A/N: Set 4 years after season 3 finale. Henry is a teen and after some cold encounters, he sets off on an adventure to find something to reunite his family. But does he really know what it will cost? Family bonds. C/S This is my first fan fic, I own nothing this is all for my own entertainment.


Once upon a time my life was very happy. That was when we were together. We were even happy when fighting villains from Oz or Neverland or the Enchanted Forest. But now, now everything is just cold. So very cold.

Life was good and even happy. No one noticed the Ice Queen was even here in Storybrook. We figured she arrived when the time portal closed, but she must have kept to herself, hidden in the woods. The temperatures were cold. Colder than any other years for the seasons. But we were happy and didn't notice. Mom and Papa got married soon after Neil was born and soon into the start of the second year of them being married, my baby brother, Liam David Jones, was born. Yes, we were all happy. Slightly cold, but happy.

Papa took any jobs he could find on the docks and has acquired a boat all ours and it was done legally, seeing as how Mom was the Sheriff along with Gramps. Papa has come along way from his pirate days. He is 100% on the right side of the law. We go fishing on the 'Morning Star' and bring in a lot of sea food for the town.

I've learned a lot about being a seaman. Liam has too. He even learned to walk on a boat. Papa said he was born with sea legs. He doesn't talk a whole lot, he's only three, and since he and Neil are inseparable, especially now, Neil does most the talking.

We all lived in the loft together. Crowded but happy. Mom and Papa in one tiny room upstairs, Gramps and Gramma in the other. Downstairs, Liam and Neil were together. With Neil and Liam being just a few months over a year apart, they are best of friends. I got the tiny day bed off to the side. I was getting much too tall for that bed, but I didn't care. I spent half my time sleeping at my Mom Regina's house. I wouldn't care if we all lived on a boat or in a cave and I had a bench to sleep on. Once Papa got the fishing boat, we spent a lot of nights there. We took lots of trips sailing as well.
like snow storm following her. Gramps and Gramma went up there, they thought they could talk to her. Together as always. They left Neil in our care. They tried to be diplomatic but a snow storm turned up. Later we found them frozen as a statue together. Holding each other. I once saw a picture online of some bone remains lover 5 thousand years old and this couple was hugging. Their skeletons could clearly be seen in an embrace. Gramps and Gramma's love is what legends were made of.

Then my mom, adopted mom Regina, went up there. She felt she needed to show this girl who's town it really was. She didn't come back. We found her, frozen like a statue but made of ice. It was just awful seeing her like that. I figure she may have been a bit too aggressive, probably even attempting to use a fire ball because she was frozen with her hand held out.

Mom was at such a loss. She was so sad. She spent so much of her life away from her parents then after spending such a small amount of time, they were gone. Kind of like me and my biological dad, Neil, or Bealfire, depending on when you knew him. He didn't know I existed til I was 11, then from that moment on he wanted to spend his time making sure I knew he loved me. I knew. I loved him too. He taught me how to sword fight. He told me of his life in the Enchanted Forrest and in Neverland. He never stopped fighting to be with us and it ultimately led to his death. I miss him terribly. I got so little time to spend with him. Sometimes life just isn't fair. Sometimes it's really not fair.

Since Mom was so sad about our loss of her parents, she for a while pretended it didn't happen. She lived as if they didn't exist and life went on. She dove into work, she took care of Neil and Liam and Papa and me too. We spent almost all our time in the boat, or at Granny's.

Very little time was spent at the loft. The last time we were there was a month ago. Mom was sitting in their room, on their bed. Neil crawled into her lap and the tears started to fall down her face. She suddenly stood up and said she couldn't take this, she had to do something. I asked her what she was planning on doing?

"I'm going to go take care of that woman. ", She told me as she grabbed her red jacket.

"No! Don't go out there. The same thing might happen to you", I begged as she stood in the doorway. I tried stopping her. No good could come of this.

"She took my parents from me. Neil is left an orphan, he'll grow up like I did. She needs to pay." She seemed not to hear me.

"Mom, don't do this out of revenge, remember what Papa says about it, it doesn't fill what you need. Neil won't be alone. He has us. We all need you." I was begging her not to go. "Please".

"I love you Henry, but I have to do something." She kissed my forehead. She then hugged Neil and last Liam who was standing right behind Neil. "I love you all" , she said as she walked out the door.

I called Ruby, I told her what was going on and for her to please hurry over to watch the boys. She was there in less than 10 minutes. I never ran so fast to the docks. Papa wasn't out at sea, he was holding forms and looked up when he heard me calling him. He dropped his papers and followed me. We never ran so fast into the woods.

We were too late. Mom stood there as a grazed statue in a similar pose like my other Mom. I can only guess she went out there seeking an aggressive attack. Papa fell to the snow covered ground. I don't even want to recall the scene. It was beginning to get dark. I didn't want to be there. I hate going there. It's like looking at a mesume of sculptures in a gallery, but these are works of art. They are my family.

"Papa, let's go back. Let's go get Liam and Neil". I tell him as I tug in his arm to get him to stand on his feet. The look of pain on his face most likely mirrored my own.

"I can't leave her, Lad. I've never willingly left her", He says brokenly. Then he looks up over to the iced over cave castle thing that has formed. "It's all her fault!" He yelled as he finally stood up and reached for his side. I can only assume he was reaching for his sword that he had attached to side for centuries. Only now, he no longer has it there. It belongs to Liam.

"No! Leave her alone! Mom got herself frozen because she was bent on revenge. Don't you do the same!" I yelled as I grabbed him arm. He's still larger than me so I really can't over power him. "Please,Papa, please!" I say as I manage to get myself in front of him. I put my arms around him as I face him. "You are all we have left." That seemed to stop him.

He pulled me even closer to him and hugged in such a fierce hug and sobbed. I did too. I'm not even sure how long we stood there. Finally he sighed, let me go then turned to walk away. He slowly reached out to touch her cold face and we walked back.

As I followed him, it may have been the wind but I heard a female voice sobbing. I paused for just a second and heard 'I'm sorry'. I turned my head and heard "I didn't mean to. I just want to be left alone". Not knowing if I should follow Papa or go toward that cave, I just stood there, looking back and then forth. I can barely see Papa's slumped, beaten down form and know where I need to be, with my family.