In this story the showa goji from 55-75 and heisei goji were one and the same, and the new goji in this story is junior after absorbing the radiation of the original heisei goji's meltdown.



Time: 9:42 p.m.

Date: July 18th, 1995

Location: Haneda airport in Sapporo, Japan...or more precisely what's left of it.

The scene and atmosphere is one of the ecstatic celebration. Not but five minutes ago the most powerful, and feared kaiju in the history of existence met its end. People all over the country are rejoicing as the news spreads. To Tokyo, to Okinawa, to Osaka, to Kyoto, to Nagoya, and so on. All over Japan and soon the world for that matter the message is clear, Godzilla king of the monsters is dead.

The supremely powerful kaiju succumbed to his own radiation, his body had reached critical mass. At first the news of Godzilla's potential meltdown spelled doom as the resulting explosion was supposed to burn a hole clean through the earth! Thankfully though the Japanese weapons technology proved to be a lifesaver as freezing masers and cadmium missiles managed to nullify the meltdown. But not before he wiped out another monstrous threat to life on earth, the infamous kaiju known as Destroyah. And in an ironic twist of fate both Godzilla and the Japanese armed forces for the briefest of moments combined their might to eliminate Destroyah once and for all.

It was shortly after that Godzilla perished, and now as said the celebrating in the streets of cities all over Japan is practically reaching riotous proportions! But suddenly a frantic transmission is received from the meltdown site. The urgent message is sent to all the top Japanese military officials as well as the prime minister himself. Something was moving in the meltdown's wake, something alive! The people of Japan look on in confused terror as an enormous shape steps out of the radioactive mist.

"Oh my God Godzilla's alive!" someone screams breaking what had been up till that moment an awe struck silence... panic shortly followed.

In truth it wasn't the original Godzilla, what it was, was the half grown Godzilla Jr. that Destroyah had seemingly killed earlier. He had been caught in the meltdown's energy and absorbed it, every last bit of it! Now he was practically a full grown Godzilla, a dead ringer for his foster parent! The new kaiju king raised his head to the heavens roaring out in defiance to all of humanity. The hopes that the Japanese had of being freed from Godzilla's reign of terror had just been dashed. Indeed one Godzilla was gone but another had taken his place.

The behemoth stands silent for a moment turns and then strides out toward the coast.

Nearby meanwhile as this new Godzilla wades out to sea a lone figure watches from afar on a mountain peak.

The Undertaker breathes a heavy sigh.

"So, the original king of the monsters passes on, as a new one ascends to his throne. If ever you return to threaten the people of Japan Gojira I will be waiting."

So as Godzilla disappears beneath the waves so too does the Undertaker vanish as well. One chapter of a horrifying legacy had been closed, but a new one apparently was just beginning. God knows what tomorrow would bring.


Time:10:07 p.m.


Location Odo Island

The night is quiet and cool and the shore of Odo Island peaceful and calm. Perfect conditions for some moonlight fishing, at least that's what two boys who crept out of their village over an hour ago think. The eldest of the two boys a fifteen year old had originally planned on going alone, but his nine year old brother caught him sneaking out. The older brother tried to leave him behind but took him along when he threatened to tell their parents what he was up to. By now though little brother is starting to whine about wanting to go home, sitting in their little boat off shore his sibling snaps at him to stop complaining.

But down below the ocean's surface something approaches... something big!

Meanwhile big brother is about to turn around and pop little brother on the noggin to quiet him down when suddenly-WUUUUUUUUUUSSSSHHHHHH!

The water around the tiny boat begins to churn and swirl, the startled boys cling to one another wondering what is happening! It is then that the ocean around them almost seems to recede as two huge serrated plates rise on either side of them! But it isn't just these bony spines that are rising, they are as well! As more water withdrawals more plates reveal themselves, when the eldest boy looks down he can see what appears to be a huge tail rising and falling in the torrent. Actually the boys are nestled between two rows of spinal plates, two out of three to be exact. As the surface they rest upon rises to a vertical position the poor native boys and their tiny boat are tossed off with no more concern than that of a fly being shook off an elephant's hide! They hit the water first with their boat coming down next missing them only by inches!

An ear splitting roar cuts through the air like a knife as the boys look up in shock and horror. Their screams are drowned out by the behemoth's bestial howls.

The following morning.

Location: Infant Island

The Undertaker had felt uneasy all morning ever since awakening from his meditative sleep, it was as if he could sense a disturbance of some kind in the earth's energy field. It was something major, something downright... scary. Using his extra sensory perception he seeks out the source of this disturbance as he uses his supernatural abilities to open a teleportation portal in front of himself as he spreads his arms outward, once this is done he steps through.

But when he arrives on Odo Island he is surprised to see Dr. Yashida of all people.

"Ah the Undertaker I presume, Japan's very own self styled kaiju vigilante. I figured you would be sticking your nose in this affair." he says upon seeing Taker.

"What happened?" Taker asks.

"It doesn't really matter this isn't really any of your business anyhow."

"I'm making it my business." growls the Undertaker not very appreciative of the doctor's arrogance.

"No you can just scurry along me and my researchers have the situation well in hand."

"I seriously doubt that." Taker responds as he starts walking toward Dr. Yashida. He bypasses the doctor and begins to move towards an area that appears to have been quarantined when...

"Uh sir I'm sorry but this area is off limits." one of Yashida's men says nervously.

Taker just stares over at the young man who starts to gulp air as Taker's pupils disappear into the back of his head. The Undertaker looks back over at Dr. Yashida who is once again sporting an unnecessarily smug grin. Taker than looks back at the quivering lab technician and mutters...

"Move... or be moved."

No sooner has the Undertaker spoken when the tiny scientist takes off running! In the background Dr. Yashida frowns slightly hoping his men wouldn't have been this easy to intimidate. Everyone else clears a path for Taker as he moves through the wreckage.

"It was definitely a kaiju." Taker thinks to himself looking down at a massive footprint. He steps down inside of it hoping to pick up the creature's aura. But when he does so he nearly passes out on the spot from the amount of energy that hits him!

"So...much...power... too much." Taker stammers.

So powerful in fact that he has to break off his psionic scan, Taker shakes his head clearing a dizzy spell from the energy he tapped into. He has never felt a presence so powerful in his life! Taker had made mind links with kaiju before including Gudis,Golza, and even King Ghidorah but nothing like this. The energy level is so immense that he can't even get a read on this one. He would have to find another way to discover this kaiju's identity. He turns back around to Dr. Yashida.

"Are there any survivors?" he asks.

"Why yes, two boys. We have them in our custody."

"I want to see them now Yashida."

"That's and it won't do you any good both of them are half hysterical with shock!" the doctor grumbles in a very frustrated tone.

"NOW!" Taker roars.

With that Dr. Yashida points angrily over to a nearby chopper where two small boys are sitting. Taker then moves over to the helicopter doorway.

"They haven't spoken a word since we found them." a female medic explains from behind the boys.

Taker reaches his right hand out toward the oldest of the two.

"It's all right, I'm not going to hurt you, just relax, this won't hurt a bit." Taker assures but the boy doesn't even respond. He places a hand on the boy's forehead, performing a mindread on a terror stricken sixteen year old will have to be done delicately this will take some time. The Undertaker then closes his eyes and begins to concentrate.

At that exact same moment in Kyoto...

The scene is one of frenzied panic! Hundreds of people are running for their lives as three kaiju smash their way through the business district of Kyoto. The first to appear was Baltan practically materializing out of thin air. The next was Bagira coming up from underground and last but not least was a hyper Gyaos which dove out of some cloud cover. The JSDF move in to take their crack at the monsters with little effect unfortunately. It seems the heart of Kyoto will be reduced to ash when out of nowhere-


A plasma fireball sends Bagira rolling! An immense shadow descends from the sky looming overhead as the other two monsters look on with surprise...Gamera has arrived! As he comes in for a landing he digs a huge furrow through the center of town with the force of his touchdown. As he does so he releases a volley of fireballs which Baltan deflects with his force field and the Gyaos dodges. Bagira meanwhile more stupid than brave rushes Gamera head on...


A toddler would've had better luck knocking down a brick wall! Bagira lies dazed on the ground in front of Gamera who hisses as he prepares a point blank plasma blast. It is at this time that Baltan and Gyaos decide to attack, Baltan with his claw blasts and Gyaos with his sonic ray. As impressive as it looks it really isn't hurting Gamera any, though it does piss him off. He swiftly grabs Bagira and throws him into Baltan while simultaneously clipping one of the Gyaos' wings with a fireball bringing him down. When Gyaos crashes several pedestrians pay the price, such is the same when Baltan and Bagira go tumbling! Horrified civilians who remember all too well what happened the last time Gamera waged a battle in Kyoto flee for their lives! Gamera then reaches down clasping a clawed hand around the Gyaos' throat and slowly begins to squeeze.


Several power wave beams suddenly detonate on Gamera's back, they are coming from Bagira's forearm blades. Being caught off guard slightly Gamera stumbles forward a bit but quickly regains his balance. He turns to see Bagira rushing toward him still releasing his power waves. Gamera this time though takes a firm stance absorbing each blast with seemingly little effect. He just stands there taking everything Bagira can dish out waiting until his foe is almost on top of him. When Bagira is at arm's length Gamera quickly thrusts his right fist up summoning his dreaded plasma punch!


It goes clean through Bagira's chest and out his back, a second later the vanquished kaiju explodes into a million pieces! When the smoke clears Gamera is still standing there, his outstretched arm still blazing with the fiery energy he used to annihilate Bagira. In his hand is Bagira's smoldering heart dripping with blood.


A sudden sonic blast strikes Gamera in the back of his head. The super turtle spins around face-to-face with the hyper Gyaos who realizing he's only angered Gamera even more attempts to flee. But before he can fly up of out of reach Gamera grabs hold of his tail, he then viciously slams the Gyaos back down onto the ground face first. The stunned creature just lays there and quivers for the moment.

Baltan meanwhile who has been silently watching this brutal exchange back steps just a little. Gamera looks up at Baltan with a menacing snarl, points at him and then crushes Bagira's heart to pulp in his hand. Now there weren't too many things that could scare Baltan, his reputation among ultra monsters was legendary. But this time, just this one time he comes to the grim realization that he's bitten off more than he can chew!


A shaky image is starting to come together in Taker's head. Through this mind link he has learned that the boys weren't even in the village at the time of the attack, but they did see what caused it. A distorted vision of what was seen through the boy's eyes begins to take shape. It begins with the dorsal plates, then the tail, followed by its chest and torso, and after that its arms and legs.

"Well?!" Dr. Yashida grunts.

"Be silent!" Taker snaps as he continues to focus, the final picture coming together at last.

"Oh my God." Taker whispers.

He then breaks the mind link ever so gently, he just stands there silent for a moment. In the meantime Dr. Yashida stands nearby noticeably aggravated as he awaits Taker's findings.

"The king has returned." Taker mummers.

"What!?" Dr. Yashida quips.

"Notify the Japanese Prime Minister Dr. Yashida."

"Notify?! Notify him of what?! What?!"

"... Godzilla has returned."

A wave of shock sweeps over Dr. Yashida as does the rest of his men.

"Are-are you sure?" The doctor stutters.

"Positive." Taker answers.

Just then...

"Dr. Yashida we have just gotten word from the mainland that 3 kaiju have appeared in Kyoto and on top of that Gamera has arrived to combat them!" An assistant exclaims after receiving a transmission from Kyoto itself.

"Blast! By the time we pack up and reach the mainland it'll probably be over and done with, if only- wait a minute... where's the Undertaker?!" Dr. Yashida yells noticing that he's suddenly vanished.


That is the sound of Baltan being thrown into and through a series of buildings, alas more innocent blood is spilled. And the blood of humans isn't the only blood that's flowing, Baltan lay in a battered crumpled heap! Gamera moves in to finish the job when...


The Undertaker at his max height of 300 feet appears in front of him.

"Stand down Gamera this fight is over." Taker states.

Gamera just looks at Taker with a defiant sneer, as long as Baltan is still breathing its far from over as far as Gamera is concerned. The Undertaker looks about him, nearby are the remains of Bagira and a Gyaos without its head. Taker does not like the vigilantic style Gamera has picked up recently. The human body count that was amassing from Gamera's battles simply was not acceptable. Gamera's maw smokes as another plasma fireball builds within.

"I said it's finished Gamera! I once looked upon you as an ally, I was hoping it would stay that way. But if more lives are lost at your hands..."

Taker does not need to finish, the message is loud and clear. Gamera just glares at him for a moment, Taker had helped him once when they battled Golza. So for now he would back down but a very low snarl tells Taker that Gamera's discretion should not be mistaken for fear. And with that the super monster turns, ignites his jet propulsion and takes off high into the sky. Taker doesn't take his eyes off him until he disappears behind a cloud bank. With that over with the Undertaker bows down on one knee and speaks a silent prayer for the dead. After a few moments he gets back up, walks over to Baltan's body and slings him up over one shoulder. He then opens another gateway and steps through, it takes him to one of monsterland's many vaults which he dumps Baltan in. The project known as monsterland a.k.a Ogasawara Island was still in its infancy, underground containment cells which would be used to imprison evil kaiju had already been constructed thanks to the creation of a new metal called zaranium. This new metal had proven to be practically indestructible even by kaiju standards. Anyhow with that out of the way he transforms himself back to human size and teleports out.


Location: Infant Island

"Why did you not pick up Godzilla's presence when he first returned?" Taker asks the Cosmos.

"Unfortunately Undertaker it appears that this new Godzilla radiates so much energy that he can actually block out our psychic powers."

This seems to make sense. Taker remembers when he tried to pick up Godzilla's aura in the footprint and that the energy that hit him almost put him into a coma!

"I see, well in any case he has returned and must be dealt with." Taker swears with a grim determination.

"Do not act hastily Undertaker, Godzilla is the most powerful monster to walk the earth. Never have you faced an opponent such as he."

"If I don't all of Japan and then the world will be trampled into the ground."

"If Kane-"

"No!" The Undertaker snaps cutting off the Cosmos before they can even speak.

"I shall not drag Kane into this, as I have said before the problems of this world are no longer his concern! Only his life with Mya matters." Taker continues.

The Undertaker thinks back to when he and his brother fought Golza, a once obscure and forgettable ultramonster who gained the powers of a god. The beast smashed its way through hero, kaiju, and mecha alike. The Undertaker and Kane were the last line of defense against him. It was during this bloody campaign that Kane was reunited with a lost love, a young geisha girl named Mya that Kane met when he was hurled into a time vortex by Borgos that placed him in centuries ago feudal Japan during the age of the samurai. While he was stuck there they fell in love, but the Undertaker used Borgos' time machine to go back and get him. Once they made it back Taker destroyed the time machine but, when the Undertaker learned what Kane had to leave behind he asked the Cosmos' help in sending him back in time to get her. In the end it was Kane who destroyed Golza once and for all as Mya's love for Kane awakened powers within him that he never would have even suspected he had. To say that all three of them had been through hell and back would be an understatement. Now a threat even greater than Golza loomed on the horizon, but Kane and Mya had earned their peace and the Undertaker had no plans on getting his little brother involved in what would surely prove to be another nightmarish battle even worse than the one they endured with Golza.

"It is his choice to make Undertaker, not yours. He is your brother of course and naturally he will wish to fight by your side. And it is a possibility however slim that your combined might could bring down the king of all monsters." The Cosmos say optimistically.

"We barely defeated Golza." Taker grimaces.

"True... But nonetheless you did. There is nothing the two of you cannot accomplish together. Have faith in yourself... and your brother."

The Undertaker deeply ponders these words as he looks over at Kane and Mya. They sit holding one another on the rocky coastline letting the tide rush up to them.

"Something else troubles you Undertaker? Speak to us." The Cosmos implore.

"Yes, it is the kaiju known as Gamera."

"The so-called guardian of the universe?"

"At one time perhaps but after a confrontation I had with him today I'm not sure what to think."

The Undertaker breathes a heavy sigh before speaking again.

"His ruthless methods of dealing with other monsters disturbs me greatly."

"Because of the human lives it costs." The Cosmos mummer.

"... yes."

The Undertaker had always wondered what would happen if he and Gamera ever came to blows. He drew upon the same energies that the Undertaker did, the natural forces of the Earth itself. Gamera like Godzilla could conceivably be capable of defeating him if push came to shove. What would become of the Earth if such were to happen Taker wondered.

2 hours later

Location:Sogell Island

The massive form of Godzilla rises off the coast of Sogell wading towards the shore. As with Odo Island the presence of the original Godzilla draws him here. As an infant this new Godzilla remembers the original as his guardian, his protector, and yes as crazy as it sounds even a father. This new king of the monsters has strong emotions, partially nurtured ironically by the same life forms that tried to destroy his foster parent. Though it was the first Godzilla's own out of control radioactivity that resulted in his meltdown all this new Godzilla can remember is the JSDF firing their freeze beams and rockets as the original kaiju king disentigrated into nothingness. That image remains for ever transfixed in his mind and he will never forgive the humans for what he believes they have done.

Once decades ago the previous Godzilla was a protector of mankind, but after the last of the alien/monster invasions back in 1975 the U.N. decided that they didn't need Godzilla anymore and that as a kaiju, he could not be trusted. So in 1980 a massive military force was mustered using salvaged alien weaponry from the Xians, the Nebulans, and the Simians to find and kill Godzilla. It seemed a logical choice seeing how the alien weapons had in the past managed to harm Godzilla whereas standard Earth artillery could not. They found him off the coast of China and began a battle that would eventually lead ashore and devastate the landscape to a horrendous degree! After a week long grueling exchange they believed they had suceeded after burning his body almost to a cinder. His body was taken and dumped into a deep undersea trench never to be seen again...that is until he reappeared in Japan in 1984 very much alive and well and more powerful than ever before. The people of Japan thought they were safe, they thought Godzilla was dead, but they were wrong on both counts. The injuries that Godzilla sustained nearly killed him and probably should have, but there is an old proverb that states this, "whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger". And indeed this had been the case. Goji's regen kicked into overdrive but due to the terrible damage done overhauled his entire body rather than simply trying to heal his current one, which resulted in his larger size and change of appearance. The rest is history.

Such as a captain would tour about his ship before a battle, this new Godzilla is traversing to all the significant places his predecessor had ever been in his lifetime before returning to the mainland. And once there he will have vengeance!

Godzilla has now come ashore and is moving waist deep through the dense jungle when-


The deafening sound cuts down what had been up to that moment a peaceful silence. Suddenly rising from the think foliage is a huge Kamakiras or to more identify it a giant mantis! In defense of what it believes is its territory the Kamakiras lunges. Before Godzilla can even react its on top of him clawing away! But he reaches up grabbing hold of the insect and slams it back down onto the ground. Godzilla then obliterates it with a point-blank breath blast before it even knows what has happened! But the battle isn't over yet as two more appear attacking simultaneously. They latch onto his back from behind and pickup where the last one had left off. But a nuclear pulse from Godzilla sends them both flying and then crashing to the ground. Then in one swift motion Godzilla spins around unleashing a devastating nuclear blast that wipes out both Kamakiras' in one shot!

But still it isn't over as all the commotion ends up attracting the attention of another kaiju that resides on the island. It is quiet for a few moments until Godzilla hears a roar that shockingly sounds almost exactly like his. But what he sees when he turns back around doesn't look anything like him at all. Perched on an enormous rock formation a few hundred yards from him is a bizarre iguanalike mutation. It isn't quite as big as Godzilla but it is larger than the insects he has just battled.

It has a semi long snout and maw with alligatorlike teeth. Like Godzilla it too has three rows of dorsal plates running down its back, but they curve upward towards the sky. From its physical makeup it seems capable of quadruped and bipedal mobility. Its body seems lean and muscular with claws that look like they were designed for burrowing. And as Godzilla suddenly discovers it too has a breath weapon!


As he stumbles backwards from the attack he fires off his own oral beam but the iguana mutant springs up off its perch. Leaping like a jungle cat it dodges the ray entirely and comes down right on top of Godzilla! Both of them go down in a cloud of dust. The lizard beast opens his jaws, going for Godzilla's throat the same way a lion would attack the jugular of its prey. But once again utilizing his nuclear pulse Godzilla knocks the creature silly as the monster monarch rises to a vertical stance. Godzilla tries another breath blast but his adversary leaps high once more and like before dives down towards Godzilla again. But this time he is ready as a massive tail is all the mutation gets!


Godzilla's foe goes high and then plummets back down.


... Mark McGwire couldn't have hit a better homer! The dazed monster stands just in time to take a radioactive blast to the chest. The oversized iguana tries his again but this time it barely budges Godzilla. Another shot from Godzilla puts his opponent into the side of the rock formation that only moments ago it had been sitting upon. Disoriented and badly burned the creature realizes it's not winning this confrontation! Dodging to one side as Godzilla lets loose another ray it dives into the ground digging away like crazy. In a few moments it is gone, Godzilla lumbers over to the gaping hole that has been dug, looming over it curiously. But the elusive kaiju explodes up out of the ground behind Godzilla clamping its jaws around the back of his neck!

Godzilla twists and writhes in anger. A nuclear pulse could push off the aggressor, but Godzilla wants a more painful method of offense. And thus using a simple albeit an uncharacteristic maneuver he throws himself backwards into the ground!


The horrendous impact drives the mutant into the ground, Godzilla is sure he heard his enemy's ribs snap. Godzilla rises, the iguana beast has released its grip. It lies there stunned trying to catch its breath while holding its right hand over some broken ribs that have torn through its flesh. Trying to pick itself up on wobbly legs the wounded kaiju lunges futilely at Godzilla. But the saurian juggernaut catches him, one hand is around its throat the other around its right forearm. Godzilla summons his incredible strength as his prey struggles uselessly.


The reptilian freak screams in agony as Godzilla rips its right arm out of its socket! But it's wail of suffering is cut short as Godzilla's other hand crushes its throat. It then goes limp in Godzilla's grasp who lets its lifeless body slump down onto the ground. Godzilla roars his victory to the heavens above, meanwhile nearby a giant spider kaiju named Kumonga has been watching silently. Remaining hidden Kumonga decides that discretion is the better part of valor as it slowly and quietly backs away.

The bodies of crumpled monsters now littered the ground, the same fate awaited any other who dared to cross Godzilla's path.

Time:9:05 a.m. the next day

Location:G-FORCE headquarters, Tokyo

Miki Saegusa rushes down a long corridor leading to the main conference room of G-FORCE. The emergency meeting that was suddenly called that morning had caught her off guard and she was a little behind. The meeting has been called to discuss Gamera and the possible return of Godzilla. As Miki bursts through double doors she sees who had asked for this special gathering. Seated in the conference room also is Dr. Mayumi Nagamine Japan's resident Gamera and Gyaos expert, Dr. Allan Kraft an American kaiju authority and enthusiast, and last but certainly not least the man who has line driven the fight against Godzilla from day one, G-FORCE commander General T. Aso.

Miki bows discreetly and then quickly takes a seat as Dr. Yashida rises.

"Sorry I'm late." she says.

"It's quite all right Miss Saegusa we all know you were rushed. In any case now that everyone is here lets cut to the chase, Gamera and Godzilla. What is the latest news?" Dr. Yashida asks.

"There has been no official sightings of Godzilla yet, honestly Dr. Yashida do you think we can trust the Undertaker's claim?" Gen. Aso says skeptically.

"Well, something definitely smashed its way through Odo island that's for sure." Dr. Yashida explains.

"Yes but was it Godzilla?" Aso goes on.

"The natives of Odo island have known of Godzilla before our civilization knew he existed, if anyone would know they would. If the two boys who survived say they saw Godzilla I think you can take it to the bank." Dr. Kraft cuts in.

"I'm supposed to act on the testimony of two hysterical villagers, if an abnormally large whale were to wash up on shore they would probably call it Godzilla too!"

"I don't quite think so General, Godzilla is a part of Odo island's legends and folklore. The elders of the village pass this on to the younger generations. The point is all this considered I think anyone of the villagers on Odo island would know Godzilla when they saw him." Dr. Kraft finishes.

Gen. Aso has no reply. He simply doesn't believe any of this, or more importantly he doesn't want to believe it. The original Godzilla dealt him and his military forces many a defeat, the thought that the same could happen again with this new Godzilla frustrates him beyond compare.

"Miss Saegusa..." Gen. Aso begins to say as he breaks his silence.

" had a psychic link with this Godzilla from its infancy to practically its adulthood is this not true?"

"...yes... it is true." she answers.

" Well then tell us Miss Saegusa can you sense or feel anything now? Is this new Godzilla nearby or even near Japan at all for that matter!?" The General stammers.

After moments of hesitation she finally replies...


"You see gentlemen there is your proof right there." the general gloats.

"I said no to the question of whether I sensed him nearby or not, not to the question of whether he has indeed reawakened sir." she snaps back.

"Hmpf, you're claims are as ridiculous as the Undertaker's."

But no sooner has General Aso spoken his name when he suddenly appears in a blinding flash with Kane and Mya. The room goes silent with their appearance.

"If you had as much commonsense as you did swaggering arrogance you just might be half the man you pretend to be General Aso." the Undertaker hisses.

" Well, I take it you're here to restate your claim." Dr. Yashida inquires.

"Yes, as I have said Godzilla has risen once more and it's probably only a matter of time before he returns to the mainland."

As Dr. Yashida and the Undertaker exchange words Kane moves near where General Aso is seated. The stare he focuses upon the General is quite unnerving. Dr. Kraft meanwhile sits in awe. He would kill for a chance to interview both the Undertaker and Kane, and to chronicle the many kaiju wars they have been in!

"So what do you plan on doing?" Dr. Yashida asks.

"When he finally returns to the mainland I will attempt to stop him." answers Taker.

"Attempt? You make it sound like you're not sure whether or not you can defeat him." Dr. Nagamine states finally having an opportunity to speak out.

"That is true, I know the power that Godzilla possesses. But I will stop him or die trying."

"Die? I didn't think that was possible considering what we've seen you come back from in the past." Dr. Kraft adds.

"My regenerative abilities are unique but not infinite, and a destructive force like Godzilla is one of a select few things that could push me to the limit."

"What about Kane? Won't he be fighting alongside you?" questions Yashida.


Kane's head snaps over when he hears Taker's response. He begins to walk toward Taker who simply holds his left hand up in a stop gesture.

"We'll discuss this later little brother."

Kane shakes his head in frustration as he turns away back towards Mya who puts her arms around him attempting to calm him down. As much as Dr. Yashida would like to ease drop on this sibling squabble he knows it's best to get back to the business at hand.

"Well, moving on now. What's the situation involving Gamera?"

It is then that Dr. Nagamine stands up.

"He hasn't been seen since the disaster in Kyoto and no one knows his whereabouts at this time I'm afraid." she says.

"Do you think you can explain his sudden change in personality Dr. Nagamine. At one time he was looked upon as somewhat of a defender, what has happened?" Yashida speaks.

"Unfortunately I'm not exactly sure, radiation from the various kaiju he has faced has been considered. But in all truth he is still following his prime objective."

"Eliminate threats to the earth." Yashida recalls.


"And what?! If the human race just happens to get in the way oh well!" Dr. Yashida whines sarcastically.

"My question is why didn't YOU deal with Gamera back in Kyoto!" General Aso growls shaking a finger at the Undertaker.

"I gave him a warning and he backed off!" Taker roars back as he walks toward the General.

"And another thing. You lower your voice when you speak to me little man or I will personally reach down your throat and rip out your extremely obnoxious voice box!" Taker finishes getting right in Aso's face.

The General sits in his chair fuming but he knows better than to speak back.

"Both Godzilla and Gamera reappearing at the same time. Of all the times that Japan has faced the threat of kaiju I'd have to say that this situation has got to be the grimmest." Dr. Kraft forlornly mutters.

"Well, Dr. Kraft that's where I come in." Dr. Yashida exclaims.

Dr. Yashida's statement grabs the Undertaker's attention.

"If a way can be found to subdue these two kaiju I would love to get them both onto Ogasawara." he goes on.

"These are not just two random kaiju you're talking about, these are potentially the two most powerful monsters in all of existence." Taker proclaims.

"True, but a way will be found I'm sure. Ogasawara we'll be the proud home of every kaiju upon the planet soon enough. From all four corners of the globe we shall snatch them, Godzilla, Gamera, Rodan, Kong, Yongary, Mothra-"

"MOTHRA!?" Taker explodes!

"Why of course, it's for the monsters' own good now." Yashida claims.

"You will not imprison Mothra on Ogasawara!" Taker seethes.

"Oh honestly Undertaker you make it sound like a concentration camp. Those kaiju like Mothra who are not inherently evil will be allowed to roam freely about the island. They will be confined within the island's perimeter via neurotoxic gas and force fields."

Taker is enraged by the notion of Mothra being held captive on Ogasawara as Yashida goes on.

"I know Undertaker that you believe that Mothra should be left in peace on Infant island. But no matter how benign any kaiju may seem the bottom line is that they simply can't be trusted. I believe it is mankind's destiny to have complete dominion over the beasts of the Earth and I shall spearhead this new movement!"


"Oh well, if that is the case then I guess she'll simply have to be destroyed, we can't afford to have a loose cannon flying around. "


"You can't be serious?!" Miki cuts in equally mortified by the doctor's comments.

"I am completely serious Miss Saegusa. Oh, and we can't forget about the Cosmos fairies, I know a whole gaggle of scientists worldwide including myself that would absolutely love to get their hands-"


The Undertaker puts Dr. Yashida against the wall with a hand around his throat! He has heard more than enough from the doctor as far as he is concerned, meanwhile those present in the room are in a state of shock!

"If you or any of your associates go anywhere near Infant island or even think about harming the Cosmos or Mothra in any way you will pay dearly Yashida!" Taker threatens as his eyes roll back into his head.

He holds Yashida up on the wall for a few more moments before dropping him. The terrified doctor stays huddled on the floor shaking uncontrollably as Taker looks down at him. General Aso gulps nervously he is suddenly very glad he chose not to become belligerent with the Undertaker a little earlier.

A few minutes later outside of G-FORCE headquarters

After what the Undertaker did to Dr. Yashida the conference abruptly ended. Kane and Mya managed to finally calm Taker down, but not before he scared a parking attendant into telling him which car belonged to Dr. Yashida... what he did to it when he found it is best left unsaid.

Just then Miki Saegusa and Mayumi Nagamine come walking out of G-FORCE headquarters. They both have inquisitive looks on their faces, there are questions they want to ask but they're afraid to go near Taker.

"It's all right, he won't hurt you." Mya reassures them as she motions for the two of them to come on over.

"... yes." Taker says with a low growl as he turns to face them.

"I-I know you're not in a good mood right now, the idea of Mothra be taken to Ogasawara angers me as well." Miki says.

Taker listens quietly knowing she has more to say.

"...but I just have to know...are you going to try to kill Godzilla if he reappears?"

Taker quietly chuckles to himself.

"Miss Saegusa I'm not sure if it even conceivable to kill Godzilla. Not that it's a matter of choice, it's just that he is seemingly unstoppable."

"But you're going to fight him any way?!" Miki asks.

"I have sworn to protect innocent life even at the cost of my own Miss Saegusa."

"Miki, please." She says before speaking again.

"And any way how do you know he will attack Japan?" She continues.

"Miki when the new Godzilla disappeared into the sea years ago did you bother trying a psychic link?"


"Well I did and do you know what I found?"


"Rage Miki, pure unadulterated rage. Utter and absolute hatred towards the race he would forever hold responsible for his foster parent's death."

"If that is true why did he just turn around and start smashing Japan right there and then?"

"Because absorbing the radiation from the original Godzilla's fallout took its toll on him. He went far out to sea dove deep and went into hibernation. His body has been continuously mutating and adjusting all this time to the new power it possesses. And thus he has been asleep for the past several years up un-"

"Until now." Miki frowns hanging her head as she finishes the Undertaker's sentence.

"How did you know about all of this?" Miki asks.

"Simple, I was there. I watched the climactic battle between the original Godzilla and Destroyah from the beginning to the very end."

"I see."

"What about Gamera?" Miss Nagmine speaks up.

"He's a little harder to figure out, once we were allies but now his severe disregard for human life has become inexcusable."

"So you'll go after him too?"

"If I must Miss Nagmine."

"Do you think you can defeat Gamera?" she asks.

"He too is an extremely powerful kaiju, I'm hoping it doesn't come to that but if so I guess I'll find out." Taker answers.

Both women stand there looking somewhat disheartened, Taker feels he should say something more.

"Listen I know both of you would like to see both monsters spared and that you sort of look upon them as guardians but I'm sorry, for me the first priority is to protect the people of Japan and the world over from threats like these, if a way could be found to deal with them without violence I would use it trust me."

"But..." Miss Nagmine says knowing Taker isn't finished.

"But, it just doesn't look like it's gonna end up that way." He regretfully informs them.

"It-it's alright..." Miss Nagmine begins to say.

"We understand." Miki finishes.

"Is there anything else you wish to ask me?"

"Actually yes...why won't you let Kane fight along with you?" Miki can't help but ask.

The Undertaker exhales deeply as he explains his reasoning.

"Well, if you must know unlike myself Kane has something else to worry about now. Someone special in his life." he says looking over to see Mya holding Kane in a tight embrace.

"But if you combine your str-"

"Miki I already had this conversation with the Cosmos, besides my decision is final and I will not endanger either Kane or Mya... is there anything else?"

"No." Miki replies.

"Very well then, Kane, Mya lets go."

"Thank you for your time, I'm sorry if we troubled you." Miki says.

"It is not a problem, fare thee well." Taker tells them as he opens yet another teleport gate spreading his arms wide.

Moments later they're gone.

Time: 9:45 a.m.

Location: The place formerly known as Monster island.

This would be Godzilla's last stop before returning to Japan itself. A place were once in the 1970s kaiju were actually held briefly, this is where Godzilla stands now. But technology for restraining kaiju in the '70s was a far cry from what it is now, this island did not keep them contained for long. Any monsters that had been here at one time or another had long since departed... all except for one, as Godzilla will discover.

Slowly peaking out from behind a hill is an impish little gray skinned creature that's barely half Godzilla's height. Godzilla spots him immediately and decides to investigate. The tiny kaiju steps out from its hiding place, it is a bizarre little monster known as Minya. Normally Minya would run when a beast the size of Godzilla would advance toward him, but this time he didn't. He couldn't quite put his finger on it but there was something strangely familiar about this creature who now bore the name of Godzilla.

Realizing this midget monster poses no threat to him Godzilla lets his natural curiosity takeover as does Minya. Still not wanting to get too close Minya picks up on Godzilla's scent who also does the same. The fact that there is an odd but distinct similarity between their species is something they both pickup on right away. The two may have become more acquainted had something not interrupted them.

Suddenly plummeting down out of the sky like a comet is a large red energy sphere! It crashes down near Godzilla with a blinding flash which sends Minya running off into the jungle. Godzilla turns in its direction waiting for the smoke to clear. When it finally does Godzilla is surprised to see Ultraman of all beings standing before him, and I mean the original! Godzilla snorts as if inquiring to what it is that this red and silver humanoid wants with him. Not wasting any time Ultraman gets right to the point.

"Godzilla, I know of your intentions towards the human race and I also know why you are doing it."

Ultraman pauses briefly before speaking again.

"You must not act hastily, the humans are not responsible for the original Godzilla's death. You must listen to me!"

Godzilla's eyes glow a blazing red in total disbelief of Ultraman's claim.

"I am not lying to you, it was his own unstable nuclear body that was his undoing. Try to understand Godzilla."

But unfortunately he isn't and Ultraman's words are only angering him more.

"Please listen to m-"


Ultraman has to quickly throw up his force field as a breath blast from Godzilla cuts him off in midsentence.

"Godzilla I am not here to fight you I am here to reason with you!" he shouts from behind his barrier.


Godzilla fires again this time pushing Ultraman back, another blast like that might obliterate his force field! Ultraman looks into Godzilla's eyes and realizes that his cause is useless.

"Very well king of the monsters if you are determined to threaten the people of Japan then I must do everything in my power to stop you!"

Meanwhile on Infant island...

No sooner than they had gotten back the Undertaker had disappeared once more resuming his search for Godzilla. Mya rubs the shoulders of a frustrated Kane who had words with Taker moments before he took off.

"Please don't be angry." Mya begs.

But Kane can't help it, what was Taker thinking. Kane wondered if maybe his older brother thought that he was going soft because of being reunited with Mya. But that certainly wasn't true Kane's fighting spirit was as strong as it ever was. The Cosmos can read Kane's thoughts and offer some insight.

"Do not worry Kane, when the time comes you will fight by your brother's side again, we will see to that." the Cosmos reassure him.

With that having been said Kane looks over at Mya, wondering what she thought of all this. But she just smiles at him, she has made it obvious that she would support whatever decision he made. In the back of her mind though she can't help but worry, she does not want to lose the man she loves. Visualizing this brings a tear out of the corner of her left eye, Kane spots it and gently wipes it away. She reaches up and loosens the straps on his mask and then pulls it off. Kane had long ago become comfortable not wearing the mask when he was alone with Mya. They share a passionate kiss and then embrace each other tightly. Kane can tell that Mya is afraid and understands why. He would never want to do anything that would frighten or upset her in any way, but he also knows that he can't just let his brother run off to fight the most powerful monster on the face of the earth by himself!

"I fear for you Kane, there is a great pain in my heart when I think of what might happen to you. The thought of living without you is something that I cannot bear, but I know you must do what you think is right... I love you." Mya proclaims.

What should have been a tender moment is suddenly halted by the sound of a thunderous roar! Kane looks up to see Gamera coming in for a landing! Kane motions for Mya to stay where she is at as he starts to stride off. But she gives him this please don't go kinda look as she grabs his left hand. Kane puts his right hand on Mya's cheek trying to reassure her as he gently pulls away from her.

And eventually he does as Gamera skids to a halt on Infant island's rocky shoreline. As for Kane however once he is far enough away from Mya he grows to his max height of 300 feet, just a little shorter then Gamera. And Gamera likewise having finally come to a complete stop rises to his vertical base of about 320 feet. The Cosmos and Mya look on as the two behemoths eye one another closely. In the meantime Mothra who has been on the other side of the island flies in from the distance and comes to a hovering stop near Kane.

Not being exactly sure as to what Gamera is there to do Kane takes a fighting stance. But the super turtle waves it off giving the impression that he is not here to fight. Thus Kane relaxes slightly and then tilts his head sideways in his characteristically confused manner. It is then that Gamera transmits a telepathic message to Kane, one that the Cosmos and Mothra are able to receive as well. It is short, simple, and to the point.

"I know Godzilla has returned. I will stop him myself."

Gamera waits a moment before finishing.

"Tell the dead man to stay out of my way."

And just like that no sooner than he has appeared he takes off again as he ignites his jet propulsion and darts off up into the clouds.

Back on Monster island...


A nuclear pulse from Godzilla sends Ultraman flying backwards into a hillside! The exact moment Ultraman had proclaimed his challenge Godzilla had practically gone off on him! It was all he could do just to defend himself let alone form an offense!

Shaking off the cobwebs Ultraman springs back up on his feet. Knowing he has to give it everything he's got Ultraman rips loose with a firestorm of energy blasts in nonstop succession! But Godzilla merely stands there absorbing most of the assault while other hits detonate harmlessly off his body!


Godzilla retaliates with his nuclear breath as Ultraman dodges off to one side. Godzilla fires again but this time Ultraman side steps it, spins around, and hurls an energy bolt directly into Godzilla's eyes! Godzilla pauses for but a few moments as his super regenerative powers quickly heal the damage done to his face. But Ultraman in the meantime takes full advantage of the situation! He rushes in punching and kicking with every ounce of strength that he's got! But with Godzilla's healing abilities being almost instantaneous he suddenly has a hand wrapped around his throat!

To avoid having his windpipe crushed Ultraman teleports out of Godzilla's grasp. Putting some distance between them he reappears nearby but behind Godzilla. Even though Ultraman had finally developed an immunity to earth's atmosphere after hundreds of battles in it over a three decade period. Fighting Godzilla like this would be suicidal anyhow. Ultraman then unleashes his energy cutters as two sawlike discs fly out of his hands. As they approach Godzilla each disc splits into two, but the kaiju reacts fast as uses his breath to take out two of them before they can reach him. But the other two do get through as Godzilla experiences a long forgotten sensation, pain! One energy disc goes clean through Godzilla's belly and out his back while the other takes off his left arm! A sudden flashback of Godzilla being mauled by Destroyah when he was younger instantly comes into his mind and Godzilla snaps!

Ultraman prepares to fire again but with a bellow of pain and rage Godzilla sends forth an intense nuclear pulse that hits Ultraman like a freight train as he tries to throw up his forcefield but gets plowed nonetheless as his body smashes clean through three rock formations before finally stopping! Godzilla meanwhile regenerates the damage as the wound in his belly closes and he picks up his arm and reattaches it to himself as his uberg-cells do their miraculous work. Ultraman has just gotten back up and is still disoriented when Godzilla lumbers up and grabs hold of the ultrabeing by his neck. Ultraman then gets picked up and drilled into the ground headfirst almost breaking his neck as his body folds up like an accordion when it hits the ground! Ultraman tries to get back up but gets a tail smash for his trouble as he flies backwards into another mountainside! Godzilla's dorsal plates begin to glow as he fires off his breath but Ultraman manages to teleport out of harm's way at the last second! Ultraman reappears a short distance back behind Godzilla, he was badly beaten and fighting with unconsciousness but he couldn't stop now. Thus Ultraman charges up his spectrum beam as he summons all of the power he has left. Hearing the sharp crackle of energy cut through the air Godzilla whirls around to finally see where his opponent had ended up. He sees that Ultraman is preparing to unleash something but instead of attacking Godzilla just stands there as if daring Ultraman to let him have it. The earth guardian hopes that Godzilla's overconfidence will be his undoing as he unloads his devastating weapon!


It strikes Godzilla dead in the chest, once it does Ultraman holds it on him and focuses the beam as much as he can! It actually seems to stagger Godzilla backwards slightly as he tries to move against the intense energy slamming into him! The longer the beam is held the more dangerously unstable it gets as Ultraman realizes that there is going to be a nasty explosion any mom-


After the blast Ultraman is highly disoriented once he clears his blurred vision he suddenly notices that there is no sign of Godzilla anywhere.

"Is it possible, did the spectrum beam actually destroy him!?" Ultraman excitedly thinks to himself.

But just then Ultraman hears a low snarl coming from directly behind him, so he slowly turns. Standing before him is Godzilla obviously alive and well, Ultraman has exhausted his energy reserves and can barely even lift his arms from his sides. The last thing Ultraman remembers seeing is Godzilla's jaws open wide... for a point blank fire blast!

Miles away...

"My God." Taker whispers in a grim tone.

The Undertaker amidst teleporting to various islands around Japan has managed to touchdown on Sogell island coming across the carnage of Godzilla's last battle. Looking at the twisted and mangled bodies reminds the Undertaker of exactly what he's up against. It is while he is here on Sogell that he receives a sudden telepathic message from the Cosmos.

"Undertaker, Undertaker can you hear us?"

"Yes I can hear you is something wrong?"

"Gamera was here on Infant island only moments ago."

"What!? Is everyone alright!"

"Yes, everyone is fine. The reason he came was to deliver a message for us to pass on to you."

"What was it?"

"He said that he wants Godzilla for himself in battle and for you to stay out of his way."

"Damn!" Taker spits.

If Godzilla and Gamera were to duke it out in the middle of a major city the destruction and loss of life would be catastrophic!

"If that's the case then I'd better get off my *** and find him as soon as possible!"

"Be careful Undertaker."

"I will and thanks for the info."

That having been said the Undertaker teleports out once more resuming his search. But a few minutes later one of his teleportation's brings him close enough to suddenly be able to sense Ultraman's life force. He was nearby and his life signature was very faint. Trailing it to the source Taker appears on Monster island at his max size. He finds Ultraman's body immediately. He is badly beaten and burned but thankfully he is indeed still alive.

"What happened?" Taker inquires as he kneels down and props Ultraman up slightly.

"It, it...was Godzilla. I-I tried to stop him but...too, too much power. I-I couldn't-"

"Where is he now?!"

"He, he's heading for Japan."

"Damn!" Taker grunts as he realizes that he has just missed him.

"Are you going to be okay." Taker asks.

"Yes, whe-when one of our brethren is... critically injured it can be sensed... back on our home world in Nebula M78. My comrades... will arrive shortly to take me back where I will heal." Ultraman says breathlessly.

"You've done all you can, I'll take it from here." Taker assures Ultraman.

"Be-be cautious Undertaker this... Godzilla is by far more powerful than... than the last."

"I will." Taker says as he stands back up.

He looks off in the direction that Godzilla's massive footprints lead. He throws his hair back, his eyes rolling back into his head as he proclaims...

"Now Godzilla you will be mine!"

Hours later...

Location: Tokyo, the Bay area.

The Undertaker at his max height of 300 feet stands before Tokyo Bay amidst what is popularly referred to as the Bay district. The buildings here barely reach above Taker's knees. They're made up of several small businesses, fish markets, and living quarters. Behind Taker though probably no more than a mile inland is the beginning of the metropolitan area, the heart of Tokyo itself. This is where the Undertaker will face Godzilla, the entire city is in a rushed process of evacuation at this very moment. The Cosmos themselves had but a couple of hours ago appeared before the ruling body of the Japanese government to warn the nation themselves of Godzilla's impending arrival. The Undertaker's claims may have been scoffed at but the Cosmos are and always have been trusted and beloved by the Japanese people. Their word was all that was needed to signal the evacuation.

The Undertaker had deduced for himself Godzilla's pattern of travel as being all the places that the original Godzilla had been. Of all the places in question it could've been easily assumed that he could touchdown anywhere among Japan's coastal cities. But more so out of all of them Tokyo had to be the most infamous, if Godzilla was going to appear this is where it would be.

So now it has come to pass and the Undertaker looks out across the open sea wondering if this will be his last battle. It is times like this that he is glad Kane has not yet mastered the art of teleporting, he and Mya would be safe on Infant island with the Cosmos. But no sooner than he thinks of them they suddenly speak to him telepathically.

"Penny for your thoughts Undertaker."

"Just thinking of Kane and Mya and how they will hopefully live happily on Infant island far into the future...why do you ask?"

Taker can then hear the Cosmos sigh slightly before speaking again.

"You know it's funny you should mention Kane..." the Cosmos begin to say as Taker suddenly spots something flying in from the distance.

He squints his eyes for a better look as the object in question gets closer. Taker groans aloud when he realizes what or more precisely who it is.

"Cosmos tell me you didn't." he moans as finally coming into view is Mothra...with Kane at his normal human size riding on her back, Mya is there as well closely huddled next to Kane.

The Undertaker just hangs his head.

"Why Cosmos? Why?"

"We are sorry Undertaker but Kane vowed to fight alongside you and more so we, as well as Mothra, and Mya support his decision wholeheartedly."

Mothra slowly and gently lands nearby as Kane and Mya begin to dismount.

"You cannot defeat Godzilla alone, the earth needs both of you together to defend her and it will take the both of you together to surmount this challenge." the Cosmos go on.

Kane and Mya finally make it off of Mothra and onto the ground. Kane prepares to enlarge size to match Taker's but before doing so Kane unmasks briefly to share a passionate embrace and a kiss with Mya. She holds onto him tightly not wanting to let go, she knows that against what they're facing it could mean death for both her true love and his valiant brother. She begins to sob in his arms not wanting to accept the reality of what is about to happen. But as he has done before Kane gently wipes away her tears as he gazes longingly upon her.

"Mya we consented to your wish to witness what will happen here but from this point on it must be done from a safe distance." the Cosmos intercede as a portal opens near Mya.

She glances over at it for a moment before looking back at Kane who gestures for her to step through it. She embraces Kane one more time before starting towards the portal. Neither Kane or the Undertaker take their eyes off her as she enters it. Once through she is teleported to a high wooded hillside far enough away to be safe yet still be able to see everything that transpires. From her vantage point she can see the Undertaker and then Kane too as he hits his max size as well. The two brothers turn to one another and clasp arms in a form similar to that of an Indian handshake.

"Never could take no for an answer could you little brother." Taker jokingly smiles.

Kane just shakes his head no, if Taker didn't know any better he could swear Kane was smiling too underneath his garish mask.

"Very well then. Whatever our fate may be we will face it together. And whether we live or die we shall give Godzilla a fight he won't soon forget." Taker swears.

And as if Godzilla could hear the Undertaker's words he suddenly explodes with a roar from Tokyo Bay as he rises from the depths. Taker and Kane's heads instantly snap over in the direction of Godzilla whose wake from his thunderous emergence sends tsunamis crashing into the bay which capsize a few stray boats that have been left in the dock. The Undertaker clinches his fists while Kane throws his hair back to get a better look at their adversary wading ashore. Mothra hovers nearby, Taker telepathically asks her to stay clear of the battle, she reluctantly agrees.

Meanwhile a psionic image of the Cosmos materializes next to Mya to behold the confrontation as well. Godzilla finally lumbers ashore, after four long years the mightiest monster in the history of the world returns to Japanese soil. Another deafening roar signals his arrival on the mainland as Taker and Kane look on. The trio then engage in a tense stare down, Godzilla eyes his opponents carefully as he moves slowly closer. He can indeed sense tremendous power emanating from the both of them, but he'll be damned if he lets that stop him.

The brief stare down is ended when Godzilla fires off his radioactive breath sending both Taker and Kane diving in different directions. Kane draws Godzilla's fire as Taker teleports, he reappears right in front of Godzilla and slams his right fist down releasing the attack Taker likes to call his energy shockwave. It backs Godzilla up slightly who then looks down at Taker with a bemused expression as if saying "you gotta be kidding me."

Taker suddenly feels very foolish as the towering giant bears its vehement stare down upon him.

"...oh boy." Taker manages to mummer just before Godzilla nails him with his nuclear pulse!


Kane jumps high as Taker flies through the air, catching him before he can hit the ground. Once the both of them are down Kane ducks, rolls, and comes up right in Godzilla's face with his inferno attack. Kane quickly lifts his arms up and then brings them back down using his powers to trigger an explosive firestorm right under Godzilla's feet. This attack too moves the behemoth slightly but like Taker's scenario it seems to annoy him more than anything else.


Kane gets a full frontal breath blast for his trouble, this time its Taker who gets to do the catching. It is becoming painfully obvious that one-on-ones with Godzilla just aren't going to cut it, so the brothers opt for tandem offense!

Godzilla unleashes another breath last but this time Taker and Kane have a strategy. Kane jumps high into a somersault dodging the attack while Taker absorbs it into a mini portal that he generates between his palms. Kane comes back down landing a missile dropkick into Godzilla's chest full force! At that exact moment Taker reopens his mini portal right in Godzilla's face letting him get blasted by his own fire! Moving quickly Kane puts a low sweep kick into the back of Godzilla's left knee while Taker lunges in with a flying clothesline at the last moment!

The staggered superbeast finally falls!

"Christ! All this just to get him off his feet!?" Taker thinks to himself.

But Godzilla pops back up again very quickly and slightly pissed to boot. Taker hits him with a combination backhand into a tornado kick but the monster just seems to absorb the impact. Meanwhile Kane tries to move in from behind but Godzilla's tail proves to be most aggravating! Kane tries to grab hold of it as Godzilla swings it into him but there's just way too much power behind it! His tail slams into Kane and then brings him around into Taker as Godzilla turns with the momentum!


Taker who has been trying to spar with the kaiju king never saw it coming! As they fall several small structures crumble beneath them with a little smoke and fire. They get to their feet only to be put down again as a very intense breath blast strikes Taker dead on and puts him into Kane with a thud! This shot puts them into the metro area which Godzilla takes full advantage of as another well placed fire shot strikes the base of a tall building that Taker and Kane have landed nearby. The both of them have to dart off in opposite directions to avoid being crushed by the falling skyscraper!

Having seen enough Mothra flies in from the distance and dives firing off her antennae beams. Though the assault does no noticeable damage as the rays strike Godzilla's back it does distract him long enough for the Undertaker and Kane to regain their composure. They decide to rush in for a double tackle hoping their combined mass will bring the kaiju king down. Godzilla turns from taking potshots at Mothra just in time to see Taker and Kane running at him, but by the time he sees them coming its already too late!


All three of them go down in a heap. Godzilla tries to spring back up but Taker and Kane pour on the physicality with energized punches and kicks! Godzilla does get vertical again but is having trouble keeping his balance as his aggressors don't let up for even the slightest moment! The empowered brothers continue their onslaught as they seem to actually start pushing Godzilla back! Mothra then hovers in releasing her paralyzation powder from her wings to aid the furious barrage. Taker and Kane stop their attack and backflip away as the powder comes down. A dazed Godzilla looks up and tries breathing his radioactive fire at Mothra but she dodges from side to side as she continues releasing the powder. This weapon temporarily paralyzed the muscles of the last Godzilla, Mothra is curious to see if it will work on this one. As the powder starts to take effect Taker and Kane look on. It is slowing down but it's not putting him down, the fact that this Godzilla is more powerful than the last is seemingly coming into play here.

But it's more than good enough for Taker and Kane and dart over and really start laying it in on the comatose monster! The twosome give Godzilla a boot to the gut doubling him over just long enough for them to get a grip on him. Taker and Kane both swing one of Godzilla's arms over the back of their necks while they each wrap an arm around Godzilla's neck. Using their other arms to support Godzilla's loathsome weight, Mya and the Cosmos watch in disbelief as they heave Godzilla up for a suplex! With their arms and backs straining beyond belief they actually manage to lift him straight up and then fall back with his tremendous girth!


The impact tremors of his landing send shock waves for miles! Taker and Kane then sit up in their characteristic rising from the dead fashion. But only moments later Godzilla is pushing himself up off the ground looking none the worse for wear! Not even giving him a chance to catch his breath Taker and Kane move in again this time each of them clasp a hand around his throat. With a mighty pull they lift him up and chokeslam him back down!


But still the monster of monsters recovers staggering to his feet yet again! What is worse is that his g-cells are starting to counteract the paralyzation powder as his movement starts to become less sluggish. Realizing that they have to pull off something big and fast the Undertaker speaks to the Cosmos.

"Cosmos can you hear me, we must finish this now. Give us your strength!"

With that having been said the Cosmos begin the song of Mothra, it's enchanting harmony echoes throughout the land. As it is sung waves of energy emanate from the Cosmos, these waves go straight to the Undertaker and Kane who can suddenly feel their power increasing. Mothra too can feel it as she releases a slew of energy bolts from her wings that practically freeze Godzilla in place! This attack reinforces the paralyzing powder, she hopes it will hold the titan long enough for whenever it is Taker and Kane plan to do. The Undertaker in the meantime merely nods to his brother who understands the signal completely as the both of them begin charging up enormous energy spheres between their palms. One grows in Taker's hands as well as Kane's as they reach their hands off to one side of their bodies, Taker to his right and Kane to his left as the energy continues to build. As the song of Mothra continues and intensifies the spheres only get bigger! Eventually they grow too large for either to contain and with a wink from Taker they hurl their devastating weapons at the prone Godzilla!


There is a blinding flash which Taker and Kane have to shield their eyes from. When they do look over at where Godzilla was standing they see him lying motionless on the ground.

"My God, it actually worked." Taker whispers falling to his knees.

That attack takes a lot out of both of them as Kane kneels down for a moment as well to rest. But the fruits of their labor lie before them. Mothra chirps happily nearby as she flies around in circles over Godzilla's body.

"Cosmos, Cosmos can you hear me?" Taker tries to say but there is no reply.

"Cosmos? Cosmos is something wrong?" he asks again.

The reason they are not answering is because they are performing an intense mental scan of Godzilla's body. Mya had also started to rejoice until she saw what the Cosmos were up to.

"Undertaker..." the Cosmos begin to say...

"GODZILLA ISN'T DEAD!" They scream breaking out of their trance!

Taker's head whips over towards Godzilla's body whose eyes suddenly snap open with a fiery blaze!

"Oh my God." Taker stutters as Godzilla rises with a tremendous roar!

Kane looks up in shock as well, just what in the hell are they supposed to do now! Godzilla catches Mothra completely by surprise with a fire blast knocking her out of the sky as she crashes down brutally nearby! Taker and Kane rush in but unfortunately for them Godzilla has another nasty surprise for them. You see all the hits and blasts he has been taking whether it was lasers, shock waves, or the energy spheres he has just been hit by, have all been absorbed into his body! Thus he uses this stored energy to unleash a nuclear pulse the likes of which has never been goes off before the Undertaker and Kane can reach him.


When the smoke finally clears all that can be seen is Godzilla standing tall. The blast caused untold devastation, there is debris from buildings, trees, stray vehicles, even powerlines scattered everywhere. And buried somewhere beneath all this are Kane and the Undertaker. A wave of terror sweeps over Mya when she cannot spot either of them nearby. Likewise the Cosmos are deeply concerned as they probe the wreckage with their minds trying to find their battered bodies. Godzilla roars out in triumph as he walks over to the body of Mothra lying in the ground. She too has been caught by the blast and is partially buried herself. The Cosmos cringe as Godzilla leans over, they can only imagine what he'll do to her, but just then...


Another earsplitting roar cuts through the air as out from the distance flies Gamera! He has at last come to challenge Godzilla who forgetting all about Mothra turns to face the super turtle. Gamera cuts his jet propulsion just a few hundred feet above land as he plummets with earthshaking force jutting his legs out just in time to hit the ground. Rising to a fully upright position he stares hatefully at Godzilla who is more than happy to return the gaze. The two begin to circle around one another like a pair of Roman gladiators preparing to do battle. The standoff is broken when they try to nail each other with their projectile weapons. Godzilla lets loose his radioactive breath at the exact same moment that Gamera emits a plasma fireball!


They both connect as the two monsters stumble slightly. An irritated Gamera moves in for a physical exchange as the twosome start to go at it tooth and claw. For a few moments they trade bites and claw swipes with neither gaining a seeable advantage. This being the case Godzilla switches tactics as he swings around bringing his tail into Gamera's legs.


Gamera falls flat on his back as Godzilla pours on the power with a concentrated breath blast that he practically holds on him like a cutting torch. Gamera's armored shell can take the punishment but if he doesn't act fast he'll be cooked like an oyster! So Gamera pulls in his legs and activates his jet propulsion as he skids across the ground away from Godzilla. As he gains altitude he picks up speed making it difficult for Godzilla to get a bead on him for another oral beam. Circling faster than Godzilla can turn Gamera comes around and then rams him head-on.


As they go down Gamera begins to pound away tenaciously but gets knocked back by a nuclear pulse. As he steadies himself Godzilla utilizes another fire blast, but Gamera sidesteps it, spins around, and releases a trio of fireballs. Gamera does connect but his foe seems to absorb the attack. Thinking he's wasted enough time Gamera rushes in as he once again summons his terrible plasma punch! But Godzilla is not caught off guard so easily as he sends forth another energy pulse. This one however acts as a force barrier that pushes against Gamera who desperately tries to move through it! His right forearm ablaze with power the guardian of the universe spits out more fireballs trying to breach the field, but Godzilla releases more energy stiffening the shield's strength. Eventually though the building energy between them becomes too unstable and an explosion results.


Both kaiju go reeling from the blast as meanwhile the Cosmos suddenly pick up the Undertaker's life force!

"He's, they're alive!" The Cosmos say in a mixture of joy and relief.


The Undertaker and Kane explode forth from the rubble they had minutes before been buried alive in! Mya cries out ecstatically once she sees that they're both still alive. Distracted by Taker and Kane's reemergence both Godzilla and Gamera stop fighting briefly and are now staring in their direction. Taker quickly surveys the situation and says but three words...

"Let's do this."


Both the Undertaker and Kane vanish into a portal, when they reappear they're right in front of Godzilla!


They hit him with a double thrust kick to his chin stunning him slightly. But the angry monster retaliates with tail and claw as he swings at his adversaries. They stick and move, bop and weave, duck and dodge, their advantage in speed and agility helps keep them out of Godzilla's grasp. In the meantime Gamera has started to back away slowly using this distraction to his advantage as his chest begins to glow a bright orange color! If Taker could only stop long enough to look over at Gamera he'd realize what he is up to and know that it meant trouble! The physical confrontation continues between them as all the while Gamera's chest starts glowing even brighter as luminescent energy waves begin to converge in the sky right above where Gamera is standing! Where the waves converge a huge energy beam shoots down out of the sky striking Gamera. He looks up at the battle in front of him, his eyes a crimson red as his chest cavity suddenly opens! Taker just happens to look over at the last second!

"DOWN!" He yells diving off to one side tackling his brother out of harm's way!


Gamera's ultimate weapon, the mana blaster is fired with all its incredible power! Even though they were not the target the initial shockwave of the blast sends both Taker and Kane hurtling for miles! A midair teleportation is the only thing that saves them from a crippling landing! Godzilla quickly accesses his energy barrier again, the same one that he had used to defend himself against Gamera's plasma punch! But this time Godzilla knows that the shield will not hold and thusly prepares for it as he builds another incredible surge of energy within his body! The brothers of destruction quickly return to the battleground as Taker sizes up the situation and decides to take action as he opens a massive portal beneath both Godzilla and Gamera which they fall into. A quick teleport and both monsters are on an uncharted island. A second later Godzilla's shield is obliterated and the mana blaster hits him with the force of a hurricane! Godzilla then unleashes an unbelievable eruption of power as his own body becomes the focal point of a nuclear explosion! The entire surface of the island is blasted clean almost to a glassy sheen! The concussion force of the blast hits Gamera hard as he flies practically to the other side of the island! What remains of the mana beam shoots of up into the sky as Gamera finally crashes back down! Taker and Kane arrive on the scene a few moments later.

"" Taker trails off beholding the devastation.

"Cosmos can you hear me?"

"Yes Undertaker." They answer telepathically.

"Did Gamera's mana beam cause this?!"

"No, this is a result of Godzilla's power."

"But how? I knew this new Godzilla was more powerful than the original...but this?" Taker says looking at the landscape around him.

"You must understand Undertaker, this Godzilla absorbed the energy of the first Godzilla's meltdown. Something that if it went unchecked would have turned the entire country of Japan into a molten slag heap and burned a hole down through the Earth's crust. All of that power is now at this Godzilla's disposal." They explain.

"Or was." Taker says as he then notices Godzilla's body lying nearby in a twisted heap.

They move in slowly and cautiously, but once they are upon him the rather ghastly and grizzly results seem quite obvious. Godzilla's hide has practically been seared off his body! On parts of him the epidermis has been completely burned away and various muscle groups are missing with bare bone exposed in certain areas as well. The damage looks to be a combination of both the mana beam and his own nuclear wave!

"It looks like Gamera still got the job done after all. Jesus age Christ Godzilla practically detonated his own body in order to resist the mana beam...but it didn't work." Taker whispers.

But suddenly Godzilla's body twitches slightly, his claws grate through the bloodied soil as his eyes slowly flutter open! Taker and Kane look on in total disbelief as the king of all monsters cumbersomely rises! Taker has a look on his face like he's seen a ghost, Kane meanwhile is shaking his head not wanting to believe what his eyes are showing him as the kaiju king's unbelievable g-cells begin to regenerate the lost muscles and tissue!


Taker and Kane are on him like a bad rash, they have to strike now while he is still regenerating or they don't stand a chance! A flurry of punches, kicks, and elbows shower the injured monster as suddenly a plasma ball comes shooting in out of nowhere that strikes the still open wounds causing him to roar in agony! The Undertaker turns to see a horrendously mutilated Gamera awkwardly flying in and crashing down near them as Godzilla sends forth a combination of both his breath blast and a nuclear pulse! Taker and Kane manage to dodge the breath weapon but are caught by the pulse as they fly backwards away from its epicenter! Spotting his opening Gamera bolts as Godzilla nails the charging guardian with his breath but Gamera takes the damage and keeps on coming! By now Godzilla has almost completely healed aside from a closing wound in his abdomen. At the last second Gamera thrusts his right claw into Godzilla's wound before it can fully close! As a result the laceration heals around Gamera's arm practically melding their flesh together! The shelled titan tries to quickly summon a plasma punch but is far too drained as Godzilla however begins to channel his energy!


Godzilla's dorsal plates light up like a Christmas tree as he practically starts frying Gamera with his awesome radioactivity! It is as if Gamera has stuck his hand in a massive light socket but in Godzilla's case change the voltage from 220 to 220 billion! In the meantime Taker and Kane move back in as Kane attempts a tackle but is caught by a claw around his throat by Godzilla. The Undertaker pounds away but cannot get the saurian to relinquish his grip! Another thrust kick is attempted but Godzilla catches the foot in his jaws and routes some of the energy he's frying Gamera with into the Undertaker! Temporarily stunned the by the energy feed, Taker for the moment is immobilized, so Godzilla hooks the leg Taker is standing on with his left hand putting him down on his back. Kane meanwhile has been forced down onto his knees and is suffocating from the kaiju king's unyielding death grip. Godzilla pulls Kane close looking at him eye to eye, Taker tries to sit up but Godzilla plants a foot on his chest pinning him down. Godzilla then turns his attention back to Kane as he opens his maw. What happens next for Kane is like a nightmare straight out of his past as a radioactive breath beam bores right into Kane's face! Godzilla looks on as Kane hits the ground with his hands clasped over his smoldering face! If he still had a voice box he would surely be screaming! His mask has been incinerated and the nuclear fire has reached nerves in the big red machine's face that were thought to be dead long ago!

"Kane!" Taker bellows trying to spring up again but Godzilla keeps him pinned.

As for Gamera who by now is completely engulfed in flames Godzilla finally deals with him by means of a massive energy shockwave!


Gamera goes for miles before coming down somewhere off shore, Taker looks up to see Gamera's right arm still stuck in Godzilla's gullet! Godzilla then reaches down and wincing only slightly rips the claw out of himself, the opening left behind closes shortly after. He then looks down at Taker, it's hard to tell what he is going to do next. But the deadman doesn't give him a chance as a point blank energy sphere to the face at last enables him to struggle free! The Undertaker quickly rushes over to Kane who is still rolling around on the ground in misery. Realizing there is little more Kane can do Taker begins to open a teleport gate to get them off the island and back to Tokyo. But as he opens the gate Godzilla spear tackles the brothers hard as all three of them fly into the portal! Back in Tokyo all three combatants come tumbling out of the vortex as they hit the ground hard. The Cosmos sensing Kane's agony teleport him off the battlefield themselves and place him with them and Mya back at human size as Mya runs over to him. He's still grabbing his face as Mya cradles him in her arms, she can't help but start to cry. Kane's healing abilities are slowly but surely taking care of the damage but it may take more time than Taker has against Godzilla. The Cosmos appear next to them and begin to try and speed the recovery along with their own powers. Meanwhile both the Undertaker and Godzilla have regained a vertical stance and are staring each other down.

"Let's finish this." Taker scowls.


The second the Undertaker speaks Godzilla plows into him like a raging bull. The two go crashing through the heart of downtown Tokyo as buildings of all shapes and sizes topple! But Taker uses his larger foe's momentum against him as he flips him over top of himself, Taker's legs strain under the behemoth's weight but he goes over nonetheless. Godzilla rises quickly though and releases his oral ray yet again but Taker jumps high above its aim and comes back down into a flying karate kick. If only budges Godzilla a little unfortunately and when Taker turns around-


Godzilla was already in mid swing with his tail before the Undertaker could spin back around! Trying to steady himself after the blow he is caught off guard by another breath shot, more skyscrapers fall as Taker goes down! He lifts himself up as quickly as possible trying to shake off the cobwebs as Godzilla advances on him. He wants to hit Taker with another breath blast but the dead man doesn't waste a second as he swings a fallen building up like a club into Godzilla's jaw!


The leviathan staggers off to one side as Taker hurls the high-rise like a javelin! But Godzilla obliterates in midair with yet another breath shot! Utilizing that as a useful diversion Taker launches himself at Godzilla with a scissor kick but the kaiju catches Taker's right foot in his claws. And with one swift motion-


Godzilla breaks Taker's ankle! The gargantuan then connects with a claw swipe knocking his opponent off-balance! Taker lands with a thud as Godzilla brings his enormous right foot down on him before he can roll out of the way!


Taker can feel a couple of his ribs snapping but he isn't out of the fight yet! But as he struggles to rise Godzilla brings his tail around into Taker's back!


Put down on his knees he suddenly feels numb all over.


A blindside fire blast sends Taker rolling! Burnt, battered, and damn near broken in half Taker vainly tries to stand but falls back to one knee. Godzilla at this time is slowly moving towards Taker planning God only knows what as his eyes along with his dorsal plates begin to glow once more. The Undertaker said he would die fighting Godzilla if necessary and now it looked like that was exactly what was going to happen. But as he kneels there a vision comes into Taker's mind, a grim, horrible vision of death and destruction. In the vision innocent men, women, and children are screaming as they're burned and buried alive. Standing above it all is Godzilla himself spewing his cruel fire and crushing thousands underfoot!

"no." Taker begins to say.

"No!" he slowly grows louder.

"NO!" he says it again.

"NO! NOT NOW, NOT EVER!" he screams as he finally rises in an explosion of rage!


An uppercut into a backhand, a headbutt into a knee lift, a roundhouse right capped by a spinning heel kick! Each impact hits with more power and force than the last as Godzilla comes dangerously close to being toppled over! As he staggers Taker's assault intensifies as he pummels Godzilla with more speed than one could possibly imagine with all the force he can muster! To cap this unbelievable barrage the Undertaker clasps a hand around Godzilla's throat as he single-handedly picks the leviathan up off the ground as Taker's eyes roll back into his head!


Godzilla is chokeslammed back down in a matter that would have broken the neck and ruptured the spinal column of any other creature as he lands violently on the back of his head and neck!

He looks up at the Undertaker, though he cannot speak the expression on the creature's face is very clear...

"Who are you?"

"I am the reaper of twisted souls, the indomitable spirit of the earth and life itself. You will have to kill me to stop me Godzilla. Indeed you are all-powerful, worthy of your father's memory. But if you choose the path of a murderer, of a destroyer, we shall be blood enemies eternal. Thus monster of monsters one thing is clear, when this fight is over one of us shall peace."

Understanding the message loud and clear Godzilla lifts himself off the ground. Once again Godzilla's dorsal plates begin to glow...his response is obvious.

"Very well." Taker says to him.

Suddenly the Undertaker disappears into a portal! When he reappears he is right behind Godzilla whom he quickly grabs hold of! Taker then opens a new portal directly beneath the both of them that swallows them up instantly! All who are watching cannot figure out where they could have gone. But the answer is made clear as the portal reopens hundreds of miles into earth's atmosphere as both Godzilla and the Undertaker plummet to what will most likely be a fatal impact! As the heat of their re-entry ignites their bodies Mya is the first to spot them coming down like a flaming comet! And then...


Any structures that might still have been standing in the bay area before now are leveled upon impact! An enormous smoking crater indicates where Godzilla and the Undertaker have crashed. The Cosmos and Mya watch with mouths agape, nothing living could have survived that fall within any logic or reason! But as they continue to watch they can actually see two distinct shapes moving in the thick smoke! Indeed both the Undertaker and Godzilla were still alive! Both combatants painfully pull themselves up facing one another, their bodies still wracked with the numbness and disorientation of their descent. The Undertaker can barely stand as he quivers in a hunched over position with his arms practically dangling at his sides. Godzilla glares at the Undertaker with unbridled fury! Who was this powerful humanoid who dared to oppose him, who kept getting back up after being put down again and again. This being had managed to take assaults that had crippled or killed previous challengers and still he rose! And as for the Undertaker he too could honestly say that never in his life had he ever faced a beast with as much raw power as the one he stood before now.


Godzilla nails the Undertaker dead on with another blast of his radioactive breath as Taker goes flying backwards slamming through the decimated remains of more buildings becoming partially buried the debris. Godzilla lumbers out of the crater looming over the Undertaker like a dark cloud, the dead man was finished he had completely expended every last ounce of power and strength he had left. He has not even the strength to rise as he lies in a bruised and bloody heap. It would take more time than he had for his healing factor to repair his wounds. Mya and the Cosmos are distraught they know they are about to watch the Undertaker die as Godzilla's body seethes with energy preparing for another assault. Mothra tries to attack again but a nuclear pulse sends her crashing to the ground. Godzilla then turns back to the Undertaker who braces himself for the onslaught to come. Once more Godzilla's dorsal plates begin to glow.


"STOP!" A sudden voice from afar echoes in everyone's ears, as it dies out it grows eerily silent.

Turning in the direction of the voice Godzilla's curiosity once again takes over. As he looks closer he can see standing atop one of the few buildings spared by the devastation what appears to be a woman. Taker sees her as well and is at somewhat of a loss for words.

"Who is this woman, is she crazy?!" Taker thinks to himself.

As for Godzilla he moves in for a better look.

"Godzilla, do you remember me?!" the woman yells as he squints his eyes up close.

"I was there when you were first born but back then I didn't call you Godzilla, then you were just my little baby." she continues.

As Godzilla's eyes focus upon the woman's face a flashback slams into him like a freight train! A memory of himself struggling to escape from an egg and her face being the first thing he saw when he finally hatched. Her name was Dr. Azuza Gojo and she was also the first thing he had imprinted himself upon. And indeed she had cared for him from the moment of his emergence. Azusa can see the recognition in his face as they stare at each other.

"Yes Godzilla its me, you may not have been human but I loved you just as much as any mother would love her child. And I still do baby, that is why I am here. Why baby, why have you come back in this way, why have you caused such destruction? There were no such feelings in you when you were young, you were passive and innocent. I always hoped you would not follow in your the original Godzilla's footsteps. We are not to blame for what happened to the original Godzilla, his own nuclear heart gave out on him. If the JSDF had not done what they did his meltdown could have taken the entire planet with it!"

Godzilla's emotions are in an uproar as he grapples with what his foster mother has just said. They were the same words used by Ultraman, Godzilla didn't believe him but Azusa had never deceived him and now she boasted the same claim! Nearby without their knowledge the Undertaker uses his telepathy to ease drop on the conversation.

"It's not too late baby you can still choose a different path than this one!" Dr. Gojo exclaims.

Godzilla stands before her confused and unsure.

"Please baby, if you still have any feelings for me at all...!"

The answer to that is obviously a yes as he outstretches his right palm to her which he gently lays beside her. She seems hesitant at first, but then reasserting herself as well as her faith in a creature that she knows is not truly evil despite its namesake she slowly climbs on. She nestles easily with room to spare in the center of Godzilla's hand. As he looks down at her she smiles at him, her pleasant expression brings back a flood of memories from the past. Memories of her feeding and caring for him, playing with him, even caressing him to sleep at night. Lending an unseen hand Taker uses his mental abilities to allow Azusa to see what Godzilla is thinking. When she does her smile broadens all the more.

"I know there is good in you baby, please don't do this. This is my people. I beg of you baby." she implores.

After thinking for a few moments Godzilla's head turns slightly in Taker's direction.

"He is not your enemy baby he is only doing what he can to protect innocent life. True, man with his science and weapons have done some terrible things, but if you trample all of mankind into oblivion the innocent will die along with the guilty!"

Godzilla looks back at Azusa then back at the Undertaker, Mya still holding Kane in her arms and the Cosmos can only guess what the beast is pondering. After some very serious thought Godzilla finally comes to a decision. He and Azusa went through a lot together when he was but a hatchling, she was the one human he trusted, that he could always depend on. He looks out towards the rest of the city yet untouched by his wrath then back at Azusa once more.

"Please baby, search your heart. You know what the right choice is!" she pleads.

You could cut the tension with a knife. Hell, you could swath through it with a broadsword for that matter! As Taker's mental powers link Godzilla's and Azusa's minds together the gargantuan beast's thoughts become words...


The Undertaker exhales deeply, he's been holding his breath for that answer. Tears of joy stream down Azusa's face as she looks up at Godzilla.

"Thank you baby! Thank you!" she cries.

Godzilla nods to her and then slowly and gently puts Azusa back down on the building she had been standing upon. As she climbs off onto the rooftop she softly rubs the gigantic hand she had been resting in only moments before.

"Go home baby...go home." she tells him in a soft and soothing tone.

Godzilla nods once more and spurts a tiny growl in farewell before turning away from her, when he does so he is facing the Undertaker who has finally gotten back on his feet. After looking at one another for a few seconds Godzilla simply nods, Taker in response does the same. The mighty kaiju then turns and begins his trek back the way he came in, through Tokyo Bay. Taker shrinks back down and then teleports to the rooftop where Dr. Gojo is still standing.

"Congratulations madam you've managed to single-handedly do what no other defender or monster could do, halt Godzilla's tour of decimation. May I have the honor of your name? " He says suddenly appearing near her.

"I am Dr. Azusa Gojo and I didn't do it alone, you, your brother Kane, Mothra, even Gamera as hard as it is to believe also did your part in trying to stop him...I'm sorry I didn't get here sooner, if I did perhaps what happened to your brother and Gamera could have been avoided."

"You have done nothing wrong Dr. Gojo there is no need to blame yourself, you have done your country and your people proud."

"Thank you."

"It is obvious that you and Godzilla have a unique bond, today that bond prevented what could have been the worst rampage of annihilation since the original Godzilla himself first set foot on Japanese soil."

"Yes, before he left for Birth Island with the first Godzilla the two of us grew very close, I was hoping he hadn't forgotten me."

"Doctor will you come with me please?" Taker asks as he opens a new portal.

After stepping through they join up with the Cosmos, Mya, and Kane. The Cosmos are all smiles when they arrive.

"The human race owes you both as well as Kane and Gamera a debt of thanks." The Cosmos proclaim.

"How is Kane?" Taker asks.

"He passed out from the pain but his healing factor like yours should take care of his injuries in time, he will be fine." They answer.

Taker breathes a sigh of relief as a distant roar from Godzilla grabs everyone's attention as they all look to the coast. He has started into the bay and is slowly moving out to the open sea.

"What will happen now?" Mya asks.

"Hopefully he will go far from civilization and stay there, that is if civilization can leave him alone." Taker says with a somewhat sour expression knowing that is quite unlikely.

"Indeed, Godzilla has spared humanity by his own choosing, man's actions in the future will decide if it stays that way." the Cosmos explain.

"I hope it does." Azusa says.

The Undertaker looks back down at Kane still being gently stroked in Mya's arms, it makes him realize just how horrendous an ordeal they have all just endured. Suddenly a thought of Gamera comes to mind as he ponders the battle they just had.

"I'll be right back!" Taker tells everybody as he disappears with a flash.

He teleports back to the island appearing on the shoreline spot that he thought he saw Gamera come down at but there is no sign of him. He finds a place with four separate scorch marks on the ground that looked like the kind that are usually left behind by Gamera's jet propulsion. He either swam back to shore or washed ashore as it is obvious that he survived and will live to fight another day. But Taker couldn't help but wonder when that day finally comes will it be he who fights against the guardian of the universe? Knowing it is an issue he will have to deal with another time Taker returns to the others with one more swirling vortex.

"No sign of Gamera?" the Cosmos inquire as Taker reappears.


Mothra chirps high above them meanwhile, she is taken one helluva beating but is obviously still alive and flapping.

"Our work here is done Undertaker it is time for us to go." the Cosmos tell him.

"You all go on ahead, I'll catch up later." he says.

Mothra lands so that Mya and Kane can climb on, as the psionic image of the Cosmos fades away Taker turns to Dr. Gojo.

"It would be an honor and a pleasure if you would allow me to take you back home Miss Gojo."

"I would be honored as well." She says with a smile and a bow.

As Taker opens another gateway Dr. Gojo looks out to sea still obviously thinking about Godzilla. Taker couldn't help but wonder what the creature's future held as well.

"Well at least Miki and Mayumi will be happy." Taker ponders to himself, seeing that they were hoping both Godzilla and Gamera would survive the encounter.

"Still concerned about your little baby?" Taker asks.

"At one time I was, but not now. He isn't a little baby anymore, he is Godzilla... King of all monsters."

With that having been said Dr. Gojo turns and both her and the Undertaker step through the gateway and vanish.


Godzilla plunges deep beneath the waves towards the ocean floor. For now he has chosen to leave humanity be, but if they ever came looking for him or hunting him the way they did his father he could not promise that he wouldn't change his mind. And as for the Undertaker it couldn't really be said that they were anything like friends now, but there was a mutual respect that could not be denied. He would not soon forget the man from the darkside and he would most certainly never forget his precious Azusa, whose love showed him the way.