Author's note: This is the beginning of the Undertaker trilogy. I wrote this 16 years ago…and it probably shows. LOL This was my first real fan fiction that I ever wrote and despite its flaws perhaps someone out there will still enjoy this. I'd like to think that I'm a better writer now than I was then, but I digress.

I created this during a time when my passion for kaiju, other forms of Japanese sci-fi and the wrestler the Undertaker was at its peak.

Now to lay some groundwork…

1. My version of the Undertaker is quite different from his wrestling persona on these levels...

a. My Undertaker isn't a wrestler and never was, he is a supernatural being who was born with special strengths and powers.

b. As for what he looks like, I'm sticking with the whole man from the dark side stuff. Not any of that ministry of darkness stuff(My Undertaker is a good guy!), and no not his badass biker routine either(that just wouldn't work in a story like this.) Mine is basically his rising from the dead, dressed in black leather(argh! I hate spandex!), long hair, cannot be killed, practically indestructible thing(trust me, for these stories he'll need it!).

c. The powers he has are energy blast attacks, superhuman strength and agility, teleportation, telepathy, healing abilities, ESP, and lastly but not least the ability to change his size. (like you had to ask.) He can also use portals and teleport gates for offensive measures.(An enemy or monster tries to blast Taker, he opens a portal infront of himself which absorbs the attack. He can then reopen the portal anywhere and in any direction he wants, like lets say sending his enemies attacks back at them.

2. Kane is as he was back when he first showed up in the WWF/WWE back in 1997 with the red and black wardrobe and face mask, with the same origin and powers except for the mental attributes and the teleportation. I have also left him mute like he was when he first began wrestling.(I just liked him better that way.)

3. All giant size characters or kaiju are relatively the same size in comparison to one another.

4. I have also slightly altered the origin of Monsterland a.k.a. Ogasawara Island from the film Destroy All Monsters (1968) to where there is a sophisticated underground containment facility for evil kaiju. But the rest of it remains the same just as it was in Destroy all Monsters.

5. The monsters Gudis, Kodara, and Golza. I will explain since they are lesser known kaiju. Kodara is a pudgy big blue bipedal monster that kinda looks like a cross between Gamera and a shark while Gudis stands upright on a slithering snake like body with a large ugly brain like head with glowing red eyes and lots of tentacles, these two monsters are from the Australian 1990 TV series Ultraman Towards The Future(or Ultraman Great as it is called in Japan). My story also features that particular Ultraman as well as other characters from the show. Golza is from Ultraman Tiga(1997) and Ultraman Dyna(1998)and looks similar to Godzilla only his body is armor plated and he has no dorsal plates. Pictures of these monsters can be found at a website called The Ultraman Archive. Golza has evolved though in my story and is now meaner looking and bigger than he is in the various Ultra shows and I have also given him wings that grow in and out of his back.

Now for a brief synopsis of current events...

The Undertaker and Kane defend Japan from the ever looming kaiju menace. They converse and receive advice from the twin faeries known as the Cosmos, ancient beings that are the embodiment of the lifeforce of the Earth itself that dwell on Infant Island with Mothra. Infant island is also where Taker and Kane will go to rest and heal after a battle. They are loved as heroes and protectors by some, hated as unruly vigilantes by others. There will be references to things that happened before this that may confuse some, but more exposition will be revealed about their background in the next chapter.


A villain's quote: "I could destroy this world now or simply wait since the human race will eventually wipe out the planet themselves. Become a part of the genetic chain of the most powerful being in the universe or die at my feet! Either way I win! Humanity will learn to live with me or perish!"









A major gathering is taking place at the United Nations building. A meeting discussing a number of bizarre events. First off, an unusually large meteor heading directly for the Earth, intense levels of radiation of unknown origin off the coast of Australia, and a sudden decrease in the amount of heat and UV rays given off by the sun.

"No, no, no listen our scientists have been predicting that the sun will eventually burn itself out for years now it is my opinion that-"

"With all due respect Mr. President a meteor with the potential to do serious damage upon impact is far more important than a sudden change in the weath-"

"Importance?! What about the geiger readings off the West Coast of Australia! The entire coast has been quarantined because of deaths caused by radiation sickness! I am talking about lives here!"

"And many more lives we will lose if we cannot predict the trajectory of the meteor!"

"Pardon me gentlemen! But if our sun goes supernova none of this will matter because we will all be dead!"

"Your claims are preposterous, don't you dare patronize me!"WHOOSH!

What had moments before been a jumbled mess of noisy chaos and disorder among arguing representatives is silenced instantly when the Undertaker suddenly teleports into the middle of the conference hall. All eyes are on him as he looks about the room, it is very quiet now.

"The-the Undertaker?" Mummers the representative of China.

"Yes, I have come to enlighten you all upon the threats you're addressing."

"We care not to hear the ravings of a vigilant lunat-"ZAP!

Before the Australian ambassador can finish yelling a blast of energy from Taker's right hand strikes him dead on. He flies through the air until he hits something a wall! He slumps to the ground semiconscious. What had before that moment been a general feeling of resentment over Taker's intrusion among the delegates had now become genuine fear.

"Silence is golden, I suggest you all observe it." The Undertaker growls.

"As for the problems posing before this group I will say that the cause is not natural." He goes on.

"Cause? You mean causes don't you, we are dealing with three separate incidents here." The president interjects.

"Three incidents but one instigator." Taker says.

"Instigator? What is that supposed to mean?" The Russian ambassador asks.

"There is a supernatural force at work here. It is something that I will deal with myself, there are no means available to any of you that can stop it. Your tanks, and jets, and guns will only result in more bloodshed." Taker proclaims.

"Tanks, guns, bloodshed? You talk like there's going to be a battle or something." Snaps the Chinese Prime Minister.

The Undertaker actually knew a lot more than he was telling, but the last thing he wanted to do was induce a panic.

"You need not worry, I will handle the situation. Just have emergency and rescue personnel ready."

The Japanese Prime Minister then stands saying...

"I don't know about the rest of this committee, but both you and your brother Kane have stood in defense of my country before, you have my full support."

"Thank you but what I have already mentioned is all that will be needed." Taker replies.

He then turns and begins to walk away.

"Uh, you wouldn't care to enlighten us a little more on what's behind all this would you?" The president calls out.

The Undertaker stops for a brief moment.


He then disappears once more leaving the group in a shocked and somewhat dumbfounded state. He teleports to the top of another nearby building.

"Cosmos, Cosmos can you hear me?" Taker says telepathically.

"Yes Undertaker, we can hear you. What do you wish of us?"

"I need to know more about the enemy I now seek, is there anyone else on the planet who knows of this threat?"

"Yes, teleport Undertaker we will guide you and explain along the way."

And with that he vanishes once again.

A few moments later...

Location: UMA home base, Australia.

Jack Shindo has been quietly monitoring the progress of his fellow teammates from headquarters. They had left to investigate the quarantine off the coast for themselves to see what they could turn up. They had left about a half hour ago and Jack had kept radio frequencies open in case of an emergency. So currently Jack is the only one inside the central command center...that is until the Undertaker shows up.


Reacting quickly he draws the gun from his holster as the Undertaker's form materializes in front of him. The installation will only permit entry to those wearing a UMA badge which the computer's security system recognizes, thus the Undertaker's sudden appearance triggers the alarm system.

"I bear no ill will Jack Shindo, you can put the gun away." The Undertaker says.

Jack now recognizing the towering humanoid standing before him slowly lowers the laser pistol.

"Yea, it probably wouldn't stop you anyway." Jack replies.

"True." Taker confesses as Jack reaches over and shuts down the alarm system on a nearby control panel.

"Is there a problem sir." A voice says over the intercom.

"No, slight alarm malfunction. I've taken care of it already, over and out." Jack replies before shutting off the intercom.

"So, the Undertaker I presume." Jack goes on.


"What are you doing here, what do you want, and oh yea how do you know who I am?"

At that moment a tiny telepathic image of the Cosmos becomes visible next to the Undertaker.

"The Cosmos?" Jack says surprised.

"Yes, I figured you would recognize them for sure. They sent me here to get some vital information on a foe that you...and your alter ego...know a great deal about." The Undertaker proclaims reaching over and lifting the pendant around Jack's neck ever so slightly.

A look of concern comes across Jack's face.

"Do not worry, your secret is safe with us." Taker reassures him.

"Thank you, what information is it that you need?" Jack asks.

"Gudis." Is all Taker says.

Jack's face is then covered by a look of shock.

"It has reawakened, if it is not stopped it will destroy this world." The Cosmos say in unison.

"How is that possible?" Jack ponders aloud.

"It's true." Ultraman says suddenly as his own telepathic image appears near Jack.

"Why didn't you say anything?" Jack implores.

"I wanted to be sure first, there had been no significant signs yet. Besides the last thing I needed to do was to send you on a wild goose chase."

"Buuut..." Jack inquires.

"But if the Cosmos say he's awakened then you can take it to the bank. They are aware of the planet's well-being at all times, if there is even the slightest irregularity or disturbance they would be the first to know about it and they would know in an instant." Ultraman answers.

"Is it responsible for the incident off the coast?" Jack asks.

"Yes, as well as the meteor and the Sun's drop in temperature, albeit indirectly though." Taker states.


"Yes, Gudis is still very weak but it is calling three monsters from their slumber. Does the name Kodara mean anything to you?" Asks the Undertaker.

"Kodara?! I thought he had been destroyed." Jack groans.

"He was blown to pieces, but if the Gudis virus could find even the slightest trace of his remains it could practically recreate him." The Undertaker explains.

"He could rise off the coast at any time. And as for the meteor, there is something living inside of it." Taker continues.

"What?" Jack whispers almost afraid to ask.

"King Ghidorah." The Undertaker answers forlornly.

"Oh my God, and what about the sun!"

After a long sigh the Undertaker replies...

"Golza...he has developed the capability of flight and has emerged from the sun's center. He is already en route to Earth."

Jack is mortified, this was a global disaster in the making!

"Wha-what do you want to know?" Jack questions.

"Everything and anything about Gudis, I wish to converse with Ultraman as well since he has battled this menace head on before, if that is not a problem."

"Of course." Ultraman responds telepathically.

But just then...

"Someone comes..." Taker senses.

At that time the images of the Cosmos and Ultraman disappear.

"We will talk later." Ultraman says as he fades from view, the Undertaker merely nods.

It is then that the team returns, base commander and team leader Arthur Grant is the first to enter the command center and see the Undertaker standing with Jack. He grabs for his gun when-

"Wo wo wo wo it's ok he's here to help." Jack tells him.

The rest of the team piles in behind Arthur. Jean Echo, Lloyd Wilder, Kim Shaomin, and Charles Brewster. After some quick explanations of what exactly was going on, as well as introductions the whole team grinds down and starts to work on the problem at hand. Monitoring emergency frequencies, scanning of the meteor, researching information they had gathered from the Australian coast, as well as keeping track of Golza's trajectory became top priority. Meanwhile Jack and the Undertaker go through seemingly endless amounts of Gudis information in UMA's database. The next few hours were going to be crucial.

Four hours later...

"We got movement here!" Charles blurts out looking down at a monitor.

Miles away Kodara arises from the ocean depths roaring and shrieking.

"Oh yeah, he's just surfaced!" Charlie exclaims.

"Is he heading for shore?!" Arthur asks.

"... why...No, no in fact he's actually heading out to sea." Charlie answers with surprise.

"That's a good thing ain't it?" Adds Lloyd.

"That depends on his destination." Jack cuts in as he walks over to the monitor.

The Undertaker meanwhile remains silent. He is attempting to read Kodara's mind but Gudis' presence is strong and preventing him from doing so.

"Cosmos, Ultraman can you hear me?" Taker speaks telepathically.

"Yes." They answer back.

"I will need your help to break into Kodara's mind." Taker says.

"You have it Undertaker." Both the Cosmos and Ultraman say.

And so with combined mental power of the Undertaker, the Cosmos, and Ultraman they are able to break down the psionic wall placed by Gudis. Instantly Taker knows everything Kodara knows.

"Nevada!" Taker blurts out suddenly snapping out of his trance.

"What?" Jean quips.

"Kodara is heading for the United States." Taker claims.

"But how could you-"

"All that matters is I know, we will leave it at that." Taker says interrupting Jean.

"Nevada you say?" Says Arthur.

"Yes, Death Valley Nevada. That is where Gudis is hiding." The Undertaker snarls.

"What state is Gudis in?!" Jack asks quickly.

"Currently he is in virus form. He's in the ground, the air, the canyon walls. He's blanketing everything." Explains Taker.

"If the Gudis is active in Nevada you think we would have seen signs of it by now." Charlie states.

"No, he is waiting for the monsters he has revived to come to him." Taker relents.

"What will happen if they reach him?" Jean asks.

"What ever it is it can't be good." Jack replies.

But at that moment the same message been sent by Gudis to Kodara that is also been sent to the other two monsters takes into overdrive. The approaching meteor explodes into a million pieces as King Ghidorah erupts forth rapidly approaching the Earth, not too far away approaching at amazing speed is Golza who now quickens his pace as well.

"It's already been proven that UMA's weapons can't hurt these monsters, you should all stay clear and let me handle this, Jack I thank you for your assistance."

"Now wait just a damn minute I-" but before Arthur can even begin to argue the Undertaker disappears.

Knowing that he cannot as of yet battle Gudis itself since it has no physical body to speak of the Undertaker decides that preventing the rendezvous is the next best course of action. Kodara was still out to sea, and Ghidorah would reach Earth before Golza would. Thus the Undertaker's target is decided as he teleports to China, the place where Ghidorah should first enter earth's atmosphere. There he waits for some time until just the right moment, when the Undertaker senses Ghidorah is near he teleports yet again. Ghidorah is flying down from the upper stratosphere when the Undertaker suddenly appears directly above him at his max size of 300 feet!


As he lands on top of Ghidorah they both go spiraling down through the atmosphere to what could be a brutal possibly even fatal landing. But Ghidorah lets his massive wings catch the wind slowing their descent, but with the Undertaker's added weight they still crash with quite an impact. Once down Taker still in a dominant position begins pounding away on Ghidorah's back. Ghidorah though using his huge wings for leverage rights himself simultaneously rolling the Undertaker off. Ghidorah turns releasing his gravity beams right in Taker's face. This staggers him back into a forested hillside, it is now that the Undertaker finally looks around. They were indeed in the midst of a forest.

"Good, no buildings or people to worry about." Taker thinks to himself.

There were actually at one time two different King Ghidorahs, one created by the Futurians in 1991 that had been killed by Godzilla and an alien one that was last on Earth back in 1972, the alien version was whom he was fighting now.

As Ghidorah moves toward him the Undertaker utilizes an energy pulse putting the triple domed destroyer flat on his back as Taker's fist slams into the ground. The Undertaker then dives at Ghidorah punching and slugging away at the creature's three heads. But Ghidorah refuses to be pinned down so he slams his wings together catching Taker in between them. As the Undertaker stumbles back Ghidorah plants both his feet in Taker's chest putting him down. Now Ghidorah can finally get back up and he rushes the Undertaker head-on!


The Undertaker goes rolling once more as King Ghidorah takes to the air firing off his gravity beams once again. The exact purpose of those beams aside from a severe impact was to weaken the body, to make it feel heavier than it actually was. If you were hit with enough of them eventually would not be able to even stand. The Undertaker is practically a sitting duck as King Ghidorah dives in blasting away. Taker ducks and dodges as best he can but still takes some hits. Reacting quickly though the Undertaker opens a portal to engulf an entire volley of ray blasts, he then closes it and then reopens it right above Ghidorah!


King Ghidorah gets nailed by his own beams! Taking advantage of Ghidorah's brief loss of balance Taker takes a running leap into the air.


The Undertaker connects with the uppercut kick to Ghidorah's chest finally bringing the stunned monster crashing down. As the dazed monster tries to rise the Undertaker rushes in charging both his fists with energy that will double the impact of his blows. Taker ducks and blocks jaw snaps and kicks from Ghidorah as he lands some kicks and punches of his own. He also utilizes a huge backflip to escape another wing slam from Ghidorah. The Undertaker not wanting to waste any more time than he really has to decides the time is right to end this fight. He charges up an energy ball in his hands as Ghidorah enwraps himself inside his own wings. Then...


The blast nails Ghidorah full force, but surprisingly there is no explosion, no damage, in fact it only budges Ghidorah slightly! As if mocking the Undertaker King Ghidorah reopens his wings screeching and cackling. He then fires back some energy beams of his own. Taker dodges, rolls, and comes back up with another energy ball, but before it can connect Ghidorah closes his wings around himself once again. The Undertaker now realized that the armored scales on Ghidorah's wings could deflect almost any assault, but he wouldn't use them unless the rest of his body was vulnerable! It is then that the Undertaker gets an idea. He heaves back to unleash another energy ball which of course causes Ghidorah to hide himself in his wings yet again, but when Taker fires it he opens a small portal in front of it and reopens it inside of Ghidorah's wings!


King Ghidorah takes the full brunt of the energy blast right in the chest, he then goes flying through the air and lands horribly. The wounded space dragon groggily attempts to rise as Taker prepares an even bigger energy ball.

"Now King Ghidorah you will rest in-"

But Taker stops in mid-sentence as he suddenly feels the strong presence of Gudis. It is then that the Undertaker spots a psionic image of what he assumes is Gudis standing near Ghidorah's body. He's almost as big as Ghidorah with a massive cranium and a dense jungle of tentacles writhing about him. Taker stares with defiance into the crimson eyes of the demon. Gudis grins at Taker with a hideous smile and then disappears as suddenly as he had arrived. And at that exact moment as if someone had turned on a light switch, King Ghidorah pops back up and darts off into the sky at breakneck speed! Gudis' message kicks into high gear again causing Ghidorah to completely forget about Taker, the battle, everything. The Undertaker desperately releases another energy ball but it misses Ghidorah by inches! The winged terror shoots off into the horizon, at the speed he is currently doing even trying to score an attack with a teleportation would be next to impossible.

"Damn it!" Taker grunts angrily slamming his right fist into the ground.

"We will meet again." Taker proclaims.

At the exact same moment over the Pacific...

"Got him!" Charlie shouts from the cockpit of his Hummer. (a specially designed aircraft for UMA command, and not to be confused with the all terrain vehicle of the same name. Don't ask me why they called them that they just did on the show for some reason?)

"Calm down Charlie were all going to have to attack together if we really hope to do anything, assume attack formation!" Arthur orders from his own Hummer over the communication system.

The entire UMA team with backup now closes in on Kodara.

"Fire!" Arthur commands.

So the squadron dives in with rockets and lasers blasting away. Kodara keeps on swimming half submerged, seemingly oblivious to the assault.

"His back is too heavily armored we need to move in from the front." Kim says.

"Alright, new formation people!" Arthur explains as the squadron moves around to engage Kodara head-on.

"Fire!" He commands once more, but again it doesn't seem to have any effect.

"It's no good! The rockets aren't doing anything and he's just absorbing the laser fire!" Charlie stammers.

"Okay let's try the submersion bombs!" Arthur growls.

The fighters dive in low dropping the charges all around Kodara.


There doesn't seem to be any apparent reaction until one of the bombs goes off in the monster's face! An angry but unharmed Kodara stops swimming and rises up to face his antagonists.

"I think we got his atten-"BLAM! Charlie starts to say when his Hummer is suddenly hit by an energy blast from Kodara's right palm which rocks him momentarily!

Luckily it was a glancing blow or the damage may have been far more severe. Now that Kodara's underbelly is exposed the team dives in one more time firing away. But Kodara absorbs the lasers and then sends them back in spider web like patterns. A couple of the Hummer's don't quite make it.

"We've lost seven and twenty!" Jean shouts!

The group has scattered now attacking from all directions. Two more Hummers sweeping in behind Kodara get wiped out as the creature spins around with more hand blasts.

"Three and fourteen are gone!" Exclaims Lloyd.

Jack meanwhile is once again monitoring from headquarters. Realizing that the situation is deteriorating quickly Jack decides that it's time for a rematch between Ultraman and Kodara. Jack makes a mad dash to the Hummer Bay. He opens the Bay doors and takes a running leap clutching his delta plasma pendant around his neck. In mid free fall the transformation takes place and Ultraman flies toward the open sea to engage Kodara.

Back at sea...

"Jean and Lloyd are down!" Charlie screams over his communicator.

The squadron was down by over half now!

"I've had about all I can take of you today Kodara!" Arthur grunts angrily as he veers his Hummer towards the beast.

The rest of the team realizes with horror that Arthur is pulling a kamikaze!

"Arthur, no! Pullout, pull out now!" Kim screams.

But Arthur nose dives right towards Kodara without wavering. He pivots and turns sideways to avoid some palm blasts but instead of slamming into the creature he is caught in Kodara's hands! Kodara gives a bemused reaction as he looks into the cockpit to see Arthur flipping him the bird and if he could be heard calling Kodara everything but a white man. Kodara then snorts and begins to crush the Hummer in his claws!

"Eject Arthur!" Cries Charlie.

"Get out of there!" Yells Kim.

"I can't the damn thing won't work!" Bellows Arthur.

But just then Ultraman suddenly appears diving into Kodara who drops Arthur and the Hummer into the water! Luckily each of the Hummers if not damaged too severely have several small flotation devices that are supposed to spring when the craft hits water. Ultraman and Kodara sink to the ocean floor struggling all the way down. A physical fight though is no longer an option. Trying to throw a punch or a kick underwater would be pointless, so Ultraman opts for a long-range fight as he pushes himself away from Kodara. Arthur raises his cockpit lid and surveys the damage, not just to his Hummer but the others as well. Of the pilots that had been brought down a few had managed to either eject or stay afloat. But for some there would only be a watery grave.

"Arthur!" Jean yells.

She had managed to keep her Hummer afloat as well, Lloyd was with her. His Hummer had sank but he had managed to eject and then swam over to Jean's craft. Arthur waves back enthusiastically as a horrendous battle begins down below.

Ultraman knows that the only way he was able to beat Kodara the last time they fought was with the help of the prophecy disc which reflected Kodara's power back at him, something he did not have now. Ultraman could hold his breath underwater very well but not indefinitely, but if he could buy just enough time for the UMA team to evacuate he could take the fight back to the surface. Ultraman lets loose with a firestorm of laser blasts from his fingertips attempting to overwhelm Kodara. Some are deflected, some are absorbed, but a few do get through causing some damage. Ultraman doesn't let up for a second hitting Kodara with more blasts faster and harder. But Kodara catches one of the larger energy spheres and throws it back. Ultraman dodges to the right as a huge coral reef is blown apart behind him. Now it was Kodara's turn to advance quickly. While Ultraman is still down Kodara fires some hand blasts of his own, but Ultraman throws up his force field blocking the beams. Regaining his footing quickly Ultraman releases a huge energy sphere from both hands. As he expects Kodara catches it before he can throw this one back Ultraman fires another detonating the one in Kodara's hands causing twice the impact. It puts Kodara down for the moment. Back on the surface however an unwelcome guest finally arrives as Golza suddenly dives out of the sky and straight into the water!

"It's Golza! This definitely means trouble for Ultraman!" Charlie blurts out.

Golza dives deep and slams into Ultraman before he even sees him coming! Not even giving Ultraman a chance to catch a break Golza blasts him with his powerful breath beam.


Its force sends Ultraman flying back smashing into another reef. Kodara now upright once more blasts the reef surrounding Ultraman practically burying him alive! Acting quickly Golza then grabs Kodara and then makes for the surface. The team can only look on as both Golza and Kodara break into open sky. They head for a nearby island where another large shape can be seen on the shore.

"Holy crap it's King Ghidorah!" Lloyd yells.

But just then the Undertaker appears out of nowhere in giant form! He drops into the water slightly surprised. When he sensed that King Ghidorah had stopped moving and not only that but that both Golza and Kodara's life forces could be felt nearby as well he teleported immediately. He just didn't expect to arrive over the open sea though! Taker surfaces and sees all three monsters on the beach, but before he can move in he hears a voice yelling to him.

"Undertaker, Undertaker over here! Here!" Jean yells.

"Ultraman is still down there he never surfaced!" She goes on yelling.

So Taker dives down until he spots a silver gloved hand sticking out what remained of an enormous reef. Back onshore however the monsters are preparing to depart. Since Kodara is unable to fly he climbs onto King Ghidorah's back. Ghidorah's wing strength was a little more than Golza's so it was obvious who would be better off packing him. King Ghidorah and Kodara then take to the air as does Golza resuming their course. And as for the Undertaker he did manage to finally dig Ultraman out, he had nearly drowned but would survive. Ultraman's energy timer finally starts to blink when they break the surface so after a word of thanks to the Undertaker he takes off up into the upper stratosphere until he is no longer visible. The Undertaker then grumbles to himself as he looks over and sees that the monsters are gone. Just then a rescue ship arrives to pick up the surviving members of the squadron, knowing that everything here is well in order the Undertaker teleports out.


The Undertaker stands in Death Valley awaiting the arrival of the monsters. The Cosmos suddenly speak to him in telepathy.

"Undertaker remember we are with you if you feel it necessary call upon our power to assist you."

"Thank you... I just want to know... how is Kane doing?" The Undertaker asks.

"Wonderfully, the damage inflicted by Borgos has been almost completely undone. We spend much time with him on the astral plane(realm of the mind). Once the mental as well as physical wounds have been healed he will be strong enough to leave the island. We have reopened his heart to the emotions and sensations long since forgotten. Underneath the fiery exterior created by his sorrow and rage he is truly pure of mind, body, and soul. Of course you already knew that." The Cosmos say.

"I thank you once again Cosmos. If I do not get to see Kane again tell him that I love him and that will always be with him."

"I wish I could be out there with you." Another telepathic voice suddenly says, it is Ultraman.

"But after a transformation it takes a full 24 hours to let Jack build the strength to do it again." He goes on.

"Do not let it bother you. You have done your part that is all that can be asked, I will face this threat alone." The Undertaker proclaims.

"You are not alone." The Cosmos implore.

The Undertaker merely nods in response. A few moments later he senses that the monstrous trio is close. Soon they appear over the horizon, the Undertaker draws a heavy breath clinching his fists as he knows full well this will be the fight of his life. The monsters touchdown near Taker snarling defiantly. He rolls his eyes back in his head and slowly starts toward them.

"Don't waste your time!" A telepathic voice blurts out inside Taker's head, it is Gudis!

"They're not here to fight you, they're here to contribute to my rebirth!" He continues.

"Your rebirth?"

"Yes Undertaker and you'll be the first to see it."

A telepathic image of Gudis then appears before the monsters. Gudis' eyes start to glow a bright red as the monsters suddenly feel a little disoriented. Taker looks on in astonishment trying to figure out what exactly is going on. Now Gudis is practically glowing, and the monsters now feel their strength suddenly leaving them. Gudis was using their power to rejuvenate himself as his transparent image suddenly begins to look a lot more solid. Weakened beyond their withstanding Ghidorah and Kodara collapse, Golza however has not yet fallen. Gudis then spits forth from his mouth strange violet energy spheres that engulf and absorb the bodies of Ghidorah and Kodara. They then return to Gudis being absorbed back into his body, now he was no longer transparent. Now finally having a physical form Gudis turns towards Golza who is suddenly appearing to have snapped out of the trance that Gudis had enthralled him, Ghidorah, and Kodara with previously.

"Your will is indeed strong Golza but now with the power of the other two monsters in me you cannot oppose me." Gudis hisses.

Golza is still disoriented and trying to clear the cobwebs when Gudis hits him with an intense psionic wave that slams into Golza like a cannon ball! The attack does hurt Golza but it also angers him as he returns the favor with his breath beam! Gudis is hit hard and put down, as he falls he utilizes another psionic wave that slams into Golza yet again. The hurting but still mobile behemoth staggers over to where Gudis lie, as he reaches down and grabs him Gudis hits him with a point-blank psionic blast! Golza falls to his knees but has not let go of Gudis yet.

"Fall damn you! Fall!" Gudis roars.

Golza looks up at Gudis as energy builds inside of him for another beam blast. Before Golza can fire however Gudis begins unleashing psionic waves one after another with merciless intensity! After about a dozen or so Golza finally starts to weaken.

"You may be one of the most physically powerful kaiju on the face of the Earth Golza but my power attacks the mind in whereas I am superior!" Gudis gloats.

After about 20 psionic waves Golza is finally incapacitated and lies motionless yet still conscious. This was the reason that Gudis wanted him above all the others. Golza's stamina and near invulnerability would help make him unstoppable! He then encases Golza in one of the violet spheres and absorbs him as well. Not wanting to know what Gudis plans to do next the Undertaker tries to fire off an energy sphere but it bounces off an invisible barrier that is surrounding Gudis!

"Fool you cannot harm me now! You cannot hope to stop me it is because of your race that I am able to exist here! Your nuclear energy, your pollution, your diseases, mankind has made Earth the perfect feeding ground for me! I could destroy this world now or simply wait since the human race will eventually wipe out the planet themselves. Become a part of the genetic chain of the most powerful being in the universe or die at my feet. Either way I win, humanity will learn to live with me or perish! "

"You'll have to go through me first!" The Undertaker scowls taking a fighting stance.

"Idiot! You have no chance of defeating me!" Gudis bellows as his body suddenly begins to twist and morph into a new shape!

The Undertaker charges punching and blasting away but he still cannot penetrate the energy field that Gudis has encased himself in! Gudis in the meantime completes his transformation with an incredible blast of psionic energy that obliterates his own force field from the inside out and sends the Undertaker flying back!

When the Undertaker gets back up and looks over in Gudis' direction, what he sees is more than he bargained for. Standing where Gudis used to be is now a gigantic creature which appears to be a physical combination of all three monsters! It stands nearly 400 feet tall on massive legs with an enormous tail. It appears to have four arms, two that resemble Golza's, and two that resemble Kodara's. It's central head which rests on its shoulders looks to be a mutated form of Golza's crowned with curved horns going in all directions. In its chest is a head resembling Kodara's and all three of Ghidorah's snakelike heads can be seen, one coming out of the left side of its rib cage, one out of the right, and the third central head is coming up right behind Gorsa's at the top of the behemoths spine. Two huge wings that are a combination of King Ghidorah's and Golza's unfold out of its back, and its entire body is covered in bony armor! The Undertaker stands in awe, how is he to defeat a monster such as this!

"" The Undertaker whispers.

"... I am God." Gudis snarls.

That last comment angers the Undertaker as he almost instantly summons up an energy ball and hurls it at Gudis. It strikes the monster dead center but doesn't seem to have any effect! Gudis hisses as if daring the Undertaker to do it again and indeed he does. This time though it is a larger one but when he releases it Gudis catches it letting the energy bounce between all four of his hands, he then makes it even larger and hurls it back! But Taker is alert and opens a portal in front of him which the energy ball enters. Taker then reopens it behind Gudis but before the ball can strike him he disappears. Taker dodges to the left as it barely misses him!

The Undertaker suddenly gets blasted from behind causing him to stagger forward. He spins around to see that Gudis has reappeared behind him and he lets Taker have it with a devastating array of lasers from all five heads! As Taker falls he teleports and comes back out of midair planting a dreadful elbow in the base of the creature's spine. Gudis though merely shrugs slightly and turns towards Taker. The enormous monstrosity begins swinging at the Undertaker who ducks and dodges from side to side landing some punches of his own. That would be one of the few things in the Undertaker's favor, superior speed and agility. But a spin wheel kick misses as Gudis teleports once more, Taker suddenly feels a pair of massive claws clasp hold of his neck from behind. Taker though manages to slam a fist down on the ground between himself and Gudis pushing the creature back with a shockwave. The Undertaker's next move is going to require some good timing, setting his plan into action Taker yells at Gudis.

"Is that all you've got?!"

Gudis' reaction is to unleash another valley of laser blasts which Taker absorbs into a portal. He reopens it above Gudis who teleports immediately, then acting quickly as Gudis is in mid teleport Taker throws three energy balls into three separate portals. As expected the beams Gudis had fired rain down out of the first portal striking the ground, but as Gudis reappears behind Taker he bounds away, spins around, and reopens the three separate portals surrounding Gudis! With practically no time to really react Gudis gets nailed from three sides by Taker's energy balls! The Undertaker almost smiles as he had surprised himself with being able to pull off that maneuver.

But a now angry Gudis teleports again, Taker looks around himself and even in the sky. But the Undertaker doesn't expect Gudis to suddenly explode out of the ground beneath him grabbing him in a bear hug type hold. Gudis then shoots into the sky with Taker in tow. The Undertaker manages to get his arms free though and slams them together onto the sides of the central head on Gudis' shoulders. This only angers him more though as Taker receives blasts from the head in Gudis' chest and all three of Ghidorah's heads for his trouble. Gudis then drops the Undertaker! And being far too disoriented by the point-blank blast he just took he is unable to teleport and plummets back to earth!


A small crater results from the impact, as Taker struggles to get back up.


Only to get slammed into head-on by Gudis who flying across the landscape puts Taker not only into, but inside, up, and out the top of a mountain! Gudis then hurls a barely conscious Undertaker back down to the ground once more. He collides horribly with the side of a canyon wall and then tumbles down to the bottom. The Undertaker lies battered and broken at the bottom of the ravine. He is pretty sure his rib cage has been shattered. It is on very rare occasions, rare and few, that the Undertaker actually feels pain. This is quickly becoming one of those occasions! Gudis then dives in blasting the ravine wall above Taker practically sending an avalanche down on top of him!

Gudis circles overhead like a hungry vulture as meanwhile buried beneath tons of rock the Undertaker's life begins to flash before his eyes. It stops when he reaches an image of the Cosmos. It seems so real he swears he can almost hear them singing, when suddenly he is real! The song of Mothra echoes through the Undertaker's soul giving him life. He can feel his wounds healing, his strength returning! The Cosmos have reached out to the Undertaker, they felt his pain through their psychic link! The Undertaker now suddenly feels more powerful than he ever has in his life! Gudis in the meantime notices a bizarre glow beginning to pulsate from the rockslide. Then without warning-


An incredible energy wave sears from Taker's body blowing apart the Rocky tomb he had been encased in! It hits Gudis like a tidal wave sending him crashing to the ground! Gudis quickly rights himself however and looks over to see the Undertaker standing tall. Taker's eyes burn a bright white, Gudis shutters slightly as Taker's gaze seems to go right through him. Scattered rubble around the Undertaker's feet begins to levitate all around him caused by the intense energy coming off of his body! With a blinding flash of light the stark black that the Undertaker wears transforms into pure white as energy bolts course through his body! It is then that the song of the Cosmos abruptly stops and the Undertaker speaks...

"Now Gudis it is time for you to peace."

Upon hearing the Undertaker's proclamation Gudis spins into a rage unleashing his terrible beams once more. But the Undertaker simply puts his hands out in front of him, and the rays hit and bounce off of what appears to be a force field.

"My turn." The Undertaker says suddenly hurling forth a gigantic energy ball!


Gudis is startled to realize he actually felt the impact this time, as it almost puts him on his back! Realizing that his foe has gained newfound strength he teleports and pops up right in front of the Undertaker.


Gudis pounds on Taker mercilessly and doesn't stop until he slumps down to the ground. But moments later the Undertaker suddenly sits up as if nothing had happened and looks directly over at Gudis!


Gudis barrels into the Undertaker again this time slamming him face first into the canyon wall. But Taker's head whips back up and snaps to his left looking right at Gudis once again! Panicking Gudis lets Taker have it with a point-blank blast with all five heads putting Taker deep into the canyon wall. It is silent for a moment but before Gudis can breathe a sigh of relief the Undertaker merely steps out of the impression made in the wall dusting himself off!

"I'm still here." Taker grins.

Now Gudis is ballistic how in the hell is he supposed to keep this guy down! Gudis swings his huge tail towards Taker but he catches it and says...

"Fun and games...are over."


The Undertaker swings Gudis' titanic frame around into the side of the canyon with crippling force! The stunned behemoth turns just in time to get both of the Undertaker feet right in his face!


Gudis finally goes down! But he recovers quickly and begins a brutal slugfest with Taker who is more than happy to oblige. Gudis swings and claws with his four arms while Ghidorah's heads reach down snapping and biting. But the Undertaker's body is surging with energy as each fist hits Gudis with the force of a wrecking ball! Gudis suddenly realizes that he isn't winning this contest so he quickly blasts Taker with Ghidorah's gravity beams. Again Taker is only staggered as he throws his hair back, the pupils in his eyes disappearing with a defiant sneer! Taker performs a series of backflips putting some distance between himself and Gudis. He then charges up a second energy ball as Gudis stands ready. After many moments he finally launches it, Gudis tries to catch and contain the blast but the amount of power is just too much!


It blows up in Gudis' face putting him down one more time, this time though he does not rise. The Undertaker then walks over and looks down at Gudis' body.

"Cosmos." Taker calls out.

"Yes Undertaker we are with you."

"Gudis has been incapacitated for the moment but how do I truly defeat this monster?"

"Listen carefully Undertaker and we will tell all." The Cosmos explain.

Meanwhile Gudis is weakened, the grip on the three monsters he has combined is loosening. It would prove to be his undoing as the Undertaker understanding the Cosmos' message loud and clear goes into a trance. He then enters Gudis' mind or more precisely the astral plane where the thoughts of all psychic beings are capable of intersecting. Once there he confronts Gudis in its original form. Entangled in his tentacles are Golza, Kodara, and King Ghidorah.

"No! No! Get away, they are mine!" Gudis howls.

The Undertaker begins to charge up another energy ball as Gudis realizing what Taker is going to do fires eye beams at the deadman. Once more the seemingly invisible force field rises when Taker lifts his left hand deflecting the beams. On the astral plane though thought becomes reality which Gudis desperately tries to take advantage of as he makes huge stone pillars grow up out of the ground. They circle and enclose around Gudis like a pyramid in an attempt to shield himself...but it is no use. The Undertaker unleashes the energy sphere!


Taker's energy ball blows clean through the barrier and decimates the tentacles restraining the three monster's individual psyches'! Having suddenly lost the power to retain his combined kaiju form the end result for Gudis is obvious...


Back in physical reality the amalgamated superbeast literally explodes! The blast not only sends Taker out of his trance but sends him flying as well! He probably could have flown for miles if he did not teleport. The unconscious bodies of Golza, King Ghidorah, and Kodara go flying in three different directions! Returning to Death Valley Taker looks down at an exhausted and mangled Gudis in his original physical form once more as the ravaged alien attempts to rise. The Undertaker charges up one last energy ball as Gudis struggles to a vertical position.

"Y-you just d-don't get it do you. You can't kill me! As long as mankind destroys, as long as he pollutes, as long as he continues to slowly kill the very planet he lives on Gudis will never die! I am immortal! I am unstoppable! I AM A GOD!" Gudis screams.

"Not anymore, now you're just an insect waiting to be squashed! Gudis...REST IN PEACE!" The Undertaker roars releasing the energy ball!


Gudis is completely obliterated!

"Now it is finished." The Undertaker says.

As he relaxes his body and power return to its original form, knowing his job here is done the Undertaker takes one last look around and then teleports out.

One week later...

Location: Monsterland command center a.k.a. Ogasawara Island

"Right here they are." Says Commander Katsuo flipping on a monitor with a split screen.

The Undertaker looks as an image comes into focus or two more precisely. The screen shows the inside of two large cells. One contains Kodara, the other King Ghidorah.

"As you may or may not know after Gudis blew apart Kodara landed in California and King Ghidorah touched down in Utah. They were both unconscious when we found them so we quickly relocated their bodies to this installation." The Commander explains.

"And you're sure they will not escape." Taker asks.

"My friend all the cells in this compound were constructed out of zaranium, a metal that has been proven to be practically indestructible and unbreakable they aren't going anywhere."

"And what of Golza?"

"Well, that's the downside to this whole thing. He supposedly came down in New Mexico but we never found a body. He could've flown off or burrowed underground. It's really hard to tell where he might be."

The Undertaker sighs knowing that for now nothing more could be done. He would have to deal with Golza another time, but he takes some comfort in the fact that two of the Earth's most dangerous kaiju are locked away.

"Thank you Commander."

"No problem Undertaker, after all they wouldn't be here right now if not for your efforts. You're more than welcome."

That having been said the Undertaker teleports back to Infant Island.


Author's note: I never thought I would actually post these here, but I've been feeling nostalgic as of late seeing how me and my 15 year old nephew have been watching allot of old wrestling PPVs from the 90s and such. I am also hyped by the recently released new Godzilla film and the recent announcement of Pacific Rim 2! Yay! So I figured, ah what the heck. In any case chapter 2 will probably be posted in about a week or so.