I am back with yet another chapter of Gokaiger and Bakugan crossover. Wow! It has been a long time and I had to catch up on Gokaiger, since I have not seen it in a while. Here we go, also stay tune near the end for a new story preview.

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The Pirate Sentai got split up in the portal, not knowing where they were going too, suddenly the portal shot them out. Gai and Gojyudrill were now on top of the mountain in the outskirts of the city. The brawlers Joe and ahim where at the city in Gokai Jet and Marine, and Doc and Juka where at New Vastroia. Now, marvalous and navi and the gallion where in the bay. what will be their next adventure.

Location; Bakugan world, Moscow Russia near the Gehabich lab, in Russia,

Gai as they began their slow journey to find help, any help,to his luck Gojyudrill was fine but he had no idea where was," stupid portal, were am I," he whined" Marvelous-San, Joe Luka, Doc Ahim" he called out no one answered he rapidly got on his knees and shouted " where am I!" On the other side of the forest Alice and Hydranoid were taking a walk and could hear his screams, "Alice did you hear that" asked the Darkus Bakugan " It sounds like someone needs help"Alice said" be careful remember what happened last time" warned Hydranoid " I know I'll be careful"

location: New Vastroia

Doc and Luka we are on the world of the Bakugan after awhile they were both amazed and fearful (mostly Doc) "what are their things" Doc asked, as a giant green bird flew over them "hard to tell there nothing like I have seen before" Luka replied as the walk a giant blue mermaid splashed out of the water and Doc stumbled in fear ,"maybe we should go back to our Gokai machines" he said nervously, Doc got up and ran towards Luka to grab his ear "come on there has to be someone that can help us" she said tugging Doc

location: in the city

Ahim and Joe are having a hard time with keeping a low cover, since crashing into the city. People were amazed to see the giant submarine and jet appear suddenly and witness two people stepping out of the machines. " So much for keeping it low" Joe said angrily "calm down maybe some one can help us" Ahim said with a smile, Joe sighed "I disagree", at this moment in the Misaki restaurant Julie came rushing in to tell Runo what she just witness, as she rushed though the doors runo with an angry look said "your late" "Runo you've got to see this" Julie response "this better be important" she said angrily. They arrived at the crash sight to see the giant jet and submarine " Ok, this is important" Runo Tigrerra then spoke " they lock like machines" runo then said "you think its the Vexos", "hard to say we better tell the others" Julie said as they ran off now what will be in store for Zanyack, Marvalous and the Vexos only time will tell.

Thank for reading and now for a preview of my new story a Code Lyoko story called 'Heart of Coal'.

Xana: They got Alita out, but no matter this will make her outdated.

Delmas: we have a new student joining us Coal Zepher .

Xana: His abilities and knowledge are far superior than the common man.

Coal: I am sure we will all get along famously (walks to sit with and evil look)

Jeremy: There some thing weird about Coal.

Xana: He can survive the digital sea, he doesn't need the scanners to go to Lyoko.

Kim: I am Kim' Kim Martian.

Coal: names Coal

Xana: and he has infinite life points and can copy his foe's move set.

Coal: " let the fun begin"

Code lyoko Heart of Coal

pretty sick right. I will upload it by next month so brace yourselves

this story has a suspenseful twist to it and Caol's last name Zepher was from part of a youtubers usermane called Xeronzepher, that is what inspired me to make his last name. See you next time and review fairly.