Prologue: The Beginning of the End

Enoshima Junko giggled, looking the profiles of her sixteen classmates. The plan was almost ready to be put into action, and the world would feel the pure, exhilarating despair that she delighted in.

As she glanced at each picture, she envisioned them facing the executions she had specially planned for each of them. Finally, her eyes came to the picture of the only foreigner in Class 78.

Despite her name, Asahi Suzume was English—though no one, not even Suzume herself, was sure just how she had come to be in Japan. The shy girl irked Junko, being—in Junko's opinion—the only one in the class to even come close to Junko's looks.

Sure, Maizono Sayaka, Kirigiri Kyouko, and Ludenburg Celestia were pretty enough, but Suzume had clear skin that was almost the color of porcelain. That, combined with her wide, emerald green eyes and thick, naturally disheveled black curls, gave her an almost exotic appeal that had Junko declaring Suzume as her rival in beauty—unofficially, of course. The girl didn't seem to care for such things…

Junko clutched her Monobear close as her icy blue eyes widened insanely. Oh, how she longed to see the wonderful despair of Asahi Suzume, the Super High-School Level Musician…


Asahi ()—means 'Rising sun', 'morning sun'. (Jap)

Suzume ()—means 'sparrow'. (Jap)

So, her full name means something like 'Rising sun Sparrow' or 'Morning sun Sparrow'. Written fully with kanji, it looks like:


So…should I continue…?

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