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The End (3rd Person)

The justice league woke up in a large room with red symbols on the walls within a small glass-like cage with red lights and computers outside the cages probably to prevent the cages from being opened. Looking around they noticed both groups of the kids behind them still unconscious in a seperate glass room much like the one they were in.

"Supes break it" said Black Canary her voice hard and emotionless as she pointed to one of the glass walls.

Superman ran towards the panel of glass and punched it hard.

Before collapsing and cradling his hand.

Canary rushed over to try and help him. Worried about the damage and how it could have happened.

"Don't brother red solar radiation and a yellow floor, not to mention Klarions used his magic to suppress your powers. There is no way to get out." came a smug voice.

"Lex Luthor" said a disgusted Wonderwomen.
"Well as nice as it is to see everyone so miserable and captured I'm afraid i can't stay as we are planning quite a party"he answered.

"You do realize your all going to get your asses kicked right?" asked Red Arrow having just woken up with the other heroes-in-training.
Lex replied smugly " They wouldn't risk your lives".

Red Arrow shook his head but still leveled a glare at him since he was an Arrow and not a Bat or Bird it wasn't as strong but the other Titans joined in their glares so cold it felt like Lex's heart was frozen in fear.

After a quick shake of his head Lex decided it wasn't worth it and left the room.
Turning towards the League RA simply smirked and said "We had better sitters but you weren't too bad".

They just stared at him until they realized that was all he had to say. They decided to look about the cells and try to find a way out.


(2 hours later)


They were the sounds everyone woke up to after a short doze. Many older heroes and young justice members sporting injures from trying to escape by using their powers.

" What's going on" was the thing that went though every-ones mind. The younger batclan members getting up onto their feet quickly seemly ready for a fight.

The door leading to the room the cages were in opened but they saw no-one. Thinking it was a glitch many continued what they were doing. Until the computers started up and computer code started to appear.

Then the doors opened, so the Titans quickly left the cages with the leaguers and YJ following closely.
Suddenly Talon ran towards the computers and jumped nearly straight onto them. The female leaguers went to catch her, maternal instincts over-ruling thought. But there was no need as she seemed to float in mid-air.

"Uncle Beyond its about time why are you guys sooooo late" She asked arms crossed and a pout on her face.

(Terry McGinuess from the cartoon Batman Beyond)

"One you almost hit that computer i was two steps to the left so its a good thing i caught you. And two we can as fast as we could but most of us were on the opposite side of the planet young lady trying to do what we do best."A young man appeared wearing a black body suit with a full face mask with extremely pointed ears and a red bat on the chest. He sounded slightly annoyed.

" So i think since it only took three hours to find out everyone was captured, get everyone we could into one place ,make a plan and then set off i think we did rather you think we were not going to come or something?" Talon shook her head."Good because we would always come for you guys. Now who is ready to go home?!".

That got cheers out of the Titans turning towards the Leaguers he said in a unhappy voice but controlled voice "Beyond, New York batclan member. Lets get going". He turned towards the doors with the batkids behind him.

Sharing a quick nod the League and Young Justice fallowed quickly behind him.

Not far from the room they ran into a typical stereotype thug. Quickly putting Talon down Beyond rushed towards the thug flipping over his shoulder using the shoulder as leverage, a punch from the bat was blocked but Beyond gracefully sweep the thugs feet from under him and the thug fell backwards, a kick to the face and he was unconscious.

Not a word was spoken as Beyond motioned everyone to fallow. Coming into a large room there was a battle on.
Villains and Bats fighting. Green Arrow and other long range fighters in the rafters while close range combat fighters like Nightwing getting in close and taking down their opponents gracefully.

"Time to go" Beyond shouted. Most Clanners giving a simple nod while not taking their eyes off their opponents and others already making their way out of the apparent Warehouse they were held in for a short time.

"Bombs!"shouted a voice from the villains who started to scatter from the moment Beyond had shouted.
Taking off running the heroes made it outside and quickly entered the vehicles the clan had brought with them.

After taking off in the vehicles the drivers finally stopped in a empty highway not far from Washington.
"You set up bombs? are you insane?" shouted Superman when they had finally stopped, "Why did you try to kill them ? They were villians but that us you no choice in..."

"Shut up they were fakes used to get them to freak out and get them to leave. Your can destroy the area later or whatever but we are busy. So shut your traps" shouted Huntress.

The Batclan ignored the older Leaguers from there on and simply collected their kids , after checking them for injures and some looking over the young justice members before letting them go and plenty of hugs later.

They went back to the vehicles with their own kids and left all the leaguers in the middle of no where with some blankets around the kids and a sports bag full of food and water.

Apparently they were to make their own way home.

After a half hour of walking the Leaguers made it to the Hall of Justice and quickly set up beds for the kids since it was nine o'clock at night and a very unusual day . Finally managing to sit down the Leaguers called their families (those that had them) and checked in with them.

Finally Black Canary said what was on all there minds "Well that could have gone better"
The other Leaguers just stared at her wondering if she had lost her mind.


(THE NEXT DAY- United Nations Generals assembly)

The next day the League were asked return to the United Nations Generals Assembly building.

Most members were worried and had decided to leave the young justice members at their homes.

They were lead to a room by the General Secretary's secretary, when they arrived the General Secretary Tseng Dangun and Michael Ross were waiting in the same room as one one they were in last time.

Dangun looked up at them from his conversation with and simply motioned them to sit down.

"Well i just wished to thank you on the successful mission on behalf of the UN" The League stared at his smiling face trying to understand what was going on.

"Unfortunately i can't stay so will take over for me. Have a nice day Justice League" he turned and left the room quickly leaving the Leaguers alone with the Bat-clans representative.

Ross just stared at us for a few minutes before speaking. "Well the clan grateful that their kids are safe and mostly unharmed so they won't say a word to anyone about your failure. Which is in their own words by the way".

"Seriously that can't be all of it they have hate us or something since we ended up getting their kids kidnapped" said a frustrated Guy Gardener.

Ross gave a tight smile before replying " They didn't have high hopes to be honest most of them took bets on what would happen to the kids and some of the things thought up were a lot worst. The Clan didn't trust or like you before this so the best they wanted was the kids happy and safe and not dead or emotionally ruined"

Then he packed up his folders and started towards the door.
"If they didn't trust us why would they let us watch over the kids" asked Black Canary getting in his way before he reached the door.

Ross knew he had his back to the League so they couldn't see his hands and quickly slipped a note into Canary's hand before answering nonchalantly "To give you a chance to prove them wrong".

Side-stepping Canary he opened the door and left, leaving the League to fallow. Once outside and in his car he activated a com-link to Green Arrow.

"Hey GA i delivered the note mind telling me what was on it?"

"That's for me to know and you to never find out. Just keep the US and UN guys happy so we can do own jobs in peace. okay?" came his distorted voice .

After a quick acknowledgement Ross turned off the comm started to head home to his family.

(Starling City)

Black Canary waited on top of the Queen industries building waiting for her Ex to arrive.

"Didn't think you would really come" came a voice from the shadows.

"Yeah ...well i got your message. You really want to try again? I don't think your kids like me to much." Canary replied smoothly.

"Actually they don't mind you that much. They think your pretty cool at least you actually tried your best with them, the other Leaguers not so much" Green Arrow appeared from the shadows fidgeting nervously.

"And i really do miss you. Please give me another chance." he asked getting down on his knees and pouting.
Canary nodded and hugged him. They laughed before being interrupted.

"Seriously GA your weird" came a voice Canary was starting to know well.

Red Arrow.

"Red your suppose to be in bed asleep with the others. Your going straight home young man"

"Catch me if you can " came his simple reply taking off.

Green arrow right behind him and BC right behind him taking off into the night.

The end!
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