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Edward's POV:

All was as it should have been; there were voices swirling around my mind, I could see, hear and smell everything perfectly, and strength and speed were back.

It wasn't real...I was hallucinating or something! I thought to myself, hoping to convince that none of the past few days was real. Carlisle was not middle aged, Bella's fireplace did not suddenly burst with flames, transporting people, and the living room attire in their home were as they should be.

I was back to myself, running at the speed of sound, drinking animal blood- something I only semi-enjoyed. But things started to change. The forest around me- the deep greens and popping colors of summer flowers- it all started to morph... Or rather... wilt. Everything started to turn black. The sky was dark with pollution and smoke.

Then, there were the people. Hundreds. I was standing in a Forks Diner and every person within was lying on the ground, the table, the counters- wherever- devoid of color and happy smiles. Dead.

There was the jingle of a bell and a few footsteps, followed by a gasp. I couldn't hear anything from the mind, so I was dying to look over at the mystery-man, but I couldn't pull my eyes from the scene.

There was sobbing coming from the person, then a strangled gasp. "You..." He started. I couldn't help but look then, but I was shocked by who it was, and I couldn't help the strangled cry that escaped my lips.

It was me.

I woke with a cry of terror, sitting bolt right in my bed. It was a dream...? I ran my hands through the short hair of another person's head. I was still lost in what seemed to be an alternate universe.

And I'd just experienced the most vivid nightmare of my existence. How could something created in my mind cause such a stir? Had I always had this little control over dreams? It'd been so long since I'd actually slept.

After a few more minutes of considering all the unanswerable questions of the universe, I looked up around the room for some sign of where I was or what time it was.

It was clear I was in a teenage boy's bedroom, so I assumed this was my prison for the next however long I would be stuck in this hellhole of a place. The bedside table held a small cordless alarm clock, claiming it to be just passed 4:00am.

With another sigh, I swung my legs off the side of the bed and went to find the light switch for the room, seeing as there was no bedside lamp, and I no longer had perfect vampire vision.

Now where could it be...? By the door, like normal? Nope. How about the other side? Nuh uh. Maybe by the bed for some reason? Not even close. Above the door?! Of course not!...

I groaned in frustration, feeling like a newly blind person. Was there even a light in the room?! I felt like smacking my head against the wall. Must I always have the brunt of good luck?

I opened the door, hoping to let in some light from the hallway... if there was light there, but I'd apparently been louder than I thought ( did I forget to mention how I kept stumbling over everything in the room in an attempt to find the light? No? Oh... my bad.) Because Alice- a very long haired, green eyed Alice- was standing outside my door with her hand outstretched awkwardly as if she had been on the verge of knocking. Or barging in.

"Edward!" Alice exclaimed, her voice lacking the tinkling sound I was used to, replaced by the foggy cover of sleep. "What in Godric's name are you doing in there? Have you forgotten how to cast a simple lumos? Or lost your wand altogether? Honestly, when dad said you weren't thinking right, I didn't think he meant you would be up at all hours of the night doing Merlin knows what!" Alice whisper yelled at me, pushing her way into the room and twirling a stick around. When she finished, the light turned on and I wondered how she managed it. Was the switch behind the TV she was standing in front of?

"Alice, what are you ranting about?" I asked in a daze.

"It's four in the morning, Eddy. I'll rant if I want to." Alice said, her green eyes glaring into mine as I suppressed the urge to rip her limb from limb for calling me that aggravatingly condescending nickname.

"It's Edward; you of all people should know that, Alice." I said through gritted teeth, disregarding all of what else she'd said to me only moments before.

But despite the seriousness of my tone, she raised her eyebrows in confusion. "What?"

"That's my name. Edward. I hate nicknames. It's Edward, Cullen, or a punch to the gut... If I don't like you that is. It's always been that way." I said intently, sure to enunciate my appropriate titles carefully so she understood.

She laughed. Genuinely. A grin lit up her face and she laughed as if I had just told the joke of the century. "Whatever, Ed! As your twin, I'm pretty sure I would've found out by now if you hated your nickname." Alice said playfully. "Besides, I'm your sister, I'll call you what I want, and if you get angry you could always hex me, effectively getting your magic revoked for the day. Either way, I'd be fine. "She gloated victoriously. Except, it was one sided. I honestly had no idea what she was talking about.

"Twin? Magic? Alice are you feeling alright?" I asked carefully, stepping forward and looking her in the eyes knowing full well it was probably just me that was out of place wherever I was, since I clearly wasn't a vampire surrounded by the vampire siblings I had been days before.

"You really are worse than you seem..." Alice said softly as she stared into my face. "You honestly don't remember anything?" She asked.

"Promise not to call me crazy?" I asked her, pulling her over to my bed and sitting down- human legs really do suck! They get tired and ache-y... Especially when you've just woken up! I thought they were all just wimps!

"Eddy?" Alice asked skeptically.

"I have to tell you a secret." I told her softly. "I'm not from here. The 'Eddy' you know is gone."

Meanwhile in another reality

Eddy's POV:

After my breakdown with Carlisle, I fled the scene, running like I'd never run before. I ended up in the forest in a flower ridden clearing. I didn't know I'd been going somewhere, but running there was like walking up the stairs to my bedroom at home; automatic... ingrained.

I collapsed on the ground with a small thud. It was quiet here. Sure there were the sounds of birds chirping and such, but there were no voices. If I felt tired, I could have slept, but I didn't feel any exhaustion. I was like a stone. A stone with many issues to think about.

Like the fact that I was a blood sucking parasite.


A few days later.


I lay in that meadow for hours. Literally more than a day. I watched the sun rise and set a full cycle before I felt an inclination to move. I sat pondering my new existence with great apprehension. I didn't know how to handle hearing thoughts- or as far as I could tell, that's what was happening. I didn't know how I could face the people I'd heard talking before, the ones that sounded like, but weren't, the people I knew. I didn't know how to cope with having absolutely no magic whatsoever! Never before in my life had I not had magic around! My parents were both magical, my older brother was magic. And I of course had been using magic- accidental or otherwise- and riding brooms my whole life. Magic was home, and now that was gone.

But most of all, I didn't know how to cope with not being able to sleep. I felt the bags under my eyes. I could feel a headache. I could feel the ingrained need to turn my mind off and have thoughts and pictures in my head that I created, but don't control tumble through my mind while I lay unconscious for at least a few hours.

But no. Sleep wouldn't come... Or so I thought... I was still conscious- I could see the world around me still... But it seemed blurred and unimportant as dream-like scenes passed before my eyes.

I was walking from Isabelle's house to the Diner to meet with Lauren a relative of Bella.

I was within sight of the small establishment when the air got thicker and the world got darker. A stand of flower bouquets on display in the window of a shop all turned brown and died before my eyes as if someone sped up the world during the apocalypse.

In the reflection of the shop window I saw two cars collide at a stop sign. I spun quickly to look only for both drivers to be decayed like they'd been dead months before they drove down the street.

I stared in horror as people walking down the street fell dead where they walked. I was mute. I was choked by the air.

I ran to the small shop that had been my original goal. I burst through the door breathing labored breaths. A small tinkle came from a bell above the door. Inside the restaurant was no better than outside. Everyone dead. In my horror, I couldn't stop the gasp that escaped my lips.

I recognized Lauren Mallory sitting at a booth in the corner with a steaming cup of coffee in front of her and a dead waiter fallen on the table before her, both dead.

In my observation of the dead girl, I almost didn't notice there was another living person in the room. His hair was longer than mine, his face more angular and his eyes black rather than green, but when he caught my gaze another strangled gasp escaped me.

"You!" I couldn't help but say. It was me. The me I had been for the past few days.

And then he was gone. Vanished into thin air. And I screamed, because what else does a person do in a situation such as this one?

The scene ended and I knew if I could cry in this body, I would. But I could scream in this body, and that was close enough.

So scream I did.


In a library, all windows were drawn closed tight, and in the absence of the sunlight, there were candles alight all around the grand library. A great fire haphazard if you asked the guards, but rarely anyone ever did, because rarely anyone new ever came to the castle he resided in. But rarely was not never, so although it was a surprise to the hooded man- who sat upon a red velvet throne reading a passage from an ancient book, hoping to find the answer he seek- it was also not inconceivable that someone would visit the secluded young man.

The visitor was a woman who also wore a hood, but this was normal for the time they lived in. To hide your face from passerbyers was common in a society as corrupt and decrepit as theirs.

She walked in the room hesitantly, nervously approaching the dark man she knew all too well.

"I come with news." She said firmly.

The hooded man placed a marker in his book before slamming in, a sound that echoed briefly in the spacious area.

"Then do tell, sister. It is not often you grace me with your visits." The hooded man replied in a chilled voice, almost no emotion detected in his voice.

"Well, brother, you don't make yourself easy to access." She retorted.

"All for good reason." The man said with a slight grimace. "Now say what you have, I'm a busy man."

"Ah, yes. You and your big castle of doom." She replied sarcastically.

"You have a message for me, do you not? Then say it and be done with your mockery." He demanded his voice dropping as he became more irritated.

"Yes, right." She quickly started, slipping back into her nervousness from earlier. "Well, you got a letter recently, saying the most recent mission was fulfilled, correct?"

"Yes..." He supplied, apprehension raising his shackles.

"Well, it was a lie. Well... Sort of. We succeeded, but not in the way originally planned." She explained her voice raising an octave in fear.

"What are you saying?" The Hooded Man required.

"Instead of bringing those you wished here they switched places." The woman replied fear coloring her tone.

"You did what!? Do you realize what this means?! If they find out what they could now accomplish-"

"That's why I'm here! You see, brother... There's only one way to fix what we did and successfully bring them here without them realizing their potentials. But we need your help personally." The woman in the hood pleaded him.

"Sister, you know I cannot do what you are implying." He replied tersely.

"But you must if your plan is to work." She said in despair. "We need you, Masen."


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