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(Red Arrow POV)


Sometimes there should be no such thing.

Sometimes it stops the nightmares but it means dad will usually be exhausted after a night of crime fighting and tracking.

Of course then he can rest but only after he finishes work on his day job.

Like seriously how on earth does he manage to run a million dollar company and have time for four kids?

Anyway I woke up early enough about 7 o'clock. After getting dressed in my short sleeved red t-shirt and black trousers I left my room, walking towards the 'living room'.

This place doesn't feel like home when dad and the other clan members aren't here. No-one but Black Canary was awake, nursing a cup of coffee, judging by the smell.

"Morning Red" she said.

I felt mad only dad and Arty could can me that.


"Typical, try and be nice to a shadow walker and they think your out to kill them or something." She replied.

"Don't use that term"

"Why not?"

"Although it is right many don't like the term because the shadows usually represent evil as in darkness. The Bat clan tries to represent hope. The word insults us." I replied remembering something Green Arrow told me when I first discovered his double life.

She laughed "Let me guess GA told you that. He hasn't changed much."

I looked at her confused. What did she mean by that? Dad may be one of the few who actually says it but most of the clan agree with it and what does she know about dad.

"What do you mean by he hasn't changed" I asked.

"I dated your father about 1 year before you started showing up in the criminal world's news. We broke up after Count Vertigo captured me after he found out we were dating and tried to get his civilian name but since I didn't know well let's just say it was lucky he showed up when he did. This was maybe… eight months before your first outing"

I didn't know what to say to that except "But how did you meet?"

"Before my mother was killed she was the first Black Canary and a member of the clan. Along with her mentor and my uncle Wild Cat"

Canary was smiling at my shocked look I knew. But Wildcat is one of the Titans favourite babysitters and a great crime fighter even in his old age.

"So that makes you a second generation hero. I'm guessing after your break up you decided to get away, got an offer to join the Justice league took it and left it behind." I looked up at her sad face. "I don't blame you either not everyone can take the craziness we have to go through every day. I know about your mum by the way. Maybe I can get to know you a little, you actually seem kind of cool compared to the other leaguers."

She smiled but before she opened her mouth the other Titans came into the room and the leaguers weren't far behind. I smiled back at Canary before turning towards the other Titans.

-Line Break-

Third Person (POV)

Once everyone finished eating lunch the Titans and Young justice sat on the couch to talk. The Justice league just sat watching the two groups hang out so easily.

Zeta tubes activated making the whooshing and whirring noises. The Titans looked up happily and started running towards them with the league not far behind.

The Titans were standing in front of the tubes when the league and YJ arrived. Everyone thought the Batclan had returned to collect their kids. But instead of the dark shapes of the clan they saw the people who should even know about the existence of the kids.

The Light and friends

Rounds of curses were heard from the mouths of the Titans.

HAHA I am going to be cruel and write no more about this today instead we see what the Clan are doing. Warning Curses other languages.


(Green Arrow) Few hours ago

Even with the entire clan busy we never thought this would happen and especially since we had no real choice but to get the help of the justice league.

Let's see who are doing what:

The Predators the all-girl team are somewhere in Africa with Batwing.

The New Yorkers where were taking down Banes drug operation.

The Bats Inc. where just plain busy with this or that.

The Outlaws were helping the Bats Inc.

Then everyone left was either on information gathering or on this mission to Bialya.

Seriously how on earth did Queen Bee of all people get her hands on nuclear weapons?

Nightwing, Batgirl, Catwoman, Magic Mistress and myself where on the Batcoppter on the way to Bialya with Nightwing driving I had time to check my arrows for problems while the girls did the same with theirs while chatting about what ever. Usually I would join in but my mind was on other things like Red and my ex-girlfriend Black Canary. God it's been awhile.

I stopped myself before I could think more about it.

"Hey GA head on the mission not on the kids or Black Canary" said Catwoman. I felt my face heat up. The girls laughed at me so I headed towards the cockpit.

"Hey Wingster" I started "How much longer?"

"Few minutes till airdrop then I park and join you. Let me guess the girls got on your nerves so you decided to join me instead?" He replied as easily as chatting about the weather.

I looked weirdly at him before remembering we are able to get him certified as a genius. But he rarely acts like it only when he what's to be. Kind of the reason he dropped out of collage he was too smart for it. Although I think it's partly because he wants people to underestimate him.

I went to open my mouth only to be interrupted by Nightwing.

"Tell the others to get ready. Airdrop in 1 minute."

I left to warn the others. We got on our gilders or in my cause parachute.

I need the parachute as it descends slower and I get more arm freedom to help provide support.

"Get ready in 3…2…1 ….Drop" Came the Wings of the Night voice over the intercom.

The Floor opened up and we literally dropped out of the plane. The girls opened out the gilders and headed towards the factory in the middle of the desert. After a few seconds I opened the parachute and took aim towards a tank. One electric arrow later and the tanks were neutralised. After I landed on the roof I noticed the copter was already gone.

Seems Nightwing whats to join the fight as soon as possible

I took position in the rafters shooting the guards and helping the girls as much as I could.

Just as I was about to take out a large group of soldiers something black landed in the middle of them.

About 10 seconds later not one was standing.

I dropped from the ceiling next to Nightwing who just smirked. He started to hack a metal door, when the girls joined us.


(Nightwing POV)

The door was actually fairly easily to hack so it only took a minute. We stood ready to fight, as we entered the room. I noticed that there were no guards no anything except pieces of paper on a desk and a small device.

Magic picked it up saying "Seod siht tahw em wohs".

"This is what the scanners were picking up not radioactive stuff" she explained.

"So this is what? A trap, a prank or just the freaks trying to mess with us?" asked GA.

Heading over to the desk I start to look over the plans and forms littering it. Looking over one file that caught my attention I grabbed a pen and small notebook I always keep on my person.

As I started to translate the notes the others look over my shoulder getting worried with each sentence.

"Con chó đẻ" GA said his face was turning red in anger as I finished the translating.

"Call everyone, tell them of this development and get them to the Cave now" I said taking control of this situation.

Nodding we started on the way back to the transport camouflaged in the desert.


All clan members available headed for the Cave. Once we all arrived we went through the Cave noticing everyone was gone, so started to look for clues to where the Light could have taken them.

In the main room we compared notes. Batwing and Mister Unknown found that the Zeta tubes had been altered by a virus, while the virus was now destroyed the last people to use it before the Light and others were members of the League and members of Young Justice.

Huntress and Green Arrow found blood in some of the rooms, belonging to both sides.

Time to do what we do best I guess. Great!


Earlier I was just messing since I made all of you wait so long so Flashback time.

Also this probably won't be any good but I will do my best.


(Third person POV)

"Scatter" yelled Red Arrow as he and a few others threw down small balls that either created flashes or smoke.

Klarion stroking Teeki just said "Et excubent iustitia foedus effugeret alligant diripuimus. Latin Google Translate (Tie up the Justice League and let them watch us capture our prey.) The League got tied up in rope that appeared out of no-where, some young justice members as well but most had left with the Titans. "How but you freaks get in here" shouted Superman. "Did you really think the robot attacking Washington was nothing but an incident? That robot was designed to bypass the Batclans firewalls into the main computers to give us access to the most secret of the clan's bases. You see we want the kids to never fight against us. It is a well known fact the younger the training starts either they go insane or be better than their own trainers. So either they join us or we kill them quite simple really." Stated Vandal Savage before he turned to the other villains with a simple "Find them" A portal of some kind opened as the villains raced off. The League could only watch as the kids were captured one by one. - The Vents Most of the kids took to the vents to get out of the mountain. The YJ members they managed to grab trailing in the middle. But that didn't last long as some of the villains had fought their parents or were slightly knowable. They filled the vents with a sleeping gas that they were unprepared for. They fell in moments. - The Pool Area Tempest was heading to the only place he could think he was able to get out safely. The pool went out into the sea were he could reach land and contact help. He figured out early the Communications were jammed. He saw Black Mantras troops behind and kept dragging Lagoon boy faster. Telling him to jump as they reached the edge. He was upset about being unable to help more but knew that the sooner help arrives the better. Once under water he created a huge snake hoping to buy a few minutes to escape. It worked until Manta decided to shoot a laser at me knocking him into the shallows and was quickly restrained and knocked unconscious. Lagoon Boy attacked but was unable to cause any damage before he too was unconscious. - Weapons room The villains entered the room carefully after seeing the weapons and gadgets hanging on the walls. Artemis was found quickly finding behind spare punching bags. Her arm twisted behind her as she cried. Hands off my sister yelled Red Arrow as he shoot arrow after arrow at the villains. Only when Lex Luthor held a knife at her throat did the Archers and Cheshire lay down the weapons and be restrained and knocked out. - The villains picked up the League on the way to the Zeta tubes but not without getting some payback first. Deathstroke made sure they were all unconscious before getting those with super strength carry them though the Tubes.

When they finally managed to get to their HQ all the heroes and Heroes-in-training were put in cells. So they could prepare for the Bat clans senior members to arrive.

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