Misty's First Resurrection

It was a hard birth. Because it was a small town, they all disagreed to technology and "great medicine" from the outside world. God will help them with anything, and they all agreed to nature's medicine.

"God will help us heal! If we die, we die with God by our side, and no devil will be near us!" The preacher yelled. He was the one who had the power, the right words to make everyone believe that he had God's hand in his.

Many have said, while going through pain and sickness, that they can hear the preacher's words in their mind, as they suffer. His words play over and over, as they suffer without any of the devil's medicine.

Carol Day, the wife of Hendrick Day, was not sick, but in pain. She was in fact, giving birth to their first child.

"Where's the doctor? I need him here, the baby is comin'!" She said, screaming in pain once again. "I can feel it. It's comin' outa me! Hendrick, do somethin'! Please, it hurts so bad!"

"I'm here, my darling, don't you worry, now Mr. Day, hold her hand, don't let go of her, and tell her you'll never leave her side, ya here?!" The doctor ordered him, as he barged in through the bedroom door. "It's what all you can do for now,"

Hendrick nodded, and soon, was by his wife's side. "It's alright hun, you're doin' great."

After several hours, the doctor sighed, as the baby was finally into his arms. "A girl," He said sadly,

"Doctor, I don't like that tone, what's wrong?" Hendrick said,

"You're baby here, is not breathing. I'm sorry, she didn't make it."

Hendrick froze, and his knees grew weak, and he let himself fall to the floor, as his wife cried, and screamed for her dead baby. She cried, while her baby was in her arms, never wanting to let go.


"We pray for this child, for she was young, and beautiful. God has a plan for us all, and she will be his angel." The preacher said, "And on this misty day, we pray for her, and cry as she makes her way to heaven. Amen,"

"Amen," the town said simultaneously.

"we will now bury her, and she will forever rest in peace." He said, as the unnamed baby's coffin began to go down into the ground. Carol cried even louder, as she thought of never seeing her sweet little angel again.

And then, she stopped. "Wait!" she said, Hendrick was too slow to grab her by the arms, as she began to walk by her baby's grave. "I hear her!" she said, and she kneeled down, to listen again. "My baby! She's alive! I can hear her cry!"

"Son, take your wife, she's—,"

"No, I can hear her too!"

Both husband and wife, together, opened the coffin, and saw their baby alive, and crying.

"It's a miracle," the preacher whispered.

"She's alive!" Carol said again, as she held her baby in her arms, with her husband kissing her forehead, as he had his family in his arms.

"The preacher said it's a miracle!" someone shouted, and everyone couldn't believe their eyes.

"What do you plan on naming her?" the doctor asked, Carol sighed, and looked up in the sky, and felt the mist air.

"Misty. Misty day."

When the new family was finally alone, they were in their home, resting in front of their fireplace, never leaving their baby's side.

"She's wonderful," Carol said,

"Perfect. And everyone loves her,"

"Why wouldn't they?"

"You're right, she looks just like her mama," Carol smiled.

"But she has your beautiful blue eyes,"

"Your smile,"

"And your nose, she has your nose. She wears it bettah than you, honey," They both laughed.

"I can't disagree with you on that,"

This is short, I know, but things don't end here. And sorry I took so long.