Harvey knows Conrad Doyle is a pain in the ass. Conrad Doyle has a long and established history of being a pain in the ass but a summons on the wee hours of a Sunday morning elevates Conrad Doyle to a whole new level. Harvey had barely wrapped up his Saturday evening plans and his wee early hours are better spent doing other things than running out to the Hamptons to deal with some nonsensical issue that can certainly wait for a more civilized day and time. It is two o'clock in the morning and it better be a matter of life and death. Harvey grabs Louis for the ride out to the Doyle estate and given the unknown topic of this summons, Harvey decides that he'd better cover his bases. Six million in billables is nothing to sneeze at and it is a time for care.

Ray passes the Lexus through the iron gates as the car navigates the long stone driveway to the Doyle mansion. The house is imposing and pretentious as are most of the houses on this lane. Millionaires Mile was not a randomly assigned nickname for this section of the Hamptons. The estates on this stretch of road range from old money to new with the resulting and rather epic display of keeping up the Jones. Ray pulls the car up to the grand entrance of the home. Ray always thought this place suited Harvey. The Doyle Mansion looks like like it is right out of a Batman comic and Harvey can be very Bruce Wayne. when he has his swagger on. A smile crosses Ray's face since Harvey being the Batman makes him basically Alfred and makes Louis Litt... Robin.

"Make yourself comfortable, I don't know how long this is going to be." Harvey offers Ray before exiting the car. Ray acknowledges Harvey's request with a tap of his fingers to his forehead. Experience has taught him that this stop could range from fifteen minutes to fifteen hours and he gets paid quite handsomely to be at Harvey's beck and call. Given the blonde that Harvey just left, Harvey will look for a quick exit so he'd better stick around. Ray settles into the seat, pulling out his ipod for entertainment. He has a few episodes of Dr Who to binge in order to catch up to his wife.

Louis and Harvey are greeted at the door by the butler.

"This way Mr. Specter." The butler guides the pair through the elaborate rooms on the first floor to the grand staircase. They traverse the grand staircase to the master bedroom. The pair exchange looks since the business of needing a lawyer in the bedroom is a sign of a messy problem to solve. As they enter the room, Harvey realizes the situation is not what he expected. It is worse. Conrad is in a prolific state of undress and there is a woman semi-conscious on the floor. There is a smashed table and blood spattered everywhere. Louis and Harvey exchange looks. This is not good… not good at all.

Harvey knows Conrad's temper. He knows it all too well. Harvey walks over to check on the woman. "Did you call 911?" Harvey touches the woman just make sure she is breathing and that is when he acknowledges the handcuff on her wrist with a roll of his eyes. This situation just went from bad to worse and he is running out of options on this sliding scale of bad.

"No, I called you." Conrad's voice is cocky and snide as he answers Harvey mid pace. Harvey's eyes widen at the response and the likelihood that Conrad's rather erratic nature at the moment is chemically enhanced. If he was Conrad's first call, this is the worst possible situation. Harvey looks up at Conrad with an exasperated expression that Louis immediately reads. "This woman needs a hospital. I am an attorney not a doctor, Conrad." Harvey surveys the woman's condition trying not to make the situation worse by moving her. Harvey is running through the possible solutions to this situation in his head as Conrad's impatience with the situation grows hard to ignore.

"God damn it, Harvey, I called you. I need you to fix this and a hospital won't fix this." Conrad throws his arms dramatically into the air. Harvey looks up at Louis with an exchange of knowledge as to how potentially bad this situation could get if they do not come up with something quick. With a nod exchanged, Louis and Harvey take a moment together in the hall to exchange ideas of what to do.

"This woman needs medical attention, Louis. " Harvey begins the conversation with Louis maintaining eye contact with the parties in the room over Harvey's shoulder. At first Louis is lost for a response other than to nod his head and rub his brow. Louis quickly rallies as the solution pops into his head . "I know who to call." Harvey gives Louis a curious look as Louis whips out his phone. Harvey cannot help but wonder who in the hell would Louis know to tap from the bench for a situation like this? Louis turns away from Harvey tapping a speed dial in his contact list. Louis distances himself from the group as he begins to speak. Harvey watches Louis pacing the hallway as Louis has a very pointed conversation with the party at the other end of that phone call.

"Jules, so sorry to wake you but I need your assistance. Yes…" Louis rattles off the address and some details before hanging up the phone. He quickly returns to Harvey. "Help is on the way." Harvey is a bit surprised at the absolute confidence in Louis' voice as the approaches. "Louis you know this has to be discreet." Harvey turns his attentive gaze to the cluster in other room. "I mean really discreet." Harvey drives home his point.

"Harvey, I understand. Trust me. This is the only choice and it is a good choice. I called a professional." Louis walks back into the room. Harvey is not sure to be impressed or concerned at the level of confidence that Louis has with this solution but right now it's the best one they have got. He will make it work one way or another. Louis mentions that he managed to catch this professional while she was still in the Hamptons. Louis indicates his fix is close by and on her way. Harvey's thoughts drift to what kind of professional Louis called with a tinge of dark humor in his thoughts.

Within a half an hour, the butler guides an elegantly dressed woman into the room. The woman is dressed in formal wear quite obviously from an evening at an event. She has a leather satchel in her hand as she makes her entrance into the room. "Thank you for coming, Dr. Bond." Louis meets the woman at the doorway as she enters the room. The woman takes a quick look around and spying her most obvious patient. She surmises the injuries on her approach to the patient before kneeling down with assistance from Louis.

Harvey and Conrad attempt to speak to her but the woman silences them with a finger as the woman goes right to work on the patient. As the woman begins to work on her patient, Conrad demands her attention. "Don't you even want to know what happened?"

The woman shoots Conrad a scornful look for the briefest of moments. "Some discord between the lovebirds?" The woman lifts the hand with the cuff dangling in the air as she takes the woman's pulse. Conrad is stunned at the sharpness of the woman's tone and accuracy of her statement which renders him silent. Harvey is amazed that those words just flowed out of her mouth without her missing a beat with the patient. As if on cue, the woman reaches into her bag and pulls out a handcuff key and removes the handcuff from her patient's wrist.

"What is she on?" The woman demands the answer from the collective surrounding her and the patient. Conrad hesitates and does not immediately respond. The woman turns around for a moment to face the gathered me. The woman's voice is quite clear and commanding. "Did I stutter? What is she on?" Conrad again hesitates as woman stands and confronts him face to face. "I am not your shrink, your preacher or your (she cast an eye towards Louis and Harvey) lawyer… I am not asking for a freaking confession. I am asking what she is on and you will answer me, now."

Conrad looks towards Harvey who nods to answer. Conrad rattles off the evening's activities in graphic detail which is way too much information but at least it provides the answers that the Doctor apparently needs. She reaches into her satchel for a a vile. Harvey watches their guest closely as he make his way back across the room towards Louis for another private moment. Harvey knows a concierge doctor when he sees one.

"Louis, who is she?" Louis can tell Harvey's interest has been peaked. "Dr. Ruby Bond." The name sounds mildly familiar as it rolls off of Louis' lips. Harvey has heard this name before but he can't place it at this moment. "She is a doctor and a surgeon. She is very highly recommended." Louis knows he made the right move. Donna has saved the day again. It was Donna who introduced him to Dr Ruby Bond.

"Will she be discreet?" Harvey is concerned since he can't place her and this is a delicate situation.

"She will be more than discreet. This is what she does, Harvey. Dr. Bond is a concierge doctor. This is what people pay her to do. I am assuming money is no object tonight." Louis is a bit proud of his call on Dr Bond. After all of his screw ups as of late... this is a mark in the win column. Harvey is wondering why Louis has a concierge doctor on speed dial but the fact that he does has come in handy tonight to resolve a rather delicate problem with a high profile client. "Money is most definitely no object tonight." Harvey taps Louis on the shoulder as a sign of approval which brings a grin to Louis' face.

The Dr Bond works on the patient for hours as the collective moves to other rooms to allow for privacy. Harvey and Louis have moved with Conrad into his study at the Doctor's orders and Harvey quite glad that time is bringing Conrad back to Earth from whatever chemically induced rocket ship he was riding. As Conrad regains his faculties, Louis informs Conrad as to whom the doctor is and the level of discretion that she has with her clients and her hourly rate. Louis is stunned by the instant name recognition on Conrad's part. Conrad knows exactly who Dr Bond is as the relief crosses his features. "Is she as good as I have heard?" Louis answers. "I can assure you that she is."

A few hours later, Dr Bond enters the room, rattling off instructions to the butler and to the collective group. She returns to the bedroom to gather her tools before tossing her bag on her shoulder. Dr Bond returns to the study handing a card to both the butler and to Conrad. "My accountant will be in touch." As Dr Bond turns to depart down the stairs, Louis and Harvey pull her to the side to speak with her privately before she leaves.

"Dr. Ruby Bond… Harvey Specter." Louis makes a quick introduction knowing that is the reason for Harvey pulling her to the side. Ruby Bond looks Harvey over from head to toe. with a wicked smile. "So you are Harvey Specter." Harvey is intrigued by the head to toe survey and the fact that she seems to know who he is but he can't place her.

"Have we had the pleasure of...?" Harvey meant to say the last word but it didn't quite come out but for the time of day. "No, Harvey we have not and my friends call me Jules." Dr Bond gives him a wicked little wink as Harvey releases her hand. Harvey takes in the appearance of the doctor. She has a lovely face. She is pretty but not what he would consider beautiful. She is neither fat nor thin but there is something attractive about her. He still can't place where he has heard her name but there is definitely something familiar about her.

"Louis, always a pleasure." Louis takes her hand. "Thank you for coming. Your usual fee, I would assume?" Louis actually being fairly suave with the doctor. Harvey wonders if the doctor is perhaps a old flame of Louis'.

"Of course." Jules gives him a wink and a smile. Harvey removes her bag from her shoulder. "At least allow me to escort you." Harvey offers his free arm to Jules as they walk down the grand staircase and towards the door. Jules casts a sidelong look at Harvey as they exit, Harvey is shocked and amused at her chariot of choice. Dr Bond's ride is an orange Astin Martin Vantage which is parked in front of the door.

"Nice ride but isn't an Astin Martin a little cliché… Bond, Ruby Bond." Harvey places the bag on the passenger's seat as they round the front of the car. He opens the door for Jules as she responds to his comment. "What an original observation, Mr. Specter." Jules settles into the seat with a final glance up at Harvey as he lingers at the door.

"I am surprised you can drive this in those heels." Harvey comments on her footwear with a point downward to her red bottoms.

"Oh, Mr. Specter, you would be surprised what I have done in these heels. Have a good night." Jules gives Harvey an appropriately naughty smile as he closes the car door. Harvey thinks to himself that you have to love a woman who carries her own handcuff key besides there is something about the Doctor that he likes perhaps their paths will cross again. Now time to deal with the fallout.