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I felt my blood boil with every step I took. I was doing one of the many things I despise. Running at high noon. I skidded past the corner before abruptly stopping and slamming my back against the wall. Damn that hurt. I let out a long sigh before poking my head out to scope the area. Who's the dum ass that came up with the idea to split up in the first place? Mhm Oh yeh Robin. I must have Jinx's luck because one of the many whizzing spider web wads smacked me dead in the face.

Mentally stabbing myself for not dodging it I ripped it off my face and charged for that son of a bitch. As Fang came into sight, I conjured disks and hurled them at him.

"Come on toots you can do be-….aghh" I smirked as he clutched his gut before crumbling to the ground. "You were saying?" I purred as I strolled over to him. "Careful girl don't get cocky" He laughed as he used his extra legs to knock me off my feet. He didn't give me enough time to react and used his webs to wrap my legs together. I gagged. "No wonder why Kitten dumped your ass who wants to kiss that mouth when shit comes out of it" I mocked.

Fang was enraged and took the end of the web swing me around like a cowboy's rope.

Whoaaa… shittt…. I'm…. gunna…. Puke…

The web snapped causing me to collide with a wall. I muffled curses to myself as I peeled my face off the pavement. I felt the blood trickle down my forehead. I let my head hang down allowing blood drip onto the pavement.

"Awwww poor lil baby I guess you must be the weakest link of the group after all" Fang mocked in a baby voice. "Heh…heh...heh...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" I howled. I looked at him with two pairs of red eyes glinting with pure evilness. I stood up slowly letting my arms hang at my side. I felt my hood fall off my head. I tilted my head to side while licking the blood that trailed all the way to my lips. "Okay…Fang…Lets Play..." I snickered.

I lunged forward using my powers to give myself an extra push. He stood ready to intercept my attack. At the last second I hit the ground and slid underneath him grabbing his two human legs causing him to fall to the ground. I took the opportunity to mold my power in a rope and tie his legs together.

I swung him from wall to wall laughing, thud…. Thud…. THUD…..

I licked my lips as a trail of blood leaked down the wall.

"YASSSSSSSSS it feels good doesn't it?! Give in to the power GIVE INNN!"

I shook my head and my eyes widened. Oh crap I-I lost control again. I let go of my forged rope and watched it fade away as I pulled my hood back up. I slowly walked towards Fang. He was lying face down in a small pool of blood. I crossed my arms and shifted my weight while biting my lip. Maybe I should heal him…I mean I can't let him die I am a hero after all….

"Da hell is wrong with you Bitch?! HE INSULTED US HE DESERVES THIS!

I rolled my eyes at the comment. "Rage I know you have issues but now your acting like a sadist" I droned. Before she answered I was knocked over and bit my tongue in the process. Okay my sympathy for this piece of shit is gone. I did a backward handspring to get some distance between us. However, Fang snatched my cloak chocking the shit outta me then slamming my back into the wall. I groaned then shot a glare at him.

This guy won't quit will he? I chocked harder as his grip tightened around my neck. I griped his arm and squeezed it making blood stream out of it. "Heh that won't save you Bitch" he scoffed. I gave a smirk. His griped tighten "What's so funny?!" he spat. With both legs I kicked him in the gut. He stumbled backwards huffing for air. I sunk to the ground. I recovered quickly and delivered a series of punches to his face.

Right hook,

Left hook,

Drop kick,


And repeat.

I did four sets before giving my final spinning sidekick. Fang crippled to the ground. I wiped some blood off my face and scoffed. "Ding"

I created a cage with my powers around him as I dusted my cloak off. I looked around the crumbled alley way. I felt bad. It was littered with blood and rubble. I restored it to its original state before collapsing against the wall for support. Mhm oh great I used too much energy. I struggled to create another disks underneath Fang's cage but managed. I walked…no more like limped out of the alley onto the broken, dust filled street where the fight initiated.

I heard a barrage of screams to my right. I shifted my eyes and saw a green glow through the dust. My heart skipped a beat. Damnit Star if you're in trouble we're screwed cause I barley have enough energy to keep this loser afloat. I hobbled closer to the green glow only to find Starfire beating Kitten into a bloody pulp.

I stood there for a good two minutes chuckling to myself. Hey, who am I to stop Star from blowing off some steam? Kitten always got Star hype but her fight with Robin this morning….pshhhhh bitch is done for. After I enjoyed the show I limped over to the enraged alien princess and put a hand on her shoulder. She looked over her shoulder and adopted a smile "Oh friend Raven I did not hear you approach perhaps you may wish to engage combat with this V'oribarg as well?" "Uhh no thanks Star she seems to be out cold" I answered. "Why not add her to my bad guy cage?" I smirked. Star gave me a confused look before noticing Fang in a cage crafted with my powers. She effortlessly tossed Kitten in as if Kitten was a crumpled up piece of paper. I snickered at the thought then fell to my knees. Star gasped and helped me to a side of a building. I steadied myself on it as I gave her a small smile. "Agh….Thanks Star..."

She gave me a worried look. "Perhaps you should sit down" "Heh… Star If I sit down I don't know if I can get back up" I joked. She gave me a stern yet soft look. I gave a sigh and slid down, sitting on the hot pavement. She smiled and at down next to me. We sat in silence for what seemed like minutes. But I knew it was probably just a couple seconds before Starfire's communicator pierced the silence.

Star pulled it from her belt and look at it. She gave a long sigh and rolled her eyes then tapped the screen. I cleared my throat "Who was it?" Shit I smacked my hand against my forehead. I must have brain trauma to ask such an idiotic question. Crap or worse…Beastboy is starting to rub off on me. I visibly shivered then shifted my attention to Starfire. "Friend Raven, do not inflict more pain on yourself" she scolded. "And I assume you have guessed that it was Robin." She continued in an annoyed voice. "How were you able to not answer his call?" I murmured. It's impossible to ignore that stupid tone. The only way to stop it is to answer the damn thing.

"Oh I had Friend Cyborg installed the ignore option" She smirked. "Remind me to ask Cy to do the same for me" I responded. She nodded before tapping the screen and the calling tone began to ring. "Heyyyyy Star was good my sista from another miser?!" Cyborg laughed. Before Star could answer I hear Robin's voice. "STARFIRE WHY DIDN'T YOU PICK UP WHEN I CALLED YOU?!" He boomed. She responded with an hmpf. "May you please put on Friend Cyborg I wish to speak with him of urgent matters about Friend Raven" she demanded. I snickered at the thought of Robin's reaction. A mailbox exploded. Stamps floated everywhere I looked at Star and she looked at me.

We howled with laughter. More things began to explode causing debris to consume the air. I rested my head against the wall and closed my eyes chuckling softly to myself. "YOOO what's going on ova there?!" Cyborg exclaimed. "I….giggle….do…..giggles…apologize..." Starfire began. She cleared her throat and regained her composure. "Friend Raven may have a concussion. She bleeds from her head and has a terrible limp." Star stated. Oh great here it comes. "WHATTTTTTT?!" three voices shrilled. "DUDE THEN WHY WERE YOU LAUGHING?!"Beastboy questioned. "Well Friend Raven started laughing first and I do believe that the earthling saying is true 'laughter is contagious'…" Starfire answered. "Wait a minute backup am I hearing this right? Your telling me Raven….OUR Raven was laughing?" Cyborg asked in disbelief. "We can discuss that later right now we need to focus on helping Raven! Starfire what's your location?" Robin asked.

"I do believe this is Friend Cyborg's communicator not yours" she replied. I heard the annoyance drip from Robin's words. "Starfire. We. Don't. Have .Time. For. This."

"Oh surly you have time to worry about Raven which is a concern for us all but you have yet to find out my state of being? Perhaps I may be in worse shape but you care not to ask." She fumed. Damnnn I felt that burn from here. "Ohhhhhhhhh got 'em" Cyborg and Beastboy chimed. "So lil lady any injuries?" Cyborg inquired. Starfire responded with a laugh then flexed her muscles "Please with these guns I am always well and unharmed." "How's Rae holding up?" Beastboy asked in a worried tone. I was too drained to correct him. "Well her eyes appear to be closed I think she may be taking a nap" Starfire stated. "No Star keep her up we will be there soon 'til then Robin out" Robin commanded. I felt a strong poke on my cheek. I mentally sighed that's the second time it's happened to me today.

I opened an eye and looked at her stern face once again. "What?" I deadpanned. "You must stay awake" she commanded. I rolled my eye at her then looked forward shutting my again. "I am awake I'm just trying to relax my body." We sat in silence again. "Friend Raven may I ask you something?"

"Sure Star what is it?" I answered.

"STARFIRE…RAVEN WHERE ARE YOU GUYS?!" Robin called. "Perhaps another time" She sighed. Moments later Robin, Beastboy, and Cyborg appeared freaking out over the mess and the blood blah blah blah. Robin pinched the bridge of his nose. "Don't tell me Fang and Kitten got away." "Okay" Starfire snide. "Aghhhhh now we have to find and capture them?!" Beastboy whined. I rolled my eyes and slowly pulled myself up and pushed off the wall.

Beastboy instantly was on my right with a worried look. "Careful Rae don't push yourself" I looked at him and gave him a reassuring look. "Don't worry I won't." I inhaled as I brought my hands together. Then exhaled and quickly spread my arms out. All the debris, and dust clouds were gone. The street was restored. The cage forged with my powers still kept the captives inside remained intact.

My legs wobbled and I fell forward but Beastboy caught my and held me steady. "Whoa don't worry I got ya" He smiled. I blushed hard, Mhm why is his smile so cute. Wait no don't think about that the cage might blow up! "Whoa Raven, that's pretty impressive how long has that cage been intact?" Robin commended. I tried to form words. But, let's be honest I was too tired and didn't really give a shit at this point. Cyborg noticed me leaning further on Beastboy I felt BeastBoy's hold on me get tighter.

The last thing I remember was Beastboy calling my name.


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