This challenge is to write a one-shot fanfiction about an apprentice or kit that gets into a lot of trouble, doesn't listen to warriors, and such. Like Squirrelpaw when she was an apprentice. Post it on FFN and create a link to it in Challenge Submission. Write somewhere in the summary that it is a challenge for AdderClan. The story must be at least 1,000 words.

A/N: I know I shouldn't be doing anymore stories, but this is a challenge for a forum I'm in. :) I hope it fits.

Summary: Nightpaw, my OC, gets a little life lesson from Firestar's daughter. Squirrelpaw lets her know that everyone makes mistakes, and that it will all turn out ok. Even Firestar steps in to talk to the young apprentice.

Active cats in this One-shot:





Nightpaw, a midnight-black she-cat with long silky fur and amber-green eyes, walked out of the Elders' den. She had just finished giving them new nests. "Why did I have to keep giving that cat prey while I hunted for the clan?" She asked herself. She went outside of the camp, and bumped into Squirrelpaw. "Sorry, Squirrelpaw."

"That's ok." Squirrelpaw noticed the sad look on Nightpaw's face. "Hey, don't worry about it. You will be forgiven, and back to training soon. You know, you aren't the first cat to give prey to a cat from outside the clan. Firestar and Graystripe did it too." She laughed at the look of surprise on the younger apprentice's face. "Yes, they gave prey to Riverclan, back when they were going through hard times. Of course, Firestar and Graystripe got in trouble for it. Firestar got into way more trouble than you just did, during his time as an apprentice." She sighed. "When he was an apprentice, Firepaw and Graypaw actually hid Ravenpaw with a loner to save him from Tigerclaw, who later became Tigerstar. Then Firepaw and Graypaw found Yellowfang in Shadowclan territory, and helped save Shadowclan and two Thunderclan kits from Brokenstar. Brokenstar turned out to be the son of the old Shadowclan leader, Crookedstar, and the old Shadowclan medicine cat, Yellowfang."

"Wow!" Nightpaw exclaimed. "Firestar did all that?!"

"I sure did," said a voice behind her. It was Firestar himself. "But, I had help." He purred in amusement.


Brambleclaw watched the young apprentice try to get out from under the bramble bush. "Nightpaw, what are you doing?"

"What does it look like? I'm trying to get free," she replied, harshly. "I was following a scent trail, and got caught in the brambles!"

He chuckled. "Do you need help?"

"I can get out by myself."

Brambleclaw purred in amusement. "You're just like Squirrelpaw. She got trapped just like this on our journey. Only, it was under a fence."

Nightpaw found herself interested despite herself. "Really?"

"Yes," he replied. He gently began helping Nightpaw free herself, without the young cat's complaints. "Now, come on. We leave the forest tomorrow."

"That's right! We're going to see our new home!" Nightpaw exclaimed, excitedly. She hurried off as soon as she was free with a hurried "thank you" over her shoulder.

Well, I hope this satisfies the challenge. :) Thanks for reading! I'm sorry it's not 1,000 words, but I couldn't find anything else to write.