Second thought, I'm gonna to put that script away. There was one logical fact that is completely right with this plot: It's over, right there. But then I realized that I, uhh- 'we' could change something. So I have been thinking, thinking, and thinking. And then, this would be the beginning of the whole new storyline. Yep, you asked for it. Some parts might be out of context.

Ah, summer break. A time for leisure, recreation, and taking it easily.



Unless you were them.

"Okay, kids. Let's go packing up the things you need; because of a little plan changing we are going back to the Amazon today."


There was a brief moment when the youngsters traded looks to each other's. Carla, Bia, and Tiago unexpectedly burst into an enthusiastic cheer as they quickly rushed into their own nests. Blu, in a bit surprised, watched as his children were hurriedly packing up everything that they could take along on the journey. He however wondered how happy they could get when they exactly knew in the last seconds that the summer vacation had ended earlier, "Wow, you're not upset?"

"Are you kidding, dad? There's no place to go like the Amazon. We're not going to miss it for the world, it's gonna be off the charts!" Carla poked her head out of her room, now she was wearing two pair of headsets in her ear holes and carrying an (new) iPod in her wings.

"O-oh yeah, that's great. Sure it is not going to be that lame, huh?" Blu awkwardly replied on Carla's saying when he noticed that the puffy girl had started to get obsessed by the impression beauty of the nature itself. Against the fact that Carla was actually being the only child who considered that everything in this world was lame, he knew for sure, though, it wasn't surprising him a lot.

Blu then turned his head to Bia's room's direction where he noticed his daughter still flipping pages to pages of a tiny book that he presumed to be her sketches. "Hey, dad, look at this! There are over twenty three thousands species of plants that I haven't found in there yet; I need to collect more hypothetical indications so I will be able to know more why the sandbox trees can literally blow their own fruits." (A/N: and yes, it is real.) "Okay, yeah that's great too. That does sound pretty cool, sweetie. You know what? There might be a nearby bookstore that we can drop in when we reach Manaus, it's far better for safety. Travel light and carry less the favorite books you want." Blu smoothly came over in front of Bia's threshold, keeping himself busy by helping her clean up the books.

"Doesn't it mean that we're going for an educational season?"

"Yeap, school days, learning stuffs, hanging out with the youngsters. It's the best for your potential future, unlike those-"

"Wo-hooo! We're going to meet Uncle Beto again!" Tiago came out of his room as he was playfully swinging down on his hanging rope. You could see that he was putting on his usual goggles from their first journey to the Amazon, now he had tied a leather-belt around his left shoulder where he could use it as a back holder of the all-in-one adventurer's knife, which was respectfully being the noble legacy from his father. Tiago tightened his goggles as he mischievously paced back and forth in excitement, "He he, let's go! Come on, dad, come on!"

"Look, bathing time was just over twelve minutes ago and we're not leaving until you are finished with your breakfast. Now please put that thing away!" Blu released his fatherly-glare to his son, immediately putting down three Brazil nuts onto the roost. Tiago dropped his excited look and soon changed it into an upset one. He lousily walked back to his father while they began continuing their 'natural' breakfast in the morning. As the young football enthusiast annoyedly took on the first bite, he surprisingly murmured in delight while chewing on the libidinous taste that he had always enjoyed in every morning.

A couple of astonished questions were thrown out with their mouth-full talk, like: 'wow, where did you collect some of these again, dad?' But as one of kind-hearted fathers among the world, Blu only gave a warm smile to his beloved offspring. Somehow he was amused on watching them growing up on their usual morning digestion. He exactly went back to the days when he repeatedly showed them how to open Brazil nuts, rather than using human-made provisions or something called like that. Blu was sure if it made Jewel happy, then he would do everything under any circumstances. And then, he swiped his thought away on getting back to his real business.

"Okay, so now where's my fanny pack?" Blu audibly muttered to himself, surely loud enough that his children even looked up from their meal for seconds. He started to look for the only thing that he would swear to take along into the jungle. The blue macaw carefully searched through every corner of the rooms to find it, however there was almost completely nothing that could help him.

Blu placed one of his talons under his lower beak; A slight of concerns began forming in his statement, "I know I put it somewhere."

Afterwards, Blu nearly halted his feet when he just noticed that someone had landed onto the roost, making a small thudding noise. He looked out and eventually found his wife, standing with a smug smile on her beak while seemingly holding something in her talons. "Carelessness is one of the things that you shouldn't have, Blu ... You left it in the restroom." Jewel said while showing the zippered black thing to Blu, whom was then sighing in relief on knowing that he still had the fanny-pack back to him.

"Ah, thank you, m'lady," he gratefully said as he walked out of the nest. Jewel slowly approached him.

"Let me put this thing on you." Blu warmly chuckled in approval. He let her soft wings circle around his waist as they started clicking on the belt-lock, with his own wings were placed behind Jewel's back pulling her closer. As Jewel was done fastening the fanny pack on Blu's abdomen, she sensually stared deeply into his eyes with the former doing the same. Their beaks were nuzzling to each others as their passionate feelings started to kick in. Jewel seductively began to stroke Blu's chest with her wings, "So... You've been secretly teaching the kids 'how to open one', huh?"

"If it depends on how many times you have mentioned those classical things every morning, then yes." Jewel then sarcastically stared at him for seconds, offending the so called all-in-one-adventurer's knife that was seen still casually tied on their son's back, "-and would you mind if I'm asking you why you gave Tiago that thing?"

"Good morning to you, too," Blu said, quickly landing a tender kiss on her cheek. Jewel let out a long sigh in response; not a kind of an expressional rejection, but Blu immediately noticed that something was wrong. "Hey, are you okay?" She opened her eyes to see how worried he could get when every time she started beefing around, "Yeah, it's just... Something not that chill happened last night." Blu's face nearly flushed on hearing Jewel's saying as he recalled back the libidinous phenomenon in the night before.

"So ... aren't we going yet?" The stuttering Blu quickly dazed out of his mind before he unzipped his fanny-pack, enlisting the help of the GPS device. "O-oh, yeah sure. I bid Linda and Tulio for a blessing good-bye about our sudden leaving this morning, I just figured it out that some might be out of context. Ack-hm. Now, find the tribe."

"Calculating route to: Tropic Paris*."

"Great, and... Let's do a head-count. Is everybody up?"


"Hundred percent!"


"We're here, dad!"

And so on, the blue macaws family began their miraculous journey throughout the Amazonas' state of two-thousands miles flight. Everything seemed to be fine, and it was instead getting better as the time went by. Unlike their first trip to the Amazon, Blu never expected to find such terrible things that could happen to his family any time then, in fact he was more convinced that fortune and bright future would fall upon them. Everything was just in motion.

Until one night, on their Ceu Azul's hitching voyage, something strange just happened. Blu woke up from his slumber for no reasons, finding himself resting quietly on sack materials at top of the creaky boat. It clearly seemed they were taking a much-needed break from flying for the multiple times again. The children were at sleep cuddling to each other next to him, and in time he turned his head to see Jewel peacefully resting her head on his chest, with his right wing was pleasurably tucked over her body as a comfortable blanket. Later on, Blu oddly heard a sound which he believed to be a grumbling noise. He looked down to see Jewel murmuring something in her sleep. Coldly enough he didn't understand the whimpering voice that she was making with her mouth. And strangely, it was something that he might have worried about.

"I.. –kid.. –'ve.. –with.. –me.."

Rest assured, there should be a perfectly logical explanation.

In the next day ...


"Hey-hey! There you are, my little juicy buns!" Eduardo enthusiastically opened up his wings on welcoming Jewel and the others' arrival. He was immediately cognizant of this little family seemingly having an earlier return during the summer time. "Oh, come're you! Come're, oh you've grown heavier than the last time I carried you all! Ha ha!" As Carla, Bia, and Tiago playfully bounced up and down on their grandfather's wings' feathers, Jewel softly landed onto the branch where they were still standing in. The cerulean macaw slowly approached them, and eventually joined into their contented family hug, "Daddy."

Eduardo warmly chuckled in response on returning his beloved daughter's hug, along with the rest of three young blue macaws. It was a heartwarming moment of a family happily embracing with each other before Blu stepped forward in front of them. The leader of the blue macaws' tribe eventually let go off the hug, looking straight at the human-adoptive bird that he called to be his son-in-law.

"Let's go find Aunt Mimi!" Bia stated after bidding a quick good-bye with her mother. The young macaws flapped their wings away through the deeper part of the jungle, indirectly leaving their parents to have some times alone with the chief of the village. Blu nervously cleared his throat before he spoke up, "Sir, it's nice to see you again, sir."

Against all odds, Eduardo flatly observed on Blu's typical behavior of his. Clearly there were no signs of certain bad feelings towards him anymore. "No need to bless a reunion greeting, Blu. We blue macaws have the same thing to say when we are sticking together, whether when they're close, or even far away from us. I see you bring those human stuffs, still..." He wisely said in his usual fearsome look, then adding a hazy sigh in the end of his sentence which made Blu become even more jitter. He began to stroke behind his neck with his talons, letting out a slight chuckle.

"Oh, yes, we were going to need this woman called the GPS- in order to navigate this location, sir. You might want to know that you got that too, right? I- I mean, how were things going on this place while we were away, if I may ask?"

Unexpectedly, Eduardo formed a slight smile on his beak on hearing his question. He turned his body around to see the beautiful orange hue across the afternoon sky, a scenic scenery that was being one of the greatest things to ever exist in the Amazon. The leader of the tribe took a deep breath before he started talking:

"Prosperously living in here since the last battle with the humans on that day can't be said to be the important part, but... the scarlet macaws' tribe has eventually agreed to share the Brazil nut grove over us. They seem to have a little care, which means that there will be a bigger chance to prevent our 'wars'. Now, we have been staying alive peacefully with no worries about the loggers coming back," Eduardo merely stopped between his sentences. And then, his smile was dropped, replaced into a slight anger that was clearly seen in his eyes. "-Except that there have been a lot of reports about 'these humans' activities in the north side, they're building some kind of suspicious stuff called 'The Sanctuary'. We'll keep watching on them."

Blu nervously made a counterfeit laugh at the end of Eduardo's sentence. Jewel came over him and nudged his shoulder with her wings, starring at Blu in a mere second before softly assuring him, "Just go with it." Blu scoffed sarcastically before the both birds turned their attention back to Eduardo who was about to speak up again.

"By mean time, I have been wondering to ask you about the training session. It's the best time for you to become one of our flock, like you know: Joining us to be what the real males do here. Training will start this afternoon, you meet us by the river banks. But go get yourself some tidy up in your nest first, you got it?"

"Ah yes sir, I'm not letting you down!" The male macaw obligingly took the oath while putting one of his wings to the chest, all within a matter of moments before he took off to the direction where their hollow was. Jewel then stride closer to her father, with her worried face clearly seemed to be taking an exception about how strict the chief of the village could be. Eduardo endearingly turned his look towards Jewel, not remembering the split second that she was still standing in there.

"Shouldn't you be prepared for the afternoon harmonia, Sweetheart?"

"You know, I think Blu won't be capable enough for a weekly coaching, because ... you have to understand that he's going to be a little bit busy taking care of the kids for a while. Can you believe that?"

Eduardo chuckled in response, "Then let him settle in."

"Daddy, it's been two days," Jewel's head raised up, all those heavy thoughts were swiped out with a deep breath when Eduardo curiously stared at her. Then, she looked back into his eyes with a gleeful smile on her beak before telling her father an unexpected news. "I'm having another baby."

And at that moment, Eduardo just blinked for a few seconds. We could see that it had been the several times he just showed his smile that day, the leader of the tribe smirked in response, "Well, looks like some one just got a new flock of little junior of the family, huh?" Jewel shyly looked away in amusement before she placed a wing over her belly, where a slight single swollen plump could be felt. "And you didn't tell him, did you?" Her father questioned her in a little bit serious tone, referring to Blu.

"He figured it out. At least, this is what we expected to happen when we came up with an idea to go back here."

Eduardo nodded in understanding way before he moved closer to put his wings on Jewel's shoulders. "Look, you two gotta think about this first. You know, like standing in any chances. This place might be the most dangerous thing your family has ever thought to live in, but you have to be careful-"

"Dad, I have already figured this out, it will be fine. And the one thing that I know about family is that is not going to be broken when you know that there is a home to call your own. I can do this, Daddy."

Eduardo could only stare at her with an unsure expression on his face, somehow he worried about those days where nothing could compare with a void of their benefits, but then he just swiftly looked down to let out a long faithful sigh. "Blu is not gonna let that just go by yourself. Take care of him, 'cause you're the best thing that ever happened to him." Eduardo stated the last statements before pulling his daughter into a soft embrace, which she hugged back in return. A single tear slided down on her cheek, "Thank you."

"Oh, and tell him, that your daddy is so happy." Eduardo whispered to her ear, in which only made Jewel giggle in such a ironical manner.

And a new parenthood just begins...

* 'Paris of Tropic': City of Manaus