Just as Scott was about to say something there was a knock at the door Scott gave Logan a look that said you get it. Logan got up and opened the front door standing there were two people he hadn't expected then again he didn't really know who he would have expected it was Deaton and Dr. Mathews. Deaton then said "Scott said he was having a pack meeting and asked if I could come along."

Dr. Mathews then said "I was in town speaking with Deaton about something and he suggested I come along."

Logan then led them into the living room and then garbed a couple of chairs from the dining room as he thought we need another couch in here.

As they sat down Jeff said to Dr. Mathews "hey Dad what are doing here?

Dr. Mathews replied "Just talking to Deaton about some things so who's the rest of this pack."

Jeff then looked to Scott who gave him a nod, Jeff then introduced everyone to his Dad. Liam then said "are you like his step dad or something?"

Jeff said "he adopted me when I was 13 after my family died. I kept my last name because I wanted to keep the family name alive.

Deaton then said "so what were we all discussing?"

Scott then told them about how he had told them about Liam and how they had brought Masson up to speed.

Logan then said "and Scott was about to tell me whose idea it was for him and his friends to endanger their lives and become sacrifices for a Darach."

Scott looked at Deaton Logan noticed it as Deaton said "it was my idea at the time I didn't know anything about you being a werewolf."

Logan then said "that's ok it was only a suspicion about Scott being one for me anyway."

Deaton then said "that's interesting."

Dr. Mathews then said "Jeff was actually the one who put two and two together on that one he noticed that Logan was acting off a few times and he was worried about Scott at those moments."

Stiles then said "you should tell Deaton about Logan almost being a true Alpha."

Deaton looked to him as Jeff said "yeah it was around the same time Scott was becoming one and after something Peter said when Scott was fighting him in Mexico it made sense to me. He accused Scott of stealing his family's lineage. I then told him how I knew there was going to be a McCall Alpha and that Scott had never stolen anything."

Liam then said "It's because of Logan's eyes there a darker colour of gold almost red."

Deaton then said "really let me see them."

Logan shifted his eyes and looked over to him. Deaton then said "I don't think I've ever seen eyes that dark before or that close to red except for the night I saw Scott trying to break through mountain ash."

Logan smiled as he looked at his younger brother and said "you broke through mountain ash?"

Scott smiled and said "yeah it was crazy."

Liam and Masson both looked confused and Liam the asked "what's mountain ash and what does breaking through it mean?"

Deaton then explained about how it had properties that could control supernatural creatures he also told Liam how his office was lined with it and also that the baseboard in this house were Mountain ash.

Jeff then said "wait so if this house in lined with Mountain ash how can we get in without someone breaking the seal for us?"

Deaton then said "the door thresholds aren't protected unless someone spreads mountain ash in front of them."

Danny then said "maybe I should put some in my room just in case."

Ethan looked at him and said "in case of what?"

Danny replied "unwanted guests."

Ethan then said as he frowned "when am I ever unwanted?"

Danny replied "never babe never,' he then leaned over and kissed him which caused Ethan to blush.

Aiden then said "aw you made him blush."

Ethan turned to him and growled as Aiden then said "ok easier there bro I was only joking."

Ethan smiled as he said "I know."

Melisa then said "I really need to get going or I'll be late for work."

The sheriff then got up and said "I need to go to and Liam if you ever need any help let me know I'll try and help as best as I can, and talk to your Dad too hopefully he'll understand."

Liam then said "yeah thanks and he's my step dad actually."

Jeff then said "but what do you call him?"

Liam looked at him confused so Jeff said "ok for example when I refer to my adopted Dad as my Dad it shows him I respect him as that."

Liam then said "I guess I just call him Dad at home it's easier but for some reason I just like people to know he isn't my real Dad."

Jeff said "hey I get that too I let people know I'm adopted when they ask about my last name not being Mathews. I usually just say he was a close family friend so I can avoid the werewolf stuff."

Logan said "yeah I didn't learn the truth from him until after I got bitten."

Jeff then said "yeah well I didn't think you would believe it."

Logan then said "you have a good point I was worried about telling Scott and my Mom as well to which is why it took me so long to come back home."

Stiles then said "there's one part of Logan's bite story that's missing"

Jeff said "let me guess how I found him? I was actually waiting for him the two of us were supposed to be studying together, I knew he had gone out for a run, but he was running late and something brought my werewolf senses on edge so I went out to look for him. I saw Ethan and Aiden here walking away from some tress and herd the Alpha with them say something about leaving someone in the woods for dead. I sniffed around and found Logan's sent in them I went over to him and found him unconscious and somehow managed to carry him to the vet clinic and I called my Dad as soon as I got there."

Dr. Mathews then said "I made sure he was stable and just waited to see if he woke up."

Aiden then said "I never even thought that he could have died."

Ethan said "I did that's why I looked back plus I could sense another Alpha around."

Jeff then said "that's interesting I thought I was the only one who could do that?

Deaton then said "it's a rare gift among born wolves that they can sense their own kind sometimes they can tell right away who is one and who isn't or it can just tell them there another one nearby."

Ethan then said "I can only tell if there are others nearby like for example when we played Devenford Prep the first time I knew there was another werewolf outside that pack present but I didn't know who they were."

Jeff then said "yeah I'm the same way too."

Logan then said "what about ESP. I've always had this odd instinct about something happening to people sometimes."

Deaton then said "how so like are you drawn to places and find something?"

Logan then said "not like Lydia no it's more just a feeling something is happening or someone is in trouble. I've had it ever since I could remember."

Deaton then said "I'm not very well versed on the subject but it does tend to happen and you being a werewolf now it's probably heightened more than it was."

Jeff said "tell me about it this guy paces around the room whenever something happens to Scott, thankfully Stiles suggested going to Mexico to save him when his Dad wanted us to stay out of it."

Logan then said "I would have gone down any way to save you I couldn't levee my baby brother alone like that."

Scott then put an arm around him and said "thanks Loggie."

Dr. Mathews laughed at the name that Scott had just called him as Logan turned to him and said "don't even think of it or you will be the reason my eyes change." Logan then laughed at it as he said "I just don't like being called that by anyone but my brother. Ever since he could talk that's been what he calls me."

Scott then said "yeah I had a hard time saying Logan and it always came out Loggie."

Logan then said "I let him call me that because of that but I used to be teased at school as people would turn it into making it sound more like a bogie or booger stuff like that.:

Allison then said with a laugh "so you just threaten to rip people's throats out now?"

Logan replied "only the ones that know I'm a werewolf, outside of that I'm, a lot nicer about it."

Just then Logan felt his stomach rumble and said "anyone else getting hungry?"

The werewolves all nodded as Isaac said "I could go for some food."

Scott then said "pizza?" Everyone pretty much agreed to it, Logan went and grabbed his laptop to place their order which ended up being largish due to the number of werewolves. Ethan, Aiden and Jeff ended up adding some money, Scott and Logan refused taking money from anyone else.

Once the pizzas arrived Masson asked "why did you order so much?"

Dr. Mathews then said "you've never seen how much werewolves can eat then."

Masson then said "not really I did notice Liam was eating a bit more than normal."

Liam then said "yeah ever since getting bitten I noticed I was hungrier more."

Logan then said as he grabbed a slice of meet lovers and a vegetarian slice "it's a combination of needing more protein and needing more energy. For example about two months before I was bitten I was a vegan and was trying to eat less. The day after I got bitten I was starving and ate almost everything in sight."

Liam said "yeah I felt the same plus I had kind of run all the way from here to home."

Scott then said "sorry about that I kind of panicked after I bit you."

Liam said "yeah I guess you kind of did I don't know what I would do if I did that to someone."

Masson then said "what would happen if Liam bit someone?"

Deaton then said "only the bite from an Alpha will turn someone."

Logan then said "or a deep scratch."

Deaton then said "yes but that's rare.'

Logan then said "yeah like Kate turning into a werejauguar or Jackson turning into a Kanima."

Masson then said "what's a Kanima again?"

Stiles then said "the giant lizard creature."

Masson then said "so could Liam have turned into something else?"

Jeff then said "the bite reflects what you are."

Stiles then said "Jackson turned into a Kanima because he had some issuers from his past, but he's a werewolf now."

Liam then said "what colour are his eyes?"

Scott then said "blue like Ethan, Aiden, Derek and Malia's"

Liam then said "because he killed innocent people right?"

Logan said "yeah but he didn't know what he was doing at the time, by the way does he know what his eye colour means?"

Derek then said "it never came up but I think he thinks it was because he was a Kanima he never saw me with any colour other then red."

Danny then said "he knows."

The others all looked at him as Stiles said "how did you find out?"

Danny then said "Ethan told me and he told Jackson one time when he came in well I was Skypeing with him."

Ethan said "yeah he made some comment warning Danny about some twins he had heard about in London that were werewolves."

Dannay then said "yeah and I told him that they had changed and were different now. Ethan and him then had a bit of a discussion werewolf to werewolf were Ethan asked him about his eye colour."

Ethan then said "yeah he was kind of scared when I told him what blue meant and then I asked him what he knew about what he did as the Kanima and he said not much. So I told him don't dwell on it and just except it. I then told him why mine and Aids were."

Danny then said "I think he's ok with it but he said he might be coming in the summer for a bit."

Scott then said "that's cool I wonder what he'll think of me being the Alpha?"

Danny said "he knows but he said "he's not taking orders from you."

Scott said "I'm fine with that too. Speaking of guest I got an email from a cousin of mine he's going to stay here for a little bit well his parents go away."

Logan said "that's cool when's Mike coming then?"

Scott gave him there date and Logan then said "crap I've got a class in June then."

Scott then said "that' sucks how long is that for?"

Logan then said "it's a few weeks in July and August as well but only a couple days of the week I'll probably move most of my stuff back here and use the apartment at Scholl when I need to spend the night there."

Isaac then said "if you want I can find somewhere else to crash well he's here so he can have my room"

Scott then said "you don't have to do that."

Isaac then said "it will be easier if he doesn't know about werewolves."

Derek then said "I have a spare room set up if you want it plus I might not be around much as Braden and I are going to go and look for Malia's mother."

Malia smiled at that just then Jeff was checking his phone and said "ah crap I really hate the coyotes sometimes."

Malia growled at him as he said "relax Malia I don't mean you or the animals I mean a hockey team in Phoenix." He then explained about him being a Winnipeg Jets fan and how the Jets had moved to Phoenix and then how the Atlanta Thrashers had moved to Winnipeg and become the Jets. Not that Malia understood much of it but she realised that Jeff wasn't hating on her just a hockey team he didn't really like to much.

Masson then said "so you're a Winnipeg Jets fan, what made you chose them?"

Jeff then said I was born there and lived there until I was like 8 or 9, then we moved to New Mexico were my family got killed. My family's emissary adopted me and then we moved to Colorado for a bit before he got a job teaching Veterinary since where Logan and I go to school."

Dr. Mathews then said "and now I'm moving here to Beacon Hills and I'm going to be working with Deaton here."

Deaton then said "we were discussing it earlier today."

Jeff then said "did you look at the place I told you about."

Derek then said "yeah he came by earlier and did the paperwork."

Jeff then said "that's great if it's ok with Scott."

Scott then said "yeah I asked you to be in my pack if you wanted to. So when do you guys move in."

Dr, Mathews then said "The end of May but I'm keeping the apartment for Jeff and Logan to use."

Jeff said "yeah I got that same class that Logan has the teacher who does it only teaches a couple times during the year and it's hard to get into."

Lydia then said "what's it in?"

Jeff then said "it's a class in ancient languages, I'm taking it to help with archaic latten so I can translate my family bestiary better."

Allison then said "good so you guys can help us with my family's one as well."

Jeff then said "yeah we should compare notes on it."

Ethan then said "yeah I'm trying to track down our family's emissary to get ours,"

Deaton then said "if you tell me where he might be I may be able to help."

Ethan then said 'that's the problem I didn't know where he is now and I don't have anything other than a first name for him. He's a lawyer if it helps." He also gave Deaton the name he had for him Deaton then said "I'll see what I can do. I've already been in contact with a few emissaries about twin werewolves to see what they can tell me about them."

Ethan then said "any replies?"

Deaton then said "not many other then ones that say they know as much as I d with them, apparently there rare amongst werewolf families."

Deaton and Dr. Mathews then left as did Logan and Jeff. The Twins headed back to their apartment along with Allison who lived in the same building. Stiles and Malia headed back to his house. Liam and Masson left as well.

None of them knew what the summer had in store or the next year at school.