself to their intimate position. Though, it was not their first time they were having Jewel on top, Blu is always feeling a bit uncomfortable every time they do it that way. He stiffened himself as he watched Jewel lifting one of his talons to his side while hovering her wet cloacae above his.

"You've been long way from home, you must be so tired."

"You're pushing yourself too far," he said when his eyes moved at the ceiling of the room, a thought of forgotten bad memories started coming back to him. Jewel giggled in response.

"Ha ha, you think so?" Jewel playfully asked not bothering his interjection. She started rubbing her wet crotch with her wingtips before getting herself to their business. Her eyes moved down to where both of their private areas were, "I love playing hard."

Jewel slowly lowered herself onto him, and at last, their cloacals touched to each other. She yelped on the first slaught while Blu oddly found himself moaning. Blu held his breath spontaneously as his wings grasped the bed sheet. Both birds were feeling their bodies connected in the number of place as pleasure ran down their spines. After adjusting with the condition, Jewel blissfully closed her eyes as she started to roll her hips back and forth on Blu's cloacal, making love with him. Such a deep delightfulness that they had been waiting impatiently to feel with each others. Sexuality hit them hard, as if being crashed by a piercing locomotive through their bodies. Jewel picked up the pace faster as she started screaming in pleasure between her rapid breaths like there no tomorrow. "A-ah! Ah, this... Is... So good!"

Blu just still laid in there, looking blissfully at his mate who was pounding her hip hard with his. His beak was half-opened, breathlessly moaning in absolute pleasure with the former doing the same. Blu placed his wings on Jewel's sides, grasping them softly.

"Oh, honey ... You're so good at this." Jewel's eyelids opened while meeting at his, a happy smile was cracked across her beak.

"Huh, yah!" She enthusiastically exclaimed on his compliment without even slowing down her speed.

In time, Jewel made some small hops on top of him so that their cloacals pressed even harder. Her hip swiftly swayed up and down on his lower section. After a couple of minutes passed, Blu felt that he couldn't take any chances anymore. The amber-eyed macaw grabbed Jewel's waist with both wings, and subconsciously lifted his own hip upward so that their cloacals met together at the same time, forcing a great pleasure that sent Jewel to scream out loud. "Oh, Blu!"

As the sudden change she also noticed that her release almost reached the limit again. Jewel assumed that so did Blu's. She opened her eyelids a bit to see his, and finding him also staring at her. Blu was half-closing his eyes, not saying anything. He was heavily panting because Jewel kept humping him faster. She knew exactly what he was trying to say, as way being too vulnerable to ask her something while holding the pressure. And by that she just simply gave him a slight nod before continuing to pump into him faster. Blu's hips buckled as he thrust up and down with her, making Jewel scream the loudest. And with a final yell, she came for the second time.

Blu shuddered. When he felt the climax coming he flooded his fluids that he had been holding off, mixing their juices in the same place where they both were connected. Jewel's humping slowed down greatly after their breaking point. She whimpered peacefully while adding a small ride on his cloacal so that every last bits of his seed could get inside her. Eventually, Jewel collapsed on top of his sweated body, nuzzling her head under his neck.

"Don't go, please stay here..." She stated between her rapid breaths as she felt his wings tucking behind her back, hugging her tightly.

On the breath-taking afterglow, Jewel had the most delightful smile that she hadn't seen from the past weeks. She deeply blushed as she recalled the passionate moment that they had just done a couple of seconds ago. The case was similar to Blu, but he had his eyes closed while still catching his breaths. All of those miraculous humping had drained the whole part of her energy, and her sexual-need. Both of their warm fluids slowly erupted from the spot where they were still sexually connected. Jewel didn't mind it even a bit; she turned her head to see the exhausted-look on Blu's face.

She groaned in satisfaction with a smile on her beak, being so grateful for the pleasurable gift that he had given to her, "Hey, thank you."

"No need to thank. I'm enjoying that too," Blu said softly stroking her back. Jewel rested her head on Blu's chest where she could listen to his heart-beating.

"I had always wanted that since many weeks ago... Just exactly after that day."

"Uh, that 'day'?" Blu curiously asked on making sure to the day Jewel just meant.

"Yeah, the day when you lead the tribe to take down all the loggers... I didn't really know you saw it or not but, I was looking at you. The way you acted as if you were being the alpha male, it was kicking me off to the side. That moment had made me realize that I need you more closer than ever. Oh, so arousing..."

Blu spontaneously blinked in response as he stared back at the ceiling of the room. A smile was clearly seen on his beak. He recalled back the memories of the last battle on the Amazon that day; it was such a memorable thing to be imagined, thought Blu in his head. Jewel then looked deeply back into his eyes.

"Apart from that, I won't regret this night... ever," she stated pecking Blu's beak before slowly lifting herself up from Blu, disconnecting their private parts in the process. Jewel let out one last gasp as she rested on her back. The two were lying next to each other in their wings, oddly finding themselves enjoying the afterglow of their intimate session.

It was then when Blu eventually realized something really important after the last five minutes full of silence. He decided to come up with the reasonable words about what they really should do if they do something like this; and basically, he didn't have any choices.

"We're leaving tomorrow; build a new nest, or... whatever if it's just in case," Blu stated somehow in a promising manner. Jewel opened her eyes a bit to see his, quickly noticing a slight of concerns in his statement.

"Are you really thinking that we can't cop for more kids?"

"You know, I just- hope that Eduardo won't mind." Blu let out a moan as Jewel giggled in response, snuggling her head on his neck softly.

"My dad is going to be so happy, don't worry."

Blu let out a sigh of relief on hearing her statement, and by that he simply closed his eyes forgetting all the matters that he had been thinking all days. After another five minutes full of silence, Blu swiftly remembered one more thing that they really should discuss. A naughty idea began to form in his head as the hormones started coming back.

"So... are you going to give me full-pardon now?" Blu asked interjecting the deal that they had spoken earlier.

"Do whatever you want, Blu." Jewel replied with a smile on her beak, casually giving him a permission to do everything he wanted.

"Great," Blu said in the last seconds before he briefly mounted her. His wings softly grasped her both legs while spreading them apart, showing the perfect view of her cum-coated crotch. In time, Blu leaned forwards so that their cloacals were locking together for the second time, making Jewel gasp in a sudden jolt of pleasure as he began to pump into her.



"Hey, do you hear that? I can't sleep."

"Yeah me too. They're doing 'it' again. Poor dad, I wish I could go there and tell mom not to be so harsh with him."

"Well, little bro just went there not a while ago."

"Really? When will he come back?"

"I don't really know. Let's just wait for him."

After a couple of minutes being trapped in certain insomnia, a sound of tiny little feet suddenly landed onto the roost. As the two looked out of the own rooms, they noticed their little spy brother standing outside of the nest, smiling.

"So, what did you see now, back there?" The puffy-figure on the left room questioned the young figure. He jumped into his own nest which was between the two's before answering her question.

"I can't really describe it with some words, but sure it looks really fun! I saw mom being on top this time."

"I don't get that, it sounds pretty weird." The feminine figure on the right room stated.

"Well yeah, there could be some reasons how that supposed to be happening."

"Guys, have you ever been thinking that we would leave this place sooner or later if dad did something like this?"

"What's the problem with that?"

"Yeah, look at the bright side, we're going to live happily with full freedom, and probably we're going to learn how mom and dad raise some little chicks like us soon."

"What do you mean with that?"

"Well ya know, maybe some day they'll have the second brood of this family, or something like that?"

"Yeah, I totally agree with that, sis. It must be a good idea to have younger siblings."

As the times went by their long-short talk through each other old nests, they could feel themselves getting exshauted as the clock had been already over ten. The puffy figure on the left room let out a long yawn as she bit a good-night sleep to her siblings.

"Okay, guys. It's getting late, g'night."

"Good night, sis."

"Sweet dreams."

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