Survive the Nightosphere 12:

Chapter 1: Timmy Captured

Timmy Turner woke up to find himself in a cage after his run in with Mephisto. As he gaved around, he noticed other vile villains were also caged up as well.

"Bah they treat me worse than Shao Khan did" said Goro as he was in his cage.

"What the heck did you do to get here?" asked Timmy.

"I must say I am rather interested in how you got here as well" said Goro.

"This is unacceptable" said Cell as he was in his cage, "I should be out trying to rule the Nightosphere."

"Turner!" roared Denziel Crocker as he noticed him from afar, "I noticed that pink hat anywhere, the only way you could end up in the Nightosphere with me and these other villains is that you wished yourself here with your Fairy Godparents!"

"Oh please this place isn't that bad" said Vicky, "I bet the twerp is our ticket out of here."

"Vicky how did you end up here, mom and dad said you went on vacation" said Timmy.

"Long story short twerp, I made some bad deals" continued Vicky.

"Enough" said Jake as he and Finn entered the area, "time to free these naughty villains."

Finn ended up freeing Timmy from his cage which Finn was intrigued why Timmy was there.

"You don't look so vile like the others" said Finn.

"I sort of wanted to take a look around" said Timmy.

"About time" said Denziel as he got out of his cage as Jake freed him, "Turner, if you get us out of here I am going to give you nothing but As for life!"

"Already you're trying to make deals with the twerp?" asked Vicky as Jake freed her from her cage.

"It's the only thing that'd motivate me to find out if he has Fairy Godparents!" laughed Denziel.

Soon more villains began to be freed from their cages such as Shang Tsung who was meditating, along with Owlman, Sub-Zero, Noob Saibot, Viper, Slade, Gannondorf, Frieza, Duncan, Alejandro, Scott, Venom, Carnage and Harley Quinn.

"This bites, Heather got a second chance and we didn't" said Duncan.

"Yea, tell me about it" added Scott, "so unfair that Heather got a second chance."

"I just cannot believe that the Ice King helped her out" said Alejandro who was rather shocked, "who is going to be more useful for us to get us out of the Nightosphere?"

"Turner, admit it, I'll promise not to reveal that you have Fairy Godparents whom brought you here if you help me out I'll give you all As for the rest of your life!" said Denziel.

"No, no he's not the sort of person you should be making deals with" said Alejandro as he ran to push Denziel right out of the way, "you help me and I promise we'll both get out of here."

"Hey pretty boy I'm the one who found Turner first" said Denziel to Alejandro.

"You two are both wrong, because I stay with the twerp 24/7 and I got the grander deal among you two" said Vicky.

"Already with the deals, what deal could you possibly have for me Vicky?" asked Timmy.

"Easy one, I promise never to beat you up while baby sitting, the only requirement is you'd have to think of someway of helping me creatively beat up all the other twerps" laughed Vicky.

"I'll think about it" said Timmy as he and the other villains were being led by Finn and Jake to the area where they were going to form teams.

Shang Tsang was rather interested in stealing a soul from a fairy as he noticed Timmy.

"Say I noticed you got some issues" said Shang Tsung.

"Oh please not you too" said Timmy.

"Look, I can help you do whatever you want" said Shang Tsung, "and more if we join forces?"

"I'll think about it" said Timmy as he passed on Shang Tsung.

"Wow, it's already not the first challenge and he's shooting you down for an alliance" laughed Slade.

Soon as they reached the area, aside from Hunson Abadeer being there, Mephisto was there with Cosmo, Wanda and Poof being trapped in a crystal ball.

"Hello again Timmy" laughed Mephisto, "I have purposely placed your arch nemesis Denizel Crocker into this season along with Vicky with Hunson's approval just to make things more interesting."

"Ah ha, so you do have Fairy Godparents!" cried Denziel, "Three of them!"

"Cosmo, Wanda, Poof are you three okay?" asked Timmy as he rushed toward the crystal ball.

"Timmy, Denziel knows we're you're fairies" continued Wanda, "we've already broken the rules by being in the Nightosphere."

"But somehow the magic isn't cancelling us out, so technically we're still you're fairies while you're in the Nightosphere" added Cosmo.

"That's absolutely right" laughed Hunson, "I signed an agreement with Fairy World that any fairy trapped here with their godkid will remain here even if they are revealed however if they win let's say my reality series the people whom remembered them having their fairies will be wiped out from their memory."

"Darn that's not fair!" cried Denziel, "If I won with Turner having a second chance I should have the right to remember them!"

"If you make it" laughed Hunson, "time for the teams, let's see first team will be called Wild Imagination made up of Timmy, Denziel, Vicky, Duncan, Scott, Alejandro, Venom, Carnage, and Harley Quinn; second team will be called Doomed Souls whom will be made up of Shang Tsung, Sub-Zero, Noob Saibot, Slade, Viper, Owlman, Goro, Gannondorf, Frieza and Cell."

As the two teams were finally formed, Hunson ended up leading the way as Timmy gazed back Mephisto stuck out his tongue at him as he continued to hold his fairies captive.