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The Crazy Bitch meets The Queen of Gossip! Hope you enjoy, in some screwed up way(!)…

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Penny´s POV:

Someone knocked at her door. She wondered who the person was, but since she hadn´t invited anyone (not that they would come), she bet it was one of her "clients". And when she shouted: "What!" one of her "clients" bounced into her temporary home.

If the popping didn´t reveal who it was, the body-attitude did. Taylor was standing there like she was too god to be there. This was a side of herself that Taylor didn´t show to many people. Or, the side she didn´t show to Sam.

Taylor bounced over to the coffee-table and threw something down on it. One cacao- and one sugar-bag. The new money. On one used bertos as currently anymore, they used food or water. But Taylor had been on the island, and now she could bounce to it any time she wanted. A good way to get something to pay with. Sugar was worth more than gold in the FAYZ.

"Come back for more, eh?" she said (not a question) to Taylor. Taylor rolled her eyes in response. "No, I came here to talk to you!" Then she mumbled: "Crazy bitch." Penny looked her straight in the eyes.

She reminded her to much of Diana in that moment, with the sarcasm an the bitchy attitude. She still hated Diana, the thing that she had Caine wrapped around her little finger did still bug her, but not because she was in love with him, it was because control over the oh so loved King meant power. She wanted power, and would get it.

Taylor started screaming, a sound that pleased Penny. "Stop it!" she screamed, and after a few seconds, Taylor´s body stopped burning. "What the fuck, Penny?!" Penny glanced at her. "You reminded me to much of Diana," she answered casually. A few calming breaths later Taylor managed to say, with low bitterness: "Whatever. Now, how much for the cacao and sugar?"

Penny pretended she was in deep thought. "Two hours." Taylor looked at her. "No way, this is worth at least three!" Penny raised her hand threatening, but Taylor didn´t give inn. "Two," she said. Taylor shook her head.





Taylor growled "Two and a half." Penny smiled. Taylor fell to the floor screaming in pain, worms crawling inside her, eating her from the inside. Before she manage to press out a little beg, Penny stopped. "Okay, two and a half. Would you like to take it all at one night or spread it out on many?" Penny asked in a sweet voice.

"I´ll take it in two evenings." The words can´t be with a psycho like you for too long, hung in the air. Penny didn´t mind trough, she knew what she was.

She stretched her hand out towards Taylor, but instead of falling to the floor screaming in pain, she smiled.

Taylor´s POV:

The bitchy witch, better known as Penny, suddenly disappeared, and in her place, Sam.

Sam Temple has the most. Even though he had starved (like so many other kids) he still looked good. He had rests of mulches on his arms and legs, his hair was long, but he kept it out of his eyes. His eyes were as blue as the ocean he loved.

He also has the personality. He is kind, heroic and not a cheater (he was drunk when they kissed, but she liked to think that he really liked her ant that the only reason he was with ASStrid/is waiting for her, is because he feels like he has to).

She took one of those timers that her mother had used to keep the time when she was cooking, and set it on one hour and fifteen minutes. She then slowly walked over to Sam (did all in her might to not think of Penny), trying to set the mood. She laid a hand on his shoulder, and leaned inn for a kiss.

She felt sparks as their lips connected. This was just as she had fantasized about, just like the other times, and just totally worth the torture.

As the kiss became more heated and they settled down on the sofa, Penny started losing her concentration. In one second Taylor was kissing Sam, in the next Penny, the Sam again, then Penny. Sam. Penny. Sam. Penny, and it was really irritating her!

She pulled back. "Concentrate! I didn´t give up the island to sit here and kiss you!" Her voice cracked. Penny rolled her eyes. Then they bought leaned in at the same moment. Bought stopped, and they were looking into each other's eyes. Penny was Penny, and not Sam at the moment, so the blush she had was real. Taylor also blushed.

Surprisingly enough, it was Penny who connected their lips. Taylor kissed back, and her eyes started closing. And it was Penny´s face she saw, Penny´s body she felt and Penny´s lips that tasted so sweet.

None of them cared when the timer went off, but if anyone asks, they will deny what they did.

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