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Third Person POV

The Doctor and the group rushed out of the cellar, happy to be rid of the place. When they started back towards the TARDIS they ran into Mycroft and informed him that it would probably be best if no one went down in the cellar unless they were looking for new lawn ornaments to keep people out. He had asked what was wrong with Lexi at which point Sherlock told him to piss off. The Doctor had shouted about language as Mycroft also scolded him before the Doctor gave him the shortest explanation he had ever given in his life and explained how Lexi had been taken over by the Cyberplanner and currently was fighting over control of her brain, they had twenty minutes to stop the Cybermen's signal from broadcasting causing people to be converted into Cybermen and they still had no idea how to do that, and if they were lucky they wouldn't all die in the process. Leaving him on that note, the group had rushed back to the TARDIS and the Doctor and River proceeded to pilot the TARDIS to Scotland Yard. They had decided to not put her on silent this time as parking in the middle of an office filled with police officers that had guns would be very not good for them if they suddenly appeared unannounced. They stepped out of the TARDIS as soon as it landed. This time around the TARDIS didn't jolt so badly as if she was actually trying to not throw them around for Lexi's sake. Lexi was still in her trance and it seemed as if her duel with the Cyberplanner was starting to come to an end.

When the Doctor and the Ponds stepped out of the Tardis they were met with the shocked faces of about a dozen police officers which included Anderson and Donovan and one Detective Inspector Lestrade who thought that he had finally lost it. Everyone was frozen and couldn't believe their eyes as a blue police box had suddenly just materialized in their division. When Sherlock Holmes and Lexi MacKenna stepped out of the box as well Donovan dropped the papers she had been holding and Lestrade spit out the sip of coffee he had just taken. Lestrade had seen some serious shit before, mangled bodies, the world's stupidest criminals, and some of the oddest cases you could ever imagine, but nothing could have ever prepared him to see the two consulting detectives stepping out of a police box from the bloody 1950's that just appeared in the middle of his division with the floppy haired idiot and his two accomplices from earlier. Not to mention they were now joined by G.I. Jane by the looks of the clothes she was wearing.

"Ah Lestrade. I need to see the files on those five murders," Sherlock said as he stepped forward at which time Lestrade realized that Lexi was vacantly staring straight ahead and wasn't talking like she normally was. Lestrade was still too stunned to even talk as everyone stared at the consulting detective. Lestrade looked down at his coffee and wondered if someone had drugged him. It was the only explanation for what he was currently seeing. "The case files Lestrade!" Sherlock shouted, breaking Lestrade out of his shock.

"Do you want to tell me what the bloody hell is going on?" Lestrade shouted, equally as loud.

"Ah hello, I'm the Doctor, we met earlier," The Doctor said, stepping forward and offering his hand, but quickly dropping it at Lestrade's stony expression. "Currently there is group of Cybermen trying to invade and enslave the human race and we have…," The Doctor said as he calculated it. "14 minutes and 52 seconds left to figure out how to stop them," The Doctor continued, not noticing Lestrade's blank expression.

"Alright, now do you want to tell me what is really going on," Lestrade prompted and the Doctor frowned.

"I just told you," The Doctor pointed out, speaking slowly.

"Every word he is saying is true," Sherlock said as Anderson walked over to Lexi and waved a hand in front of her face. Lestrade looked over at her and noticed that she didn't respond to this in the slightest. If he didn't know better he would say she was sleepwalking. "I need access to those files now," Sherlock told Lestrade as the D.I. looked back towards him for an explanation.

"In a minute, you can start by telling me what is wrong with Lexi," Lestrade told him and Sherlock sighed in frustration and pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Yeah, I mean we've been wondering for a while when it was going to happen but has she finally snapped?" Anderson asked Sherlock with a sneer, not noticing the Doctor and the Ponds shocked and angry expressions or the way River's hand tightened around the handle of her blaster.

"Oh shut up Anderson," Cyber Lexi suddenly said as she took control again. "Your all idiots and you're wasting time. It's almost too easy to beat you. Least you could do is give me a challenge," Cyber Lexi continued before Lexi took over again.

"We still haven't finished our duel. Nobody has won yet," Lexi said before she quieted and her eyes closed as she turned all her consciousness back to finishing her battle with the Cyberplanner.

"Oh that just proves it then. The freaks lost it," Donovan scoffed and the Doctor finally had enough of that talk and turned to Anderson and Donovan.

"Shush" The Doctor told the both of them loudly, putting his fingers on his lips and the two of them tried to speak again only to find that they couldn't.

"Currently Lexi is fighting with the Cyberplanner for control of her brain, very tricky, very clever and not our problem right now. Detective Inspector, we need to see your case files," The Doctor told him and Lestrade, seeing that he was being completely serious and one look at Sherlock told him he was, turned around and headed to his office to get those files. The rest of the Yard remained frozen in sport, not really sure what to do while Anderson and Donovan both found that they still couldn't speak.

"What did you do to them?" Sherlock asked, smirking at Anderson and Donovan who were glaring at him murderously.

"Only works once and only on life forms with underdeveloped brains," The Doctor told Sherlock as Lestrade returned with the case files. "Amy, keep reminding me how much time we haven't got," The Doctor told Amy and she nodded as Lestrade handed Sherlock the case files. He strode over to the nearest desk and threw them down it before he started to quickly flip through them.

"Connection, connection, there has to be a connection," Sherlock muttered as he flipped quickly through the files. "The signal is being transmitted from all five now six locations, but what was the need for the murders and why were the Angels helping?" Sherlock asked them as he turned around, running his hand through his hair and pulling at his curls in frustration.

"Can't you use that brain room of yours to figure it out?" Amy asked Sherlock and he turned around quickly to glare at her.

"Mind Place!" He corrected her and she rolled her eyes at him.

"Alright fine Mind Place, can't you just use that?" Amy asked him again and Sherlock shook his head at her.

"Unless I can see the connection, I can't solve it," Sherlock told her and the Doctor stepped forward.

"Well then what do we know? The Cybermen are planning on transmitting a signal across London in…," The Doctor said, pointing to Amy for the time.

"Eleven minutes forty seconds," She told him, checking her watch.

"Yes. Squeaky bum time. Now the Weeping Angels, why were they helping the Cybermen?" The Doctor asked them all and River frowned before answering him.

"Maybe because they wanted the same thing. The Cybermen could convert the people and the Angels could send them back in time and feed off of the energy," River pointed out and the Doctor nodded and pointed to River.

"And the murders, what was that for?" The Doctor asked them thoughtfully and Sherlock answered him.

"They knew too much. They found out something they should have as people are apt to do," Sherlock said and the Doctor nodded.

"Good and the Angels most likely disposed of them, but they noticed the Angels first and left the warning for others," The Doctor figured out as Amy looked up from her watch.

"Ten minutes Doctor," She warned and the Doctor turned in a full circle as everyone in the Yard watched him.

"Ah and the Cyberplanner what does it want. To upgrade people yes, but Lexi said find the connection, why?" The Doctor asked, looking up at Sherlock for the answer. He closed his eyes and worked through the problem in his Mind Palace his hands flicking and as he brought up and discarded information quickly.

"Nine minutes, seven seconds," Amy warned the Doctor who nodded and pointed at her.

"Ah ha, super-squeaky bum time," The Doctor said as Sherlock opened his eyes.

"She needs to understand the Cyberplanner's motives so she can understand it better. She said she had a plan but needed to know the connection," Sherlock said as Lexi's eyes snapped open.

"I've kept her out and I've been listening. I think I can hack the Cyberplanner's core mind and shut down the transmission manually. The Cyberplanner is linked to the device. If she can use my mind, I should be able to use hers as well," Lexi told them and the Doctor shook his head quickly.

"No, bad idea. Very bad idea. The Cyberplanner's mind is shared amongst all the Cybermen, it would be dangerous to do that and highly impossible," The Doctor told Lexi and she grinned at him.

"The watch me do the impossible Doctor," Lexi told him before she turned to Sherlock. "I lo…," She said before Sherlock cut her off while nodding.

"I know," He told her and she nodded once before closing her eyes, ready to initiate her final plan.

Lexi's POV

I had been steadily fighting with the Cyberplanner and leading her slowly to the part of my mind where I kept the most painful memories hidden. The darkness in my mind from the time I was using, my past with my father, and where I kept hidden all the memories of my time in captivity when I was tortured by the serial killer. It was not a place that one would intentionally go to and that part of my mind now housed a specific person that even I didn't want to see again. I could use him though to trap the Cyberplanner, Moriarty. If she could invade my mind there was nothing that said I couldn't invade hers as well and she was connected to every single Cyberman and to the device that would send the transmission as it was Cyber in origin. If I could hack into her like a computer I could shut down the transmission manually. The reason the Cyberplanner needed to convert people was because she was the only one here. Cancel the transmission and shut her off and she was finished.

We fought on the staircase, the only warning of where we were heading being the gloom and darkness as we descended deeper into my Mind Palace. As we reached the bottom landing I put the locks on the parts of my mind I didn't want to enter, keeping those parts hidden as I walked closer to the room which only had a little window in the door. We were fighting tooth and nail now as we got down to the final moments of our battle for control. We were each covered in blood and bruises and we were both growing tired. It was just a test now to see who would tire out first. I took a deep breath to ready myself before I reached behind me and opened the door to Moriarty's cell and stepped in. The man himself looked up with a grin on his face as I stepped into the room. He was chained to the wall of his padded cell and kept tightly in a strait jacket as it was my only way to contain him. I did something highly dangerous in that moment as Moriarty looked at me with those eyes that could stare straight into my soul and I realized him from his chains. He sprung up his arms free and he rushed not towards me, but towards the Cyberplanner like I thought he would. He grabbed her and pulled her back as she kicked and tried to get out of his hold, dropping her sword in the process.

"Say hello to Jim Moriarty, consulting criminal," I told the Cyberplanner as she struggled against Moriarty.

"Hiii," Moriarty said in a singsong voice.

"Now, I seem to think that if you can enter my mind, I can enter yours too," I told the Cyberplanner and she glared at me, her eyes betraying her though as she lost her composure just slightly. "Thank you, your eyes gave away that I can so," I told her as I looked at Moriarty. I controlled my own mind. I put Moriarty back in his chains and handcuffed the Cyberplanner to him. "Locked up here, there's nowhere for you to go," I told the Cyberplanner. "So I can do this," I told her before I closed my eyes and concentrated, reaching out for that connection I felt briefly in the Cyber Space and following along that pathway.

When I opened my eyes I found myself alone in a room that looked like a large sort of hive mind. In the center of the room on a little podium was a computer and I walked up to it as the lights around the room turned on and casted a faint eerie glow around the room as some sort of screen turned on in the wall in front of the podium. So this was the Cyberplanners mind, her control center to be precise. I started typing on the keypad quickly, bringing up the transmitter on the screen before I started quickly typing in all of the coding that would shut it down. Minds were like computers, as Sherlock said his mind was like his hard drive. Minds could therefore be hacked the same way as computers. With a few lines of code you could shut down anything. More importantly now I knew the connection between what the Cybermen were planning and what they were doing with the Angels which meant I understood the Cyberplanner's mind better. So it made it really easy to do this, I thought to myself as I entered in the last line of code and the transmitter shut off with 3 minutes and 13 seconds left to spare. I grinned as my fingers flew faster across the keys I met some resistance from the Cyberplanner as she fought against me but I managed to get in the last few lines of code which would shut the Cyberplanner off. I felt her mind disconnect with my own and I opened my eyes as the Cyberwidget fell off of my face. The Doctor quickly took out his sonic screw driver and pointed it at the Cyberwidgets and the flashing lights turned off as he deactivated it for good.

I grinned as I looked up at Sherlock who was watching me worriedly before I threw myself at the consulting detective and hugged him tightly as he pulled me closely to him. I buried my face into his chest and breathed in his calming scent, happy to be back to being me again. It was nice to know that I was stronger than everyone thought I was and expected me to be.

Third Person POV

"Is that it?" Amy asked the Doctor as he picked up the deactivated Cyberwidget.

"That is it. She has done it! Look at you, you are brilliant," The Doctor said as he tapped Lexi on the nose and turned around. "Thank you all. You've been fantastic," The Doctor said as he turned back to the consulting detectives who were still holding each other tightly. "She managed to hack the Cyberplanner's mind, shut down the transmission and the Cyberplanner herself. Your brains work on a higher more advanced functioning system which allowed you to block her out. You Lexi MacKenna just saved the human race," The Doctor told the Irish girl proudly and she grinned back at him.

"Well, I did have a lot of help," She said, giving him a pointed look before looking up at Sherlock and grinning as she reached up on her toes so she could press a kiss to his jaw.

"Ah look at that, saved the world in twenty minutes and we'll get you back home in time for tea," The Doctor said with a grin as Sherlock and Lexi looked back at him, both smiling. "Just one more quick trip in the TARDIS to pop you off back home and then it's back to Stormcage for River and back home for the Ponds," The Doctor said as he lead the way back to the TARDIS and snapped his fingers, the doors opening for him. "All in, that's it," The Doctor said as Sherlock and Lexi entered the TARDIS with the Ponds. Lestrade watched as the Doctor entered the TARDIS and a few minutes later the box started to disappear just as quickly as it had appeared in the first place until it was gone. Everyone in the Yard looked round at each other for an explanation before the wheezing sound started again and the TARDIS rematerialized. The Doctor ran out of the TARDIS quickly and ran over to Donovan and Anderson. "Almost forgot, can't have your police officers unable to talk," The Doctor rambled on to Lestrade before he turned back to Anderson and Donovan. "Unshush," He told them before grinning and running back to the TARDIS. The box disappeared again and Lestrade shook his head before he started walking to the doors of the division.

"I've seen enough today. I'm going home," Lestrade told them all not even caring if he was needed. Right now he had to go home and process everything he had just seen. Alien invasions and appearing and disappearing police boxes were not his division.

Across London the TARDIS rematerialized in the living room of Baker Street and The Doctor and the Ponds followed Lexi and Sherlock out of the TARDIS and the group invited the detectives, Lexi, invited them to stay for tea before the left. The Doctor happily accepted the offer and had run back inside of the TARDIS and had come back with fish fingers and custard and Jammie Dodgers. Sherlock sniffed at the fish finger before dipping it in the custard and under the scrutinizing gaze of the Doctor tried it and found that he quite enjoyed the delicacy. River unfortunately had to leave before tea so Lexi handed her a to go mug and River told her she might be checking in with her soon before she used her Vortex Manipulator as she explained it was called and disappeared from the flat with a loud crack. Lexi handed around the tea mugs and the Ponds and the Doctor sat on the couch as Lexi took John's usual chair and Sherlock reclined in his usual spot. It was to this scene that John Watson walked into just after his rather terrible date if he was being honest. He froze in the door way as everyone turned to look at him and his eyes landed first on the Doctor and the Ponds before they stopped when he got to the blue police box that was just sitting there on the rug.

"Ah John, you're back," Sherlock said as he and the Doctor broke off of their conversation about classical music, the Doctor having spotted Sherlock's violin and promptly asking him which composure was his favourite. The Doctor and the Ponds waved at the army doctor with grins on their faces and John looked over at them with a furrowed brow and shook his head.

"Why is there a police box in the middle of our flat?" John asked Sherlock who was about to answer him when John quickly shook his head. "You know what, don't answer that. I'm going to have a lie down," John said, looking round at the Doctor and the Ponds one more time as if he wasn't sure if he was really seeing them or not before he nodded and turned around, heading upstairs to his room.

"Well, we best be heading off," The Doctor said as he got up from the couch just after the army doctor left. The Ponds put their tea mugs down on the coffee table before they stood to join the Doctor. "There's a planet where every seven hundred years it aligns perfectly with the star system and if you go to the highest point on the planet you can see more stars than any other time in the Universe," The Doctor told Sherlock and Lexi, the Irish girl grinning. "So, what do you say? Quick trip in the TARDIS, there and back again," The Doctor offered as Lexi got up with Sherlock and the detectives put their tea mugs down.

"I rather doubt anything is just a quick trip with you Doctor," Lexi told him as she threw a knowing look in Amy and Rory's direction. She walked forward and gave the man a tight hug that the Doctor returned just as tightly. "Besides, who would catch the murderers and serial killers if we were gone?" Lexi asked the Doctor with a laugh as she stepped back over to Sherlock's side, the consulting detective wrapping an arm around her waist.

"Ah well, it was worth a shot," The Doctor said with a shrug. "Ponds," The Doctor said and Amy and Rory moved forward and hugged Lexi good bye. Rory shook Sherlock's hand the detective nodding at him but Amy refused to go without giving him a hug.

"Come here you," Amy said as she pulled the protesting man into a hug making Lexi giggle. "Stop being Mr. Grumpy Face all the time. Laugh a little," Amy told Sherlock who looked at her pointedly before Amy joined Rory and the couple walked into the TARDIS.

"So, nothing I can say to convince you to come along?" The Doctor asked the detectives one last time as he stopped with his hand on the door of the TARDIS.

"I think we're needed here more," Lexi said, looking up at Sherlock as the consulting detective looked down at her and nodded before they both looked back at the Doctor.

"Now then. Six billion four hundred thousand and twenty six people in the world. That's the number to beat," The Doctor told the couple giving them a knowing look and Lexi grinned and nodded, understanding what he meant. "I've left you the number to the TARDIS. Give us a ring if you ever get into a spot of trouble," The Doctor told them and Lexi nodded at him and laughed.

"We will," The girl assured him before the Doctor grinned and ducked inside of the box, closing the door behind him. The Doctor was never one for good byes after all.

The TARDIS dematerialized and the Doctor and the Ponds went off in search of more adventures. John later came downstairs to find Sherlock on his laptop and Lexi reading on the couch as if nothing had ever happened and the army doctor completely blocked out the fact that a police box had ever taken up residence in their living room. Lestrade took off an entire week from work as he attempted to come to terms with what he had seen before he decided to just forget that it had ever happened. Most of the Yarders, including Donovan and Anderson passed it off as nothing more than a hallucination. Mycroft Holmes kept people away from the cellar and both Torchwood and U.N.I.T were informed of the new additions to the palace. Sherlock and Lexi went back to solving cases like they always did and both detectives would never forget about their adventure with the Doctor. The Doctor would end up getting a call from Sherlock as the detective stood on the roof of Bart's Hospital and Philip Anderson would never know just how right his theory about how Sherlock survived the fall was when he drew the picture of a new, old, barrowed and blue police box.