100 words to describe how much I hate you.

(narrator) It was late afternoon in the office of Roy Mustang, and nothing scurried about, not even a- never mind, chaos just walked in. (narrator end.)

"Hey! What's the big idea of calling me when I'm supposed to be sleeping!" A very infuriated Ed said as he walked in.

"Fullmetal, it's like 4 in the afternoon, grow up." Roy said not looking up from his work.

"Yeah, and I just got back from a mission you sent me on, again." Ed said sitting on the couch.

"Well, I don't like your attitude, I wish I was able to get out how much you infuriate me on a daily basis." Roy said.

"Well, so do I, why don't we do just that huh?" Edward said getting a smirk on his face.

"Fullmetal, I will not be caught on fire in my own office." Roy said, completely serious.

"No, 100 words, we each say 50 to describe the other!" Edward said putting a fist up.

"okay start." Roy said turning his full attention to Edward.



"turkey" (What? Roy thought, turkey?"













"What the hell?! What is it with you and food wrench face!?" Roy yelled slamming his hand on his desk and standing up.

"I thought I was clankey, dumb-bass!" Ed retorted also standing.

"Why you…" Roy started then-

"Enough! Both of you!" a shot went past their heads, Riza.

"But he started it!" Roy and Ed said in unison pointing fingers at each other, then, facing each other turning to a scowl.

"I don't care! Get back to work!" Riza said as she wsent a second shot. Everyone silenced.

I know I said it was gonna be 100 words, but, Riza stepped in. if you want, review or pm me that you want a second part, and they can continue this babble.