So here's the great one, Blackshadow thought when Optimus Prime entered the sensors' range. His stance, his reserved transformation, and then the sound of his engines were all subtle telltale signs of self-confidence and wisdom. He came alone as he had promised, but even now he was projecting the impression of a leader. Starscream will have to practice long before he could imitate half of this. Megatron? Hah, Megatron had double dose of self-assurance, but even at his highest he never had the same processor qualities.

And he never would anymore, Blackshadow added with a quiet harrumph. Even back when the Decepticons had believed their leader's words, it was because Megatron had spoken of the same unjust treatment they all had suffered. He could inspire his followers by ordering them to do what they had been eager to achieve. Decepticons had chosen to wear the purple badge because they had foolishly believed their leader would always demand what they all hoped to pull through.

The black robot's dark red optics flashed at his own reflection in the transparisteel windowpane. There was a reason he wasn't wearing the same badge anymore.

A quick glance at the office: everything set, pristine, ready to leave a good impression. Since he had become the security director of the Monacusian Sunbow Bank, he had received numerous important beings here, but Optimus Prime was on the far end of the scale of "important". He was, currently, the only legitimate ruler on Cybertron.

An Ardurian roc landed on the back of his chair, then transformed with a flip. The robotic avian reported that he'd seen no other Autobot apart from the Prime, but they were keeping their optics open.

"Good. Let him feel being watched, but not threatened."

Of countless species he came across as a phase-sixer, Ardurians were one of the few whom Blackshadow considered worthy of preservation. They were intelligent, adaptive, loyal, receptive and deadly. Their planet also had a very special resource that was just calling for investment in refrigerator technology, as Blackshadow very quickly found out. Shockwave was less than thankful when he came to check on the Regenesis missile and found a coldbomb manufacture in its place and three civilian insulator factories. His sense for business might have been lost at the same time as his sense of humor, but during that encounter, Blackshadow had learnt for certain that Shockwave was still capable of anger.

"Let the Prime in."

Oh, the glorious leader of the Autobots. Bulky like every other grounder, war-worn and still ready to fight if needed. Blackshadow watched him with approval. Prime's death would have paid four hundred million shanix, but he was much more profitable alive.

He was Cybertron's entire future.