After finding a somehow de-aged Derek in catacombs under the old church the pack headed back home to beacon hills. Derek was sleeping in the back seat of his SUV as Logan pulled up to the animal clinic; they had already let Deaton know they were coming. Once they brought him in Deaton admitted to them that he had no clue how he got like this. Since it was fairly late at night Deaton told them to go home for the night and levee him with him. Lydia ended up staying as she was pretty much a genius and wasn't in any danger of failing classes. Logan also stayed because as he pointed out "I'm on spring break and who knows it might be a good idea to have a werewolf here."

Stiles and Scott left with Isaac. Stiles was trying to protest but was pushed out of the clinic by Scott saying "ok I get your stronger than me you don't have to be so rough."

Logan laughed to himself at the attics of his little brother as the three of them left the room. Meanwhile Allison took the twins back to the apartment and they all planed to regroup at school in the morning.

*- McCall house -*

When Scott got home to a darkened house he found furniture rearranged and some tools on the floor that he tripped over and woke up his dad who was asleep on the couch. His dad woke up explained he was doing some repairs that Scott and Mellissa had neglected and asked him where he had been as they were supposed to have dinner together. Scott replied as he turned a clock on a table beside him the other way "we just got back from our camping trip and I had to go to work to check on some stuff. I kind of forgot about dinner."

Agent McCall then said "that's fine did you get something to eat, and by the way where's Logan his cars in the driveway but I haven't seen him."

Scott replied "we stopped for some Mexican on the way home, and Logan had to stay and help look after a sick dog. Deaton wanted someone to keep watch over it for the night and since Logan is almost finished with school we figured he'd be the best one to stay." He then turned to Isaac and said "we've got school tomorrow and need to head to bed."

*- Beacon Hills Animal Clinic -*

Meanwhile at the veterinary clinic both Lydia and Logan were dozing, well Lydia was Logan was pretty much passed out as he had been driving all day. Lydia woke up to see Deaton examining Derek; she turned to him and said "is something wrong?"

Deaton replied "he's hart rates up higher than normal."

Lydia then elbowed Logan who woke up and said "just five more minutes' mom."

Lydia then said to him "I am not your mother and I woke you because Deaton said that Derek's heart rate is higher than normal."

Logan turned to him and said "what does that mean?"

Deaton replied "I'm not sure." He then picked up a scalpel and cut Derek to test his healing. He then noted that he was healing faster hen normal.

They then turned around to find something else to test him when Logan turned around and said "um guys he's getting up and he's shifting."

They were trying to calm him down when he attacked both Deaton and Logan, who luckily started healing right away. However Deaton was a different mater, the cut wasn't too deep but he did need some attention before they could go and find Derek.

*- The high School -*

Scott and Stiles eventually make their way to school and are in class with Isaac, Allison, Mila and the twins. Each of their phones starts ringing Coach Finstock was covering their History class then said "phones are supposed to be off in class."

Another phone rings and he again says "I said phones off," He then realised it was his and looked at it and said "Scott Lydia needs you to call her." He looked at the name that had come up on the phone and said "what the hell is he doing with Lydia and why does he want Scott to call her" as he realized it was Logan McCall.

*- McCall house -*

Meanwhile Logan made his way home and saw his dad doing some work on the house and said "what the hell are you doing here?"

Agent McCall replied "I'm doing some repairs that Scott and Melissa should have taken care of. Scott told me you were looking after a sick dog last night."

Logan laughed to himself and said "yeah Dr, Deaton didn't want to leave him alone so he asked me to stay with him, he's doing better. I'm just going to hit the shower and then I'm going out."

Agent McCall then said "Scott's supposed to be having dinner with me tonight you can join us if you want."

Logan nodded and said "yeah sure sounds good."

When he got out of the shower he got a text from Scot saying to meet him at the sheriff station. He texted him back "do I need to bring bail money?"

Scott texted back "not likely the Sheriff just texted Stiles that two of his deputies brought in Derek and he wants to talk to us."

Logan texted him back "be right there." He then turned to their Dad and said "I need to go out for a bit I'll see you later."

*- Sheriff Station -*

When Logan arrived at the sheriff station he saw Deputy Parish unlocking the handcuffs off of Derek Scott was about to talk to him when Sheriff Stilinski called the three of them into his office and said "please tell me you guys aren't time traveling now, because if that's a thing I'm going to have to check myself into Eichen house."

Logan replied "no I left the DeLorean at college."

The Sheriff then said "wait you have a DeLorean?"

Logan laughed and said "no I was making a Back to the Future joke; you know how they travel back in time in one."

The Sheriff nodded and said "so how did this happen to him then?"

Scott then said "We found him like that."

The Sheriff asked "Where, swimming in the fountain of youth?"

Stiles replied "No. We found him buried in a tomb of wolfsbane in an Aztec temple in Mexico underneath a church in the middle of a town that was destroyed by an earthquake."

The Sheriff then said "You told me you were camping!"

Stiles "Yeah, we were. It was in Mexico. We had an adult with us."

Logan then said "yeah they had me plus the twins, Malia, Allison and Lydia."

Scott then said "look all we know is somehow Derek got aged backwards and doesn't know anything past a certain point."

The sheriff then said "Look just get him out of here ok."

As Scott was talking to ham and flashing his Alpha eyes at him Ethan walked in and turned to Sheriff Stilinski and said "can I talk to you for a second." He looked over to the others and said "Scott, Stiles and Logan too."

They went back into the office again and Ethan then said "Aiden was out for a drive with Lydia and she pulled in to a gas station and told him to fill the tank for her, the only thing was it was full. She had one of her banshee things and they found a body in a restroom there, well at least what's left of it. Aiden said he had to throw up well he was on the phone with me. Lydia then sent me the pics and it looks bad like something out of control."

He then showed them the pictures, Sheriff Stilinski then said "I'll get over there and get it taken care of, any idea on who or what did it?"

Stiles then said "it might have been Kate Argent she's turned into something."

Scott then said "I think I need to go and talk to someone about Derek and see if he can figure out what happened."

Stiles then said "Scott are you sure that's wise?"

Scott nodded and said "yeah he may be our only hope. Stiles, Logan, and Ethan I need you to take Derek to my house he'll be safe there. Isaac should be there soon too."

*- Dreeks loft -*

As Scott pulled up to Derek's loft Malia, Lydia and Aiden are there waiting. Aiden then said "Ethan told me where you were heading, we didn't think you should meet with him alone, just in case."

As they entered the loft Lydia then said "oh great Satan in a v neck."

Peter then said "I did hear that but I'll ignore it. Now what can I do for you today?"

Scott first took the time to introduce Malia to Peter. Peter then asked "tell me did you get your beautiful eyes from your father?"

Malia replied "no my mother."

Peter then replied "that's a shame, so I take it Scott and Stiles has brought you up to speed on me."

Malia then said "what the whole psychotic killing spree then yeah."

Aiden then said "you make what Ethan and I did look like pussy cats."

Peter then replied "well were all works in progress."

Scott then asked "what do you know about someone being turned by a scratch?"

Peter then said "well the claws have to go deep."

They then told him about Kate and Aiden pulled up his phone to show him the pictures Lydia had taken well he had to vomit. Peter looked at them and said "it looks like she seems to be lacking control over shifting into whatever she is." He then added "why can't people stay dead in this town."

Scott said under his breath "we all keep asking that."

Peter replied "I heard that, now what news do you have of my dear nephew?"

Scott then explained about how they found Derek de-aged in a tomb in Mexico. Peter then asked "what colour are his eyes as a werewolf?"

Scott then said "blue."

Peter replied "then his memories should be sometime after page just before he met Kate. She must have aged him back to then so she could gain his trust to get something. Before the fire and just after page Kate had a relationship with him."

*- McCall house -*

Logan, Stiles and Ethan with the de aged Derek had just arrived at the McCall house. Scott and Logan's dad was there and he looked at them and said "where's Scott and who are these two," the last part was said as he pointed to Ethan and Derek.

Ethan then stuck out his hand and said "I'm Ethan a friend of Scott and Stiles; we've met before I'm one of the twins."

Agent McCall then said "sorry I'm kind of bad with twins."

Ethan replied "that's ok people mix us up all the time until they know us."

Stiles then said "and the other guy is my cousin Miguel from Mexico."

Isaac was about to say something when Logan looked at him and whispered "go with it tell him nothing." Isaac nodded as he pretty much took everything Logan said as if it was an order from Scott mainly because he was Scott's older brother and he could kick everyone in the packs butt, he even managed to knock both of the twins down.

Agent McCall the said something in Spanish to "Miguel" Logan was surprised by the amount of Spanish he knew, it was definitely more than him even though he had taken some Spanish classes at college he wasn't exactly fluent in it like people expected when he said he was part Mexican, mostly he knew the swear words.

Agent McCall then said to Logan "why can't you and Scott speak spanish that fluently."

Logan replied back "I do, Sé lo suficiente para sobrevivir, but I didn't use it much because we don't live in Mexico. I don't know I just don't have a need to speak it."

Stiles wanted to rush Derek up to Scott's room but Agent McCall offered them all food. Well they were eating Stiles told Agent McCall that Miguel's last name was Juarez Cinqua Tiago, he then asked him to spell it and Stiles replied "just write it down how it's said phonetically."

He then turned to Ethan and said "I never did ever catch you and your brother's last name."

Ethan then said "I don't think we ever dropped it. Why do you want it so you can look up and see if either of us have criminal records or something. The only thing you might find if I gave it to you would be when I was arrested for hacking when I was 13, but the charges got dropped and taken off my record."

Stiles looked at him and said "does Danny know that?" Ethan nodded and said "yeah he thought it was funny because he got caught for the same thing."

When they had sat down to dinner Agent McCall asked "where's Scott by the way?"

Logan then said "he... had an emergency dinner with his girlfriend."

Agent McCall replied "an emergency dinner with his girlfriend?"

Logan then said "yeah... her dog died so he went over to comfort her.

Agent McCall then said "I thought you said the dog got better?"

Logan replied "that was a different dog."

Towards the end of Dinner Derek noticed Agent McCall's FBI badge on the table and asked him if he knew anything about the Hale fire. Before he could answer it Stiles and Logan took Derek upstairs where he said he would only talk to the Alpha. Stiles said he'd get him, Stiles left well the three werewolves were left with Agent McCall. Logan went up to check on him and saw Kate had snuck in and had taken him out of Scott's window. He sent a quick text to Scott and Stiles and the three of them piled into Logan's car.

On their way they got a text from Scott to meet them at the school as apparently Derek and Kate were heading there.

*- The high school -*

When they got there they met up with Aiden, Scott, Stiles, Allison, Peter and Malia. Well they were looking around for Derek and Kate they ran into the same creature that Mila had seen in the desert and Scott had seen in the catacombs.

The twins looked at them and yelled "berserkers run."

They got somewhere safe for now and Logan asked the twins what they knew about them. Aiden replied "even if we could merge they'd make mincemeat out of us."

They attempted to fight them and they all get tossed around Scott then growled at them and out of nowhere Derek come rushing up and took them on during the fight he seemed at times to be turning back to his adult form.

Something then called them off and Derek returned to normal except he has gold colored eyes now instead of blue.

Meanwhile Allison, Stiles and Lydia have made their way to the Hale family vault under the Beacon Hill sign. When they get down there Peter informed them that someone has set them up and stolen 117 Million dollars in bond they had in a safe in there.

Just decided to add Logan speaking a bit of spanish if it seems odd I used google translate the phrase he said was "I know enough to get by"