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Eddy's POV

7:15pm. Dammit.

"Eddy! Wait!" Ally, my twin sister, called down the stairs. I paused where I was, and looked expectantly back at her.

"What could be so important Ally? I'm already late for my date with Isabella." I said, the nervousness seeping into my voice, despite how I tried to hide it. Ally frowned.

"Eddy, you've been dating Isabella for two years now. Don't worry; she loves you, and our family. Nothing bad could possibly happen tonight." Ally insisted in a calming voice. But all of her good intentions were ruined when Mett, my older brother walked in the room.

"I don't know Allie, Isabella might break it off with Eddy tonight. They were only together for reputation at school, anyways. Isn't that right Eddy?" Mett taunted, and despite how I knew he was just saying it to get into my head, it bugged me.

"Whatever Mett, I'm sure if Rose put up with you after you guys finished school, then Isabella will put up with me just fine." I retorted, putting my strong front up like I'd always done against Mett.

"No, Eddy, she stayed with me because I am a man. You are a boy.-"

"Don't say it." I threatened my teeth clamped as I glared at him. His eyes lightened with the threat, as if he were amused.

"Eddy-boy." It only took a moment for me to react. My wand was out of my pocket and aimed at Mett in an instant, and I uttered a curse under my breath before he could react.

He stared at me for a moment. There was a short silence, when suddenly, Mett smiled at me. Then he started to grin. "Sorry Eddy! Didn't mean to fight! I was just having a bad…" Then he started to giggle. "Having a bad… a bad.. bad day!" He had doubled over getting his sentence out, and was laughing uncontrollably. I smirked arrogantly. Allie started giggling after a minute as well. It's all fun and games until the cops show up… or the parental unit…

"Edward!" My father's booming voice accused from the top of the stairs. The confident grin suddenly whipped off my face, I turned to my dad.

"Yeah, dad?" I asked, pocketing my wand as discreetly as possible.

"You know the rules. No jinxing your siblings." He reprimanded and walked the rest of the way down the stairs and held out his hand.

"Dad! I have a date with Isabella right now!" I insisted. He couldn't take away my magic right now!

"You should've thought of that before you drew your wand." He stated. He made a "gimme" motion with his hand and I sighed. No point in fighting when he had magic too.

"Fine," I said and placed the wand in his wand.

"You too, Emmett. Edward wouldn't have done that without you instigating it. And we both know it."

Mett, who had sobered up by now, looked offended. "What? You can't take my magic! I'm an adult!"

"But you still live in my house, so you're still under my rules. Wand. Now." He insisted.

"Whatever." He placed his in dad's hand after a minute.

"Good. You'll get them back in the morning."

I tightened my jaw, but didn't comment further. Dad left the room, back into his office, satisfied.

I sighed defeated and Emmett glared at me lightly.

"Good going Eddy."

"What? That was your fault! You know what, whatever. I'm leaving. I have a date, and I'm not missing it just because of this." I walked out the front door, and went out to the shed by the garden, and grabbed my broom.

I flew to Isabella's house, hoping beyond all things, she wasn't mad at me for being late by… thirty five minutes.

I sighed frustrated as I landed on her front porch.

I knocked on the door purposefully, looking determinedly at the fancy slate of wood. After a few minutes of standing there with no reply, I was about to turn and fly away, dejectedly, when the door knob started to turn. I looked up, new confidence running through me. When the door opened, however, I was faced by Lauren, one of Isabella's best muggle friends. She glared at me. Obviously, she wasn't happy I was so late for my date with Bella.

"Hey, Lauren." I greeted awkwardly.

"Eddy," She replied curtly, glancing weirdly at me as she saw the broom in my hands. "Getting ready to go cleaning, are you?" I laughed nervously.

"Something like that. Is Isabella home?" I asked, hopefully.

"No. She's off sucking face with a squirrel. His name is Squirrelly, and he's much more dependable than you." She said with a sickly sweet smile.

"Look, Lauren, I know you and Isabella are really good friends and all that, but right now I really need to talk to her. Please." Lauren frowned.

"Okay, fine, but if you hurt her again, I will kill you." she threatened. I smiled gratefully as she let me in. "She's up in her room. Good luck."

I grimaced, hoping she wouldn't be too mad at me.

"Thanks Lauren." I grumbled back at her.

Broom still in hand, I made my way up the stairs and to the second bedroom. I knocked lightly on the door. "Isabella?" There was no reply, and I sighed. "Look, I know you're probably mad at me, and I'm sorry. This was supposed to be a really memorable date, since it's our first one since we graduated... but I got nervous and then I got in a fight with Mett, and my dad took my magic... And then I couldn't apperate and had to take a broom... I'm sorry." I sighed dejectedly, leaning my forehead against the door, hoping she'd heard me.

Something poked me in the back, and I jumped, not expecting it, and turned around. "Laur-" I started, fully prepared to yell at the girl I suspected was standing behind me.

"No... I'm Isabella, silly." Surprised that she was there I frowned.

"Lauren said you were in your room..."

"Well, I had to pee! Am I not allowed to use the bathroom now?" Isabella asked a sly smile on her lips. Rolling my eyes amusedly, I shook my head.

"No. It's officially illegal."

"Ah, well that's where I'm lucky; nobody's going to arrest the chief's daughter." She replied, a light laugh gracing my ears.

"Unless they're not afraid."

"Oh, you and your claiming that you're not afraid. I can see right through you Eddy. Don't think I can't, I've known you for too long. And why didn't you just floo over here, it's faster." So she heard my little speech... Good.

"You know how I feel about flooing. It gets you all dusty, and then I would be in your house uninvited. What would Lauren have thought?" Isabella sighed.

"Eddy, you know she already knows. It's not a big deal. She's a squib, not just some muggle."

"Lauren's a squib?" I asked, surprised. I didn't know that...

"Yeah... her parents found out at the hospital, and decided not to tell her about them being wizards."

"Then how do you know?"

"I did some accidental magic in front of her, and her parents were there too, and they had to explain or something. I was like nine."

"How did you know her? You didn't move here until you were twelve and your mom decided she couldn't do with the idea of magic!"

"We're like, second cousins or something like that. Why'd you think we were so close? We used to have a big family event a few times a year. No magic though, too many muggles near."

"What? You're related to the Mallory's?" I inquired, incredulously.

"Yeah... everyone knows that..." She replied.


"Anyways, apology accepted, as long as we can still go out and do something fun." Isabella insisted a giddy smile making its way onto her face.

"Definitely. How about, we start with a little flying?" I asked, raising my eyebrow.

"I'll get my broom."

Meanwhile in another reality

Edwards POV

It was a normal Tuesday. That is, if any of the days of the first week of summer could be classified as "Normal". Bella and I were going on a date later that evening. Apparently, she was busy today and she couldn't hang out at all. How annoying.

I stood up from my spot on the bed in my room- not that I ever slept. Pfft. I wish I could sometimes though. You know, for when life gets especially boring, or stressful. Kind of like now.

I wasn't sure what to do. I had a whole day. And for me, as a vampire... time didn't pass the same way as others. Sometimes everything felt as if it were in fast forward because so much was going on, and others, it seemed like hours for even short seconds to go by, because of how little was going on.

Reading minds didn't help much, either. I mean, it's nice that I can get information quickly, and I always understand why people do things the way they do... but there's something about ignorance that just makes everything so much more... exciting. The one thing I missed most from my human life, was the bliss of my ignorance.

One of the most appealing things about Bella was my ignorance toward what she would do. Ignorance makes things exciting. Not knowing and having everything be new and having no clue what she was thinking and where she would go next..

Though, I'd been spoiled for nearly a hundred years; every thought of everyone around me, constantly flitting through my mind. It made being around Bella especially difficult as well. I couldn't hear anything. It was like hearing that high pitched "eeeeeeeeeek" in the air. Nothing came through, and a lot of times I made my head ache from attempts to dig in through her layers of protection and hear her. Anything from her.

Ugh. I glanced at my watch. 8:15.

Time really wasn't on my side today. I just wanted to go and hang out with Bella. But Alice had decided. Bella was shopping today no matter what. They were having a girls day out, and there was nothing any of us could do to stop her. Much like a dictator in fact. Or a super villain (If they actually existed).

I decided after a few more minutes of mindless babbling and boring thoughts I should go hunting. I asked Emmett and Jasper if they wanted to go, and since they both did, we went.

Though I don't actually like killing that much, it was easier with animals, and I'd learned to live with it. We were just staying close to Forks in the nearby woods. I loved the fact of how the blood made me feel though. I had tried feeding on humans for a couple of years when I was still young, but... I didn't like killing, so I finally agreed to Carlisle's standards and went back to the 'vegetarian' diet. I'd long since gotten used to it, and it made everything easier.

Gosh, this date with Bella was taken forever to get here. It'd already been like seven hour since I'd seen her! When were her and Alice going to be back?

Apparently, Jasper could feel all of these feeling as we were walking back to the house after our share of hunting, because he spoke up. I hadn't been paying any attention to their thoughts, so I didn't notice Jaspers questions until he spoke up.

"Edward, being a bit impatient, are we?" He asked, a smug, almost smirk-y sound to his voice. Teasing.

"No! Not at all!" I insisted. I wasn't sure why I was defending it, but, eh, even I have my moments I suppose. Especially being as stubborn as I knew I was.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes." I ground out.

"Hey, Eddy," Emmett started, with that ridiculous nickname. "I swear, you look like you could be blushing. What's your deal? Spending so much time with Bella making you all girly?"

"Nah, Edward could never be girly... or romantic, I mean, he's just anxiety because he's never had sex before, and he's getting impatient." Jasper passed to Emmett with a smirk.

"Hey, that's not-"

"I bet you're right, Jasper! He's probably super scared too, because he's such a girl." Jasper laughed.

"Guys, you know I don't think of Bella like-" I tried again.

"Yeah, he's probably going to cry to Carlisle about it because he thinks it'll be bad for her. Pfffffffffffft!" Jasper threw back, earning a frustrated growl from me.

"You guys are idiots! You don't even know what it's like! And I'm not going to be doing anything like that with anyone anytime soon!" I insisted, trying to get through the annoying, uncouth joking.

"Whatever Edward. We all know that's what you want to be doing. And that's more than enough." Emmett replied in a serious manner. But somehow, he seemed threatening. Like he was mocking me or something.

"Whatever Emmett. It doesn't matter. Just drop it."

"Fine then!"

"Thank you! But I don't trust you... because I've known you forever, so, I'm going home."

"To get ready for your 'long awaited date'?"

"If that's what you want to call it." I grumbled before bolting away, not looking back to be further bothered by my intrusive, stupidly annoying brothers.

After a long agonizing day of playing piano and feeling like a chicken with its head cut off, it was finally time for my date with Bella. I got into a nice polo shirt and some jeans then drove my Volvo over to her house to pick her up.

Just my luck, Charlie opened the door. He stared at me for a moment with hard eyes.

"Hello, Chief Swan." I greeted respectfully. I always hated this part of dating Bella: having to put up with her overprotective-cop-that-carries-a-gun-at-all-times-especially-when-he-knows-you'll-be-picking-his-daughter-up-for-a-date-and-isn't-afraid-to-shoot-if-something-goes-wrong-father. But, I guess every package has it's corners. Hmm...

"Edward." Charlie replied in a grunt. He was suspicious of what we would be doing tonight, though Bella had already told him the plan. Bella picked that moment to come down the stairs in all her human glory. She had a simple jean and tee outfit on, per usual for her. I smiled my half smile that I knew she just loved; I could see it in her eyes.

"Edward!" She exclaimed when she got to the bottom of the stairs, her dark brown hair down and wavy by her shoulders in the most appealing way. So much so, in fact, I wondered, vaguely, if she had planned for that affect. But, of course, this was Bella we were talking about, so I brushed that idea aside. She didn't try, she was all natural. Beautiful without a care. But then again, she had been with Alice earlier...

"Hello Bella." I greeted as she came to give me a brief hug- her dad was standing there by me after all. "Um, don't worry Chief, we're going out to dinner here in town then seeing the new Batman movie at the theatres. We'll be back around 11." I railed off for him, with a tight smile. Ease his conscious so he won't freak out on Bella later or something.

Charlie simply nodded in affirmation, so I took Bella's hand and we walked back to the Volvo. "Are we really going to see the new Batman movie? I thought we were going to some 'surprise place'." Bella demanded once we'd gotten out of her father's earshot.

"Nah, I was just telling him that so he didn't get any ideas about what we would really be doing. Not that it's bad, I just don't think he'd consider it safe." I told her. She frowned and bit her bottom lip. She was probably all torn up about lying... sigh. Bella was so much better than I. She deserved so much more than I could offer for a life with her.

"Don't worry though, we are going to dinner." I added with the smile she loved.

She grinned sheepishly. "But you don't even eat, what's the point?"

I chuckled and glanced at her as we started driving down the street. "But you need to eat! So what if I don't?" I retorted logic driven. Didn't she get it? I wanted everything for her, and if she doesn't have to to cook for herself, then it's a break for her that I don't mind facilitating!

"Okay, Edward." Bella replied, a smile on her lips. Her glorious lips... Is it bad I wanted to kiss her?

I smiled back. The rest of the drive to the diner was filled with idle chatter, I asked her about her shopping trip with Alice. She complained all about it and I chuckled. Bella could be so trivial about things most girls loved.

"You're laughing at me!" She playfully accused me.

"No, I'm laughing at how you're infuriated by Alice." I defended with a smirk.

"Whatever, that's the same thing!" Bella insisted.

"Sure it is." I replied as we pulled into the parking lot of the nicest restaurant in town.

Dinner was a blur. I don't recall any of it, which is odd since I supposedly remember everything, with my vampiristic photographic memory. Bella ordered, I talked, she ate, I paid, though she wanted to, and we left. That was it. Details were irrelevant.

We got back in the car, and she wanted to know where we were going, I grinned at her and started driving. We were going to go to the meadow in the moonlight.

That was the plan. And all was going accordingly until I got a text from someone I hadn't spoken to in... Years. Odd.

Edward, I know you're busy, but you need to come to 34 N 9th street. Now.

What? Why would I just drop everything and go like that? I knew it was probably nothing and Bella was more important, but even so, I started driving to the address anyways.

"What is it?" Bella asked after I put my phone back in my pocket.

"We have to take a quick pit stop. It'll only take a minute, I promise." I explained as I turned the car around and headed for North ninth.

"Where to?" Bella asked curiously.

"An old… mentor of mine needs to talk to me about something. Not sure, the message was brief." I told her reluctantly. I'm still getting used to the whole "opening up" idea.

"Okay. Well I hope it's fast, I want to know where this surprise date is supposed to be at." Bella replied, a small frown on her face. She really didn't like surprises, did she?

We pulled into the driveway of my destination, and with a quick command to stay in the car; I jumped out and headed for the door. I knocked the code and muttered the password; do you want to build a snowman- which was an inside joke- and stood back, waiting for a reply.

The door opened after a few moments and the mysterious woman I'd met many years ago, let me inside.

"Welcome, Edward." She said in her gravelly voice.

"Mildred." I nodded to her as she led me to the back room of her house. She was blocking me out of her mind, thinking of things that made no sense.

"I know you have plans for today, but you have places you need to be now." She stated. I couldn't understand what she meant by that though. And I didn't get much time to mull over it before she reached into her pocket and brought out a strange device- made of something I couldn't identify.

I was rendered immobile as she shocked me with the machine and I fell to the ground, unconscious.

Meanwhile in another reality

Eddy's POV

As we were flying, I got a message on my cell phone (what, just because we're wizards and magic supposedly interferes with cell signals doesn't mean we don't have scientist working on improving our gadgets as well as the muggles!). It read Edward, I know you're busy, but you need to come to 34 N 9th street. Now.

It was from an unknown number, so I brushed it off, but the address made me curious. 9… 34. It sounded too much like nine and three quarters to ignore.

"Isabella," I called over to her.

"Yeah, Eddy?" She asked, flying over to me.

"Read this message. It's kind of weirding me out." I handed my phone over.

"That's just over there, kind of makes me think of the legendary Hogwarts train station entry… not that we went there, but it is famous…"

"That's what I was thinking. Should we check it out?" I asked, unsure.

"I don't see why not; have a little investigation. Sounds fun to me." Isabella said with a grin. I took my phone back and together we rode down to the address.

The house was old looking, but then again- all the houses in Forks were legendary. The door was bright blue with a gold knocker. Isabella knocked and we waited in suspense for a few minutes before there was the chinking of locks moving and the door swung open.

An elderly woman stood there with bright eyes standing out from her otherwise haggled appearance.

"Welcome, Eddy and friend. Please, come in." The mystery lady greeted. I frowned but stepped in, holding Isabella's hand.

"Hello. May I ask who it is you are?" I asked.

"No, that's not important now." She replied before turning to Isabella. "I'm going to have to ask you to stay here in the hall for a moment, dear." She insisted.

"What? No. She goes where I go!" I told the lady. Who did she thing she was?

"Eddy, it's okay, I'll be fine. Go investigate for me! I'll be waiting." Isabella said, letting my hand go and insisting I go.

"Fine." I muttered.

"Follow me." The lady said. I followed her all the way to the back room of her large house. There was a strange feeling in the room, like high levels of magic or electricity.

"Good night Eddy." The lady said, grabbing a strange device out of her pocket. She threw it at me, and I felt a painful crackle pass through my entire being, like being struck by lightning.

The last thing I heard before everything went black was the sound of Isabella screaming as she saw me fall to the ground.

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