So as you've all guessed this is a The Vampire Diaries Fanfic. But it is mostly set in New Orleans so I don't know weather this should be classed as a crossover or not but anyway along with the story. Not finished the Chapter yet but will be soon

Chapter 1.

I'm so done with all of this shit! I thought angrily. I mean who the hell does Tyler Lockwood think he is. Showing up at my door after 100 years and think everything can go back to normal yeah well he can stuff himself I don't need this shit right now.

"Klaus wouldn't treat you like this!" A voice in my head whispered dangerously.

"No" I chased myself, I couldn't think about another guy right now I was having enough guy problems as it is. I needed sometime to just focus on me. I sighed I needed a walk. I grabbed my coat and rushed out my house and vampire speed and stop when I was far enough into the forest that nothing could be heard. I screamed out in frustration and punched a tree which ripped away from the roots and tumbled back because of the force behind my punch. I flopped down and leaned my back against the now broken tree. I looked up at the stars and sat there blissfully until a noise brought me out of my peace. I whipped around when I heard another noise.

A growl.

I quickly looked back up at the sky and realized it was a full moon.

God how stupid must I be, how could I not realize it was a full moon tonight. I spent god knows how looking up at the sky and not even realized the moon. I thought. Wait a minute there are no werewolves in Mystic Falls at the moment unless Tyler brought soon mutts back with him. Great now I have another reason to kill him. I ran of at my vampire speed. I ran for what felt like 5 minutes but what have must been only 1. I stopped when I heard nothing else and slowed down until I came to a complete stop. I looked around and saw nothing strange I shrugged my shoulders and carried on walking.

"I must have imagined it" I though. "I've had a very stressed time lately." I tried to reason with myself. Suddenly something knocked into me and I fell onto my ass. I looked and saw a very angry werewolf growling down at me. I tired kicking it of me but I couldn't get a good hit in. It's head shot down and bit me. I screamed out. I couldn't handle this anymore so I plunged my hand into it's chest and pulled it's heart right out. I pushed it's body of me and blurred to Elena's house. I banged on the door.

"I'm coming, hang on!" I heard Elena call. She opened the door and looked shocked to see me there.

"Caroline what's wrong?" Elena asked me concerned.

"I don't have time to explain just give me your car keys and I'll explain in the car!" I ordered her. She looked doubtful but chucked me her keys. I fumbled in catching them already my reflexes suffering from the bite.

"Where's Emily?" I asked. Emily Is our best friend. She is a 17 years old witch. We meet and intently hit it of.

"She's upstairs!" She said before calling out to her.

"Emily!" She screamed. I heard someone descending the stairs before Emily was standing beside Elena.

"Caroline hey!" She smiled. I smiled back.

"come on lets go!" I said walking towards the car.

"Go where?" Emily asked. Elena shrugged but followed me. I jumped in the drivers seat, Elena called shotgun and Emily at the back. I pulled out of Elena's driveway and speed of. I was defiantly going over the speed limit.

"Care would you mind slowing down some of us don't have super healing!" Emily called from the back clutching her seat. I ignored her and carried on going.

"Caroline what the hell is going on?" Emily asked as we passed the Mystic falls sign. We didn't always live in Mystic falls we traveled around a lot, never leaving America, but we all ended back in Mystic falls as nothing really changed their and it still felt like home. I sighed before pushing my hair to the side and pulled my shirt down. Elena gasped.

"Pull over now!" Elena ordered.

"We don't have time we have to get to New Orleans." I told her. I was scared I didn't want to die.

"Caroline pull over!" She repeated. I sighed before doing as I was told. She zipped around the car and opened my door.

"Emily get I front!" She called. I saw Emily clamber over to the passenger seat. Elena pulled me out and sat me in the back.

"I want you to lie down okay I'll drive !" She told me. I nodded.

"I don't want to die Elena!" I sobbed.

"Hey, It's going to be okay, We'll get you their okay!" She told me pulling me in for a hug. I led across the back seats and tried to relax. Elena shut the car door and jumped back into the drivers side.

"I'm not going to make it" I cried to them. Emily lead back and grabbed my hand. She closed her eyes and muttered a spell and the wind around the car picked up. She finished her spell and opened her eyes and I felt better already.

"What did you do?" I asked.

"I just gave us some more time, I didn't cure you I can't do that sorry. I nodded before sighing and laying my head back against the seats, and I drifted of to sleep.

Flash Back

I opened the door to Elena's house and saw Tyler stood in the kitchen with his back to me, looking through the cupboards.

"You still here? What are you doing?" I asked him.

"Gloating!" Tyler replied turning to look at me with a bottle of Bourbon in his hand.

"Hello Caroline" Klaus said behind me. I turned to look at him before rolling my eyes and turned back to Tyler.

"Come home, don't stoop to his level!" I told him seriously.

"He destroyed my life. I plan on being present for every second of his misery until I can kill him myself" He replied.

I flinched since when had Tyler got this bitter.

"Fine you can gloat and Multi-tasks, This place is a disaster" I said giving in. "Starting with horrific burnt corpse!" I said while pulling out a sheet. Tyler grabbed one side of the sheet and we laid it over Kol's body.

"Tyler's mother is dead, so is my brother we're even!" Klaus spoke up. I heard Tyler sighed in frustration but I just stayed their listening seeing where this would go. He turned to talk to me directly.

"Call Bonnie get her to let me out of here!" He pleaded. I couldn't help but feel sorry for him but knew instantly knew I shouldn't since he was the bad guy. So I glared at him instead.

"I will never, ever help you!" I hissed.

"How quickly you forget the part where I saved Tyler from the misery of being a werewolf!" I shook my head and crossed my arms over my chest. " Or the night your mother invited me into her home to save the life of her precious daughter!" He replied.

"How delusional are you? You killed his mother. And lets not forget we're standing in a house where Elena's aunt Jenna used to live" I said moving the the barrier. " Or did you think your charm would make us forget her to!" I cried. I could see the pleading in his eyes but I carried on.

"Y-You know what no, I'm not going to engage in this you are not even worth the calories I burn talking to you!" I hissed. I instantly wished I could take that back but it was to late. Before I even knew what was going on he had the lamp stand rammed through my stomach. I gasped out/

"No!" I heard Tyler roar but it was to late Klaus had already pulled me over the barrier. He pulled me up against me and bit into my neck. He drank a bit of my blood before dropping me like a rag doll. I fell to the ground.

"Now that was defiantly worth the calories" I heard Klaus say.

Flash Back Over

I bolted up gasping. I was covered in sweat, the werewolf venom was getting worse.

"Caroline! We're here!" Elena said gently. I looked out the window and saw the beautiful city of...

New Orleans.

So there it is hope you like it.