Chapter 1: Medical Misuse

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Within a dark office, a lone man sat at the chair, shuffling through his briefcase, stopping and picking up various cards within his hand, eight cards in total, but four were sparking in an odd fashion. He laid six of them down on his desk, holding up two others, a deep shade of bluish red appearing on the backside, electricity still sparking around the cards. A voice then called out to him, not distinguished from where, but the presence still known.

"What intel has our peons gathered so far?"

The man then snickered, before reaching down with his left hand, raising it, replacing the two previous cards with new ones, both with a '13' glowing on the back as well.

"It's just as I said, for it is time that we strike Tsukumo down, and we have everything that is needed to do so. Now..."

He moved four out of the eight cards away from the desk, placing them back into the case, pushing the other four near the very edge of his desk.

"I believe that this will be very suitable bait to lure them all into our plan."

A low laugh could be heard within the room, stopping momentarily as a hand within the limited light could be seen raised, shooting a stream of red and black, touching the cards, all of them glowing red, with indistinguishable symbols being written.

"There. That should do it."

The two then laughed haughtily in the darkness, an echo resonating off of the walls.

Heartland High:

"Now, please have your seats, I have an announcement to make!"

As the students took their seats in front of the screen, a certain red and black haired student sat down, with some deep ponderings.


The student's thoughts were then broken as a blue spirit had materialized next to him, looking at his expression with some worry. He then sighed, directing his gaze away from the blue one.

"What do you want Astral?"

"There's something bothering you, you usually never have had this long of a thought process, or even have gone this long without talking."

Yuma continued looking away from Astral, staring off towards the nearby girl, who was seated below him rather than beside him, as per usual.

"What's up with Kotori today? She hasn't been the same since a few weeks ago..."

Two weeks ago:

"Sorry that you had to get involved in that duel Yuma...he always hangs around me."

"Who is that guy? You still really haven't given me a straight answer."

Kotori hesitated a little, giving in after a long silence.

"He's...the son of my mom's boss."

"So...a head lawyer?"

She slowly nodded, shaking her head a little bit afterwards.

"Something like that...I should probably go."

" is getting pretty late..." trailed off Yuma as he stared into the sky. "Although, I noticed you really haven't been acting like yourself, you know that?" he continued on as she had her back turned to him. She then spoke again, her back still at him. "My mom should be home by now, she's going to worry about me...see you tomorrow!"

Kotori then turned around, putting on a small smile, waving back at Yuma, running the other direction as him. Even with that smile, Yuma could see right through her, where he saw something that he rarely saw from her until now.


"That guy from two weeks ago...she still seems shaken up by him."

The sound of the nearby door opening then snapped Yuma back into reality.

"Alright everyone, pay attention! If you could all please stop what you're doing right now and direct your gazes to the front!"

The classroom's noise then settled down for a moment, a man entering the room, now at the side of the instructor.

"Everyone, please meet our new student teacher. He shall be spending the next few weeks with us learning just as you are, on how to be an excellent teacher."

The man was dressed in a black leather jacket, a pair of leather shoes, and slacks, with an odd wristwatch on his left wrist. His hair was tailored with multiple layers, blue locks jutted upwards, the rest was in five large spikes, emphasizing how black his hair was, the edges of the spikes dyed in white, with aqua green eyes.

"My name is Kagami Pavise, but you can all refer to me by either name. I look forward to staying here for the next week as your guide for a future."

The students then all bowed, before resuming to their seats. In the meantime, the class proceeded to gossip while a video was loading up for them.

"He looks so much like that really famous legendary duelist!"

"You mean Yugi?"

"He certainly does look like the king of games!"

"The hair's the only thing that separates them though."

Yuma stared at him intensely for a brief moment, before he found his deck holder glowing from inside his bag.

"The numbers are reacting? Why now?"

The video on screen then was fully rendered, playing as soon as the lights went off.

"Greetings, Heartland!"

A man in his late teens was wearing a black suit, whose auburn hair was slicked back, along with a pair of black square-framed glasses resting on his face, was giving a warm smile to all of them on the video stream. However, Yuma on the other hand just scowled, along with Kagami, strangely enough.


"I'm so sorry to intrude in on your day, but I must make this announcement to all that are willing to listen. In any case, I am hosting a Duel Monsters Tournament, using an all new beta tested online gaming software, the, Xceed cereBrum Reality Augmentation Matter Intellect Network, or the X.B.R.A.I.N! I, along with many other engineers have personally tested this out, as to open up a new world of Solid Vision, or in layman's terms, the holograms used to create Duel Monsters, as we are introducing Solid Vision with MASS! It's still in beta testing, but I encourage all of you to join in on this wonderful new tournament with this new technology! And to make it even better, there's even a new card that has just been released, and I have one of the copies here as a prize!"

As he showed it on screen, it was only a small moment, but as Yuma saw the card, he felt a small tugging sensation in his mind, along with a quick flash of red light forming odd symbols. By the time he was back in reality, his speech had already ended.

"I hope to see you all again, until then, keep smiling good ladies and gentlemen!"

As the video stream ended, various students once again started gossiping among themselves, discussing the announcement that was just made. On the other hand, Yuma had his mouth slightly agape, where he then closed it, gripping his fists.

"That card...was that a Number?"

Astral squinted, shaking his head.

"I couldn't tell Yuma...still, we need to collect the numbers. We should go."

Later that day:

Yuma was wandering around the duel area, where he was not as excited to duel as he usually did, until he saw a large crowd nearby. Wishing to know what was going on, he entered through the people, where he saw the earlier mentioned Kagami and one of the school's other students, Taiki.

"Kagami-sensei is in a duel?"

"Yep, and definitely one of the best I've ever met."

Yuma then turned to the side, where he saw a man wearing a school uniform, consisting of a blue jacket with red trim, a white shirt underneath, gray pants, and black shoes, which indicate that he wasn't from Heartland High. He had pale skin, teal hair with two curved bangs resembling clock hands, and silver eyes. His arms were crossed, where he looked at the duel stats.

"Trust me, Kagami has this one covered."

Turn 5, Taiki:

Taiki: 2800

Kagami: 2900

Taiki's Field:

Infected Mail, Continuous Spell:

Once per turn: You can target 1 Level 4 or lower monster you control; it can attack your opponent directly this turn. Send it to the Graveyard at the end of the Battle Phase.

Kagami's Field:

Chaos Sorcerer, Effect, Level 6, Spellcaster, DARK:

ATK: 2300
DEF: 2000

Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set. Must first be Special Summoned (from your hand) by banishing 1 LIGHT and 1 DARK monster from your Graveyard. Once per turn: You can target 1 face-up monster on the field; banish that target. This card cannot attack the turn you activate this effect.

"I'm not going down yet Mr. Pavise!"

Taiki then had his finger on his deck, drawing as he made his statement.

"Good draw. I summon Injection Fairy Lily!"

Taking the card he just drew, he placed it on the disk, where a small little nurse with a rocket like syringe was next to her, giving a small wink to the crowd.

Injection Fairy Lily, Effect, Level 3, Spellcaster, EARTH:

ATK: 400
DEF: 1500

If this card attacks or is attacked, during damage calculation (in either player's turn): You can pay 2000 Life Points once per battle; this card gains 3000 ATK during that damage calculation only.

Kagami just smirked.

"Ah, I remember this card. It has a very powerful effect indeed."

"Yeah, and this card is about to break the winning streak you have right now! Using Infected Mail's effect, I can have one Level 4 or below monster attack you directly, but that's not all either! I use Injection Fairy Lily's ability!"

The fairy nurse then leapt up, the rocket growing in size as she was directly above Kagami.

"I pay 2000 of my life points in order for her to gain 3000 ATK!"

Taiki: 2800 - 2000 = 800

Injection Fairy Lily:

ATK: 400 + 3000 = 3400

"That's enough to win the duel!"

The rocket was then thrown at Kagami, but his smirk didn't leave his face for a minute.

"I activate the effect of Battle Fader from my hand!"

An odd pendulum like creature then appeared in front of him, appearing right in front of the rocket as it was coming down.

"If I am about to receive a direct attack from my opponent's monster, I can negate that attack by ending the battle phase!"

An odd chime then resonated, the bell swinging from side to side, causing the sound waves to push the missile back to the nurse, which had disappeared via the effect of Infected Mail. Taiki just gritted his teeth.

"I'll set one card, and end my turn using Monster Reborn to bring Lily back from the grave in Attack Position."

His set spell/trap then appeared, along with Fairy Lily back from the graveyard, giving the same wink.

Hand: 0

Kagami still had the same grin on his face, taking his next card.

"Very well, I draw!"

As the card entered his hand, his grin kept getting wider.

"Sorry my dear student, but it looks like this duel is mine as well. I summon, Hanewata from my hand!"

As the flash of light occurred, a monster similar to Watapon in appearance, with the exception of peach pink fur and wings, rose up, a small squeal coming from the girls around them.

"Well, that's a cute monster you have there sensei."

The professor just chuckled, a smile on his face.

"Yes, but this cute little thing also is a Tuner Monster, and you'll also get to see its hidden power firsthand. I tune, Level 1 Hanewata, with Level 1 Battle Fader and Level 6 Chaos Sorcerer!"

The winged cotton then turned into a single ring, while the other two turned into seven stars, lined up horizontally in between the ring.

"From the realm of light and darkness, the two elements come together in perfect harmony! The one who brings both yin and yang to her with dominance, I call upon your very existence, come forth, Chaos Goddess!"

Chaos Goddess, Synchro, Effect, Level 8, Fairy, LIGHT:

ATK: 2800
DEF: 1800

1 LIGHT Tuner + 2 or more non-Tuner DARK monsters

Once per turn, you can send 1 LIGHT monster from your hand to the Graveyard to select 1 Level 5 or higher DARK monster in your Graveyard. Special Summon that monster. It cannot be used as a Synchro Material Monster.

"Next, I shall activate her special ability! By sending one light monster, such as Gellenduo, from my hand to the graveyard, one Level 5 or higher DARK monster can be Special Summoned from my graveyard! Please welcome once again, Chaos Sorceror!"

As the sorcerer appeared on his field again, Taiki quickly tapped something on his D-Pad.

"I activate Aegis of Gaia, where it gives me 3000 Life Points!"

A green glow then washed over the blue haired student, a refreshing feeling nonetheless.

Taiki: 800 + 3000 = 3800

"I enter my battle phase, where I shall have Chaos Goddess attack Injection Fairy Lily!"

The goddess' staff then started building a mixture of white and black energy, where it was then shot at the nurse.

"In response, I activate Injection Fairy Lily's effect again, where I pay another 2000 Life Points to increase her strength!"

The blast was then blocked by the growing missile, getting large enough to protect herself from harm.

Taiki: 3800 - 2000 = 1800

Injection Fairy Lily:

ATK: 400 + 3000 = 3400

"Now, counterattack Fairy Lily!"

The blast was then absorbed into the missile, shooting back at Chaos Goddess, destroying her in the process.

Kagami: 2900 - (3400 - 2500 = 900) = 2000

Many students were confused.

"Why did he do that?"

"He knew his monster would get destroyed, along with that card's ability!"

Astral just mused to himself as he watched.

"This duel was over the moment he Synchro Summoned Chaos Goddess."

Taiki stared at Kagami, where he knew something was up.

"Why did you attack my Lily sensei? You knew about-"

"It's ability yes, but I also knew that even if did or did not use Lily's effect, the end result is the same. Watch. Chaos Sorcerer, attack!"

Taiki's eyes opened in realization the moment the attack was declared.

"Nooooo! I don't have enough life points to increase her strength!"

The blasts from both hands of Chaos Sorcerer impacted the Fairy Lily, destroying her, and throwing Taiki back.


Taiki: 1800 - (2300 - 400 = 1900) = 0 LOSE

Kagami: 2000 WIN

As he landed on the floor, Kagami then held out a hand, helping the boy to his feet.

"Good duel young man."

Yuma was pretty amazed, as well as the crowd. "Wow! That was his fourth win in a row!" cried a student. "He's pretty unstoppable!" said another amongst the cheers. The odd man next to Yuma then smirked, giving a pat on the back of the student teacher.

"Great job Kagami, keep it up man!"

The man then looked to the side, where he then grinned.

"Well, if it isn't Zeke, did you need something?"

"Actually, I do."

Kagami noticed Zeke's sudden change in tone of voice, where he then nodded, looking back at the crowd.

"Everyone, I understand you might be a little disappointed, but you must all return to your classrooms. I need to have a discussion with this man here."

Some of the students whined, while other were understanding, doing as Kagami was told. Yuma then saw Kotori off to the side, where she was watching the duels that he was participating in as well, but out of Yuma's sight. He then followed her back to their classroom.

Later that Afternoon:

Kotori had moved back to her usual seat, but the two of them didn't really talk the entire day of the two of them being in class. It was afterschool however, and the awkwardness just lingered as they walked home. It was at that moment where they noticed a very faint smell in the air.

"That smells like...Takoyaki!" Yuma cried out in delight, grabbing Kotori's arm, dragging her with him towards a nearby food stall, with, low and behold, a group of men selling takoyaki. Yuma then quickly started speaking as soon as the both of them reached the stand. "Two orders of takoyaki if you don't mind."

The three men in the stalls then looked at each other, nodded, and pulled out a fresh batch of their food within a few minutes, handing them to the two teens.

"Thank you!"

Kotori's face then beamed a little at his considerate nature, placing one of the bite-sized pieces into her mouth as he was paying them. As she did however, her eyes then widened, where she felt something in her mind not right as she swallowed the ball. Suddenly, Yuma heard something land behind him, causing him to turn around, where he was shocked at the sight. Kotori had fainted.


5:06 pm, Parker Hospitality Center:

Yuma was in the hallway, just outside the door of the room that Kotori was in. After what she ate, the people at the takoyaki stand had called an ambulance to get her, where she was transported to the nearest hospital. After what had happened, Yuma didn't exactly trust what was in there, so he had thrown it away while he was running after the ambulance. Right now, he was sort of eavesdropping/sort of waiting for his turn for visiting Kotori, where Mrs. Mizuki had arrived before him. Even so, he could still hear the conversation from outside the room.

"So, with that lethal poison that was mysteriously found in that piece of takoyaki, it may have caused some severe brain damage. I don't know why that was in there, but it was there."

"I she going to be alright?"

Yuma cringed a little, knowing that the whole situation was practically his fault.

"Well, the brain damage might take some time to restore her memories, according to the doctors of this facility. Don't worry Mrs. Mizuki, I'll make sure to take care of your daughter very nicely, and make sure she gets what she needs. I've even developed an experimental memory restorer, thanks to my Father's development team in the medical field. It may take some time though. I will place my faith in medical science."

Yuma felt on edge, the words of the man behind the door resonating with him.

"However, in the meantime...I have a favor to ask of you when this is all remember, that, incident don't you? "

At that very instance, he was able to feel the amount of ice that was laced within his voice.

" don't mean to talk about-"

"Let's not get too hasty, all I am asking is that I can provide everything for Kotori after she has graduated, after all, you work for my currently comatose father, but with all my business connections that my father has, I can feasibly get her into a good school."

A burst of rage then was heard from Mrs. Mizuki from the other side.

"The nerve of you! I...I won't-"

"Be careful, Mrs. Mizuki. I wouldn't talk about it so soon, after all, if you managed to screw something up, you or Kotori may never see him again if something were to happen to me, or him, such as a certain pi-"

"Just give me your demands. I'm willing to listen."

Yuma then got out of his chair, slightly pressing his ear next to the door.

"All I'm asking for is for her hand in marriage. I am fairly sure we can get a pre-marital engagement ceremony set-up."

Yuma instantly froze up upon hearing his sentence, stepping away from the door, and landing in his chair.

"If you refuse-"

"Fine. When Kotori graduates, she is your bride."

"Thank you for your co-operation. Now, I believe your visitation hours are over."

The door to the room then opened, Mrs. Mizuki looking away from the room, walking away with both eyes closed into the next hallway. Yuma then swiftly entered afterwards, looking into Kotori's now comatose state in her hospital bed and gown.

"She's been met with a terrible fate, hasn't she?"

His eyes widened, slowly turning back to see the same man that he saw both two weeks ago, and this morning, giving him a small, yet genuine smile.

"It's quite unfortunate, but, I heard you two were once lovers...or maybe that was some mystical rumor that someone conjured up, but that advertisement about the wedding attire that Juan Sanchez had cooked up once begs to differ with the current circumstances."

"We are-"

"You're not, am I correct?"

Yuma's sentence was cut short, but he stayed silent for a short moment, Cassius cutting back in.

"In either case, this will either be a very complicated or a very blunt relationship that the two of us will have."

He then walked over to Kotori's side, where her hair was down, taking a small lock of the hair that was set free.

He then took a small whiff of the hair.

Yuma's jaw dropped, a fist being formed, with a visible scowl being shown. Astral then materialized next to him, where he trying to console Yuma.

"Yuma, don't let your-"

Yuma's hand then slapped Cassius', where it fell out of the grip on the hair. He was practically seething at this point, and one of his eyes had glared in the direction of Astral, where said spirit saw a burning rage in his eyes, where nothing could stop him if it could.

"Just what the hell are you up to?"

The man then just stared back at the boy, his composure changing to a sickening grin, a small bit of his tongue going over his lips, returning back to his normal carefree smile in a matter of seconds.

"Heh...your role here is nothing more than minimal Tsukumo, but I shall humor you and explain. Her mother is well below my father's senator position, where he owns everything that the Mizuki family has with a recent...trial, a few years back. Do you remember hearing of a case called...Alesander vs. State?"


"Well, that is unfortunate. To think, Kotori, keeping an incident that had happened to her father after all this time hidden away from all of her friends, not even telling her best friend."

Yuma's blood froze at the word father, the older man still grinning absentmindedly as he pushed his glasses up.

"Oh my, I guess you weren't supposed to find out about it, or at the very least...this way."

The man then sneakily slid his hand up and down around her face, poking it in various places as he continued speaking.

"Moving on, with something as mindfully destructive as a criminal case to her father's record, you could say that his congressman position was rightfully denied from him, and he ended up serving time. It is a real shame. My father then took over for him, and he became a senator, in about the same time that Alesander Mizuki was about to obtain that position. The Mizukis have hated the Parkers since. Of course, my father has also become comatose, and I'm currently running his operations for him. A stressful time, but with some support, I am able to get a hold on things...figuratively," he stopped his finger, just underneath her lips. "...and quite literally. You could say everything is in my...favor."

A hand then was wrapped tightly around his wrist. Growls of anger bubbling from Yuma's throat.

"Stop it."

Both arms then separated, Yuma continuing to speak with malice.

"Just who do you think you are, trying to take advantage of another family like this?"

The man then looked back at Yuma, a dangerous glint in his eyes.

"You...have no room to say that Tsukumo. Do you remember whose hospital this is?"

Yuma's fist then tightened, looking at the logo on the wall.

"That's right. This hospital is under the name of Parker. Without getting into specific details, that lethal poison that you made her ingest caused some major damage to her body, and therefore can kill her if you, or anyone for that matter, were to...slip up."

Cassius then leaned forwards, whispering into Yuma's ear.

"You can say that...I am technically responsible for keeping her alive. I don't believe it isn't wrong to ask for some sort of compensation for my workload. After all, I am running a senator's position, albeit with many people to help, but I am still pulling things around."

Yuma's head then fell to the floor, a chill running down his spine as Cassius walked behind him.

"I don't know what she has told you, or what things that you promised each other during your childhoods or what have you, but from this day forth, it all ends. You are invited to see the two of us in our pre-marital engagement ceremony a week from now."

Within that very second, a fist had collided with Cassius' face, his pair of glasses being bent, and some shards of glass being broken. The smile that was part of Cassius' face had disappeared, a stern glare directed instead as he replaced his eyewear.

"And with that, you, and your entire Tsukumo family line is no longer allowed near me, or Kotori ever again. You ever try, and this footage of you punching me can be easily manipulated, and destroy you, or even your family the same way. However...I am not an entirely malevolent man. You are still invited, even if you're not welcome."

Yuma's fist then retracted, looking back at Kotori for a brief moment.

"Well? Say your goodbyes. Your visiting hours are over. If you need something to entertain you until the ceremony, enter my tournament. Your...craptobingu spirit should pull yourself out of this, right, Tsukumo?"

Yuma just stood in silence.

He touched the hand that was on the bed, feeling the skin for the last time, where Cassius then shooed him out of the room after five long minutes. As the door shut behind him, Yuma stood there, his eyes to the floor, almost shadowed by his hair, not wanting to say a thing. At this point, Astral opened his mouth, but hesitated.


Yuma then ran down the hall, streams of his tears falling from his face, ignoring the protested cries of various doctors and nurses around him.

When Yuma was out of the picture, Cassius then also started leaving the room, in a completely different direction, heading towards the top floor, where he knew where his office was. However, from the depths of the darkness, a man, who was approximately the same age as him, appeared on the same floor, from behind one of the custodial room doors. He then followed Cassius into his office.

Meanwhile, on the roof of an apartment complex at Midnight:

Two men, along with two other hooded figures stood on top of the building, watching the recent events.

"Since you two are so truthfully aware of this universe, this mission is to be conducted, without a single error."

Their faces were obscured, but the moonlight was able to identify their spiky, somewhat bluish hair, even though it was hard to tell with the night sky.

"Of course. Your legion can stop worrying, our mission will be very successful, and won't need any interference from the council, when the two of us can handle such a job. It's quite ironic really, the council needs help from some freelancers like us."

A low scowl could be heard, a bitter edge added to his sentences.

"You will fail. And when you do, the council WILL lead this operation."

"Save the pre-destiny speech after we have completed our mission."

A portal opened up behind the hooded ones, the growl continuing.

"You are fated to fail, this is merely entertainment to watch you struggle."

The two hooded ones then disappeared into the portal, a chuckle coming from one of the remaining people on the roof.

"Remind me again, why did they ask us to help?"

"I believe it was something about, a better method of managing time. In any case, are you ready?"

A silver eye then shone in the moonlight

"Indeed...Yuma, is time to save the both of you."