Shy Moon

A silver lake

Merged with tears

Of sorrow and grief

A gentle moon

Shy against the

Stormy churning of the sea

You tilt your head, look up

At me; I gaze on

Beyond the crevasses

You fail to see

I ask you, do you notice

The tears I'd never leave

I say, look at me

A hollow structure

Bones and wind seep

Through the ages

Of my life that's dyed away

Of the drops I've cried today

Do you see what I see?

A skeleton, dancing to the

Breeze; vacant eyes

The stars that fell

Captured like a

Ringing bell, echo

From before, from the time

Before the grief

Do you see what I see?

And you turn your head

Open your mouth

To speak; but you

Look into the past

You do not look at me

You tell me, my shadow

Does not follow my paws

Yet why would it, when

You cannot see your

Shadow in the dark?

That night with our

Fur kissing the sky

And the star-studded

Lullabies, I could feel

Your heart against my

Own; through my

Crooked, darkened bones

Renewed, a canvas

To carve your name

Home is where we'll come

Again; under a soft blanket

Of leaves, and the moon

Between the withered trees

A challenge for LegendClan. It came out longer than I expected but oh well. Tweak a few words and it could work for anything, really, not Warriors specifically but it was just something abstract. Also, if you want to, join LegendClan if you can. It's a new forum and really in need of active members.