Chapter 4 – Meetings


"We come in peace." General Armstrong said to the crowd before her. She's quite concerned about the spear-wielding guards holding a line between her and what she deduced as student considering their uniform.

Four Nautican Guards then exited the gondola and formed a line behind her. They are armed with 9mm Reman submachine guns held in their hands and pointed sideways to the ground. They have holstered 9mm pistols on their left side, and have sheathed short swords on their right waist. She herself is armed with .45 Peacekeeper revolver, and a short kukri sheathed behind her and hidden the tail end of her coat.

The guards quickly reacted by leveling their spears at them, and the crowd behind them pulling back a bit with alarm. In a few moments, a bald man, wearing a long blue robe and wielding a tall wooden staff, came to the guards and said a few words to them. The guards slowly nodded then stood in attention, pulled back their spears and placed them upright by their right side. He then faced her and spoke.

"Que me pode entender?"

General Armstrong raised an eyebrow a bit as she didn't understand much the significance of the chant earlier. She replied while shaking her head and motioning to her. "Sorry I cannot understand you."

The man looked surprise at her reply, probably unable to understand what she said, but is understood what she meant. He then sighed with a look of disappointment. General Armstrong had decided to take the initiative to introduce herself.

"I am General Mira Armstrong." She gestured to herself.

"Generalo… Mira… Armstrong." The man tested saying it to which she nodded. He then gestured to himself and spoke. "Son profesor Jean Colbert." General Armstrong nodded and replied.

"We…" She gestured to herself and her guards. "are from the city of Nautica." She then pointed to the gigantic stature of the Nautica towering over the forest.

"Si, nós vimos a súa chegada co meu telescopio." The man replied and gestured to his eyes then pointed to their airship and the Nautica. She nodded in understanding.

Professor Colbert is quite enthusiastic with making dialogue with a new, and advanced, civilization but he didn't expect for the difference in language. Although he should have thought of that but it didn't deter him from taking the initiative.

The short dialogue had gone well enough but the guards behind her is making the academy guards nervous. They have are armed with short musket-like weapons, and have sheathed short swords and pistols on their waists. They're presence and her uniform may mean this Mira Armstrong is a high ranking official in their military.

Mira Armstrong then spoke in her native language which he completely didn't understand and also made a few gestures to the ground and to the Main Tower.

"Ĉu ekzistas pli bona loko ni povas pridiskuti aferojn?"

"Sorry I couldn't understand what you are saying." He slowly shook his head and made his own gestures. Mira Armstrong sighed and clearly unsatisfied with how the dialogue is going.

"I believe she meant to take this talks to another suitable location." He heard an old voice behind him. He turned around and saw Headmaster Osmond walking through a path between the students. He combed his long beard as he looked at Nauticans. "It's been some time since I've spoken that language, and I'm quite rusty with it."

"Amazing. I didn't know you could speak such language." Professor Colbert is impressed that the Headmaster knew the newcomers' language.

"Sadly, no. I only know bits and crumbs of the language but enough to make small conversations." Osmond shook his head before continuing. "I'll try to speak with them."

Colbert nodded in understanding and stepped aside to let the headmaster take the lead. Headmaster Osmond stepped forward and introduced himself as best as he can.

"I... name is… Egerton Osmond…" The headmaster introduced himself and then gestured to the entire academy. "I… the head teacher... of this… great… school."

Mira looked at the headmaster in relief since the headmaster is able to somewhat speak her language. She then re-introduced herself in which Osmond relayed as much as he could to Colbert's benefit.

"I… General Mira Armstrong… city of Nautica."

"I welcome you to our… great school of Tristain." Headmaster Osmond then faced the students and the crowd of students and servants to address them. "Guards, return to your posts. I'll take over from here. All students, clear the gateway and return to your dorms." The guards nodded and walked back to their stations while the students left the gateway before scattering across the academy grounds. "Bring two… of guards…" He gestured to the Nautican Guards behind Mira to which she nodded and chose two of her guards. "Follow I… Talk more inside I office."

He then led the party into the Main Tower with many of the students still watching from the academy grounds.

Louise watched the Headmaster lead the newcomers into the Main Tower, likely to the Headmaster's office. She's not the only one watching more closely with Kirche and Tabitha watching them with interest. She also saw the de facto couple, Guiche and Montmorency, watching the procession but with less care, especially the former.

"My… My… You summoned quite a peculiar bunch of commoners." Montmorency commented as she eyed the remaining Nautican guards guarding the airship.

"Don't mind those barbarians, Montmorency." Guiche flauntingly said to Montmorency. "Those backwater brutes will soon learn their manners and be civilized."

"On the contrary, I'd say they're more orderly than you." Kirche remarked before pointing to the Nautican guards leaning against the airship's gondola. She then explained to the bewildered Guiche and the others. "While they looked like they're slacking, they're posture and with one of their hands always near the grip showed that they're more than quick to react. It showed they have extensive training, and their clean identical uniforms and weapons showed they're wealthy enough to afford such."

Louise had to admit, she is impressed with Kirche's deduction but then again Germanians are known to be very militaristic. Germania has the largest military force in the continent and the members of each noble family have training for military officers.

"As expected of a Germanian, you know more about playing swords than acting like a noble." Louise remarked to which Kirche quickly retorted with a small smile.

"I'm sure your eligible noble charms will sway these newcomers to follow your every command since you summoned them."

Louise huffed at that and angrily started at Kirche to the latter's mild amusement. Louise became more livid when she heard Guiche's remark.

"Oh I doubt that. These barbaric plebeians don't even know their betters, let alone ever acknowledging a Zero." Guiche ended it with flick of his rose wand and casted a simple light spell. A small shower of sparkling lights appeared around him and posed for Montmorency.

Louise growled and gave Guiche a very malicious leer which caused him to flinch, including Montmorency. Louise then turned around and left for the dormitories, silently sobbing in tears.


Osmond is currently sitting in his large office chair behind his office desk and seated before him are Professor Colbert and General Armstrong. Armstrong's guards are allowed to stay outside his office but under watch of several Academy guards. Miss Longueville, his personal secretary, joined them and assisted the two men. During their conversation earlier, he only managed to learn that their city was being sieged before they appeared. He tried asking about their purpose of arriving to the academy but the answer he received is beyond what he can understand.

Oh, Founder. This is harder than I thought. Osmond thought as he cradled his forehead to his right hand and massaged it. He then took the small opportunity to take a look at Armstrong's figure. She has an excellent figure in his opinion with the right curves mildly hidden by the uniform, and has a generous pair of breasts like Miss Zerbst. If only she isn't wearing pants.

He then noticed Miss Longueville eyeing him in disapproval, clearly knew what he was thinking. He looked at Miss Amstrong again and flinched as he saw the malicious glare she's giving him. Professor Colbert is oblivious to the tension as he scribbled various things on a parchment while muttering incomprehensibly. He is saved from further grilling when he heard someone knocked on the door. Miss Longueville quickly headed towards the door and opened it a little. She spoke a few words before opening the door for a maid. The maid then pushed in a cart with a tea set and small cuts of cake on a plate.

"Here are your tea and cakes, my lords." The maid said as soon as the tray is set beside the headmaster's table.

"Thank you. Please do give some tea to our guest. I'm sure she's quite famished." Osmond said as she gestured to Mira Armstrong. The maid nodded then proceeded to pouring tea into the cups before offering one for Mira. Mira nodded and gave thanks as she accepted.

"Dankon. Multe estimis."

The maid was surprised at the reply as she understood it and quickly replied.

"Via bonveno, sinjorinon. Ĉu mi povas demandi, ĉu vi parolas ĉi tiun lingvon?"

It is Mira's turn to be surprised as she heard the maid's reply as she is about to sip some tea. She faced the maid and asked.

"Vi parolas esperanton?"

"Jes, via amantino." The maid nodded to which Mira became curious as she didn't expect for someone to speak Esperanto fluently. She then proceeded to ask the maid another question.

"Kie vi lernis tion?"

The maid nodded with a smile and happily answered.

"Ĝi estas la lingvo pasis malsupren per mia avo."

Osmond and the others watched the exchange between General Armstrong and the maid with surprise and intrigue. They didn't expect one of servants in the academy to speak the same language as the newcomer. Osmond only understood tidbits of their conversation but nothing concrete. He then proceeded to get their attention before asking the maid.

"Maid, how are you able to speak that language?"

The maid looked up and a bit embarrassed that she got to excited talking with someone with that language. She composed herself as she faced the headmaster before answering.

"It was a language taught to me by my grandfather. He was a travelling sky trader and it's a standard trading tongue amongst other traders he knew."

"Hmmm… Interesting. I've never encountered a trader using such tongue even those from Rub Al'Khali." Colbert remarked as he rubbed his chin.

"I have to agree. This is also the first time I've encountered such language." Miss Longueville also remarked.

"What is your name, miss?" Osmond asked the maid as he took a better look at her. She has short black hair, a fairly large bust, and has quite an exotic look on her that is not native to Tristain.

"My name is Siesta of Tarbes, my lord." Siesta introduced herself with a curtsy.

"Would you join us for a while and be a translator for us and Miss Armstrong here?" Osmond asked her. "I'll add this to your pay. Help yourself with the tea."

"It would be my pleasure, my lord." Siesta nodded as she stood beside Mira's chair.

"Now let's start over again." Osmond composed himself and sat straight as he clasped his hands over the desk. "My name is Edmund Osmond, headmaster of the Tristain Academy of Magic." He then introduced the others in the office. "This is Professor Colbert, one of the teachers in this academy." He gestured to Colbert who bowed his head a bit. "And this is Miss Longueville, my personal secretary." Longueville also bowed a bit as she was introduced.

Siesta quickly relayed it to Mira who nodded at that, although she is a bit confused about the magic part. Mira replied with Siesta translating for her.

"My name is General Mira Armstrong, Chief Commander of the Nautican Guards. We are from the city of Nautica. Can I ask where we are?"

Osmond nodded at that and replied what he can without revealing too much.

"You are currently in the Kingdom of Tristain at the western coast of Halkeginia." Mira nodded as soon as Siesta finished translating. "Now… Can you tell me why you have decided to arrive at our academy?"

"It was the decision of the High Council to make contact with this place since it is fairly close to our location." Mira first answered before sipping some tea. "It is also a safer place for us to make contact than the city further south from her, and more unlikely to cause trouble among the populace."

Osmond nodded in acceptance as he understood what that meant. Last night's event is more than likely witnessed from the Royal Palace and the capital, and had likely caused a fright amongst its populace. He then recalled about the dispatch he had sent earlier, and lightly groaned as he thought about the future trouble that may occur once the Royal Corps arrived.

"Miss Siesta, could you inform General Armstrong if she could contact her superiors? Tell her that I've sent a dispatch since the night before, and that the Royal Army may arrive soon."

Mira looked concern at that as soon as Siesta translated what Osmond said. She then nodded and excused herself with Siesta translating.

"Thank you for this information, Headmaster Osmond. I will have to go to my ship and inform my superiors about this development." Mira then left for the door.

Osmond nodded at that and hopeful that this or the Army's action would destroy this diplomatic mission that got dropped on his table. He then noticed Colbert wanting to say something to which he allowed.

"Headmaster, can I join Miss Armstrong? I can offer some assistance to them and answer some of the questions they may ask, especially with the Royal Army arriving."

Osmond thought about it for a moment and agreed with the professor's suggestion. It would also help smooth the diplomacy with the Nautica, and the professor's inquisitive nature would be useful to get some information out of the Nauticans.

"Go ahead, Colbert. Your assistance would help smooth this diplomacy out." Osmond then looked at Siesta who was still waiting there. He then grabbed a parchment from a drawer of this desk and wrote something on it. "Miss Siesta, go help the professor as a translator and please give this to the head maid so you can be relieved of your household duties in the meantime." He then stamped the parchment and rolled it before giving it to Siesta. Siesta gratefully accepted it. "Now go you too. We have much work to do."

The two bowed and left through the door to catch up with the Nautican general. Osmond sighed as soon as the door closed behind them. He then grabbed his favorite pipe and started filling it before lighting it with a match. He then started smoking as he loudly muttered.

"I'm getting too old for this. And here I thought a desk job is easier."

"I'm afraid I can't help much with that, Old Osmond." Miss Longueville said as she placed down her clipboard on her desk. "Also you shouldn't smoke, it's bad for your health."

"Oohhh… Just allow me this one, I can't think straight with the stress I'm having." Osmond blow a thin stream of smoke as he exhaled. "Though you got to admit, Miss Armstrong is quite a beauty and have those fabulous bust. I wonder if she's married."

Miss Longueville snapped at that and casted a levitating spell to snatch Osmond's pipe and hit it at his forehead.

"Ow!" Osmond rubbed his sore forehead.

"You shouldn't think such illicit thoughts about another state's representative. Or I'll make sure you take the fall if this diplomacy failed." Longueville sweetly told him but Osmond clearly felt the coldness from the way she smiled at him. Osmond groaned as he retrieved his pipe and then started smoking again.


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