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It was a wonderful night as Naruto laid in his bed, the window open for a mild summers breeze.

The warm wind caressed his face as he lazily spun the kunai above him.

Without touching it, without chakra, without wire, the wave of his hand was enough for him to do it.

He could even do it without, just with his thoughts.

And he discovered that he always knew. He'd always known how to use it. He always had this power, from the beginning, his birth, he had it.

He just never discovered how to use it, like wiggling the eyebrows, or the ears, or just one single toe (beside the big one)

Till then.

And it was not thanks to the demon in his belly,

not his ability to generate more chakra than he needed to sustain his body, making him a shinobi candidate,

not his parents, he thought, whom he not knows,


And there was nobody in this whole wide world who was as he was.

He felt it.

He was special. He was unique (now more so). He was alone (now more so than ever).

He wondered if they called him names because they knew it too.


No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

If they knew that he could do that, what he could do, they would run around like headless chickens and scream bloody murder, all the more crying for his head.

He discovered his power upon entry into the ninja academy.

To say he shocked himself was an understatement.

It even let him feel, no, know how others felt, sometimes there where snippets to see too, of memories.

At first it was erratic and wild and uncontrolled nearly driving him insane, but as time progressed so did his control to shut that door.

He remembered its discovery like yesterday.

He just finished his supper-ramen as all the rejectance and ignoring of his classmates and teachers came crushing down and his emotions boiled over and- and- ,he was just so angry and sad at that time, and before he knew his empty cup of Instant-ramen was compressed to a plastic ball so much that he couldn't even find the seams anymore.

From then and there on he experimented and used his newfound powers for pranks, but one close call with an angry shopkeeper and him nearly seeing his powers in action, let him scrap that idea.

So he trained them in secret, as it is fitting for a shinobi, and told nobody, not even old man Hokage, as he felt that jiji kept things from him too, like when he asks about his parents, he felt that he didn't tell something.

He sat up with a sigh and looked out of his window at the colorful sky of the setting sun.

And tomorrow, he daydreamed, when he aced the test, he would be made Genin. Finally. On his second try.

He just hoped they wouldn't want to test the Bushin-no-jutsu, because, even will all his powers, he couldn't make one decent bushin to save his life.


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