The sound of the bag pipes rippled around the Scottish village,that and the thunder of villagers dancing along, laughing or the men throwing heavy stones to prove their strength to the women.
The date was 1296 and the village by the mountains of Inverness were celebrating a marriage. A custom in Scotland,is that the whole village get together to celebrate the wonderful day. To dance,sing,drink and to show off to the uncourted ladies.
Marlene McKinnon spun around under the arm of her older brother Alec McKinnon,who was still yet to be married. Marlene was never normally one to enjoy the festivities but today was different, since it was her own sisters wedding.

Freya McKinnon was the youngest daughter of the McKinnon clan, and at age 17 was happily married to Robert Campbell, who her brother Marcus liked to call her childhood lover. Marcus was the first born out of six children, and he was married to a young lady named Flora and the couple had a young daughter named Murron and another child on the way. The next child was Alec, then William who was married to Ina and the couple were expecting their first child , Marlene was the eldest daughter and she was followed by Freya and the youngest of the family was 13 year old Douglas. The McKinnons owned a small area of land on the outskirts of the village where they farmed cattle and crops, they were a very loving family, allowing their children to marry out of love and not forcing them into a marriage.

"So do you have you eye on any of these fine men sister?" Alec shouted of the noise of the music. Marlene rolled her eyes and she clapped her hands in time to the music. "No,I don't tend to go for men who seem to think drinking themselves to death is attractive." She stopped clapping and hooked arms with her brother as she spun around. "What about you Alec? Any ladies you would want to court?"
"Aye the lovely Blair of the Smith Clan, but alas word goes that the lassie is promised to youngest of the Wilson clan. Shame i would have had some pretty wonderful sons with her."
Marlene laughed and looked over at her Sister who was in the middle of the festivities. " I can't believe she's married before me. I'm of 19 years, soon I'll be classed as to old to be courted and I'll have to become a nun." She laughed.
"Oi, I'm of 23 years, Bloody Doug will be married before me and he has no idea what to even do with his cock." Alec barked "Poor Lad".
"Don't be so harsh on him, his only a wee bairn. I don't recall you ever being so knowledgeable at his age brother".
Alec hadn't had time to reply when the music stopped and the noise of shouting could be heard. Two young men where arguing over who was to win the heart over a fair maiden.
"Is That….oh no is that Angus McKraken? Fighting with Cousin Rodric?" Marlene asked pulling on her brothers hand as they ran over to the growing crowd. "Stupid drunks…" "Go on Roddy" "Wack him Angus" The crowd shouted and laughed. It wasn't a proper Scottish wedding until a fight broke out. But then when the sound of trumpets in the distance could be heard and the heavy thunder of hoof beats coming down the rocky land, The English noble lord had arrived to bless the taking the bride on her wedding night. Prima Nocte.

The sound of the wedding feast could be heard from the mountain ledge where the English nobles sat on their horses. Among them the young lord of the land. He loved Weddings, because he now had the right to take the bride into his bed on her wedding night, it was his job to try and impregnate her to stop the pure Scottish lines and breed the Scotts out. Ever since The King had granted the Prima Nocte to the English noblemen,and in the three months since his father had died and he took over , this young lord had bedded five young Scottish ladies all on their wedding nights. Two had gone back to their husbands carrying a bastard in their bellies. And now Lord Sirius Black was on his way to claim the bride of this wedding.

"Onwards my men….lets's go an enjoy a wedding." The 20 year old lord shouted to his men before kicking his horse into a gallop and riding down the mountain path.
As they neared the village, some of the men started laying trumpets to announce the arrival of the English party to the scotts.
Sirius could see the wedding guest had stopped their dancing down and had gathered to watch the English party arrive. An eerie, ominous silence filled the air, only broken by the sound of the thundering hoof beats. As they galloped closer, Sirius could see the blank faces of the guests, and a sudden dread filled his body. The other five times he had done this, he had been fine he had done his part of taking the bride,bedding her then returning her home, he had not questioned it...but why was he regretting this now?
He pulled his horse to a halt and looked around for the bride, he spotted her, dark brown hair flowing down her back and a crown made of flowers placed upon the curls. A young man stood behind her, his arm wrapped tightly around her. He had to be the husband. On her left side stood what looked to be the father and two brothers, the family resemblance was fierce. The right side was filled by perhaps another brother and a young lady next to him. The girl was the spitting image of the bride,yet her hair was shorter and slightly taller and those piercing blue eyes were staring at him full of hatred.

The father took a step forward. "My lord...have you come to join our festivities?" He asked,his fists were clenched at his sides and his eyes full of pure venom.
Sirius ignored him and sat up straighter on his horse. "As lord of this land, i have come to claim the right of Prima Nocte, by taking this bride and bedding her on this night."