Moving on- Sometime,for whatever the reason might be. Understandable or not, you'll have to move on. It's just a part of growing and letting things go.

SPECIAL GUEST: RYOMA ECHIZEN [ PRINCE OF TENNIS ] (Playing the part of reader's friend, crush and well soon to be more.)

After leaving this town your life took up a new turn. Leaving as a 15 year old girl to America to become a tennis superstar and coming to, well, this. Coming back to your hometown after 10 years, seeing everything that changed. Memories that filled your mind will always be there, but the places where memories were made, changed. That is understandable, things change especially if you were away for years for 10 years searching for your true self. But places before and memories will always stay the same, very much like the Inazuma Tower you're looking at right now, from the bench you used to sit on and watched Endou and his tires, along with few more people that mean a lot to you. Well..they did before you moved on from that life.

Yet memories, ah, they never seem to leave people alone. Memories of friendship, honor and of course, love. You get all tingly at the thought of him. Him, the gentle caring boy who was the first one you ever fell for. The boy as soft and fragile as snow, who made you feel special and wanted. It was love at first sight. Your bag fell down the bench your are sitting on right now. His hands picking it up and packing the things you owned back inside it. To think that is how you met him, how you started and where, ironically, you came back. The place where you first met hi. The place where he confessed, the place where you had your first kiss and...the place where you had to break the news that you are leaving and breaking his heart. Right now, you toyed around with the silver piece of jewellery that had a tennis ball shaped on it, feeling guilty a little bit. Yet, you both moved on. Different lives, different love, different road. Hearing a little thump you looked to the side and noticed the ball fell down. You must of had pushed it down but nostalgic memories and history made your red lips stretch into a smile.

"Oh miss let me get that for you."

A kind and cheerful voice rand through the air. Even if it was cheerful it still sounded manly. That voice was very rare. Lucky you for knowing someone else with that voice.

"Here you go mi-"

Fubuki sat down next to you, closer than needed... But at last you could get a good look at him. His hair somehow became a bit darker (You need glasses myb haha jk) and spikier but is eyes still held that kindness and diamond like shine. Without completely realizing you were actually staring at the man in front of you, you took some detail. His shoulders, skin still as pale as ever and that bod (wiggles eyebrows)- Just the regular holy athlete body. Oh who are we kidding he got bod for days. He was after all one of the best strikers in the whole wide world! Get it together. Oh maybe he ha-

"Hey! Are you listening to me?!"

Goddamn him and that perfect body of his! You were so focused on it that you didn't even hear him talk with that angel like voice. (Miyano Mamoru am I rite people).

"Y-Yes I am Fubuki."
"Silly. I told you before, call me Shirou."

Fubuki, can't you realize that after breaking up with you and crushing your heart into millions of small pieces and coming back after all these years it would be awkward to call you that? Well Fubuki didn't think so. He thought that this was destiny, he didn't even plan on walking around here but something told him to do so. And here you were right now..with your bag on the ground just like the first time..

"R-Right Shirou.."
"So, I saw on TV that you are a huge tennis star. I guess your dreams came true."

Even if you crushed his soft heart he is truly happy for you. Maybe now when you finally got what you wanted things he dreamed of like marriage, house, kids..could all come true. Ah, that would be a real life fairy tale.

"Oh look..Our initials are still here."

It's true, his letter and yours are still there..To think that they didn't change benches in the last 10 years! What a bunch of lazy people! To Fubuki those two letters meant a lot. Feelings inside him, memories and wishes, those two letter with a little + in between them actually expressed it all. But to you, it always had to be something different with you. Those letters represented just memories to you, nothing more. Memories are special things to have but they're called memories because they represent the length of an even shared with someone else to be remembered. Sure moving on from them was hard but hey, you made it. You survived and did it. You started getting nervous and played with the right again. God this is just too awkward. Think of something to talk about!

"I heard you are quitting tennis. Is that true?"
"Fubuki, I will always play tennis in private, for fun and with friends but yes..I am quitting the tennis "star" world.."
"But why?! That was your dream wasn't it?!"
"I have more important things to take care of."
"Like what?"

You left him when you know he hated being alone. You left him for that dream he respected and now after all this time you're telling him something is more important than the thing you made him suffer for so long?!

"Actually I am ge-"
"Honey! Are you coming already?"
"Ryoma! I'll be there soon. Just give me a few minutes more please!"
"Alright I suppose for you. But don't over do it okay?"

Ryoma was standing next to the car that was parked under the Inazuma Tower and calling you. Fubuki saw the car when he was climbing the stairs to here but it still didn't stop him from blinking those long beautiful lashes.

"I'm getting married Fubuki.."
"I also have a baby to take care of."

Fubuki looked down and your stomach was a bit big, your hand on it explained all. That damn ring you were playing with all this time, the tennis ball on it, everything... You are getting married to Echizen Ryoma, the biggest tennis superstar.

"So uhm...When's the wedding?"
"In two days."
"Sunday humm? What, am I not invited?"

He chuckled lightly. That is what humans do, try to hide their pain with bad jokes. You can't tell to a girl who is getting married in two days that you still love her, that you never moved on! You can't tell her that the lazy people actually did change the benches but you engraved the letters in again..Life and it's crazy games.

"Of course you can come!"

After that Fubuki was left on the bench with the golden invitation in his hands. Maybe coming here was a sign to move on, to let go... Find someone who will wear the beautiful and breathtaking white dress for him, and only him. Fubuki decided to let you go, along with the wind that was blowing during everything major in his life. The wind is supposed to make you free. He decided to let you have a happy life with everything you dreamed of... Throwing the invitation behind his back letting the wind take it wherever while he was walking away.

Fubuki Shirou had to move on, and he will. Someday...

HA! DO YOU HATE ME NOW FUBUKI FANS? I hope not boy. I donno I felt this was kinda angsty also I wanna let you know I actually wrote this down in my 'story notebook' last year month june. Ya you see I was lazy to type it and there is a lot of fics like that. Of course I took out the (F/n) things. Uhm I don't know what else to say here. I hope you like this and I prefer Gouenji over Fubuki. YAS judge me if you must. I hope this didn't make anyone cry tbh.

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