The Citadel was busy as a man in Alliance blues walked to the human embassy. Walking by the other races as he walked along. Humanity had not spent a lot of time on the galactic stage but they adapted quite well even after the First contact war. The war gave the galaxy quite the impression on the other races as they stood up to the most powerful military in the galaxy. Most races wouldn't stand up to the Turrians for long but they did and few races thought that they might have won.

He walked into the embassy and headed directly to the ambassador's office. Outside he heard voices arguing, he shook his head and entered. Ambassador Udina and Captain Anderson stopped talking and turned to face the aged man who just entered.

"Ambassador, Captain." he greeted.

"Admiral Hackett , good to see you again." Anderson greeted.

"Lets get this over with." the Ambassador moaned taking a seat.

"I have a few recommendations." Hackett said handing a set of files to the Ambassador.

Udina took the first one and looked inside.

"Interesting, sergeant Lena Jones, 28 years of age engineer." Udina read aloud. "She sounds good."

"I highly don't recommend her, there was an incident on her latest mission where her entire team was killed. She's currently in psychiatric care." Anderson said.

"Yeah I wouldn't recommend her either but one of the admiral's I know had her in a large operation and managed to repair a ship in no time." Hackett said.

Udina just shook his head place the files aside and picked up another one.

"Kai Lang..." he tied to say the rest but Anderson ripped the file from his hand before waving it in Hacketts face.

"What are you doing with this criminal Steven?" Anderson practically screamed.

Hackett took the file from Anderson and looked inside with wide eyes.

"I.. I don't understand... this is all wrong." Steven said looking down the file.

Anderson looked down the file with Hackett also wide eyed.

"I'll have it investigated." he said.

"What's wrong?" Udina asked in an annoyed tone.

"Kai Lang was stripped of his rank and privileges after he committed some... non human crimes." Anderson said.

"Very well." The Ambassador said in a less then angry tone as he picked up the next one and read it.

Name: Kira Jane Shepard

Age: 27 ESY (Earth standard years)

Rank: Commander

Planet of birth: Amazonia

"We'll what about Kira? She grew up in the colonies."

Anderson walked over to Udina and looked over his shoulder at the file. He smiled as he saw the familiar face.

"Shepard is a decorated and seasoned soldier she grew up on Amazonia." Hackett said making Udina look up at him.

"That's the planet where 75% of the population are female right?"

"Yeah she grew up their why?"

"Say's here she's a futa...futaaa..."

"Futanari?" Hackett said. "Yes is a common thing on that world the environment has some kind of chem that gives pregnancy's 50% chance that the a female in the womb with develop male and female genitalia. It also affects their hair turning it a silvery white."

"Yes yes very interesting but her name, Shepard, she's not by any chance related to Capitan Hannah Shepard." Udina said in a fearful tone.

"Interestingly Kira is Hannah's daughter." Anderson

Udina's face paled in fear. He knew of the Capitan Shepard, every one knew her due to the fact she mostly recruited people from Amazonia and that she constantly hunts down slavers and her love of women. But one of the most common facts about her is that she's part of leader Clan on Amazonia.

Amazonia interestingly isn't officially part of the Alliance. This was due to when the planet was first colonised by humans the ship they where travelling on disappeared through a wormhole causing the alliance didn't find it until after the First contact war. By which point thee entire colony was reduced to a techno trial state filled with Amazon warriors with around 200 years of history. But most importantly was that no races found the human colonised planet until the Alliance rediscovered it.

By the time they did the society colonised two more worlds in system. But what shocked the Alliance was the punishment of criminals. Since there where no bovine's on world many of the criminals of the different tribes where milked for sperm and milk. The alliance was disgusted but understood that it was the only way. In fact due to the fine soldiers Amazonia produced they made an agreement with the leading clans.

The agreement was hat they only punished their own criminals in their own way while all non Amazonian criminals where sent to the Alliance as well as soldiers. In exchange the alliance ignored the tribal style of the culture.

Udina sighed. "I guess we have no choice. Well she did prove herself on Elysium."

"I've seen her combat prowess for myself." Anderson said. "She is not merciful and a damn good soldier you won't find anyone more qualified for the task. Well at least inside the law."

"I'll make the call."

OOOOO 2 years and a few months later.

Alarms rang through the station as a lone dark skinned woman lay on an operating table unconscious. Her hair was a short white while her lips where a light blue that fit her skin tone. Her muscles large to show her natural strength. If standing she would be 6,5 , a natural Amazon. A blast shook her making her stir.

"Shepard, wake up!" a voice screeched over the rooms speaker. It was the same one she heard the first time he woke up. Miranda. "I need you to wake up! This facility is under attack!"

Kira's eyes slowly opened. Pain shot through her body. She sat up and felt pain jolt in her rib. Shepard grabbed the area where it stung before readjusting her jaw. She could feel scars on her face that haven't healed over. She could see the urgency as there were gunfights happening all around him.

"Your scars haven't healed yet, Shepard. You need to grab your armour and weapon from the locker next to you."

She jumped of and pulled open the locker. Inside was the standard Onyx armour with the arms gone and a larger left shoulder pad. Inside was also a standard pistol. He put the armour on as fast as he could. Shepard forgo putting the helmet on. Despite its HUD system, he still felt it was too restrictive. He needed to show his face when talking to people. Shepard didn't want to go speak to them using a mouth of a helmet.

She examined the pistol and realized, "You gave me a pistol without a thermal clip." Kira yelled.

"It's a med bay-" It looked like the woman was viewing the room remotely because she noticed the gas canisters that were on fire. "Shit! Get to some cover!"

Shepard duck down behind the operating table and heard the tanks explode. She looked back and saw the explosion created a large hole in the doors.

"Ok Just try and find a thermal clip."

Luckily there happened to be a thermal clip on the other side of the hole. Shepard picked it up and loaded it into his pistol. She entered the next room and saw a barricade which she jumped over quickly. Almost immediately pistol shots landed near her. Looking to the stairs she saw two mechs firing at her. She didn't hesitate and shot at them directly in their head causing it to explode.

"Shepard, mechs are closing in on your position! Don't take any chances. Get to some cover."

Shepard moved forward, seeing the battle go on around the station. She entered a room and found herself on an overlook. There was a grenade launcher and a dead body there. She picked it up and smiled on the hearty weapon.

"Here come the mechs!" Miranda notified her. "Use that grenade launcher against them."

"Obviously..." Kira moaned as a door opened with a few mechs firing at her.

The rounds impacted her shield as she fired a grenade.

"Ok let me get something stragte, keep telling me what to do and you'll meet my heel." She walked onto the elevator. "But the help I require is which way to go."

Miranda let out a small chuckle. "Very well. I apologize. You are heading the right away. And- Damn it I got mechs closing in on me!" The radio went quiet.

Shepard groaned doubled time it until he discovered a battle under way. A soldier was taking cover, firing at some mechs. Shepard fired the pistol in hand and a round took the head of one of the mechs. She slid into cover next to the guy.

"Shepard?" he gasped. "What are you doing here? I thought you were a work in progress."

"I just woke up," she replied. "You probably have a better grasp on the situation than I do."

"Right, sorry about that," he apologized. "I'm Jacob Taylor. I've been stationed here-"

A round skid across his cover barely missing him.

"Damn it!" he cursed. Jacob jumped out of cover and blew the head off of one of the mechs with his pistol. "Things must be worst off if Miranda has you running around. I'll fill you in, but first we should get you to the shuttle."

"It's your station, I'll follow you."

"First step—let's finish off these metal bastards. I'm a biotic, so just tell me when you want me to hit them with the good stuff."

"Right." she said before popping up and double tapping on a mech as Jacob threw a warp making the rest of the mechs lose their gravity alloeing the two to finish them off.

"Damn, Shepard... Remind me not to piss you off." Jacob holstered his pistol. "You ready to get the hell off of this station?"

"What's the quickest way to those shuttles?"

"Depends where the mechs are thickest. It's probably bets if we-"

A voice over the radio interrupted him. "Check. Check. Anyone on this frequency? Anybody still out there? Hello?"

"Wilson?" Jacob answered. "This is Jacob. I'm here with Commander Shepard. Just took out a wave of mechs in D wing."

"Shepard's awake? Good, good. You need to get her the hell out of there. Get to the service tunnels and head for the network control room."

"Roger that, Wilson. Stay on this frequency."

"Let's get out of here," Shepard said.

"Right. The service tunnel is right through this door."

They went through the door and found the room filled with mechs.

"Sonofa!" Jacob cursed as the two shot the mechs before them. "Wilson this room is crawling with mechs!"

"The whole station is crawling with mechs!" he yelled back. "I'm doing the best I can."

"Find us another route. Preferably one without mechs."

"Oh god they found me!" Wilson yelled over the comm. "Help!"

"Wilson, where are you?" Jacob asked while Shepard and he exited the room.

"Server room B. Hurry! They're out of control!"

Jacob and Shepard doubled timed it up the stairs. Server room B was right at the top of the stairs. Wilson was sitting up against a crate.

"Jacob! Shepard! Down here! Bastards got me in the leg."

"Hold on, I'll get you some medi-gel," Kira said as she walked over to the medical locker. He took out several vials of medi-gel. Shepard went to Wilson and applied some medi-gel to his gun wound.

"Thanks, Shepard," he said as he got to his feet. "I guess that makes us even. I was trying to see if I could deactivate the security mechs from here when the mech got me in the leg."

"We weren't asking what you doing," Jacob said in an accusing tone. "You don't even have security mech clearance. You were in the bio-wing."

"Weren't you listening? I was trying to fix this. Besides, I was shot! How do you explain that?"

That didn't sit well with Kira, and she got a good look at the wound. She knew he was hiding something.

"I don't know who either of you are, so frankly you both suspicious to me," Shepard interrupted. "For now we get the hell out of here and then we sort things out."

"We need to find Miranda first."

"Forget about Miranda!" Wilson said. "She was over in D wing. The mechs were all over that sector. There's no way she survived."

"A bunch of mechs won't drop Miranda. She's alive."

"Then where is she? Why haven't we heard from her? There are only two explanations. Either she's dead or she's a traitor."

"She was guiding me earlier to safety, so that rules out traitor," Shepard said.

"Okay, maybe not traitor, but the chances of her being alive are slim. You're more important to get out alive than Miranda. We shouldn't risk going to look for-" The doors on the other side of the room opened revealing a group of mechs. "Ah, shit!"

The three ducked into cover. Wilson activated his omni-tool and overloaded the canisters, destroying the group of mechs.

"Come on, let's get out of here," Shepard ordered as she was walking to the door when Jacob chirped in.

"We took them down, but this is getting intense. Shepard, if I tell you who we're working for, will you trust us?"

"This really isn't the time, Jacob," Wilson cautioned.

"We're not going to get through this if he's expecting to be shot in the back."

"If you want to piss off the boss, then it's your head."

"The Lazarus project, the program that rebuilt you... Is a Cerberus initiative."

"I know," Shepard said in an irritated grumble.

"You do?" Jacob said while doing a double take. "How?"

She pointed to one of dozens of Cerberus emblems that littered the building. "You guys really need to know the term secret."

"Right... The Alliance gave you up for dead. Cerberus spent a fortune to bring you back. Look, I'd be suspicious too. But right now we need to work together. I just thought you deserved to know. Apparently I was too slow to tell you. Once we're off the station, we'll take you to the Illusive Man. He'll explain everything. I promise."

"Dead?…..Let's just get out of here."

The three went into the shuttle bay. With the crates scattered all around. Jacob was able to use the crates with his biotics to crush a group of mechs effortlessly. While this happened both Wilson and Kira started to take out the mechs with blue rounds. When the last mech they went towards the launch room.

"Come on, the shuttle is right through-" The doors opened before him. Miranda stood there with an angry look on her face. "Miranda, I thought you were de-" Bang! Miranda fired a round in his neck.


Kira moved quickly at Miranda and pinned her to the wall with a sadistic smile on her face and an unimpressed look on Miranda's

"What the hell are you doing?" Jacob demanded aiming his weapon at Kira.

"My job," she replied plainly. "Wilson betrayed us all."

"We should have taken him in for questioning," Shepard said letting go of the Agent.

"Too risky. I spent two years on this project, and I wasn't about to risk it to bring him in."

"You further risked it by not," Shepard pointed out. "Now we have no idea if he was working for someone, if there are more agents, or what his motivations were. But then again nether can you when you report to the Illusive Man."

Miranda sighed. "Ah, Jacob. I should have known your conscious would get the better of you."

"Actually, he figured it out on her own," Jacob said.


"Your trademarks are all over the station, Cerberus is not known for subtlety. Let's get out of here."said moving to the ship.

'Sorry pal, but I hope you got the info.' Kira thought as a spider walked up her leg and perched itself on her belt.

Kira then glanced over to Miranda and gave a sly smile. 'I know what you are...don't worry i'll find something.'


The shuttle flew away from the Lazarus station and made a jump towards its destination. Shepard stared out of the window of the shuttle.

"Before we meet with the Illusive Man, we need to ask a few questions to evaluate your condition," Miranda notified Shepard.

"Come on, Miranda," Jacob pleaded. "More tests? Shepard took down those mechs effortlessly. That has to be good enough."

"It's been two years since the attack," Miranda said. "The Illusive Man needs to know that Shepard's personality and memories are intact. Ask the questions."

"Two years?," Shepard muttered.

Miranda looked to Jacob. "Start with personal history."

"Okay," Jacob relented. "Records show you where born on Amazonia to the Yukaki tribe. When you where old enough you joined the alliance and got a medal defending Elysium from Batarian slavers. Do you remember that?"

"A lot of lives depended on me holding that position. I did what I had to."

"However you wanted to put it, it was damn impressive. I had friends who were there. Satisfied, Miranda?"

"Almost. Let's try something more recent. Virmire. Where you destroyed Saren's cloning facility. You had to leave one of your squad mates behind to die in the blast."

"Lieutenant Kaidan Alenko was killed in the blast," Jacob finished. "It was your call. Why did you leave him behind?"

"I left a friend of mine to die that day, and I did not do it casually. I had to save as many people as I could. Kaidan gave his life for the rest of the team. Without him, I wouldn't have been able to stop Saren. He died a hero."

"I understand, Commander. And I wasn't judging your decision. Everyone here at Cerberus knows that facility had to go."

"Shepard, think back to the Citadel," Miranda said, "after the Alliance saved the Destiny Ascension, and you killed Saren. What happened next?"

"Humanity was offered a spot on the Council. I recommended Captain Anderson for the position."

"Yes, Captain Anderson is now Councilor Anderson. Though from what I hear, he preferred life in the military."

"Still, good to know that the human Council member isn't going to put politics ahead of defence," Jacob commented.

"Your memory seems solid," Miranda said. "But there are other tests we should-"

"Come on, Miranda," Jacob said. "Enough with the quizzes. The memories are there and I can personally vouch for Shepard's combat skills personally."

"I suppose you're right. We'll have to hope the Illusive Man accepts our little field test as evidence enough."

'Well that was interesting. But why did she hold me?' Miranda thought as her legs closed together much tighter. 'Her arms where so powerful... strong... no stop no time for that concentrate fool.'


Shepard walked into a darkened room with a blue ring on the floor. As soon as he stepped onto the ring a scan activated and soon she saw the Illusive Man sitting in a chair in front of a view of a dying sun. TIM took a puff of his cigarette. "Commander Shepard," he said while releasing the smoke from his lungs.

"Illusive Man," Shepard said back. "I thought we'd be meeting face-to-face."

"A necessary precaution. Not unusual for people who know what we know."

Smart, but cowardly.

"What exactly do 'you and I know'?"

"That our place in the universe is more fragile than we'd like to think. That one man—one specific man—is all that stands between humanity and the greatest threat in our brief existence."

"The Reapers."

"Good to see that your memory's still intact. How are you feeling?"

"Skip the pleasantries. You have tried to have me killed at least a dozen times during my investigation into Saren and now you're saying that I may be this galaxy's greatest hope for survival. A bit hypocritical, is it not?"

"I never issued an order for your death. Far from it. As humanity's first Spectre, you are far more valuable alive. The cells you attacked were following their own directives and thought you were an Alliance soldier trying to shut them down. I had no involvement in their attempts to kill you. I'd appreciate it if we focus on the now and look pass the feelings you may have for me or this organization."

"What are the Reapers doing that prompted you to bring me back?"

"We're at war. No one wants to admit it, but Humanity is under attack. While you've been sleeping, entire colonies have been disappearing. Human colonies. We believe it is someone working for the Reapers. Just as Saren and the Geth aided Sovereign. You've seen it yourself. You bested all of them. That's just one reason we chose you."

"Sovereign was trying to harvest all life in the galaxy."

"Tens of thousands of humans have gone missing. I'd say that fits the definition of harvesting. The attacks have been random and isolated. Blaming the attacks on mercenaries or pirates is simple for the Alliance."

It made sense that the Reapers would try going after the Humans first. Shepard hated to say it, "If what you say is true. That the Reapers are behind this... I'd consider helping you." He reminded himself over and over that this is just to get to the goal of taking this organization down.

"I'd be disappointed if you just took me at my word. I have a shuttle to take you to Freedom's Progress, the latest Human colony to be abducted."

"Is this a volunteer job or am I being volunteered?"

"You always have a choice, Shepard. If you don't find what you're looking for, we can part ways. But first go to Freedom's Progress. Find any clues you can. Who's abducting the colonists? Do they have a connection to the Reapers? I brought you back. It's up to you to do the rest."

"Ok, I see where this is going. But mark my words what happens with me and anyone from your group is between us and non of your business."

TIM just smiled as Kira left the glowing. She looked around before taking the spider from her belt and opened up her omni-tool. She looked over several files of Cerberus operations and smiled.

"Oh Taking over Cerberus is child's play." she said to herself.