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Robin's P.O.V

"Take care of her" I closed the door and walked down the stairs. "Hahahaha ya think BB will survive the night?" I looked at Cyborg with a grin. "I'm sure he'll manage." With the pounding music in earshot, I felt my body tense. I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked back giving a half smile to Cyborg's reassuring look. "Good luck man" I nodded in response and watched him slip into the swarm of drunken partygoers.

I scanned the room for a giggly red head. With no luck, I began to stroll around the club looking for any signs of her presence. I checked my watch. Damn 2:10 still no sign of her. I lingered in a corner watching everything for another 10 minutes before changing my approach.

I pulled two girls aside "Have you girls seen a fiery red head girl around?" "Uhhhh...mhmmm" she replied. "I rolled my eyes and looked to the other one. "Who's askin?" she said dully. I narrowed my eyes "I am. She's my girlfriend" "Pshhhhh AHAHAHAHAHA…not anymoreeeeee…" the other teased. My expression hardened. "Oh yeh? Do tell" She gulped then looked to her friend for support. "Well, I saw her leave with Ren…" "And that might be?" I asked annoyed. The other one gained her confidence back. "He's the top dog round here. Ain't nobody steps towards him and he ALWAYS gets his way."

I grinned. "Heh well he hasn't made me…." The two girls looked at each other than at me. "Well, thanks for the info ladies enjoy the rest of your night." I gave a wink before slipping into the crowd.


I jogged down the steps and gave the valet my parking ticket. I impatiently tapped my foot as he went to get my bike. Moments later, he came back and tossed me my keys. I caught them with my left hand and gave a short nod as thanks. I hopped on the bike and entered the code switching it to hero mode. I put my helmet on. "T.N.A.S I need you do a search of all the clubs within a 2 mile radius of The Red Box."


There are three locations within the area, Robin.

"Which one is closer?"

Combustions, It is 1.4 miles from your location.

I revved my bike. "Plan a route"


Merge into traffic on Avanti Ave. then make a right on Bolin Street.

I smirked to myself. Looks like Cyborg's new system is useful after all. I sped forward only focusing on my planed destination. I weaved in and out of the lanes. I picked up my speed trying to make up for lost time. I cursed under my breath when the light turned red.

Incoming call from Beastboy…

I rolled my eyes and tapped the screen. "What is it Beastboy?" "WHOOAAAAAAA OH MY GOD I'M ON !" I looked down at the screen, saw a lot of movement, and heard harsh whispers. "Beastboy? Report." I said in an annoyed tone. Seconds later, I saw the shape shifter nervously rubbing the back of his head.

"Uh…Hey…Rob…wuzz up?" I narrowed my eyes "You tell me. After all you're the one that called." I watched him nervously look away from the screen then back at me. "Ohh right…heh heh well everything is…." He yelped then finished his sentence with a high-pitched voice "fine…" The light turned green and I sped forward. "Mhm…hmm…well I expect Raven to be in bed and the Tower exactly as we left it when I get back," I answered without looking at the screen.

"Robin out" I taped the screen ending the call. I sighed and rolled my shoulders a little. Minutes later, I rolled up to Combustions. I took off my helmet and put my hand on the ignition to turn it off. The Titian alert went off. I grumbled to myself and tap the screen "T.N.A.S. call Cyborg."


"Yo Rob wuzz happening?!" I pinched the bridge of my nose "It seems a silent alarm was tripped at the Historic Artifact Museum can you handle it?" "Sorry bro I'm still here waiting for the police to pick up this punk" I sighed. Cyborg gave a grin. "Dude I know what will cheer you up!" I gave him a tired look "Oh yeah and what might that be?" "Guess, who was the one that tripped the alarm in the electronics store down on second street?!" I shrugged my shoulders. "AHAHAHAHA IT WAS CONTROL FREAK HAHAHAHAHAHA" He howled with laughter. I watched Cyborg wiped a tear from his eye before he continued. "Hahahaha the dude needed more batteries for his remote" A small smile emerged at the thought of Cyborg defeating Control Freak in one shot.

"Seeeee I told ya it would cheer you up!" he song sang. I fondly rolled my eyes "Yeh yeh…alright I guess I will have to check it out myself." I put my helmet back on and reeved my bike once more. "T.N.A.S plan a course for The Historical Artifact Museum"


I drove off waiting for a response from the system. "AH HA so would you like to eat those words Robin?!" I smirked "What words?" "Uhh let me see….oh yeh that the Titian. Navigation. Assistant. System was and I QUOTE "useless" and a "waste of time"!" he sassed.

Make a right on Civic Ave.

"First, I need you to look up a person for me" I answered as I made a hard right. "Pshhhhh nuh uhh not 'til I hear an apology for my brilliant system" I sighed and looked at the screen to see him with a plastered grin on his face.

"Aghhhhh fine! I'm sorry Cyborg! Your system is very helpful and brilliant!" I grumbled. "Hahahaha well alright then there's no need to be grumpy bout it" he quipped. I shot him a glare. "Okay according to the police data base it seems this guy has caused mild trouble in jump for the past 6 months" I growled "So why haven't we known about it?!" "Calm it down lion it seems like he has only did low scale crimes which don't fall under our jurisdiction," He answered. I grumbled to myself.

Make a left on Boulevard Street.

I made a hard left "Okay what else do they have on file about him?" "Hmmm not much their only lead is that he makes his profits through his underground night clubs." I looked down at the screen "How many night clubs does he own? What are their names? Have they been marked by the police yet?" Cyborg scratched his head "Whoa, whoa slow down one question at a time." I skidded to a stop at a red light and tapped the screen impatiently. "Okay it is unknown on the number of clubs and their locations…" I groaned in agitation. "Aye if you would let me finish they have the name of his most popular club," he said in an annoyed tone.

The lighted when green. "So what's it called?"

"Uhh let's see The Devil's Juice" He responded. "Why are the locations unknown to the police?" I watched Cyborg type on his arm "It seems that this Ren guy is a smart cookie he moves the locations of all his clubs every week." I cursed under my breath as I pulled up to the museum. "Okay Cy I need you to keep digging for any information on this Ren guy. Also when you're done this Control Freak meet up here at the museum."

"Got it Robin!" He answered. "Robin out" I clicked the screen and shut off my bike locking it in civilian mode.

I jogged up the museum steps.

I gotta hurry this up and find Starfire before anything happens…..

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