A/N: Hello! As you can see this is not another chapter, but a short list of changes that you need to know.

Yes, I am still here and I haven't forgotten about this story. I can't find the words to apologise for being away for more than a year, but I swear I didn't have such a long hiatus in mind. *puppy eyes* (*whispers* please forgive me...)

Here's the reason: I had the biggest (and when I say 'biggest' I mean FREAKING ENORMOUS) writer's block ever. No matter what I wrote it just didn't feel right and no matter what kind of corrections I made I was still in a blind alley. I have at least five or six different versions written somewhere on my computer that never got used. *sigh*

However! The other day I sat down determined to give it another try and I succeeded. *opens champagne* Yes! Actually, I got really inspired with many ideas popping into my head. Which brings me to my next point.
I decided to end Never forgotten. Chapter 5 was the last one. When I look at it now I get the feeling that it was a nice finish. Don't fret though, faithful reader, for I have prepared a surprise!


Like I said above I started writing again. Which means there is a sequel to Never forgotten in the works :) Since my primary idea was to write about Kouichi and Mei (a.k.a. their friendship) I am focusing on that in my new story. It didn't get past my attention that quite a few of my readers ship the two friends (duh. I'd be a liar if I said I wasn't fond of them). So I encourage you to head over to my profile where you can find a new story called Beyond the horizon. However, before starting it I'd like to recommend reading the last chapter of Never forgotten again since I made a couple of little changes. And also to refresh your memory because I haven't updated in half a century. (mental note: don't do that ever again)
Here's a lovely quote to send you on your way:

"There's always room for a story that can transport people to another place." J. K. Rowling

See you! :)


P.S. - As always I thank you a lot for reading my writing! When I was away I still kept receiving new follows and favourites which encouraged me not to abandon this story. THANK YOU! I will do my best to keep delivering more adventures ;)