Disclaimer: I owe nothing from the world of Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro. I only take the characters and throw them into situations.

1a. I used to have a demon

Who lived in my head

Spent his time mocking me

And sleeping on my bed.

2a. I used to have a demon

Who liked to pull my hair

Gobbled all my cookies

And pushed me down the stairs.

3a. I used to have a demon

Who played the piano well

Kept me up all night long

A special kind of hell.

4a. I used to have a demon

Who scared my friends away

Locked me up in a room

And went his separate way.

5a. I used to have a demon

Who kisses me goodnight

Flooded my room with shadows

And made me scream in fright.

6a. I used to have a demon

Who broke all my things

Giggled when i sobbed in bed

And trampled on my dreams.

7a. I used to have a demon

Who played on my fears

Dangled me from the roof

Then laughed at my tears.

8a. I now have a human

Who lives in my head

Spends her time planning

Her futile escape.

Author's note (edited 5/7/2014) : The first few stanzas are from Yako's pov and the last stanza in italics is from Neuro's pov. I know that it seems very harsh on Yako but Neuro actually cares for her in his own demonic way – counterpoint in chapter 2 and you'll see why.

I'm really sorry but I can't seem to have create a wider spacing between each stanza. It was fine on Microsoft Word but once I uploaded it, bang, everything is all clustered together tighter than a group of squirrels... Help would be appreciated if you have any tips. :D

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