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Title: Wicked.

Rating: Mature.

Fandom: The Vampire Diaries (Television Series.)

Summary: "Now, come here," Damon said, tilting his head, "I'm cold."

Warnings: Human!AU. Underage: Damon is seventeen, Jeremy is fifteen.

Notes: It's been almost nine months since I've updated this fan-fiction, due to being busy with college, being bored with this fan-fiction, and writing my Danny Phantom fan-fic, Freefall. So, I'm very happy to write something very nice for this fan-fic.




It was both fine and not fine. Fine, because they were close to age. Fine, because they shared the same advanced placement classes. Fine, because they liked each other very much. But, it was not fine, because Damon was two years older than Jeremy. It was not fine, because Jeremy was the little brother of his little brother's girlfriend. It was not fine, because no one trusted Damon Salvatore. Except Jeremy. Always Jeremy.

Jeremy, who Damon looked after when he was fifteen and Jeremy was thirteen. Jeremy, who Damon taught to whistle and walk quietly to not wake up their parents. Jeremy, who Damon has liked since he was ten-years-old and his mother told him it was okay to like boys. Jeremy, who told Damon that he liked him back. Very, very much.

So, Damon didn't understand why he felt so wrong. The pros outweighed the cons. His mother loved Jeremy, and the Gilberts (except Elena) loved Damon. The two had been friends since Damon was five and Jeremy was three.

But, Damon still felt wrong here, pushing Jeremy against the wall of the younger' boy's bedroom. Lifting the boy's legs to wrap around his waist. Grinding against him like the desperate teenagers they honestly were. Damon felt a twinge of guilt mixed with the honestly absurd amount of arousal inside of him. Guilt, because this was baby Gilbert, baby boy, the stupid pet names he gave Jeremy when Damon hit puberty and turned into an asshole.

Yet, it felt damn good to hear Jeremy panting against him, to feel the boy's hot, smooth belly as Damon's fingers crept their way into the younger boy's shirt. It felt good to see Jeremy, doe-eyed Jeremy, flushed pink from the heat. His lips were red and kiss-bruised, and the boy let out soft whimpers as Damon rolled his hips against Jeremy's, rubbing their clothed erections together. If he didn't take off the layers of clothes between them, Damon was sure he'd explode.

"Damon," Jeremy moaned, arms wrapped loosely around Damon's neck, fingers scratching lightly at the baby hairs on the nape of the older boy's neck.

"I got you, Jer," Damon murmured, kissing the boy's mouth and cheeks, and down his jaw to nip at the boy's ear before lowering his head to kiss at Jeremy's throat, a spot that drove the boy wild.

Damon wanted to take off that ridiculous t-shirt Jeremy wore, rip it off, to be honest.

"Don't you dare rip this shirt," Jeremy said, panting but irritated. "This is an MCR shirt, and they don't sell these anymore! Get off me so I can take it off!"

"Damn that stupid emo phase of yours," Damon said, scoffed, and pulled himself away from Jeremy. He removed his own shirt as he walked back towards Jeremy's bed, then stripped off his jeans before sitting down on the bed. "Now, come here," Damon said, tilting his head, "I'm cold."

"I'd say otherwise," Jeremy said, smiling softly as he took a chance to stare at Damon's hard-on, tenting his black boxer briefs.

Jeremy stripped down to his own underwear and walked to Damon. He placed his hands softly on the older boy's pale cheeks, which were also flushed light pink. Jeremy leaned down, kissing Damon softly, then separating to place his forehead against Damon's.

"You promised we wouldn't go to far," Jeremy said. "Just...just this. You promised."

"I know," Damon said, as he placed his hands on Jeremy's hips, thumb caressing the soft skin there. "I won't go too far. I wouldn't lie to you about that."

"You lie all the time," Jeremy scoffed, legs lifting onto the bed to straddle Damon's hips.

"Yeah. But not to you. Never to you."

"You're the worst."

"I'm the best," Damon said, his smile melting into parted lips as Jeremy rubbed their clothed erections together. "God, just one more layer. Please, Jer, just one more."

"Nuh-uh," Jeremy moaned. "You, uh, promised."

Damon reached up to lift his hand and grab onto the back of Jeremy's neck, pulling the two of them down until they were flushed against each other, lying down on the bed. Moans escaped their mouths as they kissed, licked and bruised each others' mouths while they rubbed their clothed erections together.

Damon could feel his body heat up, his cheeks felt too warm, his stomach too hot. He knew this feeling well enough, his nights alone, panting and imaging Jeremy against him. And here they were now, real and alive, and their skin too damn hot.

Jeremy moaned, broken and high on endorphins, moving his hips and rubbing against Damon.

"Damon, Day, I-I can't-"

"I got you, Jer," Damon said, against the boy's lips. His own body was tightening up. "Let go. I got you."

Damon could feel Jeremy grab onto his shoulder, nails biting into his skin. The older boy wrapped a hand around the younger boy's forearm, holding on tightly, just as he felt his body let go of the heat and tension from the pit of his stomach.

Jeremy looked wrecked, flushed and red lipped. His briefs ruined by his heat and come. Hair a mess and eyes hazy.

Damon felt his heart swell with affection for this boy. This quiet boy who he's been friends with since infancy.

He pressed their foreheads together, their skin clammy and hot. Damon closed his eyes and felt a tiny part of him letting go of the tension in his body, in his heart. "Love you, Jer."

"Love you, too, Day," Jeremy murmured, tired and sated. "You owe me a pair of briefs, though. I'd have to throw these away."

"I'll end up owing you more than one pair, when I fuck you," Damon said, a wolfish grin upon his face.

"And who says you'll be on top?"

"Oh, I don't care about whether I give or take," Damon wrapped his arms around Jeremy, pulling their bodies against each other tight. "But, I'll make sure you're ruined."

"And I'll ruin you, too, Day," Jeremy said. "Cause you're mine. No one else's."

"And there goes that possessiveness again."

"Shut up."