So, it turns out that the more people you add to a sex scene, the longer it tends to get. ;-) Those threesomes were bad enough, but this one is getting so long that I'm splitting it into two chapters. Unlike the others, this story is set after Terminal Diagnosis and features Shepard and Liara having some non-canon fun with the other main couple of that story, Ashley and Samantha. Enjoy!

"So, how do we do this? Is there an standard operating procedure or something?"

Liara took a long look at the woman asking the question. Captain Ashley Williams had grown into her role as a Spectre over the past two years the asari thought, carrying herself with the confidence of a true leader. Right now though, sitting on her couch next to Samantha Traynor, she seemed more uncertain than usual. Not that the archeologist could blame her, considering the topic at hand. "I really do not know," she conceded. "I have never taken part in, I suppose the proper term is an orgy, before either."

"I've done it with three people, but not four," Shepard admitted. "So I guess it's up to you, Sam."

"I still can't believe you've done this before, babe," Ashley told her girlfriend.

"I told you I was a terror back in college," Specialist Traynor smirked, "But I'll admit it's been a while. Don't worry about it though," she assured the other three women, "Four is way easier than three to work with. Lends itself nicely to pairing off, which is where I think we should start. We can worry about more complex combinations later on if we're up for it."

"And I imagine you've got some pairings in mind," Ashley replied with a laugh. Though she outranked her girlfriend in the Alliance, Sam often took the lead in bed, the woman having an endlessly creative –and dirty –mind that the Spectre had come to appreciate very much.

Specialist Traynor tried very hard not to lick her lips at the question. A few months ago, when the friendship between the two couples had started to become flirtatious, she'd never dreamed of getting to do this with Shepard and Liara. Okay, that was a lie: she'd spent a lot of time dreaming about this, but she'd never guessed that those fantasies would turn into reality. Now, as she looked at the three other gorgeous women she got to share, Sam felt like she'd died and gone to lesbian heaven.

"Well," she suggested, giving Ashley a devilish wink, "How about you and Shepard get started, and Liara and I can enjoy watching and maybe warm each other up a bit in the meantime."

Shepard looked over at Liara and her bondmate gave her an approving nod. "Okay, then," the commander agreed with a grin, "Certainly I'm not going to complain." One reassuring kiss to Liara later, she got up from her couch and moved to take Sam's place on the other one as the specialist went to sit next to Liara.

As the commander made herself comfortable, Ashley reached out to place a hand on her knee, sliding it up and down the length of her pleated pants. The uniforms had been one of the brunette's requests, and as she saw the gleam of excitement in Ash's dark eyes, Shepard could tell the gesture was appreciated.

In truth, she was surprised her friends had wanted to do this at all. She understood Liara's comfort with her altered body; asari had very different views on such things compared to most species. Other humans though, she'd worried, would still find it too weird.

When they'd been planning this little party though, Ashley had dismissed her worries with a laugh. "What can I say, skipper," she'd told her, "I always did like a tough marine with a nice, thick cock." Sam had shot her a pouty look at that remark, and she'd added apologetically, "I didn't say it was the only thing I liked."

"What about you?", Shepard had asked the specialist. "I thought you were pretty much entirely into girls."

"I am," Sam had informed her, "But that doesn't mean I can't enjoy one with a dick. After all, Ash and I just bought a very expensive one to use together."

Ashley had blushed at that, but the marine wasn't blushing now, her other hand sweeping back Shepard's red hair so that she could lean over and kiss the commander. There was definite heat there, and when Shepard's arms wrapped around her friend's body, she appreciated the toned muscles she found there. She'd always found her fellow Spectre attractive, and though it was Liara that she'd pursued a relationship with, Liara that she loved, that didn't mean she wasn't looking forward to trying out something quite different.

As Shepard and Ashley started to make out, Liara reached across the sofa and took Sam's hand in her own. It was pleasantly soft, and as they watched the two Spectres kissing, she caressed it with her thumb, exploring its contours. Unlike the other three women, she'd never been with anyone but Shepard, and though she couldn't imagine wanting another bondmate, when it came to sex, she was definitely curious to learn more. And, she reflected, who better to undertake that study with than friends she cared for and trusted?

Sam responded to her touch, leaning over onto the asari's shoulder, and Liara reached up to run her hand through the specialist's short, dark hair. The dark-skinned human purred happily, but neither of them were quite ready to take things further yet. Not when there were such delightful things to watch first.

Shepard had opened up Ashley's uniform shirt, and bending the marine back down on the couch, she started to lavish kisses on her taut stomach. The commander deftly dispensed with the other Spectre's bra as well, and when her attentions moved to her full breasts, Ashley let out a groan. Against her stomach, she could already feel Shepard growing stiffer, and even as the commander kept sucking on her breasts, she mustered the self-control to undo the buttons of Shepard's uniform shirt. She left the garment on though, instead slipping Shepard's plain black bra off from underneath it. Ashley had gotten a kinky little thrill out of fucking Sam while the specialist was still in uniform, but this, being taken by her old CO in her Alliance blues, was an even more deliciously taboo thought.

With her mouth continuing to explore Ashley's breasts, Shepard slid her hand down between the marine's legs, stroking her sex through the layers of cloth. Her partner responded nicely, biting her lip as she tried to choke back a gasp, and Shepard unfastened Ash's pants so she could get better access. The marine had a small strip of black hair above her pussy, and as Shepard ran her hand through it, Ashley spread herself, eager for more of the red-head's touch.

"Fuck," Ashley panted as the commander's fingers found her clit, running up and down its swollen length. As skillful as her girlfriend was, Shepard seemed to be her match, her strokes firm and constant even as she resumed kissing her breasts. Reaching up, Ashley unbuttoned the older Spectre's pants. The outline of her erection was now clearly visible against her black boxers, and Ashley reached inside them, grasping the heavy length in her hand.

Shepard groaned at the warm pressure, and Ashley asked seductively, "Does that feel good, skipper? You want to get this inside of me? Feel me squeeze you until you pop?"

"What do you think, marine?", Shepard growled and with a series of swift motions, she yanked Ashley's pants and her own boxers the rest of the way off. The marine responded by running her hand up and down the length of her lover's cock, spreading the wetness gathering on the top of the head all around it. She'd wanted to make sure Shepard was ready to fuck her, but since that didn't seem to be an issue, she decided to get to the main event, guiding her commander towards her waiting entrance.

The other Spectre took hold of Ashley's hips, gasping softly as the tip of her cock slid into the wet pussy spread out for her. With Liara, she would have gone more slowly, but she suspected that her fellow soldier preferred it hard and fast, a suspicion that was validated when Ashley took hold of her firm buttocks and pulled her all the way inside in a single, long stroke. The warmth of her channel enveloped Shepard, and as she started to thrust, she kissed her lover hard, a fierce gesture of affection that confirmed the tenor of their fucking.

As Shepard pounded into her girlfriend, Sam could feel her body flushing with desire. One powerful Spectre was hot enough but two of them together was simply electric. One of her hands squeezed Liara's shoulder while her other was drifting under her shirt, massaging her own breast.

Sitting next to her, Liara smiled with vicarious pride. She loved her bondmate's strength and watching the effect it had on Sam was definitely arousing for her as well. As the specialist rubbed herself, Liara unfastened her uniform pants, sliding her hand inside them but not going below her waist. "I take it you are enjoying the show," she purred, leaning over so that her small tongue could run along the human's ear while she spoke.

"Definitely," Sam gasped even as her attention was suddenly yanked back to the archeologist.

"I see," the asari continued, "And would you, perhaps, like some relief while you're watching it." She let her fingertips drift just a little bit lower. Sam was completely shaved and Liara was easily able to glide over her pussy lips without touching her clit.

Samantha swallowed hard, managing to stammer out, "Oh hell, yes."

The archeologist got down off the couch and knelt between Sam's legs, pulling her slacks and silky black panties off together. She knew this position was normally regarded as submissive, but right then, Liara felt anything but, relishing the power she held over the desperate human. Her hot breath covered the specialist's sex and she let her words build the anticipation between them. "And what, precisely, would you like me to do?", she asked, one finger sliding along her partner's inner thigh without touching anything that Sam really needed touched.

"Eat me," she pleaded. "I wanna feel your tongue on me so badly." In front of her, Shepard had flipped Ashley onto her back, grasping her hips and fucking her even more vigorously, and as her girlfriend moaned with raw lust, Sam was desperate for any stimulation of her own. Liara wasn't starting yet though, and the specialist decided to beg. "Please, Liara," she whimpered, "I'll do anything, just please..."

"Since you asked so nicely…" Bending down, the archeologist ran her tongue up Sam's thigh. The human's musky flavor was already coating her skin and Liara enjoyed sampling it as she made her way to her pussy. She dipped inside for a second and Sam let out a little strangled sound as the asari entered her.

"My clit, please," the specialist implored her, spreading herself with her hand to give Liara a better view of her swollen bud. The asari withdrew her tongue, moving it up and pulling the head of her clitoris between her dark lips. Sam shuddered with pleasure, her thighs tightening around Liara's head even as her eyes stayed fixed on the show in front of her.

From their new position, Shepard was able to fuck even deeper into Ashley while enjoying an excellent view of the marine's fantastic ass, and with each stroke, she could feel herself moving closer to the edge. She didn't want to be selfish though, and she held back as best she could, focusing on bringing Ashley pleasure first.

"Fuck yes, ma'am," the marine urged her, her channel tightening as Shepard's cock kept hitting all the right spots. "Take me hard," she pleaded, "Take me…"

Her words turned into an incoherent cry as Shepard made a particularly powerful thrust deep inside her, her stroke pushing Ashley forcefully over the edge. The marine's pussy spasmed around her old commander, and as her body shook in Shepard's strong grasp, the cock inside her began to pulse. Shepard let the first few shots fill up her lover's sex, but even though standard-issue Alliance birth control meant that pregnancy wasn't an issue, she wanted to give the other two women a bit of a show. With a groan, she pulled out, stroking her sensitive cock as more spurts of her thick release made a sticky mess of Ashley, covering her firm ass and lower back.

Watching Shepard coming all over her girlfriend, Sam began to lose control as well. Her hands gripped Liara's sensitive crest and her hips started squeezing around the asari. Liara was relentless, only sucking harder on her clit in response, and when two of her slim fingers pushed into Sam's pussy, the human went rigid, her back arching as the most adorable yelps of pleasure spilled past her lips.

Samantha slumped exhausted into the sofa cushions and Liara stood up, giving the human a gentle kiss along with a taste of her own fluids. Between her legs, the archeologist's own, untouched azure was pulsing with need, but she still felt a certain satisfaction at the sight of the panting specialist. Over on the other couch, Shepard had pulled Ashley's body to her for a brief embrace, but she now turned back to her bondmate.

"How're you doing there, sweetheart?", she asked, concerned that Liara was the only one of them who hadn't come yet.

The asari licked her lips clean of what was left of Sam's release. "I am certainly enjoying myself," she say coyly, "But I believe that I could use some more attention."

"She earned it," Samantha mumbled from the couch, her palm cupping her own tingling sex.

"Why don't you give her a hand?", Shepard told her erstwhile partner, deciding it was time for them to switch.

"Mm, you'll like that," Sam agreed, "She already knew how to fuck when we met, but I'm the one who taught her how to eat pussy."

Ashley grinned at Liara. "And a fine job she did of it, too."

"Show me." Slowly and deliberately, Liara began to unfasten her long white coat, tossing it to the floor before moving on to her other garments. As inch after inch of her lovely blue skin was revealed, she could feel every eye in the room moving to her. Once, she had been nervous about the prospect of being seen naked by one human and the thought of three of them gazing at her like this would have been mortifying.

Not anymore. She had taught Shepard to accept her new body, but the Spectre had given her a similar lesson two years earlier. Her bondmate had showed her that there nothing wrong with being desired and as she peeled off her lacy, white panties to reveal an azure glistening with her arousal, she found she enjoyed the hunger she was inspiring in everyone watching her.

Unable to resist the sight of her naked bondmate, Shepard pulled her into her arms for a lingering kiss. At the feel of Liara's smooth skin against her, she felt her cock stiffening once more, and she started running her hands over the asari's beautiful body, caressing her spine and cupping her soft ass cheeks. "You feel so good," she whispered, planting a nipping kiss along her neck that made Liara's knees weak go.

Still, the archeologist forced herself to demur, purring back, "Patience, love. Ashley had something to show me, and besides, I think Sam would like some of your care right now."

Trailing a teasing finger along the asari's nipple, Shepard willingly slid out of her arms. She knew that she and Liara would have their time before the night was done and so she went to join Sam on the sofa, allowing Ashley to take her place for now.

As Liara's soft lips met her own, Ashley could hardly believe how far the two of them had come. Once, long ago, she'd been suspicious of the asari. She hadn't been sure of her loyalties and had worried about the idea of the first human Spectre dating an alien. While that had been plain stupid, it had also stopped her from paying attention to just how pretty the archeologist was. Her soft curves, her coy smile, her bright blue eyes: Ashley could definitely see what her commandeer fell for, and as she started running her hands over the smooth skin that was offered to her, she was excited to get a taste for herself.

Liara gave Ashley another kiss before leading her to the couch, laying down so that the Spectre could more easily crawl between her legs even while Shepard turned her attentions to Sam. The specialist had recovered from her post-orgasmic haze, and before the commander could sit down on the couch, Sam reached out and grabbed her slick cock, the rigid organ still covered in a mixture of the two Spectre's fluids.

Sam ran her hand over the shaft, and when Shepard gasped approvingly, the specialist purred, "I think I'll try a taste of that if you don't mind." Bending down, she guided the slippery organ between her dark lips, enjoying the mixture of flavors she found coating it, Ashley's familiar, delicious taste and Shepard's more exotic fluids mixing in her mouth.

As the specialist took her cock deep into her mouth, Shepard groaned with pleasure but through her lust, a question occurred to her. "How did a girl like you get so good at that?", she asked.

The specialist pulled off of her to answer. "I had a girlfriend or two who really liked to role-play with their strap-ons." Shepard nodded even as Sam released her hold on her shaft. "Right now, though," the specialist added, "I think I'm interested in putting that thing somewhere else besides my mouth."

"I think I can accommodate that request, specialist." After pulling off what was left of their shirts, Shepard lifted her lover onto her lap, facing her in the other direction so that they could both enjoy the action on the other sofa even while they fucked.

From her reclining position, Liara had an excellent view when Shepard began sliding her cock along the back of Sam's ass, her other hand playing with the specialist's breasts as she did. As enticing a sight as that was though, it was hard for Liara to focus on it when Ashley was making her way steadily upwards, her strong hands massaging the asari's scaled skin even as her mouth closed in on her azure. Liara hadn't been joking about needing the attention and as a tongue flicked out to caress her swollen inner scales, the archeologist let out a sharp sigh.

Liara tasted delicious, Ashley thought. She had definitely learned to enjoy eating pussy, but that was more of an acquired taste. The asari, though, she took to right away, and as the marine slid her tongue into her azure, she couldn't get enough of the sweet liquid that filled her mouth. Still, though, she knew it would take more than that to get Liara off, and so even as she kept tongue-fucking her old teammate, she brought her thumb up to the asari's surprisingly easy-to-find clit and started rubbing little circles over it.

Her bondmate exhaled as Ashley found her bud, and at that throaty sound, Shepard's patience started failing her. Angling her hips, she slid the head of her cock into the specialist's pussy, grunting as she felt her lover opening up for her. Sam was still nice and wet after her climax, and though she was tight, it only took a few strokes before Shepard was buried comfortably inside her, the specialist moaning, "Jesus, yes," at the penetration.

The commander started slowly, making little thrusts inside Sam as she nibbled on the back of her ear. Her lover's pussy felt so good, and she wanted to savor their time together, particularly with the excellent show she was being treated to in the meantime. Liara's back was arched, her eyes closed as she pressed the marine's head into her crotch, encouraging her to keep licking. Shepard had never seen anyone as beautiful as Liara and the view she had of her right then was both unbearably sexy and one she didn't usually get to enjoy from that particular vantage point. Her cock started to ache with wanting and she began to thrust deeper, enjoying the way that Sam moaned each time she hit new spots inside her.

Liara was clearly close now, and as Ashley shifted her mouth to her clit, she felt the asari's hips pressing against her face. Her own sex was starting to throb again too, the satisfaction of Shepard's fucking being replaced with renewed need, and as she licked the hard little bundle of nerves in her mouth, she slid her hand down between her legs. Before she could stroke herself for very long, though, Liara came undone, her longer-building need too strong to be denied. Her hips lifted up off the couch and she cried out as a fresh flood of her sweet fluids covered Ashley's face.

The Spectre lapped it up eagerly, thrusting her fingers into her own soaked pussy as she did, but before she could get close to another peak, Liara reached down and ran a promissory finger over her lips. "I wouldn't do that," she told the marine. "I'm sure we'll be able to come up with something much better for you soon. Just let me help those two to finish and then we'll take care of you."

Reluctantly stopping for now, Ashley watched with fascination as the asari got up from the couch and walked over to where Shepard was taking her girlfriend. Liara knelt down in front of the two naked humans, and even as Sam's eyes widened, the archeologist's tongue darted out, licking both the front of the specialist's pussy and the shaft that was pounding into it.

At the feeling of Liara's mouth on her length, Shepard began losing control. Sam felt so good already, and the addition of sensation was more than she could stand. Abandoning all restraint, she sped up once again, one hand gripping the specialist's plump breast while the other used her thigh to better control the tempo of their fucking. Her thumb stroked Sam's nipple, and it only took a few more thrusts before Shepard felt her partner begin to buck wildly above her.

The asari's tongue painted a long stroke down the commander's cock, and she followed Sam into climax, more of her fluids pouring into the specialist's pussy with each stroke she made. Her strong hands pulled Sam down onto her, the Spectre burying herself as deeply as she could go even while Liara kept licking the two lovers. In spite of her previous climax, this new stimulation was making the commander's orgasm incredibly intense, and after her cock finally stopped pulsing, she could only collapse, spent, against Sam's back.

Liara stood up, sharing a brief kiss with Samantha before giving a longer one to her commander. Shepard's green eyes were lidded now, and a lazy, happy grin was covering her face. "Goddamn it, you two," she muttered, "That was incredible."

"I am glad," Liara smiled. "However, Ashley and I still haven't gotten as much care as you two, and I was thinking that now we might explore some of those combinations that Samantha mentioned." Liara gave her bondmate a naughty look before adding, "I just hope that you aren't entirely worn out yet."

At Liara's words, Shepard's eyes widened with anticipation and as the Spectre's cock started to stiffen once more inside of her, Sam doubted that exhaustion was going to be a problem just yet.