Hi this is my first Fanfiction. I hope you like it.

Disclaimer: I own nothing DC owns pretty much everything and some ideas are form other fictions mostly Airmage check out her story Bats and Leaguer and yes I did ask to use some of her ideas.

Chapter 1

(Black Canary POV)

It was a normal day in the Hall of Justice; the sun was beginning to set lighting up the sky in lovely warm colours. For those who knew the truth about the shadows it was a time to be afraid as no villain was safe as it was the perfect time for the shadow walkers to hunt their prey. But here it was just a quiet time before going home and calling it a day heroes talking and debating over who is the best out of them all. In other words completely boring, I miss the times when a simple debate could spark a fight between the world's most deadly fighters. I regret leaving but I felt it was for the best.

I was snapped out of my thoughts by Flash holding baby pictures of his 11 month old daughter Bella Allen being hold by his wife and his son Bart standing beside them looking angry for some reason. "Hi Canary what do you think of Bella" he asked.

"She is getting big. Any sign of super speed yet" I replied.

"Actually yes she has a speedster's appetite" He answered looking uncomfortable. I could understand that it would be hard to explain her powers as she got older due to super speed being one of the most well known powers that seemed to be passed on genetically like my canary call. After all everyone thinks Flash the son of the original Flash.

Before I could reply Superman came in looking like he owned the place. Phuff yeah right

"I just got a call from Catherine Cobert she needs all of us at the United Nations General Assembly as soon as possible. She said that Secretary General Tseng Dangun needs to see us about a top secret mission and that he will only talk to us about it face to face"

Everyone looked surprised usually he just told Catherine the mission and details and then let us handle it; it must really be big if he needed to see us about it.

I didn't know just how bad this mission would end up.