Soccer jacket- Under a cold weather, with a lot of white pedals falling from the sky, you got his soccer jacket. It was way too big for you but it was warm and it smelt nice. You made a decision. You are never going to give it back. (Yukimura x reader)

Snuggling into the dark blue and white fabric, you felt safe. The warmth that it gave away, that went right onto your skin. It was soft, soften than a clear cloud in the sky. People look up to the sky and search for images that relate to them, that is why in one cloud, everyone sees different shapes, figures, and you...See him. Yukimura Hyouga, the very one that this comfort belongs to, it even smells like him.

Gawd, you never want to give it this to protect the small body, (H/c) haired girl felt as if she was on the seventh sky. Seventh sky, with dark blue flowers around her, same color as his hair. When people fall in love, their crush/boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband, whatever they are into, never leaves their mind. Some research shows that human brain releases hormones and gas that makes influence on the body. It makes people always see that person no matter where they when you have the soft and cozy, warm and way-to-big for you the fragile girl, when you have his jacket making you feel safe...Why would you want to give it back?Is there really a reason to do a stupid thing like that?

Getting it on the snowy, cold day, was the best thing ever. A gift from the team captain to a team manager, made it extra special. It was official, you are never going to give it back. Not when it smells like him, not when it makes you feel safe, not when it belongs to him. The one person that always brings a smile on your face, the one person that makes you feel unique and wanted. Your name is (F/n) (L/n), and you have a mission to do, even if it is the last thing you ever do. Mission called...: Never give Yukimura his jacket back. It was a simple mission, nothing could go wrong, righ-

"(F/n)..." Cold hand under the warm jacket on the small shoulder, followed by the cold, steady voice, cold air on the back of the pale neck...might make this mission a little bit harder.

"I want my jacket back..."

Well, your not so well thought out plain, failed. Locking him outside and never opening the door...Yukimura, my dear reader, isn't someone who will give up after knocking on the hard, wooden door thousand of times. He will always find a way to get what he wants. Even if it takes a little climbing up the window...

"N-No Yukimura! I won't give it back!"
"But I need it for my soccer game!"

Pouting and standing up, legs hitting the cold floor, the jacket unwillingly was taken off and it was pushed into his beautiful face. This mission was a complete disaster. Do not blame yourself, even the greatest cops fail their missions...Turning back to walk away, you felt the warm fabric hit your shoulders again. feeling of being pulled into another person's embrace made you forget the cold air that is coming from the opened window, it even made you forget what the important mission was.

"If you agree to be my girlfriend, you can keep it forever. The Tradicion is that your girl has to wear it to your soccer game."

And that is the story of the couple that makes each other feel warm. The story of one thing that brought them closer, and the story of Fubuki cursing the day that jacket was ever made. Because of it there is a couple so cute and sweet that makes people feel sick. Especially if they have to hold practice but the captain and the manager are off to god knows where, doing god knows what...Fubuki ask Aphrodi to help you find out. He stalks Kishibe and scares away all of his fangirls after all.

And that is a goal! Most people would say rap but I say goal..yeah just a weirdo. Anyway I wanted to write something sweet and cute and this came into my mind. Did you aww? Have you awwwwed at this? Please review cus I love hearing your onion-*cough* Gouenji *cough*