hey! I know you've been waiting awhile and I think you'll like what I've come up with! The first few fears were a bit different and so are Wally and Conners. Robin's part is gonna be short cuz we all know his worst fear

Wally's PoV

He woke up to a closet. Or at least what he thought was a closet. Good thing he learned how to control and conquer his claustrophobia. He feels around and finds his phone, but there's no signal. He sees he has 6 voicemails. He had no signal and someone might have been able to send him a clue or something. He calls his voicemail and what he doesn't expect is to hear Robin. "Hello traitor. Figured you could use a pep talk after what happened to Artemis. You do it, everything happened because of your mistake. Hope you die in the sewers of Gotham when Croc escapes"

All of the following messages were from teammates until the very last. His uncle Barry. Same dissapointed and angry voice. He cried and curled up into a ball. He killed Artemis and his teammates and uncle hated him.

Robin POV

He saw it as he woke up. The flying Grayson posters and newspaper articles on the accident. He could only stare and cry out to them.

Conner's POV

He woke up to a pounding headache. He looked around and the walls were glowing slightly with bits of kryptonite. He looked and saw a note on the floor." I wish we could have kept you but you became too much to handle. You hurt me'gann and convinced Superman to become evil with you and your other father Led luther. Goodbye conner, forever" -BlackCanary

He looked instead of angry, sadly at the floor. He went up to the wall and touched it. IT burned. He began to run his hands along the wall. Giving hi!self the slow painful burns he thou- no, KNEW he deserved. Good trying the wall had wall spread out prices cuz otherwise it'd be quick and painless to die.

Batman PoV

The league had been viewing the warehouse carefully. They hadnt told theteam but they knew how bad these dealers could be and decided it would be best. I can see Robin scoping the roof and i almost yell about two gaurds but the would give away position and would cause the team to loose trust in them.

He watched as his boy was captured and much easier than he thought it should have been. He mentioned this to Flash beside him. "Don't you think the was just a bit too easy?" Flash nodded. "Want to me to go check it out bats?" Batman nodded slowly still trying to figure out why Robin went down so easily. Suddenly, Superman groans over the comm. "Kryptonite...gotta go." He beams up to the watchtower.

'Well, there goes boyscout. Why isn't Flash back yet?' Just as he thOught this he came running back. And VERY freaked out. "Dudetheyinjectedsomethinginthemandimnotsurewhatitis-butigotasampleplzcheckitout!" Green arrow slapped him. "Dude! Calm down! Your lucky I understood some of that. Batman? Can you check the sample?"

Before Batman could reply a sequence of screams came from the warehouse. Batman stood up, "No need, Its Scarecrows fear toxin. Let's go!"