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All Japanese interjections, flashbacks and the characters' thoughts are written in italic.

Warning: this will not be a story for a weak heart. Pain and tragedy up ahead.

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Prologue: A short introduction

When the calamity of 1998 ended much to everyone's relief Sakakibara Kouichi and his remaining classmates graduated at the end of the school year and left for high schools in different parts of the country. With time each and every one of them forgot about the horror they reluctantly witnessed in the first half of that school year. And it was for the best.

The generation that followed immediately took the appropriate countermeasures by making a girl non-existent right at the beginning of the year. Thus the calamity didn't occur in the year of 1999. However, the generation of 2000 wasn't as informed as the one before them and made the same error the class of 1998 did: they failed to choose the non-existent student soon enough. They only accomplished this cruel task in early June. Understandably, nobody wanted to volunteer. Despite this costly mistake the calamity didn't happen that year either. Everyone dreaded the moment when it would start again, taking one student after another. But several months passed and no suspicious accidents occurred, nobody died. Not for the forthcoming twenty-two years.

It was the year 2022. It has been fifty years now that Yomiyama Misaki died and this year would be definitely different than all those in the past. Soon enough the dead would start piling up and spread fear and panic amongst the students. After all these years the various rumours about the curse have almost died out and there were only a few teachers who recalled the details of the consequences if no countermeasures were taken. Upon retiring in 2014, Chibiki Tatsuji has cut all his ties with the Yomiyama North Middle School. If there was no curse, nobody was needed to keep a record of it either. Those who knew the details regarded the calamity as a natural phenomenon which has finally come to an end. They were wrong. The curse was like an earthquake: you could never predict when precisely it would happen until you started to feel its effects. And of course, by then it would be already too late.

Now, will the class of 2022 be left to fate or will there be someone who will manage to gather enough of the lost pieces to face the calamity?