"You're tuned to radio big."

"I'm DJ Atomika, the eyes and ears of SSX for spectators and competitors alike. Broadcasting live from my nifty little sound booth with access to over 262 mountain cams."

One mountain. Three peaks.

Peak One.

"Got some mountain info for those of you out riding today, reports in from Peak One's high alpine state that avalanche conditions have moved in to the extreme. Riders are requested to use caution when venturing out into the backcountry."

Peak Two.

"Peak Two is experiencing the beginnings of storm-like conditions. Reports are coming in that strong winds are throwing riders around and apparently beating up on some of the trees up there too. Watch yourselves, people."

Peak Three.

"Just got off the phone with Peak Three's Ski Patrol; sounds a bit dangerous up there. Deep sightings of crevices, big ice chunks breaking away - that's never good… You better be prepared."

"It's taken event organizers two years to turn this mountain into the ultimate SSX championship. Riders will be charging hard down these newly designed, never before seen race tracks where the terrain borders on the insane."


"New events like Slopestyle will be pitting riders against a host of constructs where competitors will snake the best lines through the wildest tracks to perform. Edgin' their tricks."

Big Air.

"Without a doubt, abilities will be pushed to the max in the Big Air events. The riders will be going harder and higher than anything seen before."

Super Pipe.

"This year's one of a kind Super Pipe events will be like no other. Riders are gonna' have to throw it up huge to win these babies."

"SSX free mountain… Ya' gotta' love it."

"New to this year's circuit is the uber talented, Allegra Sauvagess. Mountain man Nate Logan, Style-Meister Viggo Rolig and boy wonder, Griff Simmons. In addition a few of the SSX veterans have returned, Amazon bombshell Elise Riggs, Hip-hop seamster Mac Fraser and crowd favorite Zoe Payne to name a few."

"Enough talk. Time to ride. Stay tuned right here, to Radio BIG."

Hey guys! MK here! So I've had major writers block with my ongoing Spirited Away story. I had a really good idea for the direction but I've totally forgot and can't seem to remember…

So while you all are suffering, I decided to write an SSX 3 fanfiction where it describes what goes on between the contestants during races and in the lodge on their days off. Writing this is taking hours of actually gameplay, listening, research and notes so it can be as accurate as possible so I hope you all enjoy it and if I get something wrong please, feel free to correct me.

And here's the fun part! You – the audience gets to take a vote on who wins what races each chapter :D. That way an outcome can be decided for which character takes home the platinum, gold, silver, and bronze metals.

Start voting now in the reviews!

And remember, if you have any requests for one-shot fics, PM me and let me know! I'll be happy to bring them to life for you.

Asta la vista~!