A villain I created named Borgos appears in this story, he has a history with Taker and Kane. He's a saurian cyborg who lost his flesh and blood body in a lab accident and is now totally twisted and evil, don't worry though he doesn't get in the way of the story. His part is small. Again references are made to events that happened before this story that may confuse some, but that shall all be eventually explained within this chapter.






Location: Ogasawara Island off the coast of Japan a.k.a. Monsterland.

Inside the central command center the Undertaker walks down a long hallway until a pair of elevator like doors sealed tight stand in his way. Two security guards nervously step aside as the seven foot behemoth places his hand in a DNA scanner.

"Identification confirmed, admittance granted, welcome Undertaker" a computerized voice speaks.

The doors then slide open and Taker steps through.

"Ah, you're here at last, I'm glad our government granted you access to the command center. All that teleporting in and out was starting to give my men cardiacs." Commander Katsuo snickers.

The Undertaker smiles slightly as he moves towards a monitor.

"Well, there he is. Or what's left of him anyway." Katsuo says looking down at the same monitor.

Taker looks on in disbelief as he views what appears to be the remains of Gudis a beast he himself had atomized several months earlier.

"Listen I know Gudis' turf is Australia but there isn't a pilot who has fought kaiju or a scientist who has studied them that hasn't heard of Gudis in any part of the world. And I know aside from you and your brother Kane there are few beings on this Earth capable of doing this to him." Katsuo goes on.

"So Jack was right about Gudis' regenerative abilities." Taker adds.

"Jack Shindo? Ah yes the Gudis expert. Yes, he pretty much hit the nail on the head."

"Apparently Gudis had completely regenerated himself on Letchi Island and was on the move when another monster intercepted him. These reports are according to the villagers who live on Letchi Island." Katsuo goes on as the Undertaker listens intently.

"And this other monster defeated him?" Taker inquires.

"Yes, and in short order from what I've been told. And now as you can see we have Gudis' body here on Ogasawara inside one of the confinement cells. He is under constant surveillance and if he does attempt to start regrowing his cells again we'll know about it."

"Hmmm... I see, very well then I will investigate." Taker proclaims as he abruptly teleports.

"No wait there was something else-" but before the Commander and even finish his sentence the Undertaker is already gone.

"Damn I hate it when he does that!" Katsuo stammers.

Letchi Island...

Taker instantly transports himself to Letchi Island letting the Cosmos guide him telepathically to the location of the battle between Gudis and this mystery monster. Upon his arrival a few villagers passing by scatter... except for a weary looking old man adorned in various pendants and charms. He also wears a bizarre robe of some sort and has a long scraggly beard that reaches half the length of his body. He moves toward the Undertaker seemingly unafraid.

"You must be the local witch doctor." Taker assesses.

"Yes, forgive the young ones they do not understand who or what you are... but I do." The old man speaks softly.

"Really, and what exactly is that?" Taker asks.

"Why, you are but one of many."

"Many what?" Taker goes on.

"Why protectors, protectors of the creator's kingdom."

"Do you know what happened here?"

Upon being asked that question the old man's face goes pale.

"I saw the demon." He whispers.


"Yes, the one who killed the creature your people called Gudis. It swooped out of the sky just before the Gudis was going to trample our village. When it came to rest its giant wings disappeared into its back. Gudis immediately attacked, it shot fire from its eyes and tried to crush the demon in its coils. But the demon was invincible, it could not be hurt. It tore the coils from the Gudis' body and then released fire from its jaws that brought the Gudis down. The Gudis tried to take the demon's fire into itself but there was just too much power. The demon breathed its fire once more this time felling the Gudis and after that it did not rise again."

The Undertaker is stunned by the story the old witch doctor has just finished.

"What did the uh...demon do next?" Taker asks.

"After making fully sure its foe had been vanquished it turned to a mountainside nearby and used its fire to carve something in the rock, it then departed. Now if you will excuse me I must return to my village, fare thee well defender."

And with that the old man hobbles off, the Undertaker watches him go until he is out of sight. He then turns and walks up a foot worn path that leads to the area where the monsters fought. As expected this scene has already been picked clean by Army officials, kaijuologists, radiation crews, etc. etc.. Taker notices massive footprints in the ground close by that could only have been left by the demon the old man spoke of since Gudis didn't have any feet or legs and merely slithered across the ground to get around. A monster with the power the witch doctor described, that could take Gudis apart in seconds was truly a terrifying thought.

"What could it be?" The Undertaker thinks aloud as he approaches the large footprints.

Was it a monster he had faced before or a new threat? There were indeed few monsters who could overload Gudis' absorbing abilities as well as take punishment from him. Both Ghidorah and Kodara were still locked down tight on Ogasawara.

"Well, that would only leave-" the Undertaker stops mid-sentence when the horrifying realization hits him of who the monster might be.

He steps down inside one of the footprints to see if he can pick up on the creature's aura. The energy that suddenly permeates him cuts into him like a knife confirming his worst fears. And even if none of that did what he sees carved into the mountain in front of him does. The old man said the monster had engraved something into the mountain and it was also the last piece of information that Katsuo never got the chance to tell him. The Undertaker quickly and frantically sends a telepathic message to the Cosmos, but before he can even finish sending it the Cosmos speak for him.

"Yes Undertaker... Golza lives... and he's coming for your brother."

The Undertaker falls to his knees as he looks up at the engraving burned into the stone that says but one word... Kane!



The Undertaker immediately teleports to Infant Island to converse with the Cosmos face-to-face and to check on Kane. When he arrives Kane is in the middle of an arduous test. Since the incident involving the villain Borgos in which Kane had been mentally controlled and manipulated the big red machine had been healing slowly both emotionally and physically with the help of the Cosmos. They have also been helping him to deal with the rage that has always been inside him and driven his actions since the day of his birth. There have been many bad experiences, trials, and setbacks, but now Kane is attempting to draw strength and power from new emotions. Sensations that had been all but forgotten and unknown to him, that being hope, friendship, and love. The Cosmos had been helping him to draw strength from the few happy memories of his life as well as helping him to experience new ones with the peace and serenity that comes with living on Infant Island. And now Kane concentrates, nearby are the Cosmos and in front of Kane is a wilted flower. Taker silently moves up to the side of the Cosmos without Kane noticing. Kane focuses intensely on the dying dragon lily, he closes his eyes with his right hand outstretched toward the flower.

"You can do it Kane, feel the power not only in your hands but in your heart as well." The Cosmos encourage him.

Everything is silent and still for the moment as the Undertaker looks on and then...

"Kane, you've done it!" The Cosmos squeal as the lily rises and unfolds into a beautiful blossom.

Though it cannot be seen behind the mask Kane beams with satisfaction, so many times had he tried that in the past only to end up reducing several flowers to ashes. Kane has taken a significant step this day.

"Well done my brother." Taker blurts out startling Kane slightly.

But then they walk up to one another and clasp hold of each other's arms in an Indian handshake, it was how they always greeted one another.

"Now are you beginning to understand brother, the source of real power, of true strength is happiness and peace not hatred or vengeance."

Kane nods in approval as the Cosmos smile, but they know that Taker has also come to discuss a dire matter, one which for now Kane should remain oblivious to.

"You have done well today Kane, go and meditate now on the events of this day and recuperate." The Cosmos tell him as he nods to them and his brother before walking away.

"Does he-"

"No Undertaker we have not told him."

"That is good, if he learns that Golza is alive it may undo everything you've accomplished thus far." Taker says.

"Yes, though we don't know why, that particular kaiju is a cause of great suffering for Kane. The mere mention of its name completely unhinges him." Say the Cosmos.

"Then I guess that answers the question of whether or not he should be told." The Undertaker confesses.

"Kane is at a crossroads right now emotionally, unfortunately a meeting with Golza could drive him over the edge."

"And you say he is looking for Kane."

"Yes Undertaker he plans to destroy your brother."

"I know they have fought before and I know they have a history, but every time I ask Kane about it he clams up on me or walks away."

"In any case he must be stopped."

"Then I will intercept him."

"Someone already has, we can sense it."

"Really, who?"

"We cannot be sure but a horrendous battle is about to take place on the mainland."

"Then I will see if I can find it, I know Golza's ora if I get close to him I'll know it."

"Very well Undertaker but be careful."

"I will." The Undertaker says before disappearing.

As for the battle in question...

Trying to seek out Kane's aura the first place Golza touches down at is rural Nagoyah sensing that this was a place where Kane had been. Descending down from the heavens like a dark angel Golza's wings fold into his back, he is bigger and far stronger now than before when he was absorbed by Gudis. But knowing of his arrival and waiting for him were Ultraman Tiga, Dyna, Gaia, and Agoul! The Ultra brothers pile into Gorsa like an angry mob. Tiga throws a nasty barrage of punches and kicks but Golza takes it with no seeable effect and gives Tiga a terrible backhand. Dyna dives in with a martial arts kick but Golza catches him in midair and uses his own momentum to slam Dyna down onto the ground. Gaia and Agoul unleash a volley of laser blasts which Golza absorbs and then fires back causing them to dodge. Tiga then jumps onto Golza's back and shoulders and starts pounding down with all the strength he's got.

Taking advantage of the distraction Agoul moves in morphing his hands into a pair of energy swords. He swings and slashes away but is shocked to discover that no damage is being done. Agoul had sliced monsters to ribbons with this maneuver in the past but the blades cannot even scratch Golza's hide! Finally fed up Golza plants a big foot in Agoul's chest putting him down and then pulls Tiga off his shoulders and slams him down on top of Agoul. Golza grabs Tiga and throws aside as he nails Agoul with a point blank blast of his dreaded oral beam sending him careening across the landscape. Golza releases another blast at Dyna and Gaia but they combine their forcefields to deflect it. Again a laser attack is tried by Dyna and Gaia but once more it appears ineffective. Golza however stops advancing when Tiga blasts him with an energy sphere from behind. So Golza turns and cuts loose his ray on him, Tiga throws up his forcefield but his alone just isn't strong enough to hold it back and it practically explodes in his face!

Realizing they are being picked off quickly Dyna and Gaia rush in hitting Golza with a martial arts attack charging their fists and feet with kinetic energy. But Golza practically ignores them as he's having too much fun blasting Tiga's comatose body all over the place. Finally turning his attention to Dyna and Gaia Golza starts pounding them silly and then slams their heads together! A somewhat disoriented Agoul fires his forearm beam at Golza but he reflects it back as well putting Agoul down again. Another breath blast from Golza almost fries Dyna and Gaia who just barely manage to dodge. Golza then swings his huge tail which Dyna tries to catch and hold, but Golza is just too strong as he swings Dyna around right into Gaia!

Golza then reaches down and grabs hold of Gaia by the back of his neck planning to do God only knows what when...


A series of plasma fireballs detonate on Golza's body. He looks up to see Gamera diving straight at him!


Both monsters go tumbling but become vertical again very quickly. Wasting no time another point-blank blast of Golza's beam sends Gamera into the side of a mountain. But as he goes down he fires another cluster of fireballs which again seem to explode harmlessly off of Golza. As Gamera regains his footing he roars defiantly at Golza who answers with another ray blast. Once more Gamera gets plowed so he retaliates with more fireballs, but Golza absorbs them this time and then fires them back. Gamera shrugs off the assault and moves in realizing a long range battle could take forever. So the goliaths go at it tooth and claw, Gamera's powerful arms begin swinging as do Golza's. Holyfield and Tyson couldn't have put on a better slugfest! Then in an incredible feat of strength Golza heaves Gamera's massive frame up above his head and hurls him through the air!


Undeterred though Gamera uses his jet propulsion to lift himself off the ground. He flies straight into Golza in a spinning frenzy!


Golza's feet skid backwards across the ground as he tries to stop Gamera in his tracks. Then with Golza still pushing against Gamera's momentum Gamera shoots straight up into the sky with Golza still clinging to him. He then comes spiraling back down drilling Golza into the earth!


Gamera then goes back to his bipedal form and looks over to see that the Ultra brothers are recovering. But in the split second he takes to check on the Ultras' Golza piles into Gamera head on. Golza then begins pounding away on Gamera with savage speed. The dazed super turtle attempts to absorb the beating as he charges up his plasma fist. And then...


With explosive force and incredible power Gamera's burning fist punches into Golza's stomach and practically incinerates his insides as a mixture of fire and blood erupt forth from every orifice of Golza's body! After this devastating attack Golza goes limp slumping down to his knees with Gamera's fist still inside him. With the fight finally over Gamera takes a moment to rest it had been a hard earned victory, he then begins to withdraw his arm when Golza's hands suddenly reach up grabbing hold of his wrist! Gamera has a look of surprise on his face as Golza's head snaps up looking directly into Gamera's eyes, Gamera could swear Golza was smiling! He then lets Gamera have it with yet another beam blast sending him flying back once more. Gamera lands tumbling and then looks up to see the gaping wound in Gorsa's belly reseal itself! Gamera shakes his head, in the past he had used the plasma fist to practically blow Iris to pieces but the same had not happened with Golza. Realizing it is going to take something really big to put this creature down Gamera looks over his shoulder at the Ultra brothers who have now recovered as they lineup alongside Gamera with their forearm beams at the ready! Golza begins to charge toward them so they all fire upon him simultaneously as Gamera begins unleashing a rapid quick fire volley of fire balls! The combined searing blasts nail Golza directly in the chest, the attack is held on Golza for what seems like an eternity as the behemoth refuses to fall! Golza tries to absorb it all but it appears to be too much even for him when suddenly...


There is an explosion so massive it floors everyone instantly! It takes a few moments for the smoke to clear, when it does Gamera is the only one still conscious. He looks about him and sees the Ultra brothers laid out once more. The combination of the energy they expended plus the explosion had knocked them out cold. Gamera then looks over at Golza's body, as he looks closer he sees an enormous hole blown in his torso! Plenty of blood as well as several of Golza's vital organs and intestines are splattered all over the place! Gamera breathes a sigh of relief and groggily moves in. He looks down at Golza's heart and then picks it up in a curious fashion. After gazing at it for a few moments he prepares to drop it when...


The heart actually beats!


It does it again!


Gamera looks on in shock as the heart starts pounding away meanwhile Golza's eyes suddenly snap open! Gamera looks over in disbelief as Golza rises up! He still has the gaping hole in his chest hell he didn't even have a chest left! Gamera keeps looking back and forth between the still beating heart and the now vertical Golza with eyes as big as saucers! You can see the front of Golza's spine even, but his lungs, kidneys, intestines, spleen, pancreas, you name it are still scattered all around him! Golza then outstretches his arms from his sides as his eyes begin glowing a burning bright yellow! It is then that all of his organs suddenly rise up off the ground and literally fly back into his body, including his heart which flies right out of Gamera's hands! His chest then miraculously seals itself shut once again as if there was never even a wound at all! Gamera stands mortified what he has just witnessed simply shouldn't have been possible, but it is all too real! And what's worse is that since Golza survived the assault it also means he successfully absorbed all of it as he now returns it to Gamera as an unbelievable blast emits from Golza's chest!


Gamera flies for a few miles before he lands off somewhere in the distance with earthshaking impact! Now that the fight is over Golza resumes the search he had begun before he was so rudely interrupted. But to avoid any more hero wannabes for now Golza decides to travel subterranean as he burrows deep into the earth continuing his journey underground. Golza could raise his body temperature to such extreme levels that he could move through solid rock as casually as a person crossing the street, he would surface in the next place that Kane's aura would feel strongest. About five minutes later the Undertaker arrives on the scene having finally picked up Golza's trail, but he realizes that he's arrived too late as he sees the Ultra brothers strewn all over the place.

"Damn!" Taker spits looking around him.

Tiga, Dyna,Gaia, and Agoul were just now starting to regain consciousness but they would be fine. Sensing another kaiju nearby Taker teleports to the spot where Gamera came down. Deep within a massive crater lies Gamera, bloody, battered, and broken. Taker quickly hits his 300 ft. max and leaps down inside the crater. He places his right hand on Gamera's chest and then concentrates. With a slight glow eliminating the pit Gamera's wounds are healed, his eyes slowly flutter open. Gamera rises and nods to the Undertaker in thanks, Taker nods back.

"He was here wasn't he." Taker grumbles.

Gamera nods again. The Undertaker hangs his head, with the kind of carnage Golza had just caused he could not afford to miss him again.

Location: Infant Island.

Kane sits on one knee in the jungle he is meditating very deeply as the Cosmos had taught him. When they had asked him to go and meditate he did as he was told but had his own reasons. Kane stands up with his head held high and his eyes closed concentrating very hard. For some time he had been building up the nerve to open a new teleport gate of his own. Why? You might ask. Well, Kane had a reason, a very important reason. There was a certain time and place he wanted to reach and he wasn't going to let anything stop him. He knew the risks, there was a very good chance that once he stepped through he would never be able to get back home. And worse yet that he might not even be able to reach his planned destination, but that did not matter to him. Kane had never really mastered the art of teleporting, that was a skill he still had yet to fine tune. But he could not wait, his patience had reached its end. What Kane was planning was beyond insane, not only was he going to try to teleport, but he was going to attempt to reach the time barrier as well, something his brother the Undertaker who had already mastered teleporting had not yet even done! But Kane thought maybe if he concentrated hard enough, if he thought of where he wanted to be hard enough it just might work. Kane outstretches his arms and with a brilliant flash of light a gateway opens before him. Breathing a heavy sigh Kane thinks for a moment, he wishes he could say goodbye to his brother, and to the Cosmos but he realizes that there is no turning back now. Drawing another heavy breath Kane closes his eyes and starts to step through when suddenly...

"What are you doing!?" A voice blurts out as a hand comes down on Kane's left shoulder.

Kane spins around to see his brother standing right in front of him.

"I say again brother, just what in the hell are you doing?" Taker asks.

There is no reply from Kane not physically, telepathically, nothing.

"Come on Kane I want some answers!" Taker demands.

Kane just hangs his head.

"Little brother we are blood there is nothing you cannot tell me." Taker exclaims.

But Kane just turns and starts to walk away.

"Now wait a minute!" Taker yells grabbing his brother's right arm.

"You do realize what could have happened to you had used stepped through don't you?! Just what in the hell is so damn important that you wou-"

Taker's words are cut off by a shooting glance from Kane. There is a look of anger and frustration in his eyes. Kane then jerks his arm free and strides off leaving his brother puzzled. Why would he attempt to leap through an unstable teleport gate. It could have been his death! What was going on here, what wasn't Kane telling him? Just then a telepathic image of the Cosmos appears near Taker.

"What troubles you Undertaker?"

"I just caught my little brother attempting to open and then step through an unstable gateway! He knows his ability to open portals is not fully developed yet! What would possess him to do that?"

"There is a secret he is hiding, a troubling event from his past." The Cosmos tell Taker.


"Something he has managed to keep hidden even from us, something he has buried deep down inside." The Cosmos explain.

"Is this secret the reason he just tried to open the portal?"


"This isn't something he should deal with alone. How do I find out what it is without upsetting him?" Taker asks.

"You could try reading his mind, we normally do not condone mind reading against someone's will. But in order to help Kane there may not be any other way. We suggest waiting until he sleeps and then entering his subconscious."

"Yes, I want to know. I want to help him if I can. Does it have anything to do with Golza?"

"You will have to learn that for yourself Undertaker, but speaking of Golza what have you found?"

"Unfortunately nothing. I reached the sight of the battle you spoke of, but I was too late and he had already moved on. He left Gamera and four of the Ultra brothers badly beaten! I was surveying the area of the battle when I suddenly sensed that Kane was opening a vortex. But before I left I saw a place that looked as if something had burrowed underground, that is one of Golza's characteristics is it not?"


"If that is the case I will not be able to find him until he surfaces again, in any case I'm heading back to the mainland... will you let me know if Kane tries to pull any stunts like this again?"

"Of course Undertaker."

"Thank you."

Location: Hokkaido countryside.

Golza had briefly emerged here sensing this was a place where the Undertaker and Kane had recently had a battle. But once he had made himself visible he had gotten into a fight or more precisely several all his own. But that was about an hour ago, as for what is happening now...


Kamen Rider lands flat on his back as the result of a Golza backhand. His left shoulder has been dislocated and he can no longer see out of his right eye. These are just a couple of several injuries he has accumulated during this fight. Nearby lie the bodies of several more of the Ultra brothers Taro, Leo, Zophy, 80, Great, and Ace. Leo, 80, and Ace are dead, the others are alive but barely. Nearby also are Zone fighter, King Seezar, Gridman, Jet Jaguar, and an entire slew of various megazords! The living breathing warriors had merely been beaten unconscious but the zords have been smashed beyond recognition, and don't even ask about the unfortunate pilots inside. Now all that remained were Kamen Rider and Ultraseven who now slowly circle around a calm and patient Golza. Ultraseven tries blasting Golza with his forehead beam from behind but all Gorsa does is turnaround and look at him cocking his head sideways slightly. During the brief distraction Rider leaps through the air with his energized flying rider kick. This move had blown monsters completely apart in the past, put holes clean through some. How did Golza manage against it, he stumbles back slightly and then looks at Kamen Rider with a bemused expression! If you could see behind the mask you would be seeing Rider's face going pale. But during Rider's moment of confusion he lets his guard down and one of Golza's clawed hands clasp around his throat! Not waiting to see what Golza plans to do Ultraseven sends the blade upon the top of his head twirling towards Golza.

But Golza tosses Kamen Rider aside spins around and catches the blade in his left hand! Jumping back in surprise Ultraseven looks on as Golza's body begins to glow a bright yellow. The energy warming on his body and travels down his left arm into the blade making a glow white hot. Golza then hurls the blade back with blinding speed! Ultraseven though luckily uses his telekinesis to make the blade fly back towards Golza. But the monster ducks and then lunges at Ultraseven, they lock their hands in a test of strength that Ultraseven seems destined to lose. Golza is banking on a maneuver he hopes Ultraseven will employ which he does as Seven makes the blade fly back around towards Golza's backside. At the last second Golza bolts to one side causing the blade to miss him and fly straight into Ultraseven's chest! And the blade still energized with the power Golza has infused into it begins to practically fry Ultraseven who drops to his knees and then flat on his face! Kamen Rider recovers just in time to see Seven fall, Golza had almost crushed Rider's larynx! Rider throws himself valiantly at Golza but it is a futile maneuver as the super beast catches Rider with a heart punch as he comes down causing the insectoid hero to land flat on his back! Rider now dazed and winded is helpless as Golza grabs hold of him by his throat once more lifting him up off the ground. He holds Rider off the ground slowly choking him to death when a huge missile dropkick is suddenly planted in Golza's back! He drops Kamen Rider as he stumbles forward, then spins around to see the form of the Undertaker standing before him. Golza roars almost gleefully as he anticipates what he hopes will be a real challenge.

"If you want Kane Gorsa you'll have to go through me first!" The Undertaker threatens.

Wasting no more words the Undertaker runs straight at Golza! But Taker's fears about Golza's increasing power are confirmed as all of his punches and kicks seem useless in their effect. Golza just stands there absorbing the assault, if Taker didn't know any better he could have sworn Golza was laughing! Now it is Golza who starts taking some swings of his own as Taker ducks, dodges, and blocks. A couple do connect but Taker shakes it off and tries to grab Golza for a choke slam. But Golza raises his internal body temperature making him almost impossible to even touch him! Resisting the intense heat however Taker lifts Golza up into a powerbomb but even after its delivered Golza pops right back up completely unfazed! As Golza fires his oral beam Taker teleports out of the line of fire and reappears behind him. Clasping his arms around Golza's waist he pulls back lifting the gargantuan high and bringing him back down into a backwards falling suplex! Not giving him a chance to get back up Taker lunges onto Golza and starts slugging away! But a now angry Golza practically throws him off and rises back up blasting away once more! A short-range blast sends Taker skidding across the ground putting him down for the moment. Meanwhile a couple of the defenders that Golza had beat down regain consciousness, they are weakened but as long as there is life in their bodies they will continue to fight!

Gridman and King Seezar charge at Golza , Seezar leaps onto Golza's back biting and clawing. While Golza tries to get Seezar off his back Gridman kneels down in front of Golza unloading energy blasts from his wrists at point-blank range. Realizing though that the attack is not having any success Gridman backs up and fires his forearm proton beam, but still nothing! By now Golza has managed to pull King Seezar off his back and he hurls him at Gridman who luckily manages to catch the lion god and put him down on his feet. Nearby the Undertaker rises as he sits up in his characteristic fashion and teleports right behind Golza trying to grab him in a full nelson . Gridman and Seezar move in trying to attack while the monster is briefly restrained. But an aggravated Golza releases an energy wave from his body sending the heroes flying in all directions! The Undertaker quickly rebounds with a flying clothesline that moves Golza slightly! Back flipping away from the monster Taker releases an energy sphere, but once more Golza's resistant hide seems to shrug it off yet again. Golza retaliates with his oral blast but Taker opens a small portal in front of himself which takes in the ray. Taker then reopens the same portal right in front of Golza causing the beam the creature just fired to explode right in his face!

But not paying it any mind Golza just starts blasting again, but this time it is King Seezar who faces Golza as he uses his ability to absorb laser energy into his body to catch and channel the beam. Seezar then fires it back out of his own eyes right into Golza neck! Golza however is almost amused by the attack as Gridman meanwhile attempts a flying karate kick. But Golza catches him in midair and violently slams him down on the back of his head! A disoriented Gridman groggily rises and tries to swing a backwards roundhouse kick, but Golza catches his ankle with his left hand and then gives it a swift sudden twist breaking Gridman's ankle, he then throws him aside as if he were a rag doll. King Seezar rushes in to try and protect the now prone Gridman but Golza thrusts his right hand around Seezar's throat. As he begins to squeeze Seezar starts spiting up blood! The Undertaker barrels in punching and kicking trying to get Golza to release Seezar! A right fist charged with energy which Taker plants right between Gorsa's eyes finally relinquishes the death grip being held on King Seezar! Golza reacts by giving Taker a horrendous backhand staggering him back, meanwhile King Seezar falls still coughing up blood, he was out of the fight for now as was Gridman!

"Alright Golza now it's just you and me."

Golza just snarls in response. The Undertaker opens a portal in front of himself which he dives into, when he reappears he is right in front of Golza and quickly delivers a front spinning tornado kick to the left side of Golza's face! The force of the kick snaps Golza's head to the left just slightly, but as Taker lands from delivering the maneuver Golza is already swinging a powerful roundhouse right that goes straight into Taker's gut! Still doubled over from the punch Taker isn't able to react quickly enough to avoid Golza's tail which swings into the back of his legs putting him down flat on his back. Golza bends down to blast Taker point blank but all Golza gets is a nasty uppercut as Taker leaps up off the ground. The Undertaker slams his fist down on the ground creating his signature energy wave in an attempt to push the creature back. It does push Golza back a couple of steps but he just absorbs the energy and sneers at Taker.

The Undertaker knows he has to end this now so he begins to concentrate very hard. Golza waits patiently curious of what Taker has in store for him. It grows very quiet, Taker and Golza stare at each other for a few moments, their gazes burning holes into one another. Golza breaks the silence with an earthshaking roar, it is in that split second Taker's arms fly outward. A huge portal suddenly snaps open right under Golza's feet which he starts to fall into! But Golza realizing what's happening quickly emits an explosive wave of energy that clears the landscape for a mile! A large part of the countryside is laid waste by the blast, it also sends Taker reeling as well as dissipating the portal he had attempted to open! Disoriented the Undertaker tries to regain a vertical base, Golza walks up behind him and wraps a massive arm around Taker's neck in a viselike grip almost impossible to break. Taker reaches up trying to pull Golza's arm off of him but he is just too strong! He then begins to repeatedly punch the Undertaker in the face with his other hand, after about 30 or so punches the Undertaker is thoroughly stupefied and practically unconscious! That having been done Golza begins to swing Taker round and round building up momentum until he releases the deadman with a mighty throw! Taker goes for a couple of miles completely oblivious to the mountain he is about the crash into face first!


After the horrible impact a badly beaten Undertaker rolls and tumbles the rest of the way down the mountain until he comes to rest at the bottom completely unmoving. Golza meanwhile satisfied with his victory and wishing to continue his search for Kane burrows down into the earth once more and disappears from view. The Undertaker lies there unconscious for a good half hour before being awakened by the call of the Cosmos.

"Undertaker, Undertaker are you alright!"

"Ye-yea I-I think so." He groans trying to sit up groggily.

He looks off in the distance where the fight had taken place and sees that Golza is gone.

"Damn it! Not again!" Taker scowls in frustration realizing that Golza has escaped him again.

"Your brother has just opened another portal we could not dissuade him from going! You must return quickly!"

"Alright, I'll be right there!" Taker replies.

The Undertaker takes a moment before leaving to say a silent prayer for the dead who had fallen against Golza and then departs through a portal to Infant island.

"Where did Kane teleport to?"

"He ended up on the moon."

"The moon?! Alright I'm going after him."

"Will you be okay?" The Cosmos ask sensing the Undertaker had just taken a dreadful beating.

"Yes, but I'll feel a lot better when I'm finally able to stop Gorsa." He says disappearing.

Kane meanwhile has indeed put himself on the moon. If he had the ability to speak one could have heard a firestorm of curses and swearing from the big red machine. Someone though is watching closely monitoring Kane's actions, but this being isn't the only one however...

"Commander, commander! Come look at this!" A nebulan alien speaks.

From their homebase in Nebula space hunter M their scanners spot Kane on the moon! Having an opportunity to single out one of Earth's defenders was something they could not pass up. And with that the nebulan aliens bring Gigan out of hibernetic stasis prepping him for teleportation. Knowing of Kane's power the nebulan aliens also contact the Simeons, the Kilaaks, and the Seatopians who send Titanosaurus, Yog, and Megalon in short order! In the meantime however the entity who had first spotted Kane watches from afar as more events unfold. Rita and Lord Zedd infuriated with Kane's sudden appearance send both Goldar and King Sphinx from their moon based castle.

"Getting into more trouble little brother?" Taker says materializing near Kane. But just then Goldar and King Sphinx appear!

All the combatants enlarge their size for the battle that is about to begin.

"Lord Zedd doesn't like intruders!" Goldar hisses.

"If Zedd is smart, which is probably too much to ask he would leave us alone as should you." Taker replies.

And with that remark the fight is off and running! Sphinx charges at Kane swinging his staff as Goldar lunges at the Undertaker with sword in hand. Taker sidesteps and blocks a variety of sword swings and kicks and connects with a couple of body shots and then a fist to Goldar's face who falls flat on his back. Rising from the ground Goldar tries a mixture of fire waves from his sword and eye beams as well but Taker absorbs it into a portal and reopens it right in Goldar's face! Sphinx meanwhile is throwing volleys of lightning from his staff staggering Kane back. Kane however retaliates with a fist pounding energy wave that sweeps across the ground and hits Sphinx like an 18 Wheeler. Before he can recover Kane floors him with a devastating clothesline. In desperation King Sphinx unleashes a beam from his forehead pushing Kane off him. Sphinx gets vertical and tries a blind staff swing but Kane catches it and swings Sphinx through the air instead! He then hurls Sphinx into a nearby moon crater which he then follows him into. Goldar on the other hand manages to plant a successful dropkick into Taker's chest putting him down on his rump. He then lands in front of Taker and swings his sword straight down, but Taker slaps both of his hands together catching the blade and holding it! The Undertaker gives a slight grin as he suddenly disappears and then reappears behind Goldar giving him a nasty suplex!


These are the sounds of a severe beating, one being given to King Sphinx by Kane. Sphinx tries to fly away but Kane grabs hold of his foot and slams him back down! Then with a hand around Sphinx's throat Kane mounts him and proceeds to pummel the hell out of him. Goldar wasn't doing much better now either, two chokeslams and a tombstone piledriver had left Goldar in what could've passed for a drunken stupor! Both these fights could've reached rather brutal endings if not for the interruptions of the other monsters finally arriving. Gigan, Megalon, Titanosaurus, and Yog all materialize nearby, they all hiss and snarl in anticipation of the fight to come.

"Bring it on." Taker dares.

Gigan and Megalon rush towards the Undertaker as Titanosaurus challenges Kane. Yog in the meantime starts knocking around the disoriented bodies of Goldar and King Sphinx. Megalon charges at Taker blasting away with his crest beam and explosive mouth pods. But Taker absorbs the brunt of the assault and delivers a big boot to Megalon's face putting him down. Gigan then attacks from behind slashing some deep gashes in Taker's back with his sickle like appendages. The wounds reseal themselves quickly however so Taker spins around nailing Gigan with a backhand punch. He then thrusts a crushing hand around Gigan's throat who reacts quickly by activating his chest saw. It slices through part of Taker's chest and abdomen and some tendons in his right leg! Falling to one knee Taker tries to fend off a furious pounding.

As for Kane and Titanosaurus...

A claw swipe from Titanosaurus, a throat punch from Kane, a headbutt from Titanosaurus, an uppercut from Kane! A roundhouse right, the knee to the gut, a slam here, a slam there! Kane and Titanosaurus were practically playing a punishing game of can you top this! Kane leaps over a tail sweep from Titanosaurus and tries a tornado kick, Titanosaurus catches his foot but Kane quickly improvises and brings the other foot he still standing on up off the ground into an insaguri kick! It slams into the left side of Titanosaurus' face bringing him down! Kane follows it up with a massive leg drop and then backs off waiting to see if his foe will attempt to rise. Kane doesn't have to wait long for a fight though because ramming into him from behind is Yog who had gotten tired of stomping mudholes in Goldar and King Sphinx. As Kane turns to face him he becomes entangled in the monster's many tentacles.


Megalon receives a horrifying DDT from Taker as Gigan dives out of the sky at him. Taker slams a fist down into the ground creating his energy shockwave which brings Gigan crashing down. The DDT that Megalon had received moments before meanwhile left his horn crest embedded in the moon's soil. If not for his ability to burrow he might have been stuck there. And so after plunging underground Megalon explodes forth right under Taker's feet tripping him up . Taker ducks a swing from Megalon and then gives him a choke slam, Gigan nearby recovering from Taker's energy wave lunges only to be caught in midair and then powerslammed on top of Megalon! One of the Simeon aliens expresses his concern over the events unfolding...

"Uh, sir this looks kinda bad, we should've known that wherever Kane went the Undertaker would not be far behind. Should we signal a strategic withdrawal commander?"

"What!? Don't be ridiculous the monsters still have them...out...num..."

The Simeon commander's sentence trails off as he looks at the viewscreen and sees that Gigan and Megalon have both been put down for the count by two of Taker's energy spheres and Titanosaurus and Yog have been incapacitated by Inferno blasts from Kane! By the time the commander had finished his sentence the battle was already over! From their home world monitors all the different aliens look on in shock as they realize they're just failed and failed miserably! Only King Sphinx and Goldar remain now, and they barely have the strength to stand, so Taker flashes them a wicked grin. Sphinx and Goldar take one look at each other and then take off flying back to Zedd's castle as fast as their wings can carry them! But just then the mysterious third party finally makes his presence known as a massive ship suddenly decloaks over the moon. But it wasn't just any ship it was the carrier ship Xacsor and inside none other than Borgos himself! Kane almost snarls, he remembers well the hell that Borgos put him through. The alien races were still busy going nuts in their command centers over the defeat they had just suffered when they suddenly notice Borgos' ship on their viewscreens as well. Inside Borgos waits patiently and then presses a single button. All the unconscious monsters begin to vanish one by one, Borgos was teleporting them to his ship!

"What?! What?! No! He's taking the monsters he stealing all the damn monsters!" The nebulan leader screams!

Borgos transmits his image to the monitors of all the alien home worlds.

"Borgos you fiend return our monsters to us at once!" Bellows the Seatopian leader.

"Yes! Return them or-"

"Or what, with your monsters in my possession you are of no threat to me." Borgos gloats cutting off the Kilaak queen in midsentence.

"You can't get away with this!" The Simeon commander roars.

"I already have you fool when next you see your monsters they will be drastically improved." Borgos explains.

Just then a transmission from Lord Zedd cuts in.

"Get away from my fortress Borgos!"

"Or what you'll zap me with that ridiculous staff of yours or send a talking microphone or maybe a mutated lip gloss after me! HAH! You Lord Zedd like your monsters are a joke I'm not even going to waste my time on you!" Borgos rumbles.

He then turns his attention back to the other aliens.

"Consider your monsters a worthwhile contribution to my cause, have a nice day."

And with these final words Borgos' transmission ends. He next focuses on the Undertaker and Kane as a holographic image of himself appears in front of them.

"Ah, Undertaker good to see you again." He growls.

"The feeling isn't mutual." Taker spits.

"And Kane? How it is my favorite guinea pig by the way hmmm..."

Kane's eyes burn a bright red in response.

"Ah well as much as I love to make both your lives a miserable hell I must be off. I have important business elsewhere but we will settle our score another time...count on it."

With that said the hologram disappears and Borgos' ship starts to turn away going back into cloak once more.

"Someday little brother. Someday we will have justice and vengeance for Borgos' unspeakable acts." Taker solemnly swears as he places a hand on Kane's shoulder who is still fuming with rage!


Suddenly there is a massive explosion that erupts directly behind the brothers of destruction as they both spin around to see what or who is attacking them now.

Rising up out of the moon's soil is Hedorah the smog monster! Only this one is easily three times the size of the one that appeared on Earth back in 1969 as it stands nearly a thousand feet tall! Meanwhile from a secret underground base on Planet X a xian commander is wearing a very smug and evil grin as he watches on a monitor. He had decided to wait until the duo had been worn down to make his monster's presence felt. Somehow the xians had managed to procure a Hedorah spawn from Earth and cultivate it to its current freakish size! Not intimidated though Kane heaves back and releases an angled energy sphere that shoots up into Hedorah's chest and explodes out the back of his head! But as impressive as the attack looked Hedorah doesn't even flinch as the gaping hole fills with ooze and sludge and seemingly reseals itself. Kane tilts his head sideways in a confused manner.

"That isn't going to work little brother, not on this kaiju. This is Hedorah, a monster made of waste and pollution. It can't really be hurt or damaged in a physical sense, and it's only weakness is electricity which we do not have at our disposal right now. It looks like were screwed."

Back on Planet X the xian commander's smile broadens all the more at the Undertaker's confession.

"Or I could just do this." Taker says very nonchalantly as he waves his hand opening a huge portal directly beneath Hedorah which it falls into.

It reopens in deep space...next to a black hole! As Hedorah comes tumbling out he quickly transforms to flying mode but he cannot fight the black hole's gravitational pull as he is slowly but surely pulled in. Back on Planet X the look of arrogance the xian commander had been wearing is replaced by utter mortification as he stares in disbelief at the viewscreen.

"Well, that was entertaining. You ready to go little brother?" Taker asks as he and Kane shrink back down to their human sizes.

But just then Lord Zedd and Rita appear along with Goldar and King Sphinx.

"Haven't you had enough yet?" Taker grumbles.

"Never Undertaker we will settle this now!" He demands.

"I don't think so Zedd me and Kane have better things to do with our time."

"Silence!" Zedd bellows firing a blast from his staff!

It strikes Taker in the chest but barely staggers him. Taker looks down at his chest and then back up at Zedd. Rita, Goldar, and Sphinx huddle behind Lord Zedd as Taker's eyes begin to glow a bright white.

"Was that the best you can do, maybe you should get into a new line of work, like stealing candy from quadriplegic babies or may be a rodeo clown, you're certainly dressed for it." Taker says.

"I will destro-"


Zedd doesn't get to finish his sentence as Taker slams a fist into the ground creating an energy shockwave that puts Lord Zedd and his cronies on their butts, all is silent after that.

"Hear me Lord Zedd and listen well, if you or any one of your pathetic monsters ever threatens Earth ever again you will pay the price."

With that said Taker starts to turn away when...

"Oh. By the way just how many times now has your pitiful little castle been reduced to rubble?"

"Four thanks to those damn power rangers! Uh...why?" Zedd gulps nervously.

Without uttering another word Taker spins around capping his 300 foot size maximum and unleashes an energy sphere towards Zedd's palace!


The castle is blown to pieces.

"Now it's five. Taker says turning away as he shrinks back down.

"Nooooooooooooo! Not again!" Zedd cries out.

Behind Taker stands Kane, though he cannot speak or hardly make even the slightest of sounds the obvious convulsions of someone laughing profusely are more than evident in him. Deciding that they have done enough the powerful twosome teleport back to Earth leaving behind a distraught and demoralized Lord Zedd on the moon's surface.

"I don't suppose you'll tell me just where you are trying to get to this time will you?" Taker asks Kane as they come back down to Earth.

Kane doesn't even look at Taker.

"Does it has something to do with this secret you're hiding?"

Kane shoots a shocked glance at Taker.

"Yes little brother the Cosmos know there's something you're not telling us but what it is we have no idea."

Kane just shakes his head.

"Don't even bother trying to deny it, why don't you just tell us and get it over with. Besides it obviously involves opening a gateway, something you know you cannot navigate successfully without my help."

Kane just turns away once more.

"Damn it Kane tell me! Whatever the hell it is I want to help! What is it that bothers you so terribly that you cannot share it with anyone else!"

Kane stands motionless for a few moments and then turns, he looks like he wants to try to explain but he spins back around and storms off.

"That's it, he's left me no alternative." Taker whispers to the Cosmos.

"Then you will probe his subconscious?" The Cosmos state.

"Yes, after he has fallen asleep, but in the meantime I'm returning to Ogasawara. Commander Katsuo hopefully will have more information on Golza and his whereabouts."

The Undertaker then teleports, what he finds out when he gets there is not pleasant to say the least.

"So he resurfaced again while me and Kane were on the moon."

"Yes Undertaker he was intercepted by a slew of Kamen Riders. There were over 10, Shin, J, Black, ZO, RX., etc. Just about every damn one of them."

"I didn't know the kamens had the ability to change their size aside from the original."

"Oh the others can do it too if they pool their energies together...for all the good it did them."

"I don't suppose I should even ask what happened." Taker mummers.

Without saying another word the commander flips on a monitor showing footage of where the battle took place shortly after it was over. All one can see are twisted and mangled bodies. The Undertaker hangs his head in a solemn prayer, that was something the Undertaker was having to do far too much lately, Golza had to be stopped!

"Thank you commander I appreciate the information." Taker says with a heavy sigh.

The commander just nods as Taker teleports out. He arrives at the battlefield in question which was quiet now and nary a soul in sight for miles. But as Taker looks around he spots another tunnel, obviously Golza had burrowed underground again after finishing the fight. Quickly concentrating Taker sends his psionic presence through the tunnel, perhaps he could finally track down Golza once and for all! After covering what seemed like this span of the entire country the tunnel finally opens into...the open sea?!

"Blast!" Taker groans.

So much for tracking him down, if Golza had headed out into the Pacific he could be anywhere by now. The next few hours were spent skimming the coastline, probing the ocean depths miles off the coast, and seeking out every island within the tunnel's trajectory including Infant island which he checked first. But still nothing.

Infant island...

It is dusk now, Kane sleeps peacefully on a bed of wildflowers and as he sleeps he dreams. He dreams of someone he knew a long time ago, his beloved Mya. For those reading who don't know the story that happened long ago, this is what happened. Before their dormant supernatural powers became apparent both the Undertaker and Kane or more precisely Mark and Glenn, lived a normal life with a family of their own. When the boys were very young a terrible house fire claimed the lives of their parents and horribly burned and disfigured Kane. The Undertaker was not there at the time of the fire he was off playing by himself on the outskirts of the 20 acre farm that his father owned, the only thing that tipped him off was the smoke rising over hills in the distance. The fire was so intense that anyone who had been unfortunate enough to have been caught inside was completely burned to ash. Thus the Undertaker had seemingly lost his entire family in an instant. But unbeknownst to all Kane had survived, how you might ask? He was saved by Borgos that's how! Now I know what you're thinking, saved by Borgos that's just crazy.

Well here's the deal. On one of his first trips to the planet Earth Borgos had homed in on the unusually high power levels of two humanoids on a small country farm in Texas, the Undertaker and Kane. Though the boys were very young and their powers had not yet manifested Borgos' computers on board his ship were still able to detect something major. Knowing that like others before them they might grow into powerful defenders of the Earth Borgos decided to take action. He had been trying to decide whether to simply kill them all outright or try to be more subtle, he had not made his decision yet but then the fire seemingly made it for him. Coming up with a sick and twisted plot that only a mind as morbid as his could conceive, Borgos rescued Kane from the fire and took him back to his ship. He then nursed the boy back to health and fabricated video footage showing the Undertaker starting the fire in the first place! Once Borgos had managed to convince Kane with his lies, he spent years training Kane helping him to build his strength and awaken his hidden power. When the time was right Borgos unleashed Kane on his unsuspecting sibling, the Undertaker had only recently come to Japan at this time as he had decided to become a kaiju hunter. He too had discovered his powers and was by no means defenseless or helpless. The Undertaker was overjoyed to suddenly learn that his brother was not dead after all that is until he realized why he had come back.

Kane engaged the Undertaker in a brutal battle, the Undertaker's downfall was assured though for he simply could not bring himself to harm his brother. But Kane did not hold back and eventually defeated the Undertaker with an energy blast that sent him hurtling far out to sea. Believing that the Undertaker was dead, Borgos in his classically cruel fashion then revealed the real truth to Kane. That the fire had merely been an accident and that the Undertaker had never caused it at all! Realizing he had been lied to and used as well as the horrible epiphany of what he had just done to his brother, Kane tried to attack Borgos! But Borgos used his time machine to send Kane whirling uncontrollably back to the age and time of feudal Japan! Incapacitated by the journey his unconscious body was found by a band of samurai warriors traveling through the forest who took him back to their village to be looked after. It was then that he came into the care of a beautiful geisha named Mya. When Kane first awoke her face was the first thing he saw. Over time Kane slowly began to recover from the side effects of the time travel and Mya was there for him every step of the way. Others in the village were afraid of Kane they were not sure it was a good idea to even bring him back to the village but not Mya. Somehow she could see that there was good in him and he was simply a lost and tortured soul. Though after Borgos' treachery Kane believed he would never be able to put his faith or trust in anything or anyone ever again but Mya's warmth, kindness, and compassion soothed him in ways he never knew in life. She had even removed his mask once and instead of fright or repulsion Kane found in her acceptance and love. Eventually Kane could not help but fall in love with her.

It was then that the creature that would grow to become Kane's arch nemesis appeared... Golza! However at this time he was not nearly as powerful as he is now, but that did not stop the evil kaiju from laying waste to the entire village! Kane by now had fully recovered and rushed out preparing to enlarge his size to face the monster. Mya though was terrified, she did not want Kane to go, he had to practically pry her off of himself as she begged, and cried, and pleaded. Shortly after Kane stepped out a random blast of Golza's beam struck down several pagodas including the one Mya was in! A hysterical Kane ran back to the wreckage and began frantically tossing debris aside desperately trying to dig Mya out! Eventually he found her body, she pulled his face to hers and they shared a passionate kiss. She then died in Kane's arms who began to cry and sob uncontrollably. Her lifeless arms slipped off from around him, he kept pulling them back up onto him not wanting her to let go, not wanting to believe that she was really dead! He looked back in disbelief at the demon who had taken her life. The overpowering rage that had driven Kane's actions for so many years began to resurface once more! And as an explosive firestorm ignited beneath his feet Kane began to grow! Thus Kane and Golza had their first confrontation. In the end Golza was seemingly killed with a hole blown clean through him by an energy sphere from Kane. After the battle was finished Kane reduced his size back to normal. He walked over to Mya's body, gently picked her up and carried her to the top of a mountain peak overlooking what remained of the village. It was there that he buried her and practically erected a shrine to her with massive stones, and heavy slabs of rock. And so with tears still in his eyes and a heart heavy with sorrow Kane turned, and walked away.

He wandered through the countryside for two more days before the Undertaker suddenly appeared practically out of nowhere to take him back. Upon his arrival the Undertaker explained that at the conclusion of their battle when he had been blown out to sea he washed ashore on Infant Island where he was found and healed by the Cosmos, he had then asked them to help him find his brother. The Cosmos using their extreme powers of perception told him that his brother had been sent back in time and used their power to open a gateway to the past for him. It was from that point forward that the Undertaker would become a close friend and confidant of the Cosmos. Kane did not know what to say, he agreed to return to the present with his brother but could not bear to face him after all that he had done. Although the Undertaker tried to explain to him that it was not his fault and he was only doing what he thought was right, he could not convince Kane to stay. Kane needed some time to himself to think about his life and everything he had done, though the Undertaker was not happy about it the Cosmos consented to his wish to place him back on the mainland.

It was during his journeys on the mainland that he would encounter Golza a second time. When Kane battled Golza centuries ago the battle ended when a seemingly dead Golza was blasted off of a cliff into the ocean. Chance intervened on his behalf when his lifeless body came into contact with a subterranean lava flow on the ocean floor. It was then that he learned for the first time that his body drew strength and power from intense heat. His body was consumed by the lava and practically sucked down into the lava tube, once there he slipped into deep hibernation one that would last all the way to the present day. All that time was spent slowly regenerating his body and increasing his power, it might have remained indefinite if he had not suddenly sensed that Kane was nearby. Exploding up through the volcano known as Mt. Aso Golza reappeared in the surface world for the first time in hundreds of years! When he appeared though he was greeted by someone else other than Kane, a female warrior that was part of the ultra brethren of Nebula M78 challenged Golza. But the unfortunate ultra being soon realized that she was not facing just any normal kaiju, as Golza proceeded to practically maul her. It was her cries of pain and anguish that drew Kane's attention, when he arrived on the scene and saw that the murderous monster that had killed his beloved was alive and well he snapped!

So they began their second battle but Kane learned very quickly that Golza had grown far more powerful since their last encounter, the battle was fierce and it was all Kane could do just to defend himself. But with some help from the ultrawoman as well as the Undertaker who appeared on the scene when he sensed that his brother was in trouble, Golza was hurled into a teleport gate that dumped him into the sun! All present believed that would kill him for sure but it did not, Golza did indeed plunge into the sun but when he did he simply went into another stage of hibernation as he began to draw even more strength! After this incident the Undertaker finally managed to convince Kane to return with him to Infant Island, where the long road to both mental and physical recovery began. That would be the last time that Kane and Golza would face one another but not the last time that this Golza would appear on Earth. He returned again when lured to Death Valley, Nevada by the space virus Gudis who would amalgam the bodies of Golza, King Ghidorah, and Kodara together into one hideous monster! It would be the Undertaker who would defeat this menace by the skin of his teeth, and when he did the combined monsters were split apart once more or should I say blown apart! King Ghidorah and Kodara's unconscious bodies were found miles away but not Golza, he had escaped! Now he had returned, and with only one thing on his mind...revenge!

After many hours of searching the Undertaker finally returns to Infant Island. He had found no trace of Golza anywhere, he just couldn't understand it. He couldn't have just vanished where was he Taker pondered. But another problem that pokes at Taker is his brother Kane's two attempted teleportations. Taker is reminded of this when he comes across his brother sleeping, finally he now has a chance to get inside Kane's mind and find out what this secret Kane has been hiding is all about. Taker quietly places his right hand on Kane's forehead meditating. Slowly but surely a psychic link is made, Taker dives deep into the part of Kane's mind that holds his memories and his past. In an instant he knows everything, everything about Golza, about Mya, and the wheres', whens', hows', and whys'. Taker is overwhelmed by emotion once he realizes what Kane has truly been through. Quietly, calmly Taker breaks the psychic link and then slowly stands up. Taker now knows why Kane opened the teleport gates, he was trying to get back to the time and place that he met Mya so that he could prevent her death. This one woman had given Kane more joy and happiness than anyone else in his life, it became obvious to the Undertaker what he had to do.

"Undertaker, we can sense your thoughts..." The Cosmos began to say.

"Tampering with or disturbing the space time continuum is not wise." They finish.

"I know but hasn't my brother earned this, after all the hell and misery he's been through I think it's about time he found some happiness!"

"Things happen for a reason Undertaker, the death of Mya spurred Kane's will to protect and defend the innocent, it helped to make him who he is today."

"And that is the way it shall stay. I don't intend to change the course of events... I plan to bring her back."

There are a few moments of silence until...

"You know there are no guarantees Undertaker, your ability to resuscitate the dead haven't always worked."

"Yes, I know. But if I go back to the moments right after her death before her brain activity and internal functions have fully ceased-"

"When the creator chooses the time of passing there is nothing anyone can do, when it's your time to go you have no choice."

"Yes that is true, but if God wills that Kane and Mya should be together then it will work. Please Cosmos you have to let me try, do you want Kane to be a tortured lonely soul his entire life. If one cannot love, or be loved, or given the chance to do either what is the purpose of living at all. Is that not the nature and the will of God."

There are a few moments of silence.

"You speak with much wisdom and from your heart, how can we say no." They say as they open a time gate for the Undertaker to step through.

"Once you arrive you must act quickly, this is as close as we can get you to the aftermath of those events without you inadvertently running into Kane in this timeline."

"I understand Cosmos...and thank you." The Undertaker says before stepping through.

"Visualize the place you need to be from Kane's memories, we will do the rest. Take care Undertaker." The Cosmos proclaim.

With a blinding flash Taker is suddenly standing in the midst of what used to be a village. As he looks about the few structures that were spared, Taker realizes he has to be in the right place. He looks over and sees his brother's handiwork, a mass burial for those who didn't survive Golza's rampage. He looks up and also recognizes the mountain peak where Kane had buried Mya, he teleports up there immediately. Once there he starts digging away at the burial site as fast as he can!

Meanwhile back in our time.

The Undertaker has only been gone for a few minutes when something enormous erupts forth from underground right in front of Mothra's temple! The Cosmos look on in horror as Golza rises from the depths of the earth! The evil beast almost smiles, the trail of Kane's ora ends here. He knows his search is at its end. When Golza burrowed underground back in Japan and then out to sea he made doubly sure he would be halted no more by heroes or kaiju of any kind. He decided to burrow down through the ocean floor into the earth's crust. The trek took hours to complete but he has finally reached his destination. Mothra meanwhile in defense of her temple as well as the island dives in blasting away with her antennae lasers! They seem however to be ineffective, in fact Golza is outright ignoring Mothra entirely as he looks about the landscape for any sign of Kane. Not wasting any more time Mothra quickly employs her most effective weapon. Hovering high above Golza she begins emitting her poisonous powder from her wings. It once managed to temporarily paralyze the muscles in Godzilla's body, she figures it has to stop Golza! At first though it seems useless as well as Golza continues striding along paying the bizarre powder no mind as it covers his body. But then he suddenly begins to slow down, as if he is having difficulty walking. The Cosmos watch in hope and astonishment, was it actually going to stop him? The answer sadly is no as Golza quickly realizing what is happening to him emits an incredible energy pulse from his body! It's blistering waves knock Mothra clean out of the sky as she careens into a nearby hillside! She doesn't move from that point on. The Cosmos cringe fearfully as Golza walks over and prepares to hit the prone Mothra with a point blank blast of its oral beam.

"NOOOO!" The Cosmos scream when...


The Cosmos had looked away at the last-second, but when they look back they see that Mothra is in fact alive and intact! The blast had come not from Golza but from something or should I say someone behind him. The Cosmos look toward the horizon as does Gorsa, standing there is Golza's arch nemesis... Kane, has awakened!

Back in feudal Japan...

The Undertaker had quickly exhumed Mya's body which he found wrapped in several robes. Taker now has his left hand on her forehead concentrating intensely, this just had to work!

"Come on, come on, come on damn it!" Taker mummers to himself as he pushes his healing abilities with every bit of his heart and soul.

Moments pass by with no evident change.

"Please God, please. Hear my prayer so that Mya may breathe once more... it cannot end like this."

For a few more moments all is still quiet. The Undertaker hangs his head, the silence has seemingly given him the answer he seeks. But then...


Little Mya's heart starts pounding away furiously, her eyes then slowly flutter open!

"Yes!" Taker whoops almost ecstatically.

Mya finally comes around, but when she sees the Undertaker leaning over her she leaps up pulling her loose kimono tight around her with a look of both shock and fear upon her face as she begins to back away.

"Wo, wo, wo it's OK, it's all right. I mean you no harm." He says in as disarming and unthreatening a voice as possible.

"Wh-who are you, wh-where am I, what happ-... wait, I... I was dead." She says with a grim realization.

"My name is the Undertaker, and you weren't dead yet. Not completely."

"What are you? What you want with me?" She says fearfully.

"There is no need to fear me, I am a friend. You can trust me, and I also know someone very close to you." He tells her as he conjures up a transparent psionic image of Kane's face.

Which she sees the image her face lights up and it all suddenly comes rushing back to her.

"Where is he, is he all right?!" She stammers excitedly and worriedly.

"It's all right, just calm down. Don't worry, Kane is fine." Taker reassures her.


"Yes, that is his name. And he is also my little brother...well, figuratively anyway. After he thought you died he rose up and defeated the monster that destroyed your village."

Mya smiles as she thinks of Kane and the brief time that they spent together. Taker meanwhile can read her thoughts.

"Mya? Are you in love with Kane?"

"... yes." She says with a breathless sigh.

"Would you like to be with him?" He asks.

"Yes, I would."

Then with a smile on his face Taker opens a dimensional gate and extends his hand out to Mya.

"Then come with me."

"Are you some kind of sorcerer?"

"Not exactly. It's…complicated."

"I see." She says as she finally extends her own hand.

Back in the present...

The second Kane and Golza laid eyes on one another they tore into each other like a pair of rabid pit bulls! The two exchange an array of punches and kicks so devastating and quick that you definitely wouldn't want to blink! A clothesline, and elbow, a high knee, a headbutt, an uppercut, a foot to the face, the brutalization keeps on coming hard and heavy! The two of them move at a breakneck pace not letting up for an instant! Kane is proving to be the only warrior who has successfully lasted in a one-on-one exchange with Golza for any amount of time! But the close quarters combat is cut short when a beam blast from Golza sends Kane tumbling. As he falls though Kane hurls an energy sphere which strikes Golza directly in the eyes blinding him for a split-second. That split-second though is all Kane needs as he leaps up and charges Golza spearing him down. Kane begins pummeling away but an angry Golza uppercuts his assailant off of him! As the demon moves in though Kane takes advantage of the horizontal state Golza has placed him in and swings a backwards ground sweeping kick into Golza's legs causing him to stumble. As Golza struggles to regain control of his equilibrium Kane lunges onto his back. He begins slamming repeated elbows into the back of Golza's head almost making him lose his balance for sure. But Golza just falls straight backwards plowing Kane hard onto the ground not to mention squishing him!

A disoriented Kane still trying to catch his breath can't recover quickly enough to avoid Golza's death grip. He throws Kane into a nearby mountainside and then rushes in. Kane barely manages to sidestep a straight right from Golza whose fist becomes lodged in the rock face of the mountain. Kane quickly sends a big boot up into Golza's chin who turns blasting away while trying to free his right fist. Eventually he does and then goes right back after Kane who tries a thrust kick. Kane is banking on Golza catching his foot which he does so he is able to swing his other foot around into his signature insaguri kick! But Golza ducks it letting Kane fall practically on his face, he barely rolls out of the way of a massive stomp from the all-powerful kaiju. More punches and kicks are exchanged between them, Kane can definitely tell Golza has grown far more powerful since the last time they met! Golza catches one particular swing from Kane however and begins to crush his right fist in his hand. Kane swings his other fist but it's caught by Golza as well! As the monster begins to squeeze Kane is eventually forced down onto his knees. It is at about this time that the Undertaker reappears with Mya.

"Oh my God!" Taker blurts out as he sees what is going on!

Mya screams as she recognizes the monster who laid waste to her village and nearly killed her centuries ago! But then she also sees Kane and her fear is briefly replaced by awe. As Kane struggles against the behemoth's brute strength a wave of terror sweeps back over Mya as she watches the man she loves being attacked by this murderous beast!

"Mya listen to me! I want you to stay right here do you understand! Don't move from this spot do you hear me?!" Taker instructs her sternly.

"You must help him! If he dies, I will have no reason to live!" Mya cries!

"He's not going to die, not if I can help it!" The Undertaker bellows as he disappears.

"GOLZA!" The Undertaker roars as he suddenly reappears out of nowhere in midair at his maximum size! Golza spins around just in time to catch a flying martial arts kick to the throat! He staggers backward tripping over Kane as he falls onto the ground. Kane, finally free of Golza's grip regroups himself and stands next to his brother. The brothers of destruction then give the mammoth creature a simultaneous leg drop across his neck. The Undertaker and Kane regain a vertical stance very quickly as does Golza.

"Are you all right little brother?" Taker asks.

Kane nods in response. Golza stares at his adversaries for a few moments and then pounds his chest with his right hand as if gesturing to them to bring the fight to him. No sooner has he asked when Taker and Kane barrel into Golza slugging away! The gargantuan just stands there though absorbing the tireless assault, Taker and Kane quickly realize a different course of action will be needed. They both backflip away from Golza firing multiple energy spheres at once! When that doesn't work they try combining both of their energy shockwaves as they slam their fists into the ground at the same time. But even that does nothing so they opt for a high impact attack. They rush at Golza dodging beam blasts as they move until they're at arm's length. Kane then boots Golza right in the crotch doubling him over for a split-second. He then picks Golza up into a powerbomb position but it's Taker who finishes the maneuver by slamming his left leg into Golza's neck taking him off Kane's shoulders! Golza lands horribly in a position that should have broken him in half but even after this he just pops back up curious to see what fancy and colorful tactic that the duo will try next! He doesn't have to wait long as Kane swings a right leg into the back of Golza's knees while Taker connects with a flying elbow to the face at the same time. But once again Golza sits up not even fazed! A double flying clothesline puts him down again but once more it's not for long! A double DDT, a tandem suplex, and a couple of piledrivers later Golza is practically laughing at them!

"What in the hell do we have to do to keep this son of a bitch down?!" Taker scowls angrily in frustration.

But as Golza once again regains a vertical base the half smirk he was sporting only a moment ago has vanished. The time for playing around was over, now he would crush them! As Taker and Kane rush in Golza clasps a hand around each of their throats, he then gives them a double chokeslam bringing them down with tremendous force! He then proceeds to beat the disoriented brothers silly! Taker and Kane try to counterstrike as they duck and dodge, block and counterpunch, but going head-to-head with Golza in a physical confrontation is proving to be suicidal! Kane wraps a massive arm around Golza's head repeatedly punching him in the face with his other hand while Taker moves in with rib and kidney punches. A massive energy surge from Golza's body though sends them both flying. Kane careens into a mountainside the force of his collision causes a rockslide which he is buried in. Taker on the other hand goes crashing directly into Mothra's temple demolishing it completely! Golza walks over to the Undertaker who is still shaking off the effects of the energy pulse. Golza wraps a huge hand around Taker throat and begins to squeeze! Takers left-hand graphs hold of Golza's arm trying to private loose body swings his right hand around for a punch. But Golza catches takers fist in with one fluid motion-POP! He dislocates Taker's right arm! All Mya and the Cosmos can do is watch in horror as Golza slaughters Earth's last line of defense! At this time Kane finally manages to dig himself out of the mountainside as he rushes to his brother's aid! Golza decides to throw the Undertaker aside long enough to deal with Kane. Kane hurls himself at Golza with every ounce of strength he has left, his punches packing more force than they ever have before! A roundhouse left staggers Golza slightly but also angers him as a set of razor claws extend from his right hand!


With one swing Golza rips Kane's throat clean open! He falls to his knees grasping at the gaping wound as Golza puts him all the way down by planting a foot into his chest! The Undertaker meanwhile isn't out of the fight yet as he springs back up and charges at Golza. The monstrous kaiju fires a volley of energy beams which Taker absorbs into a portal with his left hand. He then reopens the portal and sends the same beams into Golza's back. The explosion causes the creature to stumble forward so Taker tries to connect with a thrust kick while Golza is off-balance. But Golza manages to catch the foot and slams elbow down onto the knee joint snapping it in two! The Undertaker falls no longer able to stand while Golza hits him with a beam blast while in his prone position. Mothra tries to intervene having regained her senses as she practically kamakazees towards Golza but instead she gets nailed by a full force blast of Golza's oral beam as she spirals out of control and crashes nearby!

"No!" Mya screams almost hysterically!

Golza continues pounding and blasting both the Undertaker and Kane relentlessly and mercilessly not giving their bodies a chance to heal themselves. At this rate they will not last long!

"Mya, hear us! Do not be afraid, we are the Cosmos. We are here to tell you that the key to defeating Golza lies within you!" They plead as they materialize in front of Mya.

"What do you mean?!"

"Your love is the key, it can give Kane the power to destroy Golza once and for all!" They proclaim!

"How?! What can I do?!" She sobs.

"Just concentrate on Kane in your mind and we will do the rest!" They tell her frantically!

And so she does as Golza in the meantime has focused his attack on the Undertaker as he kicks and slams him all over the place! As the Cosmos invoke their powers Mya finds herself on the astral plane. As she looks around this misty landscape she suddenly spots Kane lying in distance!

"Kane!" She cries running to the spot where he lay. The Cosmos form a psionic link between Kane and Mya! As she kneels down beside him she holds him in her arms sobbing. His eyes then slowly open as he realizes who is holding him. Upon the realization his own tears begin to flow as he gazes up at his one true love. Kane wonders if he is dead and that he is now being reunited with Mya at long last, he would have put his arms around her if he had the strength to lift them.

"Yes Kane, I have returned to you." She implores.

On the outside however Golza has finally decided to turn his attention to Kane! The Undertaker lies nearby badly beaten and barely conscious. But back on the astral plane...

Mya has taken off Kane's mask as she now looks longingly into his eyes.

"Kane, you cannot die! I LOVE YOU!" She screams pressing her lips to his in a passionate kiss!


Back in our reality a massive wave of psionic energy explodes from Kane's body! It knocks Golza flat on his back as Kane sits up his eyes blazing a bright white! Nearby Mya remains in a deep trance, everything Kane sees she sees. A stunned Golza gets back up looking at Kane in disbelief as the wound he had ripped open in Kane's throat reseals itself! Kane arises more powerful than ever before, he has finally found something in this world to truly draw strength from. One force, one power that despite all of Golza's terrible strength cannot be stopped! That power is love! With a defiant roar Golza charges at Kane but the second he's at arm's length Kane doubles him over with a gut punch! Kane then showers a flurry of uppercuts, backhands, and straight punches upon Gorsa knocking him left and right!

But Golza isn't nearly finished yet as he returns the favor with a horrendous storm of punches and kicks of his own! But Kane seems oblivious to the onslaught as after the last punch snaps his head slightly to the right he just turns back around and looks at Golza tilting his head sideways in his familiar bemused expression as if wondering if Golza is finished yet! Another point-blank beam blast is the next thing Golza employs but it too seems useless as Kane gets back up after the blast! Golza flies by Kane as he is rising back up and takes a massive chunk out of Kane's rib cage with his razor claws! Another swipe lays open his back while another takes out the tendons in the back of his legs putting him down! He looks down at the fallen in Kane as all the wounds that were just inflicted seal up almost instantly! Not deterred by this Golza moves in once more but Kane throws his right hand up around Golza's throat in a grip that not even the supermonster can break! Coming up off his knees Kane refuses to relinquish his hold on Golza as he picks him up high and chokeslams him back down! Kane backs up as Golza picks himself up off the ground. Kane meanwhile begins to charge up the most intense energy ball he's ever created! When Golza finally looks back up...


All is silent after that. A great deal of smoke obscures Kane's vision. Finally healed up enough to stand the Undertaker pushes himself up. Mya comes out of her trance and then looks around.

"It's alright Mya, you're back in the real world with us." The Cosmos say reassuring her.

As the smoke rolls aside Kane looks down at the lifeless body of Golza as he hangs his head thinking to himself...

"At last, it is finally over."

"Kane!" Mya yells getting the big red machine's attention.

Kane turns around to see Mya in the distance as he prepares to shrink himself down when-


Golza suddenly lunges up behind Kane as he grabs him by the back of his head and then slams him back down headfirst into the ground! Taker dives in with an uppercut kick but Golza bends backwards dodging it, as the monster throws a right fist. But the dead man opens a small portal in front of Golza's arm and then quickly reopens it directly behind him, Golza practically punches himself in the back of the head with his own fist! Taker then connects with a swinging elbow to the jaw, a headbutt, a roundhouse right, a knee to the abdomen, and a left spinning tornado kick as he unleashes a furious attack! But Golza blocks one of Taker's swings and retaliates with a heart punch and grizzly a claw swipe that sends Taker flying backwards. Kane has recovered though meanwhile and Golza turns around just in time to be speared head on as they both go down in a heap. They both quickly rise and began to rock each other with one punch after another back and forth the shockwaves of which reverberate throughout the island! Both combatants eventually stagger backwards away from one another from the mutual assault, the battle has reached a fever pitch. Now it would be decided, all or nothing. Golza's cold vengeance vs. Kane's newfound strength. The two lock eyes on one another in an intense stare down, this is the epiphany of a standoff as the two warriors size each other up for one final killing blow. They then charge towards one another each bringing their full power to bear as they both collide simultaneously resulting in an incredible shockwave of power with them at its epicenter!


Both Kane and Golza are perfectly still after this, Golza's right fist is planted firmly against Kane's jaw while Kane's right fist has ended up somewhere else. As the Undertaker gets back up, and as the Cosmos and Mya take a closer look they suddenly realize what has happened. Kane's fist has punched into and through Golza's sternum and is sticking out of his back! And in Kane's hand is Golza's still beating heart! The demon snarls at Kane as they make eye contact. Then uttering his first real words Kane finally speaks!

"Golza...rest...in... peace."

Kane then summons another incredible surge of power as a blast of energy channels through his arm and into his hand completely obliterating Golza's heart! Golza lets out a languished roar as a sudden explosive burst of energy emanates from him sending Kane flying backwards and tumbling across the ground! Golza's body begins to shake and shudder as stray bolts of energy began to shoot off his body in various directions!

"Undertaker, listen quickly! Golza's heart was his power source, it also regulated the incredible energies within his body, without it..." The Cosmos start to say.

"I get the message!" Taker exclaims!

Kane meanwhile has gotten back up and charges up another energy sphere as he looks over at his brother who simply nods. Kane then releases the energy blast hitting Golza hard and sending him flying backwards, a split-second later the Undertaker opens a teleport gate directly behind him which he plummets into! Somewhere in space, light years away the gateway reopens and Golza's body comes spiraling out of it. A few seconds later he explodes with a force equivalent to a nuclear bomb!


Kane falls flat on his back utterly exhausted but relieved at long last. The Undertaker falls to his knees as he takes a brief moment to rest before walking over to check on his brother. Both the Cosmos and Mya are ecstatic as Mya wipes the tears from her eyes.

"Go to him Mya." The Cosmos emplore.

And with that Mya makes a mad dash for Kane and Taker who shrink back down to their human sizes. Kane has just turned around when Mya jumps into his arms! She practically rips the mask off his face as she presses her lips to his, they hold on to one another for what seems like forever. The Undertaker looks on with a grin on his face from ear to ear.

"This is a joyous day. Today one of the greatest threats this world has ever known has been vanquished. We could not be more proud of you and Kane. Everything that lives on this Earth is indebted to the both of you." The Cosmos declare.

"Thank you Cosmos but it is more than obvious who saved the day here." The Undertaker says looking over at his brother who is still in Mya's arms.

The Undertaker then walks over to his brother.

"At long last Kane it is finished, Golza has been destroyed once and for all and you now finally have the happiness that has been long denied you. I am happy for you my brother."

"He brought me back to you Kane, your brother brought me back!" Mya exclaims.

"No big deal really, nothing a little fancy time travel and some healing powers couldn't fix." Taker says very nonchalantly.

But to Kane it was a very big deal as he walks up to his brother and gives him a suffocating bear hug as he picks him up off the ground!

"Ah-ahem, you are ahem, welcome little brother." Taker coughs out as Kane practically squeezes the life out of him before finally putting him down.

"Thank you, because of you me and Kane are together once more." Mya tells the Undertaker before giving him a warm hug of her own and a peck on the cheek.

"You are more than welcome Mya, may your union always be blessed." Taker proclaims.

Nearby Mothra rises hovering above her ruined temple. The Cosmos begin their melodious song causing Mothra's body to glow. As she does beautiful beams of cascading light shine down from her wings. As the light covers the remains of the temple it begins to reform as if nothing had ever happened to it. Mothra then comes to rest atop the temple once more. Thus the story comes to a conclusion. The battle has been a costly one, most if not all of Japan's defenders have been either killed or crippled. But in the end love truly did conquer all. Kane and Mya are reunited at last. No one knows what tomorrow will bring but whatever it may be they would face it together!


Meanwhile, far out to sea, in the midst of a raging storm something stirs deep beneath the volatile waters, something so powerful that it makes the tumultuous weather above it pale utterly in comparison. Japan thought it had seen what both horror and power were via Gorsa's reign of terror, but it was nothing compared to what was coming. Soon the people of Japan would be reminded what real horror and real power truly were. Indeed, a beast like no other had finally returned. And the king of all monsters…would reclaim his throne.