Well, my little sister and I had this bet yesterday that if school got canceled I would update this fic. An hour later we got a call confirming school being canceled, so, here I am!

Jessie: It's about time

NM: What are you doing here, midget?

Jessie: I felt like being here

Lea: Are we going to actually do anything or are you two going to argue all day?

Kyubey: Join me, and together we can rule the world! I mean I can make you a magical girl!

NM: This isn't Star Wars

Yukio: *Walks in*

NM: *Throws grenade at him* You aren't in this story!

Beepbeepbeepbeep! Beepbeepbeepbeep!

The alarm clock rang through the room causing both girls to wake up.

"I hate mornings." I said, stretching my arms and yawning. Madoka sat up and hugged the big doll that she had slept with. She sighed.

"I had another weird dream…" She eyed a shelf full of stuffed animals and stared at something on it. I looked and saw the mysterious cat from yesterday.

"Good morning you two!" It said.

After the shock died down…

"Lea…Madoka…you two got home pretty late last night…didn't you guys?"

"It's fine, we just went over to a friend's house." I said, trying to avoid the situation. It's best if as few people as possible knew about Kyubey.

"I don't want to start cracking down on you two with curfews and stuff, next time let us know where you are before dinner."

"Kay! It probably won't happen again, so that's fine." I said as Madoka nodded.

"I'm sorry." She said, before turning around to see the cat thing in a hot bowl of water on the counter. I was surprised that people couldn't see him, it was a stroke of luck for us, though. It means that we don't need to come up with some crazy story that we found a kitten in the street or decided to adopt one without parental consent or something like that.

Into the past!

"Wow…cool apartment!" Madoka said.

"This is a pretty nice place!" I said, looking around.

"I live alone, so make yourselves at home, although, as far as refreshments go, I don't have much." The magical girl said as Kyubey walked in and sat on the floor. We sat our bags down and had some cake and tea.

"Wow Mami! This is so delicious!"

"Super delicious!"

"Thank you." She paused "Since Kyubey chose you three you're involved in this now, whether you like it or not. So I thought we should have a talk." She said, putting down her teacup. Sayaka nodded.

"Go ahead, ask us anything you want." Genius.

"No, Sayaka, you've got it wrong."

"Yeah, we're here for answers, not to give them." Everyone giggled at the blue hair girl's confusion as Mami revealed a glowing, golden gem in her hand.

"Wow, pretty!"

"If I make a contract, do I have to wear jewelry?" I asked the cat.

"It's called a soul gem. When Kyubey chooses a girl it's created when she makes a contract with him. It's the source of our magic and it also proves that we're magical girls."

"What's this contract?"

"Thank you! Am I the only one wondering?"

"I will grant each of you one wish, any wish you desire!" The cat finally spoke. I stared at it.

"Huh? For reals?"

"Anything at all?"

"Wow! Anything I want and magic! There has to be a catch."

"Anything at all! No catch! I can grant the most impossible of miracles!"

"He's lying, he's got to be lying." I said, but the others ignored it.

"We could wish for treasure! Or eternal youth! Or a 108 course banquet!" Sayaka said, she was currently in happy-dream land.

"Maybe that last one's a bit much?"

"No kidding, besides, that can't be true! There has to be a down side, or a catch!"

"Has she always been a pessimist?" Mami asked Madoka and she nodded.

"It exchanges for that wish your soul gem is created. But, if you have a soul gem, it will be your duty to fight witches."

"I knew there was a catch!" I said while pointing at the cat.


"Are you all deaf?" I asked.

Back to the future! Or…the present…

"Um…hey mom?"


"This might sound silly, but, if someone could grant you any wish you wanted using magic, what would you wish fo-"

"I'd wish for those two trustees to get kicked right out of the company." She said, cutting Madoka off. "Come to think of it, there's the CEO. He's too old to keep up the pace like he used to so maybe I'd wish for him to retire." She began to angrily apply makeup. "The thing is, he hasn't named a successor yet…"

"Hehe, what would you do if you became the new CEO?" Madoka, childishly, asked. Our mom stopped dead in her tracks.

"How would I go about it? If I could get enough support from the sales department, the planning comity, and general affairs, which leaves old baldy in accounting…interesting." She said, walking away to plot.

"Mom…your eyes are scary…"

"Madoka! What did you do? Did you unleash a demon?"

"Nope, just asked mom a question."

"So…you did release a demon."

Time to go back in time!

"So, what is a witch anyway? Are they different from magical girls?"

"Thank you! People, we need to find out what the catch is!"

"If magical girls are said to be born from wishes, then witches are creatures born from curses. Magical girls bring hope to the world, and witches bring despair. And since they're invisible to humans, they're that much more insidious. Anxiety, mistrust, rage and hatred, they sow the seeds of disaster all over the world." Kyubey explained.

"Suicides that can't be explained and murders without motive, a witch's curse is most likely the cause of such things. It festers within a person, and grows and grows until it consumes them." Mami said.

"If there's things like that out there then how come people don't know about them?" Sayaka asked.

"A witch is careful about not letting humans see them, they hide deep within the labyrinths they create. You know that maze like place you were in today? That was a labyrinth." Kyubey answered.

"Actually, you three were in a lot of danger. If a human ever wanders into one the seldom make it out alive." Mami said.

"Is that what you do? You fight these horrible creatures Mami?" Madoka asked.

"I knew there had to be a catch!" I yelled. Mami giggled at my outburst.

"It's not a catch, it's a contract. And I risk my life, that's why you all should think carefully before you decide. Kyubey chose you and offered a rare chance, it's true he'll grant whatever wish you can think of, but remember, death is part of that deal." Mami stated coldy. Why do I feel like I knew that already? Why do I feel something missing in me when I look at Madoka? And why do I feel like I've met Kyubey over and over again? Oh well. Sayaka sighed at the mention of death.

"Now I'm stressed." She said.

"I know it's a tough decision, but maybe if you went on a few witch hunts with me it will help you decide." Mami said. "See for yourselves what it's like to fight a witch. Think about the offer a little longer. Think long and hard, ask yourselves, is there something so badly that it's worth putting your life in danger for?"

Back to the present…

"So, what do you think about what Mami said last night?" I asked Madoka as she tied her ribbon in her hair.

"I don't know, there's a lot of things I could ask for, but nothing qualifies for that death thing." I laughed a bit at that.

"Me too, it seems so strange, the contract seems like a win win, until death gets mixed in. Unintentional rhyme." I said and we both laughed and continued getting ready for school.


"Good morning!" Madoka said to Hitomi and Sayaka as we arrived at school.

"Oh, good morning." Hitomi replied.

"Hey-wa?" Sayaka said when she saw Kyubey sitting on my head. He was a rather comfortable hat.

"Good morning Sayaka." The cat like thing said.

"You look ill, is something the matter?" Hitomi asked Sayaka who looked like she was on the brink of a heart attack.

"Looks like we're the only ones who can see him." Sayaka whispered to Madoka and me.

"Looks like." I said.

"What are you-?" Hitomi asked. I felt sorry for her, she's probably confused as hell.

"Naw, it's nothing." Sayaka said. "Welp, let's go."

"We can communicate like this, just by thinking to each other." Madoka thought. Sayaka began having a mental breakdown.

"You're confused, I was too when that darn cat thing began reading my mind." I thought.

"Hu, you mean we already have magical powers, for reals?" Sayaka thought.

"No not yet, I'm letting you communicate your thoughts through me. It's kind of a handy trick, don't ya think?" Kyubey thought.

"Handy yes, confusing and kind of creepy, hell yes." I thought and I swear that Sayaka began giggling in the back of her mind.

"Although, I have to agree with Lea, it feels sort of weird." Sayaka thought.

"Excuse me." Hitomi said. "What's going on between you?" She asked. "Why do you keep staring at each other?"

"Oh…uh…it's…just…" All three of us rambled nonsense and Hitomi dropped her bag on the ground.

"I can't believe it! Just by looking at each other you know what they're thinking!" Hitomi gasped. She didn't think we were…at least I hope she didn't. "For people to become that intimate after one night, what did you do after I left yesterday?"

"I can't believe she's going there…" Sayaka muttered.

"Well actually, lots of things happened…" Madoka murmured.

"But still…" I said.

"That's enough! You can't be serious! You're all girls! Girls can't love girls! It's forbidden love!" Hitom ran off yelling.

"Hey wait, you forgot your bag!" Sayaka said.

"Not helping…" I muttered and we ran off to class and tell Hitomi that we weren't all lesbian. After getting in the room Sayaka began doubting Kyubey's safety, being that Homura just transferred into our class. But Kyubey assured her that he was fine.


Did I mention yet that Kyubey is the cutest thing to ever walk the earth?

Yes? I have?

Well too bad, I'm doing it again because we were eating lunch on the roof today and feeding the little guy and he's so freaking adorable!

"Hey you two." Sayaka said. "Either of you have any luck trying to figure out what to wish for?"
"Nope. It's the death toll that's holding me back." I said.

"Same here, how about you Sayaka?"

"I don't have a clue. I'm totally stumped." She said. "I thought about it so much my brain is starting to hurt. Again, it's the risk your life part holding me back. Nothing I want is worth that much, that's for sure."

"That's so odd." Kyubey said. "Most girls accept my offer right away."

"Then I guess we don't know any better, do we?" Sayaka said.

"Or we're idiots." I said.

"Seriously Lea?" Sayaka asked.

"I was just kidding!" I said before she could stab me with chopsticks.

"Really, think so?" Madoka asked.

"We're not idiots, just blissfully ignorant. Just think about it, have you ever wanted something so bad that you'd trade your life for it? There's tons of people out there who'd say yes, we don't know what to wish for because we don't want something that badly. Why us? Why did we get this chance?"

"That was pretty deep, you know? It seems unlike you to go that deep into anything." I said, smirking.

"Hey! What's that supposed to mean?" She demanded before Homura walked onto the roof. "Back for more, huh?"

"No, I haven't come to fight. I wanted to kill it, before it made contact with Madoka Kaname. But it's too late for that now. Well, now what? Are you going to become a magical girl?" Homura stated in her usual cold tone.

"I'm…um…" Madoka said before being cut off.

"Yeah right! Like it's any of your business!" Sayaka said.

"I warned you, remember?" Homura said, seemingly ignoring Sayaka.

"Yes." Madoka replied.

"Very well then, I hope my warning is not in vain. Goodbye." Homura said before walking away.

"Homura, um…wait…I'd like to know what you wished for when you became a magical girl." Madoka requested. The raven haired girl turned around, but ignored what Madoka said and simply walked away. Everyone stood in silence before I broke it with one word.


Okay…this is part one of chapter two! This is 14 minutes into the episode and I felt like it was a great place to stop because this show is very wordy and I would be up till 2 in the morning if I tried to get all of the dialogue in here.

Lea: You still did a pretty darn good job

NM: Arigato

Homura: Build up, much?
NM: (Evil laughter)

Everyone: (Stares)

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