Chapter 18: That's Not Harley

Once again it was time for Hunson Abadeer to give a recap.

Hunson Abadeer's commentary:

Last time on Survive the Nightosphere 12, it was a battle between Denziel, Timmy and Harley, where the trio were involved in an academic battle to the finish. Somehow, Denziel didn't really get to finish the test, thanks to Timmy and Harley disrupting him.

In the end, both Timmy and Harley will be the final two, so who'll come out on top? Find out here on Survive the Nightosphere 12!

End of commentary.

Shang Tsang was secretly gathering his strength for the final battle, while disgusing himself as Harley Quinn. Poor Harley Quinn was really tied up in a disclosed area, she was doing her best to signal help. But for Timmy, he was unaware of Shang Tsang being disguised as Harley.


"Ha, there is nothing that'd stop me!" laughed Timmy.

End of confessions.

As the two slept outside, Hunson ended up heading out and blowing a loud horn waking them up.

"Hope you two are ready for the final challenge, because you're going to need it" laughed Hunson.

As the two were shown the area, it was one big arena, where the Joker was in the auidence watching who he thought was Harley Quinn.

"That's my Harley down there, win one for me!" laughed the Joker.

"Sure, uh, Mister J" said Shang Tsang as he was trying to mimic Harley's actions.

"Today's final challenge is that these two will be facing rows of zombies!" laughed Hunson.

The zombies began to pour right on out of the gates, Timmy along with Shang Tsang still disguised a Harley grabbed whatever weapons they could and began to smash the zombies. Each of the zombies were smashed into pieces by the two, and soon a ring began to form where the two found themselves at the opposite ends.

"And now to fight it all!" laughed Hunson.

Shang Tsang charged at Timmy with an axe, Timmy was able to leap and smack him in the face, as the Joker watched he noticed something was quite odd about his Harley Quinn. So he headed out to meet up with the Teen Titans and Batman who was in the Nightosphere helping them out.

"Joker, why are you here?" asked Batman.

"Oh, there is something wrong with my Harley, I don't remember teaching her any of those moves" said the Joker.

"So she learned a few new moves while down here" said Cyborg.

"It's not that, I think she was misplaced somewhere" said the Joker.

"Interesting" said Batman as he went off, "you go enjoy yourself, I think I got some exploring to do."

Batman went off, while the Joker sat back down in the audience, Cell who was watching the challenge was curious to know where the Joker went.

"Where the heck were you, things were getting interesting" said Cell.

"I was out" said the Joker, "uh to get some fresh air."

The Joker knew something was wrong with Harley, but couldn't grasp at what it was as he gazed down in the fight, poor Timmy was loosing badly to Shang Tsang in disguise.

"Wow, you got me there" laughed Timmy, "if I didn't say, you were someone else."

Timmy ended up joking, not realizing it really was Shang Tsang.

"Well, I hope you don't mind if I steal your soul then" laughed Shang Tsang in Harley's voice as a green grow began to form around her hand, "while I then take your fairies' souls since I'd be the default winner!"

"Crude, you really are that Shang Tsang!" cried Timmy.

"Ha, I knew it!" laughed the Joker, "That's not my Harley Quinn down there!"

Batman then ended up tossing a Baterang which smacked Shang Tsang's hand.

"He's right" said Batman as he showed up with the real Harley Quinn.

"He's an imposter!" roared Harley pointing at Shang Tsang.

"Ha, this is getting interesting!" laughed Hunson as he gazed at the fight.

"I don't care how many souls I have to go through, I am going to get the souls of those fairies!" roared Shang Tsang as he changed into his normal self.

Shang Tsang began to fire, fireballs at Timmy, Harley ended up leaping right into the ring and grabbed Shang Tsang by her legs while upside down.

"Time to show you a few things" laughed Harley.

Harley ended up slamming Shang Tsang right down pretty hard on the ground, she and Timmy then jumped onto Shang Tsang where he couldn't get up, Batman ended up leaping to help them by handcuffing Shang Tsang with special handcuffs.

"These are magic proof handcuffs" said Batman, "he won't be causing anymore trouble any time soon."

"Wow, I have never really done this before, but both Timmy and Harley get to have a second chance!" laughed Hunson, "Harley, you can bring someone along with you."

"Oh, pick me, pick me!" laughed the Joker.

"I pick Mister J!" laughed Harley.

"Well Timmy" said Mephisto as he appeared before Timmy with his fairies in his crytal ball, "you won, so I am going to give you, your fairies back to you."

"About time" laughed Timmy.

"Wow, it was so cramped in there" said Cosmo as Mephisto poured our the trio.

"Poof, Poof, Poof" added Poof.

"Uh, I am never going to be here ever again" said Wanda.

"Which reminds me, I wish we were out of the Nightosphere, and by me, I mean me, you three, Harley and the Joker" continued Timmy.

"You got it sport" said Wanda, Cosmo and Poof ended up teleporting them out.

"Ha, well that was a nice surprise, until next season here on Survive the Nightosphere!" laughed Hunson.

"Great, I am going to have to go back to Gotham to make sure the Joker won't cause trouble" said Batman as he was heading out.