Introduction; In the village of Romanage, there is a castle in the middle. It is said the man who lives there is a cursed monster. The villagers moved as far away as they could, to avoid being curse as well. And so it starts.

Chapter 1, In pursuit

"Kanda! Are you coming with us to Romanage?" Lavi asked the annoyed older teen.

"Yes, LenaLee asked me too. She says she's scared because there's a contagious curse there or something." Kanda said waling into the cafeteria.

"Yay! Yuu's coming with us!" Lavi yelled throwing his arms up.

"Don't call me Yuu!" Kanda yelled putting his mugen to Lavi's throat.

"Okay, okay, don't kill me…please" Lavi whispered with his hands up in defense.

"Lavi! Kanda over here!" LenaLee yelled over at them gesturing them to sit.

Lavi and Kanda sat down next to, Allen, LenaLee, Krory, Miranda, and a few finders.

"So, Allen, when are we leaving?" Lavi asked Allen in excitement.

"Umm, tomorrow, I think." Allen said forking spaghetti in his mouth.

"Really!? Tomorrow!? Woohoo!" Lavi yelled fist pumping the air.

"Lavi!Quiet!" LenaLee yelled quietly.

"Oh… Sorry…" Lavi gave a sheepish smile and sat down.

"Anyway, who is coming?" Allen asked LenaLee, since she was kind of like a manager.

"Umm, You, Me, Lavi, and Kanda. Yeah, I think that's all." LenaLee listed.

"What? I thought more people were supposed to be coming. How many finders?" Allen asked.

"Some people caught the flu and can't go, we were supposed to have 2 finders escort us so we could move in 2 groups, but one came down with the flu and all the rest are out somewhere." LenaLee stated.

"Oh, that's too bad." Allen said, feeling a bit uncomfortable with only having a small group in such a big and supposedly dangerous place, I mean, there's a contagious curse!

"Don't worry! We can handle 'em!" Lavi said putting his fist up.

Everyone laughed.

"Hey! I was being serious! What's so funny?!" Lavi yelled pouting.

"We're sorry Lavi, we just, you just cheered us up unexpectedly, that's all." Allen said in between chuckles. At this point, Lavi was laughing too. But make no mistake, Kanda wasn't laughing, (shocker).

They all finished in the dining hall, and Kanda and Lavi went to their rooms, and LenaLee and Allen also went to theirs.

"Allen," LenaLee stopped.

"Yeah?" Allen asked confused.

"You don't think the curse actually exists do you?" LenaLee asked.

"Lena, if Akuma and innocence are real, I wouldn't put curses down for the count. Don't worry it'll be fine." Allen reassured, grabbing onto LenaLee's hand, LenaLee and Allen had been dating for about a year now, so, only Allen can call her Lena.

"Thanks, I'm going to go to my room now." LenaLee said placing a kiss upon Allen's cheek.

"Okay goodnight, love you." Allen replied.

"Love you too, night." LenaLee Said walking away.

Allen went sleep thinking about the kind of person who could be cursed. 'Cursed…' Allen thought reaching up to touch his eye. He knew how it felt to be rejected by society because he was cursed. He had also been called a cursed monster because of his arm, even if they didn't know about hiss eye. Truly, Allen felt really bad for the poor guy. He couldn't be too bad. He's probably just an old man who doesn't like kids pranking him and they started to call him cursed or something. 'But what if he is actually a cursed monster… what if he's an akuma!?' thought, by thinking this, he brought panic to himself. What if he was putting himself and his friends, his girlfriend, at risk by dragging them into an akuma's lair? Allen hate the thought, and went to sleep anticipating tomorrow

Tomorrow came sooner than any of them were ready for, besides Lavi, and maybe Kanda, but Kanda let no one see emotion, so they didn't know.

"Allen! Hey! Today's the day huh!?" Lavi yelled across the room waving at a very fatigued Allen.

"Lavi… too loud, shut up." Allen said, Lavi made a mental note to never ever wake Allen up, as Allen turned his arm into a gun and pointed it at Lavi.

"Okay, I'll shut up, just put that thing away will ya'?" Lavi asked, Allen turned his arm back without another word.

"Hey… Allen? Are we really needed there so quickly they have to call us in at 3 in the morning?" LenaLee asked rubbing her eyes.

"Yeah… it's a few hours away though, it will be around 9 in the morning when we get there so, just hang in there." Allen lectured putting his arm around LenaLee.

"Okay…" LenaLee responded snuggling into Allen.

"Hey! Can we get going now?" Kanda yelled obviously annoyed that they hadn't gotten moving yet.

"Kanda, please be patient, we can't make a train magically appear because we want it too." Allen said slightly annoyed.

"Fine, but do not, I repeat do not take that tone with me bean sprout!" Kanda said firing up his mugen.

"You wanna fight?" Allen spouted turning his arm into a gun again.

"LenaLee, please remind me to never piss Allen off when he's tired." Lavi said taking a step behind LenaLee.

"Sure." LenaLee replied with a smile.

Meanwhile, Kanda and Allen were literally trying to kill each other. Allen was shooting his gun at full blast and Kandda was dodging them all while pulling off attack with his mugen, again, Allen just moved so he wouldn't get hit and continued shooting nonstop.

"Alright both of you stop! You might need your energy when we get there, and it would be useless if you waste all here over a little scwable!" LenaLee Said pointing her finger at them. They both stopped and put their weapons away, still glaring at one another.

They all heard a loud sound.

"It's the train, yay! Finally!" Allen said immediately perking up. Kanda stayed the same, of course…

they all boarded the train, and took their first-class seats.

"So, where are we gonna stay when we get there?" Allen asked LenaLee.

"I don't know, we are supposed to only be there for a day, and get on a train before complete nightfall, we shouldn't need to stay anywhere." LenaLee said.

"Oh, I thought we were going on a trace of innocence. That normally takes a bit longer than 24 hours, how are we going to make in less than 12?" Allen asked.

"It's because they think the curse is from innocence, that castle, the one the cursed man lives in, it's supposed to be where it is. And it's not supposed to be hard to find either, therefore, easy and quick trip." Lavi added with a smile.

"Somehow, we always say that, then, it ends up being the exact opposite of a quick easy trip." Allen said with a grunt.

"Well, aren't we grumpy now." Lavi said teasingly to Allen.

"Lavi, do you want to die a long, painful death?" Allen asked with his eyes closed. Lavi quickly shook his head. "Then do me a favor, let me get some sleep, and shut the hell up." Allen added.

"Yes sir…"

They really make a good pair, LenaLee and Allen, Lavi thought. They both get extremely grumpy without enough sleep, and in Allen's case, without enough food.

They all dozed off, until the conducter said "Romanage!"

I don't know if that counted as a cliff hanger, but I didn't want to give too much in just one chapter, the next chapter will be soon, promise!

btw norowa reta ichi is japanese for the curse one. which is the title of this story