Jules is beginning to realize that she will have to make a move soon. Jules has now occupied Donna's time sufficiently with the distractions and trappings of the lifestyle that Charles has afforded her but apparently even Donna can grow bored with an endless European vacation. Quite frankly, Jules is fighting her own demons of boredom too.

Donna and Jules are enjoying a leisurely lunch at a high end restaurant in Piccadilly when out of the blue; Donna is greeted by an all too familiar stranger. The handsome gentleman approaches the table with a gracious air causing Jules to practically do a spit take with her drink upon first sight.

"Hello Donna." The deep and familiar voice draws Donna's undivided attention at the first syllable spoken. Jules recovers with a cough as Donna takes in the sight of Mark. The shock renders her momentarily speechless. "Mark, what a surprise. Jules, you remember Mark Meadows." There is an exchange of recognition between Jules and Mark, an exchange of recognition and a few daggers, as Donna invites Mark to join them.

Jules remembers Mark vividly and. at the moment, every blessed detail of his relationship with Donna and his current occupation are coming to the forefront of Jules mind. Jules is quite ill prepared for the havoc this random event may throw into her carefully laid plans for Donna Paulson.

The conversation between Donna and Mark is light and pleasant with a trip down memory lane. Early into the interaction between the former lovers, Jules excuses herself from the table to gather a strategy together on the what ifs of Mark's sudden appearance. The list of what ifs is more of a WTF list of what could go wrong as Jules calls Sean for some intel and advice on Donna's long lost love appearing out of thin air. From the abrupt ending of Mark and Donna's relationship, Jules has some rather blue terms that she uses to colorfully describe Mark to Sean much to Sean's amusement. Jules' candor makes a off hour call worth the answer for Sean.

Mark acknowledges the ring on Donna's finger and accepts the announcement as to Harvey being the man who put it there with a tinge of regret. Truly, Mark has nothing to say since he put a ring on another's finger long ago. Jules can see the pang in Donna's tone as she listens to the conversation from a short distance away. Jules knows this is a difficult conversation for Donna. Donna tries to switch to lighter topics when Pandora's Box falls open at the table. All Jules can do is watch and listen as she ends her conversation with Sean and moves into damage control mode.

Mark's occupation is tied to the publishing industry. Jules has always appreciated irony until now as Mark mentions the book to Donna, her book. "Imagine my surprise when you book hit my office in pre-release." Donna has no idea how to react because she has no idea what Mark is talking about. Jules reaction in the background draws Donna's attention and the dose of reality that Mark is speaking the truth about something that Jules has yet to share.

Mark continues to talk about the positive critical review the book is receiving since it is a first novel by an unknown. Jules can feel Donna's side eye boring a hole into her skull with every glance. Jules can only watch her plans unravel before her as she waits for Donna's reaction.

Donna in her infinite Donnaness plays the situation out with a casual wave of her wand of self composure allowing for Mark to fill in the details that Jules has obviously held back for a very long time. No one, not even Jules pulls something of this scale off in a figurative day. After a while longer of conversation and several more glasses of wine, Mark takes his leave of the pair.

Jules is not sure if the whole Mark thing was fate for Donna's engagement or destiny for Jules since she has no choice but to tell Donna the secret she has held back for so very long and instead of telling, Jules decides to show Donna. Upon Mark's departure, it only takes a moment for Donna's interrogation of Jules to begin.

"So you mind telling me what in the hell you have been up to Jules?" Donna's point is made and her tone is the reveal. Donna knows Jules has been up to something sinister but she had no idea what and is now sufficiently pissed that apparently it involved something she kept secret from everyone including her beloved Jules. Mark's reveal of the title was the giveaway.

"Before you have me drawn and quartered, indulge me." Jules motions for the check as they prepare to exit the cafe. Donna is furious with Jules but Jules has been in her life long enough to warrant a momentary stay of execution.

Jules walks Donna across the Circus to a spot that Jules took pains to avoid on their stroll to the cafe. As they approach, Jules makes a simple request of Donna. "Close your eyes."

Donna shoots Jules a look before obliging her simple request. Though she may be pissed to high heaven, she does love surprises and this afternoon has evolved into a surprise of rather epic in scale. Jules turns Donna towards the main display window of international bookstore chain that is located behind her.

"Open them." Donna is in state of complete shock and awe to be confronted with the 1 story tall photograph that is before her. The display is for "her" book… only she did not know she wrote one. She instantly turns to Jules. "What did you do?" The tone illustrates the depth of violation that Donna feels but before Jules can react to Donna, women begin to gather in front of Donna asking her to autograph the books that they had just bought in the store.

Emi had made sure the European debut of the book preceded the US debut to improve the New York Times debut in the US. Seeing a small crowd assembling, the manager from the bookstore comes out to see what is going on only to recognize Donna and invite her in for an impromptu signing.

This was not what Jules had planned, this was possibly even better. Donna is swept up in the moment and goes along for the ride. "Until The Real Thing Comes Along", she knows the title and where it came from. The stories that are being conveyed by the assembling women are familiar and sweet. She becomes quite aware of what Jules has done. She doesn't know how Jules knew about it but apparently she did and Jules now had the financial where with all to create a miracle. Donna is not sure if she should kiss her or kill Jules but she will enjoy a moment like this. The ruckus at the bookstore with the selfies and the streaming created a minor internet sensation with the cache that comes with being who they are.

Jules phone begins to ring off the hook from Emerald. Emi checked all of the social media outlets, she had the hashtags already to go along with the accounts. Emi never expected this to happen without conscious creation but the internet is a fickle mistress. Jules takes the call from Emi as she attempts to explain the randomness of what happened, hell more than one chapter in the book is devoted to "Mark". Despite not being part of their plan, it becomes part of their plan. Emi takes the idea and runs with it along with a plan to hop the next flight to Heathrow.

As they return to the hotel, Donna is oddly silent in the car. Jules knows that she has to allow Donna to make the first move.

"You copied my computer." Donna remains staring out the window as she addresses Jules. "Yes, yes. I did, though it was not quite that clandestine. It was not exactly a covert operation." Jules watches Donna's every move to gauge the next one. "Why." Donna is now staring her down as the emotional response held at bay by the swirl of activity rises back to the surface. The question is timed with their arrival back at the hotel which allows Jules to buy sometime on the walk to the room to gather her thoughts.

Donna puts down her purse on a chair as they enter. With the bag gone from her grasp, she twirls around to Jules for her answer. "Why did you do this and not tell me." Jules can hear the edge in Donna's voice. "Donna, you wanted more. Here is more." Jules knows this is a punt but it is all she has for a knee jerk response.

"Jules… that is not an answer." Donna sits down in a chair boring holes in Jules as Jules begins to pace the room.

"Donna, you left your computer open… I read it. It was worth of a share and you would have never done that on your own." Jules continues to pace which is what she has always done when she was unsure of her next move.

"Who knows about this?" Donna's tone is actually more aggressive than she intends it to be but Jules does not react to the tone instead she turns with an expression that answers the question without the need for a single spoken word. "Everyone knows about this but me?" Jules' look softens. "Donna, everyone knows because everyone helped make this possible. I'm good but I am no miracle worker, more of a source of funding for those who can make miracles happen." Donna is taken aback by what Jules has just revealed. "You had better start explaining, Jules." Donna paces the room like a cat on a hot tin roof. Jules knows that what she did was out of love but none the less a complete violation of Donna's trust.

Jules takes a breath and dives into the story of Donna's first novel. She tells Donna that Harvey endorsed the contract. Louis is her counsel, Sean helped broker the deal. Emi is her agent…. Jules goes on and on with the details ending with phrase… "you wanted more and this is more." Donna sits in a stunned silence as Jules finishes.

She did want more but she did not know what more was. Donna wanted something of her own. She wanted to stand on her own and not get lost in Harvey Specter's world. Donna wanted to matter. She wanted power of her own. She poured her heart and soul into those stories. Donna realizes that she does not even know the content of the book. She actually doesn't even know what Jules did and quite honestly, Jules was her costar in most of the stories. Jules has skin in the game.

Jules stands at the ready waiting for a lashing that does not appear to be coming. She surveys Donna with a side eye. "So just like that?" Jules offers a familiar phrase to Donna's ears. Donna picks up the copy of the book that Jules has laid on the table. "Just like that… I guess I had better read this before the next adventure. You know since I wrote it and all."