This can't be true

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Drake's POV:

What had just happened wasn't something new, it happened every week, often more than once. Drake smiled at the thought of what he had done. It couldn't be described as pure art, but it was beautiful.

The wide, eyes slowly darting around out of Drake's looking. The whole body trembling and tears forming in the corner of both eyes. The feeling the sand-blonde got from all of it. It was much better than watching 'Saw' in 4D, because this was so much more personal.

The known shark-grin stretched itself out on the boy's face. Andrew had never seen it coming. Stupid of him to think he could get away with as much as a little insult behind Drake's back.

If only he got to finish, but of course the stupid teachers had to control the fucking corridors to make sure nobody were shirking class. If it wasn't for the stupid math teacher; Levis, Drake would have gotten away. Andrew wouldn't have dared to tell anyone.

But that was beyond the point, the point was that Drake was going to finish what he started, right after principal Grace was done (trying) talking some sense to him, as they put it.

When he was dragged inside to her office and put in front of the old woman he didn't drop the grin.

"Take a seat Mr. Merwin." "I would rather stand," was the answer. She gave him a skeptical (but at least a little fearful) look. "Okay, your choice." A pause. "So, why are you here, Mr. Merwin?"

"I don't know, -the usual?" Her eyes went from his eyes to his mouth. The whole school knew what the usual were. "Do you find this something to be smiling of?" Drake leaned a little forward, his hands landing on the table in front of them both.

"Well, actually, yes, Grace." He spit her name like venom, and some of it landed on her and her glasses. "I find it quite entertaining." Grace took of her glasses and wept the saliva off. "But then I have to disappoint you, because violence is against the school rules, and I know that you know this very well..."

Drake lost more interest and his eyes wandered to some of the pictures of Coates. It started out at a black-white picture taken from the front, then it moved up to Coates taken a few years ago.

If Drake could block out voices, he would. It would have been a great ability, especially when Ladris came with her comments that he couldn't stand! Drake didn't understand how Caine could listen to her more than three seconds without wanting to punch her face until it was a bloody mess.

But since he couldn't block out voices, he was honestly shocked that Grace's irritating, authority-full voice didn't come. He turned his head back and was met with an empty chair. She was gone. Drake knew she hadn't walked out, but what other possibilities were there?

He shook his head as he turned around and walked out. The old lady behind the desk -that could easily be mistaken with the librarian- was gone too. He went the whole way out and started automatically to walk towards the boys dormitories.

He passed through the hallways, past doors leading into classrooms and took a right. He had been there for so long those two years that he knew the way from the principal to his shared room. It was right, right, left, right, down, left, then the sixth door on the left side.

He continued but came to a halt when the stairs weren't there. It wasn't like the stairs were missing and there was a danger for falling one flood down, no, the stairs were gone. Where the stair had used to be, there now was a straight hallway and room number 157.

Drake turned around and went the same way back. He paid attention to where he was walking and which rooms he walked by. He was back to the starting point, but instead of Information and principal, it stood 157.

Impossible. His twelve year old mind knew that, he also knew that Grace's disappearing was impossible and wondered why the other students hadn't left class for lunch yet, but stopped thinking about all of that as he turned around and walked in the opposite direction of the one he came from.

A few minutes later he ended up walking up a set of stairs. He continued, past the clock on the wall that was showing the time. It was the wrong time; 4.10. Must have stopped, he thought at he came to a stop, again.

"No fucking way!" he said out loud. He turned around again. "Is this some kind of joke?!" he screamed down the corridor. "Andrew?! I swear whoever you are, I'm gonna find you and cut your eyeballs out!"

Drake knew it was risky to scream threats out loud in case of a grown up hearing, but he didn't care. Someone had obviously glued over the numbers on doors to confuse him. He turned again and was about to stomp away from room number 157 (for the third time!) when he walked straight into another boy.

Drake stumbled back. "Hello Drake," Caine said. Drake pulled himself upright into his normal position. "What do you want, Caine?" The dark haired didn't respond. Drake was about to interrupt the silence when Caine talked again.

"The corridors are changing." "What?" Caine looked him in his eyes. "They are changing. Turning and twisting when you don't look." Drake raised an eyebrow in a manner much like Caine's.

Drake started wondering what was happening. Strange enough he hadn't thought that much about Grace, like a person disappearing was something normal, but Caine was acting, well, un-Caine-ish.

"Everyone is gone. Every, single one of them." "What do you mean?" he asked. Caine stepped closer. Drake did nothing. One more step. They were closer than they ever had been before, or, just that one time when they had fought in the classroom.

Drake remembered how the teacher had tried to drag them from each other.

"Mr. Soren! Mr. Merwin! Stop fighting right now!" None of the two boys listened as they continued rolling on the floor, trying to hit the other. They also grunted and tried to stare the other into submission. Some other grown up would soon be there but for now Miller couldn't do anything.

Drake almost laughed at her pathetic appearance. She couldn't even stop two kids (were the youngest one almost reached the age twelve) from fighting!

Drake reacted fastest and stranded the other boy. Caine looked up at him before he closed his eyes and used a few seconds to catch his breath. Drake stared at him, trying to see what Caine would do next, but his eyes stopped at Caine's face.

Even as such a young boy Caine was unbelievably attractive. He had defined mushes and high cheek-bones. The other boy also had a flat stomach and brown, soft hair that was longer than on a normal boy.

But then again, Caine was far from a normal boy. Drake had been so caught up that he was overwhelmed when Caine used his strength to roll over. He pulled his hand back – and then two of the 'security' guards took a firm hold on each of their arms.

They looked the other in the eyes while they were dragged to their feet, and both smirked. "You two! Detention for the whole month!"

The smirks stayed.

"Everyone is gone. The teachers, the guards, the nurse, the kids, Diana…" Drake couldn't help but feel happy. It was a feeling he wasn't used to, but he felt really pleased with Diana gone, and, and… Caine was still there.

Caine took one, last step closer. Drakes breath started to go faster. Their faces were just centimeters apart. "It's just you and me," Caine whispered against Drakes lips. His hot breath travelled over Drakes face and a shiver travelled down his spine.

His eyes snapped open and Drake sat up in bed.

The dorm was closed and the only sound was Caine's, and Drake's own unsteady breath.

Fifth. This was the fifth time he had had this dream, and it wouldn't go away! It was driving Drake crazy! The dream always stopped right there. In that exact moment; never before, never later.

He turned his head to look at his room-mate. Caine was laying with his back towards him, and the only way someone could see that he was alive was by the steady rise and fall of his side.

He had to make the dreams (both on night and day) stop. It was destroying his concentration and stopping him from focusing on revenge. It also meant that he had a weak point, he could not have that!

Besides, it wasn't possible. It wasn't right. It wasn't true.

It couldn't.


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