It was going to be a normal recon mission. Well, as normal as they get . Anyway, we all ended up faceing our fears. Some of us faced our biggest fears, while the others faced smaller ones. I was lucky and got a small one.

I know what happened because i was the first to be let out. I think im fine . Now, I'll tell you the story (First person)

We were heading to some warehouse in Star city to stop a drug deal. When we got there , Robin scoped out the area from above in the skylight so we would get a layout of who we were up against. Apparently , we didnt relise that the roof was gaurded so Robin got captured.

M'gann told us that he was fine. But then she collapsed. It took about thirty second for her to be able to speak again. She had her eyes big with fear and worry.

"Oh my gosh!" M'gann said "Robin was fine a minute ago, but then out of nowhere he was emmiting fear in huge waves" We all looked at each other. "Superboy lead the way in , artemis your in the back. This is now a rescue mission." Aqualad ordered.

I nodded to superboy. We found a back door to the warehouse and went in. It was a trap. As soon as all of us were in the door shut and the lights turned off. I could here people fighting. M'gann was down. I could tell by her scream.

Superboy as well. Kryptonite illuminated him. Kid flash next. Then Aqualad. I was the last one . I moved around trying to find a wall. I ended up in someone's arms.

"Nice going , baby girl. You got all your friends caught" My eyes widened at that. Sportsmaster did this! My own dad!

"Let us go!" I yelled. I could see or rather hear my friend 's unconscious bodies getting pulled away in seperate directions. Then i heard doors shut.

" good night" was the last thing i hear before i went unconscious.

When i wake up, i cant see anything. I can feel something next to my leg though. I pick it up . It's a flashlight! I turn on the flashlight, but what i saw was one of my worst fears. The others didn't know. But i have a fear of blood. Im good at hideing it. I can deal with small amounts like from cuts. But big amounts and i freakout.

The room, i think im in a closet, is covered in blood. I scream. Thats the only thing i could think to do.

M'gann POV

I hear a scream of fear. I try to get up. But i can't. My arms wont move. The more i moved the more i knew. I had read about what im in now. A straight jacket. They limit your movement to less than 10%.

I hate straight jackets. They scare me. I cant stand not being able to be free . After wiggling around more violently i can feel a inhibeter collar on my neck. Now i panic. I cant move. I cant use my powers. I cant really think now that im scared. So, i do the only thing i can think of. I scream.

Aqualad POV

The first thing i hear when i awake is a scream. It was a bit foggy because i hadn't fully awakened yet. Then, a few seconds later, another. I can tell that they're from artemis and M'gann. That woke me up . Where are my teammates? What has happened?

I get up. I can feel a object on my lap. It's a flashlight. I turn it on. Im in a room . I think a closet judgeing by the size. The room is empty except for picture frames of my teammates. In front of each is a black rose. I dont know how they were black but they were.

I knew what the color black meant. And if there is a black rose in front of my friends pictures, that means...no! They cant be! But, i dont know. Im so confused now. Are they dead or alive!? I scream of sadness and frustration.

Did you like the first chapter? I'm gonna have Wally , Robin, and Conner next. The next chapter will be better, i hope. I need to figure out what superboy fears. I have some ideas but i need help. Please reveiw and suggest! It has to be logical!