Hey, I haven't updated anything in a while but this is the very short intro to a new story, but in the reviews I would like you guys to tell me which story you would like me to finish this week. I PROMISE that I will finish whichever uncompleted story gets the most votes in the reviews.

Without further ado, my new SHORT intro to my new story...

Being the smartest person on the planet, Chase had decided to fix the cape, after all, Peter Pan could do it. He had read the book and seen all of the films.
Come to think of it, he had missed off a very important ingredient, pixie dust.

He honestly had tried to look for some pixies, but when he asked Adam, he was met with, "Chasey, pixie fairies aren't real!"
That discouraged him but Bree snapped back at Adam, "pixies ARE real, Adam, and as a matter of fact, fairies are very different from pixies!"
This resulted in an argument between the seven and six year old bionics, but since Chase had super sensitive hearing he decided to scarper.

But honestly, Chase was BIONIC. Surely he was better than Peter Pan?

Well, apparently he wasn't...

Chase had said the magical words that he had added, thought of a happy thought, which consisted of Adam, Bree, Mr Davenport and himself getting ice cream in the real life world that Mr Davenport always seemed to disappear to and jumped off Mr Davenport's desk.

He landed hard on his arm and heard an all mighty crunch, which, before he felt the pain and his mind raced to 'OW' it reminded Chase of when Adam chomped down on some power pallets.

The pain he felt after was unbearable to say the least...