"As lord of this land, i have come to claim the right of Prima Nocte, by taking this bride and bedding her on this night."

The words rung though Marlenes ears like a pounding drum. She gazed at the lord, he was rather attractive with long black hair and stormy grey eyes and he looked to be the same age as herself. But that didn't matter,he was a monster. Her father hadn't moved a muscle. "I'm sorry M'lord but unless you have secretly married my daughter then i cannot allow you to bed her. That is the duty of her husband." He spat,eyes never leaving the young lord, but as soon as he said that,English soldiers on the ground had grabbed her father and one held a knife to his throat. Other soldiers on the ground started rushing to grab Freya,pulling her out of the arms of her husband. "What makes you think you have a right?" Shouted Marcus "It is against the word of God."

"It is my right as a noble man" He replied "Wait..." Lord Sirius Black called,holding up a hand. "Allow the bride to say goodbye first..."

Marlene raised an eyebrow at that, before watching the guards release her sister. Freya slowly walked over to her husband and kissed him softly. "I'll be okay...it will all be okay..." She whispered to him,running a hand tough his brown locks before stepping away.. Marlene watched Robert struggled against the guards who held him whilst her sister was helped onto the back of one of the soldiers horses.

"Freya..." He shouted "Ta gra agam ort". Freya looked over at him and smiled slightly,mouthing the words back to him.

Marlene felt sorry for Robert. He would have to spend his wedding night all alone while her younger sister, his wife, spent it under some English pig. The image of that was enough to make her blood boil, her sister would never get to experience a wedding night, or be carried into the threshold of her new home by her husband, or to have her home and wedding bed blessed by a priest before being giving the alone time that she and her husband would crave.

"You pig my sister should be with her husband" She found herself shouting "You think you can waltz into our country and take away our wedding nights do ya?".

The young lord just looked at her. "Aye it seems I may have taken the wrong sister..." He rode his horse towards Marlene. "Are you married girl?" He barked.
Marlene shook her head "I will never marry...because i cannot bear the thought to spend a night under you my lord. My wedding bed is for that of my husband and him alone" She hissed, her eyes never leaving his.

He sat up taller on his horse and looked around. "Be careful girl...I want no trouble and I will return your sister safely to your family home on the morrow. If any other lord heard you say that they would have slit your throat right here for questioning the Kings orders." He raised his head and looked around at the villagers. "That goes for all of you...next time i may not be so merciful" With that he turned his horse around and galloped off, the rest of his party following him back up the mountain path.

The villagers watched them leave, before some turned away to head back home muttering words of thanks and some cursing the English.A traditional Scottish wedding would go on till late into the night, but what was the point of celebrating if the bride was no longer there?

Marlene stayed by her brothers side as her mother rushed over to comfort her new son, who was staring up the path as if he was hoping that freya would come riding down again.

"Marls what was you thinking?" Alec snapped at her as they turned to walk away back to the farm with Douglas.
"What cannot i express my voice? I maybe a lass but there is no way I'm am going to allow myself to be degraded by some lord" She snapped back, running a hand though her hair. "I hoped that we might have been able to get away with this wedding. that she wouldn't be taken away".
Surprisingly it was Douglas who spoke up next "They always find out...they executed a bride once for having a secret wedding"
Marlene sighed. "I'm never going to get married...I'll just become a nun..." She said quietly. "What do you think will happen to Freya?"
Alec shrugged. "I dunno Marls...i just pray to God that she comes home safe. If he hurts her then i'll kill him with my bare hands. You know I'm so afraid to fall n love now because i do not want to put my wife though that. I mean who does this Longshanks think he is? He has no right to rule Scotland."
Douglas rolled his eyes. "Aye but his the bloody king Alec, he does what he wants."

The trio soon reached their hut on the farm,arriving home before the rest of the family they started a fire and pulled out some bread,sitting around the small table discussing the Scottish throne.

"But i heard that the Bruces are the main contenders for the crown..." Alec replied though a mouthful of bread.
"Never mind that. I want to know why Longshanks granted Prima Nocte. If he thinks us Scotts are savages and dirty filth then why would he want his nobles bedding our women?" Marlene replied before slapping her brothers hand "Oi table manners."
"He thinks we're a different breed...his trying to out bred us. Remember Maggie Wilison? She came back from that lords bed carrying a bastard in her belly. They don't want pure Scots any more."

Marlene sighed and looked out the small window. "I'm going to bed...I wan to be up early to make sure Freya is brought home safe." She put her hands together. "Lord... help Freya get though this night, give her the courage and bravery to do so. Watch over her and allow no harm to come to her." She glanced up and saw that her brothers had done the same as her. "Amen" She muttered. "Amen" "Amen". Marlene then stood up leaning down she kissed her younger brother on the forehead and then lent over the table to kiss Alec on the forehead. "Good Night brothers."